Cinderella’s Sister Episode 9 Recap

Moon Geun Young, Lee Mi Sook

“He’s not here”

Eun Jo refuses to listen to her mom and leave with her. She shakes off Kang Sook and goes into the cafe. Kang sees Eun Jo and hides from her. Kang Sook starts to feel relieved, but then Kang appears in front of them. Meanwhile, Dae Sung enlists Hyo Sun and Ki Hoon’s help in finding the missing Eun Jo. No one knows where she has wandered off to. Ki Hoon checks Eun Jo’s room and is surprised how sparse it is. There is no makeup, nothing to show that a young woman lives there. Remembering that she was with Jung Woo once, Ki Hoon goes to the bunkhouse where he accidentally knocks down Jung Woo’s bag and out falls the bat with the writing on it. Ki Hoon is hurt when he sees the writing and Hyo Sun who has finally arrived is shocked to learn that Jung Woo knew Eun Jo from a long time ago (when Eun Jo’s last name was still Song).

Moon Geun Young, Lee Mi Sook, Seo Hyun Chul

Kang leaves the Goos’ lives

Eun Jo asks her mom if they are still seeing each other. Kang Sook replies that she has ended things with Kang for good this time. A hurting Eun Jo asks if they have been seeing each other behind Dae Sung’s back for all of these years. Kang states they have seen each other quite often, but there were years where they didn’t meet at all. Kang Sook tells him to be quiet, knowing that this is not helping Eun Jo at all. Kang Sook again says that it is really over as Eun Jo threatened Kang Sook with Eun Jo’s life. She chose her daughter and Dae Sung over Kang. She also tells Eun Jo that she even gave Kang money. Kang Sook never parts with money easily. Eun Jo doesn’t know if she can trust her mom not to go back to Kang in the future. Kang then gives the money back to Eun Jo’s mom saying he has his pride and he will disappear from her life without taking her payoff. I think Kang Sook was afraid that Kang was really giving her the money back so that they could be together.

Seo Woo, Chun Jung Myung, Moon Geun Young

Hyo Sun drinks for information

From that day on, Kang Sook becomes even more attentive to Dae Sung. She is constantly making sure he gets his medicine and eats properly and at times it looks like she’s doing this because she honestly likes him for more than just money. Eun Jo calls Kang Sook out and tells her to get Dae Sung out of town now as there is a big problem and Eun Jo doesn’t want Dae Sung to become stressed and suffer a relapse. Kang Sook agrees and sets up a trip with Dae Sung while Eun Jo, Hyo Sun, and Ki Hoon try to solve the problem with their rice supplier. They go to meet the supplier and Eun Jo’s prickly attitude annoys the man and he refuses to give them any information, but Hyo Sun intervenes and introduces herself as Dae Sung’s daughter and asks the uncle for a drink where she promptly gets him drunk and gets the information of where their rice went out of him.

Moon Geun Young

Eun Jo smarts from Ki Hoon’s cruel words

On the car ride home, Ki Hoon scolds Eun Jo for her attitude and tells her to wait until tomorrow to see the man about the rice. Eun Jo refuses, stating they don’t have time. Ki Hoon says that Eun Jo’s formidable attitude will just make things worse. He then says he’ll take Hyo Sun with him tomorrow. As if the drunk girl has heard her beloved oppa say her name, she wakes up and asks if she did well. Ki Hoon tells Hyo Sun that she did very well and the girl falls back asleep. Ki Hoon then tells Eun Jo that Hyo Sun causes people to open up while Eun Jo just makes people withdraw and close their hearts off. Eun Jo asks if that is so and then demands that Ki Hoon stops the car. Ki Hoon pulls over and Eun Jo gets out, walking the rest of the way home, her heart hurting over Ki Hoon’s words.

Moon Geun Young, Chun Jung Myung

“Why didn’t you come?”

When Eun Jo finally gets home, Ki Hoon is waiting for her outside of the gate. At this point, she is less than thrilled to see him. He tells her that he has only one thing to ask her. When he left several years ago, why did she not go to the train station? Didn’t she get his letter? Eun Jo is baffled by this – she has no idea what he is talking about. Eun Jo says she doesn’t know what letter he is talking about. Ki Hoon then said he gave it to Hyo Sun, didn’t Hyo Sun pass it on to Eun Jo. By this time, Eun Jo realizes the cruel trick Hyo Sun played on her, but instead of revealing the truth, Eun Jo chooses to protect Hyo Sun and push Ki Hoon even further away. Eun Jo said she received it and read it and then either ripped it up or threw it away. This shocks Ki Hoon who doesn’t want to believe that Eun Jo would choose to throw the letter out and not come after reading it. Eun Jo says to stop acting like a beggar. She has nothing to give him from the past, she has already stated that she has not such thing as a past and then she storms off into the house. Ki Hoon goes to the bunkhouse and seems to be in a state of hurt shock while Eun Jo retires to her room and tries to muffle her sobs.

Taecyeon, Moon Geun Young

“Drink it down”

The next day, Eun Jo looks at Hyo Sun and recalls Ki Hoon’s words and Hyo Sun’s affection for Ki Hoon. Instead of confronting her stepsister, Eun Jo remains silent and lets it go. Kang Sook and Dae Sung are having fun, acting like a young couple and dating. Things they really didn’t do before. Kang Sook makes sure to take good care of Dae Sung and does her best to keep him away from his phone and the winery. Eun Jo gets a call from Hyo Sun about the rice and Hyo Sun says she will call Dae Sung. Eun Jo refuses and tells her to hang up. A worried Jung Woo watches on. He gives Eun Jo a glass of hot tea and says that she won’t tell him what’s wrong even if he asks. Eun Jo agrees and tells him to leave. He says he will once she drinks the tea. Eun Jo finally caves and has a sip after Jung Woo says he would die if she told him to so the least she could do is drink it. Jung Woo then takes the tea and finishes (indirect kiss! 😛 Sill Jung Woo). As he goes to ask if she is sleeping well, Eun Jo grabs her bag and darts off. She seems to do this a lot.

Moon Geun Young, Taecyeon

“Use my money”

Dae Sung finally hears the news of the rice problem and tells Kang Sook it’s time to go back. Meanwhile, Jung Woo acts as Eun Jo’s driver and takes her to a bank where she desperately tries to get a loan to cover the price of the rice. The bank says they will let her know tomorrow by the latest. She is running out of time. Jung Woo says that if she needs money, then she can just use the savings he gave her. Eun Jo smiles at this and Jung Woo says that he told her before that he would be responsible for her life.

Seo Woo

Hyo Sun argues with Eun Jo over the loan

When Eun Jo gets home, she is greeted by a livid Hyo Sun who is not happy with Eun Jo’s decision to try to get a loan to pay three times the cost of the rice. Hyo Sun doesn’t believe going into the red with no profit is a good idea. Eun Jo points out that the last scandal has already sullied their reputation. If they cannot fulfill this order as promised, then their winery will collapse. Hyo Sun still doesn’t like the idea of Eun Jo looking for a loan. Eun Jo says that Hyo Sun should understand that if the winery fails, it will be Dae Sung’s name getting dragged through the mud. Eun Jo cannot stand by and let that happen. Hyo Sun snaps and yells at Eun Jo to stop pretending she cares about Dae Sung and not just the money and the company. Eun Jo can’t possibly care more than Dae Sung’s real daughter, can she?

Seo Woo, Moon Geun Young

Hyo Sun faces off against Eun Jo

Hyo Sun demands that Eun Jo deny that she’s in this to ensure more money for her in the future. Eun Jo says nothing, inciting Hyo Sun even more. Finally Eun Jo asks how can Hyo Sun know what is in Eun Jo’s heart when Eun Jo herself doesn’t. This shocks Hyo Sun. Eun Jo then asks what Hyo Sun is so afraid of that she keeps telling Eun Jo what’s in Eun Jo’s heart. Hyo Sun says she has no reason to be afraid and Eun Jo starts throwing out her acerbic barbs. She wonders if Hyo Sun acts like she does because she’s afraid Eun Jo will get more than her or take everything from Hyo Sun who tells Eun Jo that she will never let Eun Jo take anything of hers. Eun Jo then says that if she has an ulterior motive for helping Dae Sung, she would never reveal it to Hyo Sun (not helping matters, but it’s true, you don’t reveal those plots). Eun Jo then says the only reason she is being this patient with Hyo Sun now is because Hyo Sun is Dae Sung’s daughter. Hyo Sun is annoyed by Eun Jo’s words and asks her to repeat them. Eun Jo says that Hyo Sun is being childish and horrific and that her childishness is driving Eun Jo crazy. Hyo Sun demands to know what’s going on and Eun Jo says it’s all in the past. Hyo Sun won’t let Eun Jo leave until Eun Jo says what she means. Eun Jo then asks Hyo Sun about the letter. Hyo Sun didn’t see that one coming. There goes all of Hyo Sun’s righteous indignation and vindication against Eun Jo who tells Hyo Sun the only reason she’s forgiving her is because Hyo Sun is Dae Sung’s daughter and for nothing else. Hyo Sun wants to know what the “childish” act of not giving the letter resulted in. Eun Jo goes to tell her but breaks down and cries instead. This surprises Hyo Sun and you can tell she feels bad. Eun Jo then says forget it, she refuses to be involved in a fight between sisters over one man. She then tells Hyo Sun to be aware as Ki Hoon isn’t over her yet. This kind of smashes the sympathy Hyo Sun was beginning to feel. Eun Jo shouldn’t have let her off  the hook. Hyo Sun needs to learn responsibility to her actions. But whatever.

Kim Gab Soo, Moon Geun Young

Dae Sung gets the needed loan for the order

Ki Hoon goes to his dad, asking for help. If the winery can surpass this trial, then they will be able to get back on their feet. Chairman Hong agrees and the next day, Ki Hoon gives Eun Jo the information on a bank that could grant them the loan (his dad’s, which he doesn’t mention). Eun Jo asks if the bank will really give them a loan. Ki Hoon says that it’s true and Eun Jo grabs the information and goes off with Dae Sung. They manage to get the loan to buy back the rice that was supposed to be their’s in the first place. The next few days shows everyone working hard at the factory and winery to get the order filled and shipped on time so there is no time for petty grievances and the clearing up of misunderstandings between any of our main cast.

Moon Geun Young, Seo Woo

Eun Jo and Hyo Sun pass out after a day of drinking

After the work is completed, Dae Sung wants to take Ki Hoon, Hyo Sun, and Eun Jo out for lunch. Eun Jo refuses, but Hyo Sun pleads as her father’s daughter to have Eun Jo go. Eun Jo reluctantly follows. At lunch, Dae Sung is pouring and offering drinks. Eun Jo tells him that he cannot drink all that much as he is recovering. She accepts drinks for him instead. This leads the two girls into a drinking contest. While drinking, Hyo Sun asks Eun Jo to leave now. Eun Jo refuses, upsetting Hyo Sun. Eun Jo (not really meaning it) says if Hyo Sun continues this way, then she will really try to take everything from her. The two girls stumble to the lab where they pass out together.

Chun Jung Myung, Kim Gab Soo

“It’s not what you think”

Dae Sung and Ki Hoon worry that the girls aren’t back and won’t answer their phones. As they are about to set off to find them, a call comes in. The buyer never picked the shipment up and to top things off, they learn that the company they sold the wine to does not really exist! Stunned, Ki Hoon calls up his father who tells him that it was all Ki Joon’s doing. Ki Hoon then calls up his older brother and demands an explanation. Ki Joon says that it was all to test his little brother. If Ki Hoon can’t even handle this, then he shouldn’t take on Ki Joon. Dae Sung overhears this and is shocked to learn that the Hong family is responsible. When the phone rings again, Dae Sung picks it up and hears that Ki Hoon has been working against the Goo winery all of this time. Ki Hoon stares horrified and tries to tell Dae Sung it isn’t true (by helping his father, Ki Hoon is trying to save the winery). Ki Hoon never gets a chance to explain as Dae Sung collapses.

Moon Geun Young

Eun Jo can’t say “appa”

Jung Woo goes to find the girls at the lab and tells them about Dae Sung. The three rush out, but are too late. When they get to the hospital, Dae Sung is already dead. Hyo Sun and Kang Sook are disbelieving and they cry, scream, and wail while Ki Hoon watches guiltily from the corner. He never wanted this. He never wanted Dae Sung dead or to hurt Eun Jo and Hyo Sun in such a grievous way. While her sister and mother are wailing away, Eun Jo recalls all the tender moments with Dae Sung and how she refused to call him father. She silently goes out of the hospital room to the stairway where she sinks down on the stairs, crying and trying to say “father,” but she still can’t get the words out.

Moon Geun Young, Seo Woo

Dae Sung is dead

My thoughts: Seo Woo’s acting skills are really starting to grate on my nerves. Her whole facial expression where she widens her eyes for almost everything is really getting old. I am also sick of all of these people saying “I’ll kill you” or threatening to kill themselves. Once or twice is feasible, but in almost every episode, it does start to wear a little thin.

Eun Jo makes progress and then goes spiraling backwards. Just when things look like they might be finally going her way for once, a new problem arises, a new person is lost to her. Now she has the pain of knowing she could have stopped Ki Hoon years ago if only Hyo Sun had given her the letter and to top it off she loses the only man she has truly loved as a father. Can we make poor Eun Jo suffer even more? Oh yeah, if scenes and skimming are any indication.

Ki Hoon narrates this episode mostly so we get to see his inner thoughts, which is kind of nice. Dae Sung’s death isn’t really Ki Hoon’s fault. If Dae Sung wasn’t in such a fragile state, he wouldn’t have collapsed again, but this just adds to more of Ki Hoon’s emotional baggage. He may play cold and distant, but he really does care. He told Eun Jo in the previous episode that the past meant nothing to him, but that’s a lie. Otherwise he wouldn’t have cared about the letter as much as he does.

If everyone stopped pretending, started talking, and revealing their real feelings then all of these matters wouldn’t get so out of hand. But then again, it wouldn’t be a drama if things worked out a little bit nicer sooner on.

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