Summer’s Desire Episode 2 Recap

You have to wonder in this series just what is real and what is fake. Did Xiao Mo ever love Ou Chen? Or did she just like the idea of a rich boyfriend who could take care of her? And is Luo Xi really out to have revenge against the two people who hurt him the most? Or is his revenge disguising his true feelings of love for Xia Mo?

Huang Xiao Ming, Barbie Xu

“Let’s be together”

Luo Xi protects Xia Mo from the speeding car of Ou Chen’s. As he holds her tightly to his chest, he says “Let’s be together.” Xia Mo says nothing in reply. You can tell that she has a heavy mix of emotions going on inside at the moment. She goes home, still in a state of shock and worries Xiao Cheng who thinks she looks ill. She tells him she is fine, but he goes searching for a thermometer. Meanwhile, Xia Mo wonders why she is so defenseless against Luo Xi. She couldn’t resist him earlier even though she knows that he is just playing with her for revenge. She isn’t the only one thinking such dour thoughts. Luo Xi thinks to himself that he should never have kissed her as her kisses are poison. But to Luo Xi he would rather be by her side taking in her poison until they day that he dies. Meanwhile, Ou Chen stares at the hair ribbon while Luo Xi’s video plays in the background. Needless to say Xi Meng is less than thrilled about this, especially when Ou Chen says he wants to go to the entertainment company, the only company he doesn’t have any experience with. Yeah, saw that one coming.

Barbie Xu, Haung Xiao Ming

“I need to see you everday”

Then we have some mushy moments with Xia Mo and Luo Xi. He calls and wants to spend time with her looking at the moon, but says he’s too busy. He then asks Xia Mo to go look at the moon and there he is. He skipped his midnight snack just to spend some time with her. You can tell he wants to kiss her but Xia Mo is doing her best to avoid his kiss. They are both obviously happy to be together, but you know there is something else there. That something else that haunts their relationship and will probably make sure they don’t stand of chance of either staying together or being happy.

Zhang Ke Fan, Serena Fang, Barbie Xu

JAM forced to leave

The next day, Xia Mo congratulates Pan Nan for her success at landing one of the two spots. After the competition, two of the girls dropped out leaving just Xia Mo and one other to get the other spot. Pan Nan says she believes that Xia Mo has what it takes and should be confident. After Pan Nan leaves to meet with producers and writers, Zhen En comes and brings Xia Mo fan mail. Fan mail! And she hasn’t even debuted yet. Zhen En also says that thanks to the scandal, Wei An is impossible so she is planning on quitting. She also lets Xia Mo know that Shu Er has an opportunity to become a spokeswoman for Hong Ou, a company that had originally cast Wei An. Xia Mo then sees JAM leaving the company. He was apparently fired over the scandal.

Serena Fang, Liu Shu Ting, Barbie Xu

Shu Er forces a fake smile

Ya Lun (AKA Allen) is now taking care of Shu Er. Shu Er goes to ask him about the meeting at Hong Ou and he says that they have to bring along others, making Shu Er annoyed. She plays the victim, but you can tell she is quite the devious little backstabber. She quickly hides her disappointment and warmly welcomes Xia Mo and Zhen En along. Meanwhile, Ou Chen is getting briefed on the two companies who are sending entertainers for the initial audition and we learn that the Ou family is very mysterious and no one really knows anything about them. Why such a big secret? On the way to Hong Ou, Shu Er speaks ill of Xia Mo’s competition and tells Xia Mo to go back to being her assistant as she will make sure that Xia Mo is comfortably taken care of. Her words seem sweet, but you know there’s more behind them than meets the eye.

Barbie Xu, Peter Ho

“It’s you! …Who are you?”

When they get to the building, Xia Mo looks up and sees the crest on the glass of the ceiling. She goes pale and looks very uneasy. Did she go to Hong Ou not knowing it belonged to her ex’s family? Not long after they get there and meet the general manager, the staff come running to roll out the red carpet for the young master. Xia Mo is displeased to see him after five years and does her best to hide in the background and keep her face averted. Ou Chen goes buy without noticing her, but when Zhen En calls out Xia Mo’s name, Ou Chen looks back. He continues to the elevator, but comes running out a minute later. Afraid to face him, Xia Mo begins running away, but Ou Chen catches her. He asks who she is and she says that it is not nice to play with her. Ou Chen leaves to continue business and Xi Meng pulls Xia Mo aside. He tells Xia Mo about the amnesia and also says he knows what happened five years ago. He witnessed what she did and believes that she did not love Ou Chen to be able to treat him so cruelly. He then makes Xia Mo promise to make sure not to let Ou Chen remember her. She promises, but does she really have any control over such a thing as someone else’s memory? Xia Mo then asks Xi Meng not to be prejudiced against her and let her try for the CF (Ou Chen said out of the people there, she was the most suitable making Shu Er and Shen Qiang annoyed – each for different reasons).

Barbie Xu, Huang Xiao Ming

“Did you love him … in the past?”

Xia Mo leaves Hong Ou only to run into Luo Xi who has been waiting for her. He wants to know what happened as she met Ou Chen again after five years. Xia Mo says she has forgotten the past already and says she is sorry for disappointing Luo Xi for not having a bigger reaction when meeting Ou Chen again. She also says that it is Luo Xi who can’t forget the past nor forgive what happened. That is why he kissed her and wanted to go out with her before she met Ou Chen again. Luo Xi asks if she loved Ou Chen. She asks when and he says in the past. Xia Mo says she has forgotten the past again. No she hasn’t.

Peter Ho, Barbie Xu

“Don’t tell me you rushed back because you’re jealous?”

Flashback: Luo Xi is singing by the school’s fountain when Ou Chen pulls up. This causes the students to stop paying attention to Luo Xi as the young master has finally returned. Xia Mo looks genuinely happy to see Ou Chen. I think she liked him back then, maybe not as much as she could, but there was some feelings there. Ou Chen is interested in Luo Xi as he is living with Xia Mo. Jealous from the get go. No Wonder their relationship went down the drain. Xia Mo says she neither hates nor likes Luo Xi, he is just a boy her family adopted. Ou Chen then presents her with a present from his time abroad (he neglects to mention that he actually made the gift by hand which probably would have touched Xia Mo more). It is the hair ribbon. He wants her to always wear her hair up in others’ presence as she is too attractive with her hair down. Xia Mo scolds him for his overbearing personality, but agrees to wear it. He also makes Xia Mo promise to meet him everyday for dinner. Sheesh, he is controlling. Luo Xi watches all of this with a smiling. It’s like he’s plotting something and maybe he was even then.

Peter Ho, Barbie Xu

Ou Chen agrees to Xia Mo’s request

It’s a new day and Xia Mo is with Ou Chen, helping him prepare for fencing practice. She overhears people trash talking Luo Xi, calling him a prostitute’s son, a thief, and worse. They then say that all orphans are horrible. Ouch. Ou Chen says it has nothing to do with her and Xia Mo says she knows, but she has to get to class. Even though not directed at her, those words cut her like a knife. She is off by herself when Xiao Cheng comes running saying Luo Xi got into a fight. Xia Mo goes running to the discipline room where her father is pleading for the school to investigate the matter to get the truth. The school could care less. Xia Mo says she will handle things and tells her father to go home with Xiao Cheng. She scolds the discipline matter and promises to investigate the matter herself. She grabs Luo Xi and pulls him after her. This annoys Ou Chen who is even more jealous. Xia Mo goes to him for help investigating and he agrees, but not after some jealous pouting for Xia Mo coming to Luo Xi’s defense. Xia Mo promises that she will never love Luo Xi. Yeah, like that will happen. I don’t like Ou Chen constantly telling Xia Mo that she is his. It’s like Luo Xi constantly telling her that she loves him and that they are destined to be together. Not all too different.

Huang Xiao Ming, Barbie Xu

Luo Xi and Xia Mo have a staredown

Luo Xi wants to know why Xia Mo is suddenly helping and then says he prefers hate over pity. Xia Mo asks why should she pity him? They are both orphans. Luo Xi thinks Xia Mo is lying, but she repeats that she is an orphan and has gone through all the tough times that Luo Xi is going through. She was called the child of a prostitute, bullied, and called a thief just for being an orphan. Xia Mo reiterates that she has no reason to pity Luo Xi as she heard that his mom was a good woman while her mom was a bar singer. Luo Xi cannot believe all this an laughs. Xia Mo then says she understands that he really craves love, even while throwing away and rejecting the love others offer. Luo Xi then confronts Xia Mo about her two-facedness as well and she states that she is colder than him and doesn’t need love. How true is that, I wonder. Ou Chen and Xia Mo prove Luo Xi’s innocence and Luo Xi gets his public apology.

Barbie Xu, Huang Xiao Ming

“You will love me til I die”

End flashback. Luo Xi says she must like Ou Chen because her parents love him. Xia Mo says that her parents are dead and have been for a long time. This shocks Luo Xi who doesn’t believe it at first. Xia Mo says they died the day he left and that he is partly to blame. Xiao Cheng got sick because he was so upset over Luo Xi leaving so the Yins took him to the hospital where they met with an unfortunate accident and died on the spot. At that moment, Xia Mo got a call asking to bring Luo Xi back. As she was about to call out to him, she heard the accident happen. This upsets Luo Xi as he really did like the Yins. Another strike against Ou Chen. More fuel to the fire of hatred. Xia Mo tells him about Ou Chen’s memory loss which surprises him (and throws a little kink into his revenge plans). Xia Mo says again that success is more important than love and Luo Xi should not expect too much from her. Luo Xi says he fears she will leave him for Ou Chen, that she will come to love him. Xia Mo says it doesn’t matter and then says that she likes him. This makes Luo Xi happy and he again says that she will love him until the day he dies. Kind of makes me think he will die before the end of the show. Probably not, though.

Huang Xiao Ming, Patina Lin

Shen Qiang asks about Xia Mo

Luo Xi enlists the help of Pan Nan and Shen Qiang to help Xia Mo with the audition for Hong Ou. He wants her back into Ou Chen’s life, but really doesn’t at the same time, but for revenge to move forward, they need to be together. Shen Qiang agrees to drop out of the running, but also admits that she is jealous he supports Xia Mo. Luo Xi (who seems totally disinterested) says that he will collaborate with Qiang soon, just wait. As if crazy Ou Chen, sneakly Luo Xi, and backstabbing Shu Er aren’t enough, let’s add in possessive, obsessed actress who wants Luo Xi. Oi.

Barbie Xu

Xia Mo abducted!

Ou Chen arranges a company car to ensure Xia Mo gets to the audition on time. On the way to pick Xia Mo up, the driver witnesses her being kidnapped. But he doesn’t call his boss. Does that make sense? Meanwhile, the auditions continue. Shu Er seems confident of landing the role an shows concern over the missing Xia Mo, but I don’t think that’s real at all. She wants Xia Mo out of the way as this could be her last chance to catapult to stardom. Zhen En (who does know Ou Chen as they were all classmates) finally breaks down from worry and interrupts the auditions just before Shu Er’s turn to ask Ou Chen to help find Xia Mo. Ou Chen calls the driver, learns what happened and rushes out to save Xia Mo.

Barbie Xu, Peter Ho

Ou Chen rescues Xia Mo

Xia Mo is being held captive in what looks like an abandoned warehouse or factory. She has been drugged and just wants to sleep, but she hears Xiao Cheng’s voice telling her to come home early. Not wanting to fail the audition and lose her chance at a better life for her brother, she takes a rock and stabs herself. I don’t suppose there is a better way to struggle out of torpor, but still. Shivers. Ou Chen kicks serious kidnapper butt and looks for Xia Mo. He finally hears her cries of pain. Xia Mo is shocked that Ou Chen has come to save her. He picks her up and goes to take her to the hospital, but she refuses and was going to leave the car unless he turned it around. Ou Chen pulls a u-turn and races to the auditions. He carries the injured Xia Mo upstairs and she has a flash back to the past.

Chen Ling Zhen, Fu Pei Ci

Ou Chen’s & Xia Mo’s first meeting

Xia Mo flashes back to when they first met. She threw herself in front of Ou Chen’s car. Even then when they were little kids, he wouldn’t let anyone else touch her. He carried her to the car himself. When she woke up, she told him about wanting to meet president Ou as her dad was just fired from the Ou’s company. Ou Chen promises to rehire her dad if she’ll do something for him. Xia Mo doesn’t believe this, but Ou has Xi Meng reinstate Mr. Yin right away, so Xia Mo agrees to his request. We then see her standing with the apple on her head with Ou Chen getting ready to shoot. Xi Meng tries to stop him, but he refuses. He is testing Xia Mo’s love for her family. She doesn’t flinch or tremble, but stands resolute to face his arrow. This impresses him. I guess that is how is obsessive love was born.

Peter Ho, Barbie Xu, Serena Fang

Ou Chen sweeps Xia Mo off her feet

We have an awkward moment as everyone stares at Ou Chen carrying the injured Xia Mo. She gets him to put her down and has Zhen En help her prepare for the audition. Meanwhile, Shu Er has a good audition. Ya Lun says that Shu Er has always had the potential and if she doesn’t get this CF, he doesn’t know what she will do. He thinks that her performance just now should be enough, but people are stunned when Xia Mo comes out. Pan Nan says that Xia Mo is better than Shu Er because she can project several emotions into her singing, plus the song could be an original written by Xia Mo as Pan Nan had never heard it before. After the audition, Pan Nan goes to take Xia Mo to the hospital. She leaves Xia Mo with Zhen En while she gets her car, but she is too late. Ou Chen picks Xia Mo up again and takes her to the hospital. Xia Mo is scolded for not coming in earlier. She goes to leave, but Ou Chen says that she still needs more treatment and the doctor starts an IV. Yep, still overbearing.

Ou Chen demands to know if Xia Mo knows him. Remembering her promise to Xi Meng, Xia Mo denies knowing him. This infuriates Ou Chen, but Xia Mo adamantly refuses knowing him. Poor Ou Chen, now he thinks its all his imagination. He then asks Xia Mo to go out with him. She refuses. He persists, saying she can leave him if she really doesn’t come to love him. She refuses again. He asks for the reason. As Xia Mo is about to respond, Luo Xi says its because she already has a boyfriend. Oh, this does not bode well at all. Neither do the previews.

Peter Ho, Barbie Xu, Huang Xiao Ming

Reunion of friends or enemies?

My thoughts: So, Xia Mo might actually have liked Ou Chen, but came to hate him because of all the events that occurred five years ago. She lost Luo Xi (whom she may or may not of actually loved romantically, but as more family-like back then) and her parents. No wonder she said she wouldn’t forgive him unless he died. The plot is getting complicated. How many revenge plots will occur? What are Xia Mo’s true feelings? Who will she end up with? More questions, no answers. Must keep watching to see what will happen.


  • Initially, i found xia mo’s character really annoying, it’s like she has an evil twin! Anyway, i’m unsure as to why she aggravated her injury before her audition, so it was clearly bleeding and worse for people to see? Did she want to catch ou chens attention? If so, why? What are her real intentions?

    • It annoyed me as well, but when Shu Er confronts Xia Mo and they fight it out, Xia Mo explains that she was using her own body to garner attention and sympathy in the situation. This way she would have the upper hand in the auditions. It wasn’t to attract Ou Chen (whom she wishes not to deal with, not just over her anger about what happened to her family, but because she knew she hurt him too badly as well), but to help her succeed in her chosen profession.

      Xia Mo is such a complex character, I do have trouble relating to her coldness. She seems like a good person, but can be so cold and (if you go by the novel translations online) cruel due to her devotion to her little brother Xiao Cheng. I didn’t know that he was her real brother, I thought he was just adopted as well, but in the book series he is her real little brother. Who knew?

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