Down With Love Episode 6 Recap

Kelly Huang, Jerry Yan

Yu Ping intervenes

We begin the episode with Hui Fan begging Yu Ping to change his mind, saying she will quit show business for him, or at least take less jobs. Yu Ping says she is being irresponsible as many people depend on Hui Fan for their livelihood. Hui Fan is hurt and puts on her sunglasses to hide her teary face. As her and Yu Ping go to exit the hotel, they run into Guo, Duo and their dad. Duo is threatening to kill Mr. Yang and Guo is desperately trying to stay between her sister and father, getting knocked down in the process. Hui Fan is shocked when Yu Ping rushes over to help Guo. He sees that she is okay and intervenes, finally getting Duo to calm down and stop trying to clobber her father.

Kelly Huang, Ella Chen, Gu Bao Ming

Reopening old wounds

Guo and Duo take Yu Ping and their father to their house. Now, their house may be a little small, but it’s a comfortable home. Duo asks what he dad thinks about their castle and he is floored. It’s not a bad house he states and then Duo lists the horrible places they had lived before that. This is the first time Yu Ping actually hears about the horrible and tough life the Yang daughters have had and it affects him greatly, especially when he hears that they lived in a park for half a year. Mr. Yang apologizes and says he will buy a new house so that they can all live together again and Yu Ping states that’s not enough – he owes the girls money for all of the hardships they faced. When Mr. Yang pulls out a savings book he has had in Duo’s name for years, she begins to calm down and accept him. Bo Tong agrees to this and Yu Ping makes sure it is put down in writing.

Jerry Yan, Ella Chen

Yu Ping’s request for Guo

Afterward, Guo walks Yu Ping out and thanks him for helping with her family problem. Yu Ping says that they play a strange game. One always apologizing and then always thanking. Guo thinks about this and realizes that it is true, making them both laugh. Guo says that she wants to repay him for all of his help and Yu Ping says he doesn’t need anything. Guo insists and he asks her to stop calling him “Boss” or “Lawyer Xiang” as that makes their relationship seem too formal and he would like to think they are friends now. He also brings up the fact that she has known Qi Ke Zhong for the same amount of time and calls him “Qi Da Ge” – a very intimate thing. Guo agrees to this (although she is admittedly confused as to why what she calls Ke Zhong matters” and starts calling him “Xiang Da Ge” which makes Yu Ping really happy. He then gives Guo the candy he picked out for her earlier, telling her it was a gift from a client. Liar. Guo is happy and immediately eats one. She calls Yu Ping “boss” and he immediately pinches her cheek, she takes it back and offers him some. He happily accepts and the two share a happy, intimate, and awkward moment.

Michael Zhang, Chen Zi Han

“Guo is not a lesbian”

Meanwhile, Hui Fan goes to Ke Zhong, visibly upset. Ke Zhong embraces her and asks what the matter is. Han Fui tells him about how Yu Ping called it quits without even trying to work things out. She just can’t believe he would give up on their relationship and refuse her. She then wonders (especially after seeing him caring for Guo earlier) if he is in love with the lesbian – how can he love a boyish lesbian over her? Ke Zhong then reveals that Guo is not a lesbian, but that Yu Ping is not aware of it yet. This stuns Hui Fan, especially as she realizes that the only reason Yu Ping is not with Guo is because he thinks she’s unobtainable. She requests that Ke Zhong help her get Yu Ping back. This girl needs to let go – she was the one who dumped him first.

Michael Zhang

Guo’s thoughtfulness surprises Ke Zhong

The next day Guo is happily making coffee for Ke Zhong. She gives it to him and he takes a sip and is shocked. Guo is happy that she has finally figured out what he likes as he never tells her he doesn’t like anything. Ke Zhong is impressed that she pays so much attention and Guo says that compared to Yu Ping, Ke Zhong is worse because he never reveals anything, leaving people to wonder what he really thinks. Ke Zhong feels out Guo’s feelings for Yu Ping when she talks about how he is a good person and helped her with her family issues and she says she saw him with Hui Fan and deduced they must’ve worked out their problems finally. Ke Zhong is noncommittal about this. I think this is his way of helping Hui Fan without doing anything truly underhand. He then tells Guo that he wants her to come with him on a business trip tot he mainland. Guo is excited, but wants to know why and Ke Zhong says he wouldn’t ask her if he didn’t think she’d be of help and could learn something. Trying to get Guo away from Yu Ping?

Jerry Yan

Unexpected problem arises with Bo Tong

To thank Yu Ping for helping them reconcile, Bo Tong says he will do a Feng Shui evaluation of Yu Ping’s office. Yu Ping reluctantly agrees and Bo Tong starts looking around. He tells Yu Ping that his office setup will actually hinder his love life. If he keeps things the way they are, he will be doomed to unrequited love. This catches Yu Ping’s interest and he asks what he can do to change such bad love luck (lol, he really thinks that following Bo Tong’s advice might help him land Guo!). Bo Tong tells him to place rose quartz somewhere with an item the woman likes. Yu Ping seriously considers this, when a client comes in. This client shows an investment that his wife accepted without his knowledge. Yu Ping looks it over and realizes it’s a fraud and then is shocked to find out the Feng Shui master behind the scam is none other than the Yangs’ father!

Gu Bao Ming, Jerry Yan, Ella Chen

Yu Ping shows Guo the horrible truth

Guo is with Ke Zhong and her father looking for houses, when Bo Tong announces he has to meet with a client. Guo is left alone with Ke Zhong and she thanks him for mentioning getting Hui Fan to sell them back their house, but she doesn’t really care where they live as long as the Yang clan is together. She then gets a call from Yu Ping demanding she meet him. She drives over and Yu Ping has her get into his car. He tells her that what he says is going to hurt her and sound ridiculous, but she has to know. Guo doesn’t want to believe such a thing, but Yu Ping takes her to see her father in action. He then tells her how serious her father’s situation is. Guo asks for his help to keep her father from getting into trouble and Yu Ping says that he has already advised his client to go to the police. This upsets poor Guo and she gets out of the car, crying.

Gu Bao Ming, Kelly Huang, Ella Chen

Picking out furniture

Guo goes to meet her sister and father who are at a furniture store picking out items for their new house. The sales lady is getting irritated as they have been there for hours without buying and it’s time to close. Bo Tong and his daughter are a lot alike when it comes to haggling and tricking their way to get lower prices. Duo goes off to consult the sales lady while Guo confronts her father. She tells him about what Yu Ping said and urges him to go to the office the next day and work things out. Before Bo Tong can reply, Duo comes back saying she has managed to purchase everything they wanted for a reasonable price. Later that night, Bo Tong calls Guo and tells her that he will see Yu Ping. Good decision, at least he didn’t run away immediately again.

Gu Bao Ming, Kelly Huang

Duo learns the truth about Bo Tong

The next day on her way to work, Duo sees a dress in a store window and stops to admire it, fantasizing that she is with Ke Zhong and telling him that she is now a woman who is worthy of him because she is well off. Her fantasy is interrupted when she hears a commotion and it turns out to be her father being accused of swindling. Duo and Guo sits down with their dad and Duo demands to know if his money comes from scamming people. Bo Tong doesn’t like to use that phrase, but essentially, yes. Guo and Duo say everything will be fine if he can repay the money. Bo Tong admits he doesn’t have it anymore as he had invested it … in himself. This upsets both girls. Guo turns to Duo and asks to dip into their hard-earned savings to help their dad out of trouble. Duo refuses to waste the money she scrimped and saved on their father, upsetting Guo.

Ella Chen, Jerry Yan

Guo begs Yu Ping for help

The next day Guo goes to Yu Ping’s house to butter him up in hopes that he could help her father with the problem. Yu Ping isn’t happy that Guo is doing this at all as he knows the reason why. He refuses to help her father out. Guo demands to know why, but Yu Ping doesn’t have the courage to tell her that he is afraid that if he help’s her father out now, she will only get hurt in the end as she will have to take on more jobs and their is no guarantee that Bo Tong will stop. Instead, he says he won’t help as it will hurt his reputation. This hurts poor Guo who apologizes for thinking that he would help and thinking that he was a friend. She leaves and thinks back on all his tender moments with her and how he has helped her in the past. She crashes her scooter and cries, not from the pain of the crash, but from the pain of Yu Ping’s rejection.

Gu Bao Ming, Ella Chen, Kelly Huang, Michael Zhang

“How much is left?”

Guo gets to work and tries her best to put on a happy face. Ke Zhong is on the phone and says that she has arrived and he will tell her right away. Guo asks what’s wrong and Ke Zhong tells her that her dad is at Yu Ping’s and if both parties can’t mediate the situation, Yu Ping’s client will sue Bo Tong. This shocks Guo and the two rush down to Yu Ping’s office. Bo Tong is accused of forging bonds, to which he denies, but Yu Ping states that if he keeps insisting they are real, they will have no other alternative but to hand him over to the police. The Yang family doesn’t like to hear this. Guo immediately apologizes to the client and begs for time to work things out and the client states that if he doesn’t get his 3 million by today, he will definitely sue Bo Tong. Guo is shocked to hear just how much her father swindled. Guo asks how much he has left and he says there is 2 million. Guo asks Duo for the other million, but she refuses. Yu Ping doesn’t think it’s a good idea to interfere, but he can’t let Guo be hurt even more. As he is about to offer the money himself, Ke Zhong says he will go to the bank and get the other million.

Michael Zhang, Ella Chen

“I will definite pay you back”

Ke Zhong and Guo go to the bank to get the money. Guo thanks Ke Zhong for his help and he says no problem. He didn’t even think about it, and just offered a helping hand because he could. Guo said it will take a while, but she will definitely pay him back. Ke Zhong isn’t really interested in repayment and says if she works hard and proves herself, he will see about increasing her salary and who knows, she could someday become a famous designer who he’ll be begging to come back and work for him. Guo laughs and Ke Zhong says that her smiling face is her best feature as it makes other people happy. Guo keeps smiling and starts crying and the two go back to the office where Yu Ping has secretly worked out a deal with the client, waiving all consulting fees for a few years so that he will not pursue any other action. Too bad Guo will probably never know of this kindness.

Michael Zhang, Kelly Huang

Ke Zhong comforts Duo

Guo borrows luggage from Yan Ling for her business trip and Yan Ling includes some sexy lingerie. Why? Since Ke Zhong helped Guo, he must have some feelings for her, right? Possibly. Yan Ling then proceeds to tell the innocent and shocked Guo how to seduce Ke Zhong. Seriously funny. Even more funny is Guo imaging how she would do it (in leopard print with a whip). While Guo is having silly fantasies, Yu Ping is out shooting hoops and recalling recent events which upset and frustrate him. Meanwhile, Duo seeks Ke Zhong out and asks him to look after Guo. Ke Zhong says she is his friend so of course he will look after her. Duo then breaks down about what happened earlier with her father and how she must seem like a horrible child for not giving the money. Duo tells Ke Zhong why and he says that no one can blame Duo for not wanting to give her hard-earned money to her irresponsible father.

Ella Chen, Michael Zhang

Guo meets Ke Zhong’s mother

Ke Zhong and Guo make it to the mainland safely and are picked up by a huge car. Apparently Ke Zhong is from quite the wealthy family. I knew he had some money, but never knew he was from that rich of a family. Ke Zhong chides the driver for bringing such a large car and the driver replies that his mother was worried about how much luggage he would have. Ke Zhong replies that his biggest piece of luggage is Guo, which shocks the driver who appraises the girl. Soon they are at Ke Zhong’s house and are greeted by his mother. Ke Zhong introduces Guo and you can see his mother radiate with disapproval. You can tells he definitely thinks Ke Zhong is too good to be with such a girl. Not that the two are together. And if they do get together, despite being a good guy, I’ll have to wonder if its all because of Hui Fan or not.

Kelly Huang, Jerry Yang

Yu Ping overhears truth

Back on the mainland, the office workers are dumping all of the Feng Shui stuff, but Yu Ping says he will take care of his own. He stares at the rose quartz and picks it up revealing candy wrappers underneath. His way of trying to have a successful relationship with Guo, cute. Guo’s ex comes looking for Duo. She claps her hand over his mouth and drags him out before he can announce that he dated Guo. Yu Ping sees this strange scene and follows the two. Guo’s ex wants her back as pleasing a rich girl is too hard for him to do. Duo is infuriated that is why he wants Guo back. She tells him not to come around nor announce to anyone that he ever dated her little sister. As she turns to leave she sees the person she didn’t want to hear that the most. Yu Ping stands there with a shocked expression. So he finally knows that Guo isn’t a lesbian! Yay! And that’s where this episode ends.

My thoughts: I wish Guo would understand Yu Ping’s real intentions. She can understand why her sister won’t help and can accept it, but can’t bring herself to fathom Yu Ping’s reluctance. Just when they were getting along again, but of course it wouldn’t be drama if nothing got in their way. Ke Zhong remains a mystery. I know he is a good person. I know he used to like Hui Fan. Is he still in love with her? Will he go after Guo just to help Hui Fan get Yu Ping back (and if previews are any indication, to make his mom stop matchmaking)? I hope not. I hope he will retain his good guy image, but you have to wonder.

Definitely looking forward to the next episode.


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