Summer’s Desire Episode 3 Recap

Luo Xi likes to make things worse. Yes, I know it has to do with revenge. Even though he has finally managed to obtain “his” Xia Mo, he has to pay back Ou Chen for everything that happened in the past – for the years of separation and heartache. And he even has to pay Xia Mo back as some of what she inflicted as well, in spite of loving her. As much as I was liking Luo Xi, the side shown in this episode grates on a person’s nerves and is annoying – even if you understand where he is coming from.

Peter Ho, Barbie Xu, Huang Xiao Ming

“Let him know who you belong to”

Luo Xi tells Xia Mo that she can’t tease Ou Chen and that she just needs to be straightforward about already having a boyfriend, him. Xia Mo doesn’t say anything and Luo Xi goes up to her and tells her that she needs to show Ou Chen who she belongs to. A person doesn’t belong to anyone, period, but whatever. Not wanting Ou Chen to remember and to stay away from her in the future, Xia Mo closes her eyes and lets Luo Xi do his thing (and he nips her in the process – intentionally). This angers Ou Chen and he eventually storms out of the hospital room. Xia Mo looks forlornly after Ou Chen (as angry as she was in the past, she doesn’t wish to intentionally hurt him now). Luo Xi notices and asks if her heart hurts. He then tells her not to worry because his hurts much more. Right. Luo Xi then drops Xia Mo off at home. As she silently gets out of the car, he asks her if she has nothing to say. She listlessly says now and he calls her cold blooded to which she agrees and then leaves. Well, he deserved that.

Ke Huan Ru, Huang Xiao Ming

Reminiscing about the past

Luo Xi is sitting outside at his house when Pan Nan shows up with a twelve-pack of Heineken. Luo Xi calls her a true friend for knowing just when to come and cheer him up. Pan Nan says her help doesn’t come cheap and the two laugh. Pan Nan asks how things are going with Xia Mo and Luo Xi reveals his true feelings. He is afraid to be happy. Right now he and Xia Mo are together, but every time fate has handed him something good, it was always just before it got ready to take away everything from him. Pan Nan understands Luo Xi’s feelings, but tells him that he has to forget the fear and the events of the past otherwise he and Xia Mo will never be able to move forward. Too true, but Luo Xi is definitely lacking confidence in this new romance. Not a good way to start things. Meanwhile, Ou Chen is swimming laps, unable to get the image of Luo Xi kissing Xia Mo at the hospital out of his head. Xi Meng comes to tell him the audition results to which Ou Chen replies he already knew and goes back to swimming. Xi Meng is worried. It’s understandable.

Barbie Xu, Serena Fang, Ke Huan Ru

“To Success!”

The next day Ya Lun tells Xia Mo the good news about her being chosen as the new spokeswoman for Hong Ou. Xia Mo is happy. Ya Lun tells her that JAM might be coming back now that the Wei An scandal had died down. Until then, Ya Lun says he will find her a good manager. Xia Mo says she already has someone in mind. Pan Nan and Xia Mo are celebrating their success and Zhen En comes to thank Xia Mo for asking Ya Lun to let Zhen En be her manager. She’s a newbie, but she has the passion, plus she is one of the few people that Xia Mo actually trusts and has let into her closely guarded life.

Barbie Xu, Serena Fang, Coco Jiang, Liu Shu Ting

“What are you afraid of?”

The next morning Zhen En and Xia Mo are preparing to go to the meeting regarding the CF when Wei An and Shu Er come in. Shu Er ignores Xia Mo, upsetting Zhen En, especially when Shu Er ignores Xia Mo’s courtesy. Wei An does not like this attitude and asks Xia Mo about the kidnapping, shocking Zhen En and surprising Shu Er. Wei An then hands Xia Mo an envelope of pictures telling her to do with them what she will. Zhen En wants to know what is going on, but Xia Mo is tight-lipped about it, but she does promise Zhen En to confide in her in the future as they are both in this together.

Peter Ho, Chan Kuo Chu

“We should just change the female lead”

Xia Mo is less than thrilled to see that Ou Chen will be attending the meeting as well, but puts on her usual mask. She and the rest of the creative team end up waiting quite a long time for the male lead of the CF to come, only to find out he is requesting a new female lead. Ou Chen refuses to give up Xia Mo as the lead as she won the competition fair and square. He tells the model that if he doesn’t come in twenty minutes, his contract will be null and voided and the Ou Corporation will never use him again. The male model still refuses to work with Xia Mo. While the heads have a brief break to discuss what to do, Xia Mo gets a call from Luo Xi who was wondering why Xia Mo hadn’t called since the hospital incident. Xia Mo apologizes for not calling and opens up about the CF problem. When the meeting resumes, a call from Luo Xi’s company comes through saying that Luo Xi will take on the role the other person refused. This excites everyone, but angers Luo Xi and worries Xia Mo.

Liu Shu Ting, Barbie Xu

“The kidnapping never happened”

On her way out of the meeting, Xia Mo gets a call from Shu Er and rushes off to meet her. Shu Er is drinking and Xia Mo is shocked to find she has a high fever. Shu Er tells her not to pretend to care and Xia Mo insists that she does. Shu Er then asks if Xia Mo believes what Wei An said and Xia Mo says she believes in Shu Er. Eventually Shu Er cracks and says the job was supposed to be hers and that Xia Mo used her. Xia Mo plays the tape (handed to her by Xi Meng) of Shu Er arranging the kidnapping. This shocks Shu Er who wonders what Xia Mo will do. Xia Mo tells Shu Er that what she did was the lowest and since she had the guts to do it, she should own up to it. Shu Er says she should have had the men kill Xia Mo instead. Xia Mo then says that she used her own body, her own ability to get where she is – she did not use Shu Er at all. Xia Mo then said that she will act as if nothing had happened and then Wei An can’t use the pictures against Shu Er. This news shocks Shu Er who asks why and Xia Mo replies that she is doing this for the Shu Er who was warm and nice to her, basically her friend. Shu Er breaks down at that and Xia Mo leaves.

Barbie Xu, Shen Jian Hong

“It’s a secret!”

Xia Mo returns home to find that she and Xiao Cheng have company – Luo Xi. Xiao Cheng is happy to have his beloved big brother back and Luo Xi even brought Xiao Cheng his favorite chicken wings. Xiao Cheng then mentions a parting gift that he had given Luo Xi five years ago. Xia Mo asks them what it was, but they both say it’s a secret (it’s the wallet-size portrait of Xia Mo). Luo Xi then gets ready to leave after handing Xia Mo notes for the CF. Xia Mo thanks him for everything and then stops him from leaving. He sits by her while she downs beer after beer. Luo Xi tells her to stop and she says she wants to treat all the horrible things she said to him like alcohol and drink them all down. She then says she is afraid to be happy and Luo Xi says he is the only one who can ever understand how she truly feels. No, there are others I am sure.

Peter Ho

“There must be something not right”

The next day dawns, bringing the CF shoot. Ou Chen watches over the proceedings, saying how odd it is that he can’t take his eyes off of Xia Mo. Xi Meng says that it isn’t just Ou Chen. Xi Meng tells him that while Xia Mo is quiet and unnoticeable, once she is in front of the camera, she shines and draws the eye. Ou Chen has tugs at his memory, but nothing substantial comes to him. He then gets to be angry some more as he watches the CF kiss scene between Luo Xi and Xia Mo. Afterward, Xi Meng goes to give Luo Xi his compensation for the commercial and Luo Xi tells Xi Meng to treat it as repayment for the debt Luo Xi owes the Ou family for his schooling. Nice.

Shen Jian Hong

Something wrong with Xiao Cheng?

When the CF is released, it becomes a huge hit and even starts up rumors about Luo Xi and Xia Mo. Luo Xi asks what Xia Mo thinks and then stops her from replying and answers for her. Xia Mo would worry about what the rumors would do to Luo Xi, not herself. True. Even though she wants to be in the entertainment industry, she doesn’t want those she loves to be hurt because of her. In this time, Xia Mo releases her debut CD which sells well. Xiao Cheng sketches to his sister’s music and we learn that something is wrong. He turns up the volume and starts crying, saying he almost can’t hear her anymore. I don’t think this is in reference to him seeing so little of his sister, but rather his health issues that have been implied about since the beginning.

Barbie Xu, Huang Xiao Ming

“Come, rest”

With Luo Xi’s and Xia Mo’s busy schedules, the two cannot meet that often anymore. Liu Xi complains about this and then says he will go to see Xia Mo as soon as he ditches the reporters who are always following him. When he shows up, Xiao Cheng is nowhere to be seen and it is just him and Xia Mo. He gives Xia Mo a dress to wear to the award ceremony where she has been nominated for the Best Newcomer. Xia Mo thanks him and when she sees Luo Xi unwind, she herself realizes just how tired she is. Luo Xi takes a pillow and puts it in his lap. Xia Mo contentedly lies down and goes to sleep.

Peter Ho

“Because I’ve forgotten?”

At the awards, Xia Mo goes against Pan Nan and three other artists and manages to snag the award. Ou Chen is watching them on TV when he receives a call. He then gets pictures of his old high school and college days. The pictures show him and Xia Mo together. The investigator then tells Ou Chen that he and Xia Mo were openly dating five years ago and that all of his school mates knew this. Ou Chen is shocked, hurt, and angry. If they were together five years ago, then why did Xia Mo lie? He grabs the pictures and heads out.

Huang Xiao Ming, Barbie Xu

A stolen moment of happiness

Meanwhile, some bitter people badmouth Xia Mo for winning the award. Xia Mo goes to confront them and Luo Xi steps in when he hears all the nasty things they are saying about her. He congratulates her on her win and  says he looks forward to her future work. Luo Xi then takes her to his private room where he tells her not to face such things alone again. He also holds her and tells her how much he wants to be with her and hold her when he sees her. Xia Mo doesn’t at first believe him, thinking he is just trying to distract her. He then asks her to live with him, shocking Xia Mo, before kissing her. Their make out session is getting pretty intense when an enraged Ou Chen walks in.

Peter Ho, Barbie Xu, Huang Xiao Ming

Xia Mo caught in the middle again

Xia Mo sees him and immediately pulls away for Luo Xi, hurting him. Ou Chen demands to know why Xia Mo lied and throws the pictures on the floor. Xia Mo is unhappy to see them and to hear that Ou Chen now knows. But she keeps her promise to Xi Meng and doesn’t reveal the full truth of the matter. She tells him that they were together five years ago but tired of each other and broke up. She is doing her best to not hurt Ou Chen and this annoys Luo Xi. Ou Chen demands to know why they broke up, not believing he tired of her. Xia Mo insists this is the truth, but then Luo Xi has to open his big mouth and say he was the reason they broke up. Well, yes and no. He is not the sole reason. The main reason behind the breakup comes with her parents death and Xiao Cheng’s health issues because of Luo Xi leaving. Luo Xi was the main symptom that helped cause the downward spiral, but he is not the only reason. Luo Xi keeps reiterating this and poor Xia Mo doesn’t know what to do. Ou Chen and Luo Xi throw a few punches and Xia Mo gets between them, calling them children. Ou Chen then vows revenge on the two and leaves. Xia Mo makes like she wants to go after Ou Chen and tell him everything, but Luo Xi stops her and tells her that she is only his now. Again with the ownership crap.

Peter Ho, Chang Kuo Chu

Xi Meng admits to hiding the truth

Ou Chen drives like a madman and begins recalling the accident. His memories have not completely returned, but he is regaining them and all the pain and hurt of the past is coming back to haunt him. Xi Meng finds him and apologizes for not telling Ou Chen the truth, but that he thought it was the best after the events five years ago if Ou Chen didn’t remember Xia Mo and her cruelty. Xi Meng says that he knew everything that happened and that he blames Xia Mo and Luo Xi. Those two, though probably not entirely innocent in the past, did not set out to intentionally do anything bad to Ou Chen, well, maybe Luo Xi did, but then again, Luo Xi liked Xia Mo and Xia Mo was Ou Chen’s. Ah, complications.

Huang Xiao Ming

Luo Xi rips up contract from Hong Coporation

Luo Xi turns down a drama offer from the Ou Company who have decided to branch out into movies. Xi Meng goes to Luo Xi and tells him to take the job as full repayment for the debt Luo Xi owes Ou Chen. Luo Xi is very unhappy when Xi Meng leaves as he was tearing up the contract as even though he was the first to mention repayment of the debt, he doesn’t like to have it shoved in his face. Meanwhile, Ou Chen agrees to become the main financial backer to a new movie on one condition. He doesn’t actually come right out and name the condition for all to hear, but next thing we know, Xia Mo is getting the call about being offered the second female lead in a new drama. To top things off, the main lead is the same model who turned down the opportunity for working with Xia Mo.

Maggie Wu, Yang Han, Barbie Xu

Hui Ni hurls barbs at press conference

At the press conference to report the final casting for the drama, the lead actress (who is also the lead actor’s real life girlfriend) makes a crack about Xia Mo’s experience and that she is only a voice, not an actress. Xia Mo retaliates by saying she doesn’t even have a voice and then goes to talk about her character who silently loves the male lead. The main actress (played by Maggie Wu) does not like Xia Mo’s snappy comeback. Oh, this will be fun.

My thoughts: Oh, this will be fun. As if being caught between the jealous possessiveness of two men isn’t enough, lets through in another crazy actress who decides to make Xia Mo’s life a living hell. Despite the fact that I worry about Ou Chen’s revenge and how he always claimed ownership, I am starting to like his character a little more. Let’s see how much more human he will get. Luo Xi is starting to get on my nerves. But, as I found summaries of the three novels, I am afraid Luo Xi will only get worse until he self-destructs his and Xia Mo’s relationship. Sheesh, how typical.

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