My Prince Episode 3 Recap

Zhang Xiao Chen The episode opens up with Wei Wei in the hospital, complaining that all of her plans to get Zhi Chen to admit he likes her has failed. She doesn’t seem to notice his concern and how flustered he gets when he is close to her. Noticing that Wei Wei is unhappy, Zhi Chen has her get changed and takes her out of the hospital for a walk. This doesn’t brighten her mood one bit, however. Still miffed, and cursing Zhi Chen’s composure and cool behavior, Wei Wei ignores his offer to carry her, but he finally breaks her down and piggybacks her to the fountain she pushed him into when the first met. Calling him an idiot, Zhi Chen finally shuts Wei Wei up with a kiss. This makes Wei Wei happy as it means he likes her.

Zhang Xiao Chen, Song Xiao Bo Soon Wei Wei is released from the hospital. Xiu Yun tells her to recuperate and then come visit her and the boys. Wei Wei says she will. After she gets into the car, Zhi Xiao asks her how things went with Zhi Chen and she gives him the victory sign, making Zhi Xiao really happy and embarrassing Wei Wei and Zhi Chen. When Zhi Chen gets home, the family starts congratulating him and embarrassing him more. Zhi Kai even joins in the fun of teasing his little brother with Xiu Yun and Zhi Wen. They all can’t believe Zhi Chen finally had his first kiss and say that Wei Wei must have been the instigator as Zhi Chen is too passive. True, but Zhi Chen took the initiative this time. Poor guy, just like Zhi Kai when he started dating Ding Jie, he has to go through his family’s teasing.

Wu Jian Fei During the teasing, Zhi Chen gets a call from Wei Wei inviting him to her house to celebrate her birthday which causes his family to get even more excited about meeting the parents. Don’t know why as he has already met her mother and father, but whatever. The next day and excited Wei Wei is trying to figure out what to wear and asks her father for advice. Of course her dad says she looks great in anything, but that what she has on really suits her. This makes Wei Wei happy and when she hears the doorbell, she throws the clothes and goes to answer it. When she does, she sees roses hiding a man’s face. She glances at the hand and notices the ring and she says she can recognize the person without seeing his face. The roses lower and it’s not Zhi Kai but Han Fei – definitely not what Wei Wei was expecting. She slams the door in his face.

Zhang Xiao Chen, Wu Jian Fei Wondering what’s going on, Wei Wei’s mother comes to see what the matter is. Wei Wei is standing, back to the door in a state of shock. Her mom opens the door and is greeted warmly by Han Fei. Shocked as well, she, too, slams the door in his face and goes to stand near Wei Wei. Then comes Wei Wei’s father. Seeing both his wife and daughter standing like statues, he opens the door and is also greeted warmly by Han Fei. He is shocked, but lets Han Fei in. As soon as the door closes, the doorbell rings again and this time, it is the expected Zhi Chen. Awkward. Zhi Chen notices the ring on Han Fei’s finger and can easily deduce that Wei Wei’s ex has returned.

Zhang Xiao Chen, Wu Jian Fei They all go to sit at the dinner table. Poor Wei Wei’s birthday has been ruined by the unsuspecting guest. Wei Wei’s dad tells everyone to eat. Han Fei looks at Wei Wei and says she has lost weight and should eat her favorite soup. Wei Wei gets angry at this and snaps at him. Her father says that Zhi Chen is still there, so not to make a scene. Zhi Chen gives Wei Wei her birthday present and tells her to talk things over with Han Fei. He then excuses himself. Wei Wei opens the present and inside is the matching ring to Zhi Chen’s. Wei Wei is touched by this and chases after him.

Zhang Xiao Chen Zhi Chen keeps walking despite hearing Wei Wei calling for him. Wei Wei finally catches up to him and tells him to wait and come back inside as he belongs there, not Han Fei. Zhi Chen says that he is not angry, but he wants to give Wei Wei and Han Fei a chance to resolve the past. Wei Wei says there is nothing to resolve and Zhi Chen says he knows how much she wanted an explanation from Han Fei. He then takes her hand which hold the ring and places it on her finger saying that he hopes she has forgotten Han Fei and then tells her to go back inside.

Wu Jian Fei Meanwhile, Han Fei gives Wei Wei’s mother a check. Why? He is going to pay her back the money she initially gave him. This shocks her and she tells Han Fei that she doesn’t want the money back, she just wants him out of Wei Wei’s life if he is out for revenge. She even keeps apologizing for what she did to him and Wei Wei three years ago. Han Fei says he has no plans for revenge, he just wants to be with Wei Wei again. He has spent the past three years trying to become a man worthy of her. Han Fei even thanks her mom for what she did back then. Pretty twisted, plus I wonder if Han Fei really harbors no ill will towards Wei Wei’s mother and isn’t plotting some kind of revenge. Her mom even warns him that Wei Wei is now seeing Zhi Chen. Han Fei says he will still pursue her, but will back off if her heart has really changed. Hmm, I wonder about that too.

Zhang Xiao Chen, Song Xiao Bo At home, the Li’s ask Zhi Chen how the birthday gathering went. Zhi Chen said it went well, refusing to tell them about what really happened. This makes the family all excited. Zhi Xiao asks about the ring and Zhi Chen said he found it. Zhi Xiao then asks about the ring’s mate and he replies that he has already given it to Wei Wei. This causes more excitement among the family who cannot believe that the reticent Zhi Chen actually gave Wei Wei a ring.

Wu Jian Fei Wei Wei finally meets with Han Fei who is happy she agreed to see him. Wei Wei tells him she is only their because her boyfriend told her to talk things over with him or Zhi Chen won’t see her. She also tells Han Fei that just because he gave her mom money, she won’t forgive him either. Han Fei then relates the story of what happened three years ago. Wei Wei’s mom went quite far to threaten Han Fei saying that she will track him and Wei Wei down no matter where they go and she will use money to ruin him and her. She also told him that she would make sure that his little brother would lead a miserable life. Faced with that and with the knowledge he wouldn’t be able to support Wei Wei, he made the decision to take the money and work hard until he could be deemed worthy of her and come back and marry her. He did worry that she would meet someone new, but thought their love would endure such things.

Wu Jian Fei Wei Wei becomes upset when she hears just how evil her mother behaved towards Han Fei. This, of course, confuses her feelings. She apologizes for wrongly blaming and hating him for all of these years. Han Fei tells her that he wants to try again, even though Zhi Chen is back in the picture. Han Fei believes that their love will be stronger than Zhi Chen’s and hers. Han Fei notices the ring and Wei Wei says that it is Zhi Chen’s ring and not Han Fei’s. This surprises him and Wei Wei then states that some of the reasons she is with Zhi Chen is because of how he reminded her of Han Fei. Han Fei says that their destinies must be intertwined then as they are fated to love the same woman.

mp3-flowers-for-zhixiao We then go to the flower shop where Li Xiu Yun is changing the pictures of her sons. She is told to hurry up to play mahjong and she leaves Zhi Xiao in charge of the shop. As soon as she leaves, a little girl comes up to Zhi Xiao and gives him a note asking him to pick out a 11 roses. Zhi Xiao confirms this and makes a pretty bouquet. When he gives it to the girl, she shakes her head and gives it back. Puzzled, he tries to give her the flowers again and again she pushes them back into his hands and then leaves. Does the little girl have a crush on Zhi Xiao? I am sure this will have significance later in the series, but it is as of yet unexplained.

Zhong Kai Meanwhile, Zhi Kai is having lunch with Ding Jie (her first appearance since episode 1). Zhi Kai asks Ding Jie to come to his house over the weekend to meet his family. She readily agrees, saying she wants to get to know his family, so Zhi Kai begins telling her about his family. She was shocked to hear that he has 3 younger brothers, – a model, a wine steward, and the youngest works at the family shop. Ding Jie says she loves fresh cut flowers to which Zhi Kai says she can stop by the family store everyday (cute).

Zhong Kai, Wu Di Wen, Yu Ya After lunch, Zhi Kai takes Ding Jie to visit the flower shop where his mom was hanging up the new pictures again. Zhi Kai takes a look and noticed the sold sign on his picture and is livid. Ding Jie is shocked by this and even more shocked when Zhi Wen comes in and tries to take his picture down and begins arguing with Xiu Yun for hanging up such a advertisement. Ding Jie’s face during this exchange does not bode well. You can tell she is not happy with their rambunctious family dynamics. She was also taken aback by Zhi Xiao’s muteness and the signing between him and Zhi Kai.

Zhong Kai Leaving early instead of having Zhi Xiao’s specially prepared meal, Ding Jie asks if his family is always like that and Zhi Kai replies yes. That his mom is always like that, Zhi Wen is a smooth talking playboy, and although Zhi Xiao can’t speak, he is diligent, hardworking, and takes care of the housework. Ding Jie is really surprised to hear things are always like that. Zhi Kai said that since they grew up without a dad, he has been taking care of his family and he loves them very much as they are always honest with each other. Ding Jie says she understands and asks Zhi Kai to meet her mother to discuss the wedding, which freaks poor Zhi Kai out.

Zhong Kai The next day, Zhi Kai meets Ding Jie’s mother, who is standing in the father role as her husband is on a business trip. As long as Ding Jie is happy, they are okay with the match. Her mom then tells Zhi Kai that after the marriage he must quit his job and come into their company as he will then inherit it. This shocks Zhi Kai and he looks less than pleased by this, but the icing on the cake is when it comes time to talk about where to live after marriage. Zhi Kai says that they will live with the Li family and Ding Jie says they won’t have any privacy as newly weds. Zhi Kai then says they can postpone the wedding until he can save up for a down payment on a house to which Ding Jie’s mom says that they will move in with her and Ding Jie’s father instead. Zhi Kai really does not like this idea. Who can blame him? This family is trying to run his life and exclude his own precious family as well.

Zhong Kai, Song Xiao Bo, Zhang Xiao Chen Zhi Kai tells this to his family. Zhi Chen asks if that means he’s marrying into the family and Zhi Kai adamantly refutes this. Zhi Kai tells about his misgivings, but Zhi Wen and Xiu Yun try to talk him into it. Xiu Yun wants Zhi Kai to have a comfortable life, so even though she doesn’t like the idea of losing her son, she wants the best for him. Zhi Xiao is unhappy to hear this, especially the comment about their house not being good enough. When Zhi Kai goes upstairs to bed, he tries to talk to Zhi Xiao, who ignores him (I didn’t know the two shared a room). This makes Zhi Kai feel even worse. He goes to his desk and begins looking at family photos and you can tell how conflicted he is. He likes Ding Jie, but he doesn’t want to give up the family he loves and has taken care of.

Zhong Kai Zhi Kai meets with Ding Jie to talk more about the wedding plans. He gives her the special rings that Zhi Xiao made for him and her. Ding Jie looks at them and automatically dismisses them as not being good enough or fancy enough. Wench. This really makes Zhi Kai unhappy and he begins talking about his reservations of living with her family. Ding Jie will not listen. She tells him that her mom can buy them a house, but the point is that the Li family has no place in their new lives. Ding Jie says they can send them a monthly check as long as she doesn’t have to see them. Ding Jie says this is also better for Zhi Kai as it means that he no longer has to take care of his family any more. Zhi Kai asks if Ding Jie wants him to choose between his family and her. Ding Jie says, yes, he must. Grr.

Zhong Kai, Yu Ya Zhi Kai gets home and announces that he broke up with Ding Jie, shocking his mother. She wants to know why and he says that he cannot be with a woman who disregards and looks down on his family. Xiu Yun says that doesn’t matter and that he should go with Ding Jie and forget about them. This hurts Zhi Kai and he says he cannot do such a thing as he loves his family and they are important to him and he will give up everything but his family. Zhi Kai says he can’t let his family go because he knows how bad of a mess is mom’s life is. Xiu Yun says it is a mess and then says she doesn’t want her sons to end up as badly as she is. She then talks about all the sacrifices Zhi Kai has made for the family. Zhi Kai wipes away his tears and says he can’t marry a wealthy woman who disowns his family and if that’s what they want then he’ll leave. Xiu Yun says fine and storms out. The younger brothers heard all of this and are worried about the fight.

Yu Ya Xiu Yun gets drunk and does karaoke with the fellow neighbor who likes her. She complains about the fight she had with Zhi Kai and Gong Guan tells her that Zhi Kai is a good kid and that Xiu Yun should talk things over. Xiu Yun says she understands his actions, but that they make her feel worse and guilty as a mother. Gong Yuan tries to comfort her and she kind of goes off her rocker and starts singing a sentimental song about mothers and their children. Gong Yuan calls Zhi Kai and tells him that Xiu Yun is about to lose it.

Zhong Kai, Yu Ya Zhi Kai goes to get his mother and piggybacks her home. Zhi Kai is very emotional and trying not to cry. Xiu Yun says she will fight anyone who bullies her son. Zhi Kai tells her to be quiet as she is embarrassing him. Xiu Yun tells her to leave him and he refuses because she is his mom. Even if she acts the way she does, she is his mom and he can never hate her nor abandon her. She rests her head on his back and smiles as he says there is no way that she can make him give up his family. A really great reconciliation moment.

My thoughts: Wow. For only 45 minutes, it seems like so much has happened. I was cheering when Wei Wei and Zhi Chen kissed and seemed to be working on building a real relationship, but of course Han Fei had to come back into the picture. I am not convinced he is just there to get Wei Wei back, I do think there might be an ulterior motive involved (especially after the events of episode 4). My biggest fear is that Wei Wei might choose Han Fei over Zhi Chen after the truth is revealed. What will happen to this fledgling couple?

I was also really shocked by the turn in Ding Jie. Sure, she has only appeared in one episode and her looking like Zhi Kai’s girlfriend who left him didn’t bode well, but she at least seemed like a nice warm-hearted woman. Who knew she would turn out to be so cold and unfeeling when it came to family matters of Zhi Kai’s? They put so much stock into that relationship in the first episode that it is amazing they only lasted until this one. It really does make me wonder then if Zhi Chen will lose his first love interest of the series as well. Meh.

And when it comes to Han Fei telling his story and how he strove so hard and wanted to thank Wei Wei’s mom for the stunt she pulled, I really hated it. It seemed like he was being too, too . . . over the top? I am not quite sure what but his monologues seem very self-serving so that is probably why I don’t trust his character at all at this point.

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