Call of the Country Episode 3 Recap

We remind a bit from the last episode and see Jin Hyuk tailing Ha Na – that’s how he knew where to find her. Seeing Ha Na with Geun Bae makes him wonder if they have a deeper relationship than he had initially thought. Geun Bae manages to slip Ha Na’s grasp and runs. Ha Na chases after Geun Bae while Jin Hyuk chases after Ha Na. Geun Bae manages to evade Ha Na who is almost run over by a truck, but is saved by Jin Hyuk. Meanwhile Chief Shin is trying to talk Lee out of forcing Jin Hyuk to quit if he can’t catch Soo Young in a month’s time. Lee refuses to budge on the decision. This worries Shin and he goes to Team 1 and tells them to report all matters to him while Jin Hyuk is out pursuing other venues of investigation. This surprises the team who want to know what Jin Hyuk has up his sleeve.

Jin Hyuk asks Ha Na just how well she knows Geun Bae because it appeared they knew each other better than only meeting once at a nightclub. Ha Na says that even if they were in a passionate relationship, she wouldn’t tell him as its not his business. Ha Na then accuses him of illegally following her and invading her right to privacy. Score one for Ha Na. It is technically illegal for Jin Hyuk to follow her and delve into her life without a warrant. Who knew. Ha Na gets a call and boards a bus only to be followed by Jin Hyuk. At a bus stop she waits til the last minute and then runs off the bus just before the doors close, leaving Jin Hyuk behind.

Ha Na goes and picks up some food and gives the vendor an energy drink for a trade. Jin Hyuk asks her if she intends to pay for the food or not. Ha Na unhappily forks over the cash while Shin, Joon Min, and Se Mi are at Geun Bae’s house looking for evidence. Jin Hyuk again asks Ha Na about knowing Geun Bae and then says if she divulges everything she knows, he will write a letter of explanation saying she missed the meeting due to aiding the NIS with an investigation. Ha Na refuses saying he is the reason she is on “vacation” so he shouldn’t act like he’s doing her a favor. Jin Hyuk then talks money to Ha Na who is upset that he knows so much about her financial issues. She tells him never to mention such things to here again as it makes her feel dirty. She goes to leave again and Jin Hyuk goes to follow as well. Ha Na notices police officers and pretends that Jin Hyuk attacked her. Jin Hyuk shows that he is NIS and Ha Na shows that she is an officer. Knowing the officers were more likely to take Jin Hyuk’s side over hers, Ha Na states that as an officer she can’t even tell anyone about Jin Hyuk’s taking advantage of her because of his position. This makes the police holdĀ  Jin Hyuk so that Ha Na could escape his grasp at last.

When Ha Na gets home she finds her mom fighting with the tenant again. Ha Na steps in and promises again to have the wallpaper replaced soon and even offers to fix all the windows as well, placating the tenant and annoying Soo Ja. Ha Na tells her mom to try to get along better as well and then notices the payment notice for the apartment. The next day, Jin Hyuk learns there is no new leads on Soo Young from Geun Bae’s house. Shin asks Jin Hyuk how things are coming and Jin Hyuk tells Shin about Ha Na noticing he was tailing her (well, he was fairly obvious about it). This annoys Shin, but he tells Jin Hyuk to stick with Ha Na. Jin Hyuk says following her is no longer an option so they should bring her into the investigation where he can keep a close eye on her. Shin doesn’t like the idea as they don’t know how well they can trust Ha Na, but Jin Hyuk is adamant.

Ha Na goes to the bank where she runs into Man Soo and his fiance coming back from lunch. His fiance asks if Ha Na is okay after what happened at the engagement. Ha Na says that she is fine and Man Soo sends his fiance in to work while he goes an talks to Ha Na. He tells her what to do in order to finish getting the loan for the apartment and then tells her that he is through with her and doesn’t think about her at all. He really hurts Ha Na’s pride by saying their relationship is already nothing to him. This makes Jin Hyuk feel bad for Ha Na (he’s listening in on their conversation). After Man Soo and Ha Na part ways, Jin Hyuk makes his presence known. He takes her out for dinner where Ha Na drinks and complains about what is going wrong in her life. Jin Hyuk warns Ha Na not to abuse her authority to get revenge. Ha Na then tells him that revenge requires planning, hard work, and money making it very hard to accomplish. Jin Hyuk then gives her advice on the best revenge. Make him regret letting her go by forgetting him cleanly and getting on with her life. Ha Na asks if it is that easy to forget a person so easily and Jin Hyuk doesn’t answer and drinks instead. Yeah, that’s a pretty obvious answer in and of itself.

Ha Na asks if there is something there in Jin Hyuk’s life like her situation. Jin Hyuk doesn’t answer that question and says the best way to forget is to bury oneself in an activity. Ha Na asks like what and Jin Hyuk springs working for NIS and helping them catch Joo Soo Young. Ha Na wants to know who Soo Young is, but Jin Hyuk says that she already knows. Nope. The girl hasn’t the foggiest. It is rather amusing to see Jin Hyuk keep barking up the wrong tree and talking to the person who knows the least about what he wants. This annoys Ha Na who gets up and asks for the bill. Jin Hyuk says he’ll pay so Ha Na orders quite a bit of food to go (lol, poor Jin Hyuk didn’t have the cash and asked if they accepted credit cards).

Jin Hyuk follows Ha Na out and asks why she would turn down such a good offer of working for the NIS and being able to get reinstated as an officer. Ha Na says she likes the conditions, but not the company. Burn. Jin Hyuk then says that he will be her partner and they will work the case together. Ha Na says Jin Hyuk is just using that as an excuse to keep an eye on her and he adamantly refuses that is the case (oh, but it is). Ha Na tells him she understands and to leave and wait for her call. She turns to leave and runs into her tenant who is complaining and threatening to leave again. Ha Na pretends that Jin Hyuk is a carpenter she hired to look over the room, making the tenant happy while making Jin Hyuk uncomfortable. Afterward, Jin Hyuk makes the offer again. Ha Na’s mom is worried that Ha Na might get involved in something dangerous, but changes her tune when she hears money. Ha Na and Jin Hyuk work out a reward and compensation plan to go with the reinstatement and thus they become partners.

Soo Young calls up Han Do Hoon and requests a meeting. Do Hoon asks if he got the goods he sent and Soo Young replies yes and that is why he needs to see him. Do Hoon does not like this and says that things are too risky and heated up – he cannot afford to meet Soo Young. This annoys Soo Young who thinks that Do Hoon is getting to big for his britches.

The next day, Ha Na goes to the NIS where she acts like VIP. Seriously. I think her attitude her is a little much, but Se Mi and Shin put up with it. Jin Hyuk comes in and they begin talking. Later as they are walking out of NIS, they see Lee. Shin instructs Jin Hyuk to hide Ha Na as Lee has no idea they brought her in to help the case. Jin Hyuk grabs Ha Na and pulls her into a corner to hide. They are seen by the weird NIS agent, shocking the both of them. He thinks the two are partners and are both dating no matter how much the adamantly deny it. Shin comes back and reminds Jin Hyuk to be careful to keep Ha Na’s presence a secret from Lee and the two leave. The weirdo says it’s been three years and it’s time for Jin Hyuk to move on from Eun Seo. Shin tells him to never mention that name again, especially in Jin Hyuk’s presence. We then go to the airport where we see Choi Eun Seo (Horan) has returned from the Middle East.

Jin Hyuk shows Ha Na a picture of Geun Bae and asks for information. The only thing she knows is his name and this annoys Jin Hyuk, but she does take the picture and tell him to follow her. Meanwhile. Joo Soo Young surprises Han Do Hoon by showing up at the racetrack. Soo Young makes veiled comments and Do Hoon gives him veiled answers as well. Basically to lay low and let things die down. Back to Jin Hyuk and Ha Na. They are going around to underground and shady establishments where Ha Na shows Geun Bae’s picture and promises a year free pass for anyone who can find him. Jin Hyuk asks what that means and she tells him its basically an agreement to ignore their activities. This annoys Jin Hyuk who believes that the methods are just as important as the results, but Ha Na believes the results are what matter most. Besides, these shady people are more likely to find Geun Bae faster than using any other “above board” method.

Ha Na’s network give her many tips and she plots them all on a map. Jin Hyuk then takes her map to Joon Min for analysis. As Joon Min is about to work his technological wonders, Ha Na shuts down the main switch of the computer, annoying and shocking Joon Min and Jin Hyuk. Later, Joon Min gives the results at a meeting where Ha Na falls asleep and falls off the stairs she was sitting on. Jin Hyuk tells her to walk it off while he finishes the briefing. After the meeting, Jin Hyuk sees Eun Seo. Before he can get to her, she gets on the elevator (she goes to see Lee). He is in complete shock and runs to Shin to ask if she is back. Shin replies that Jin Hyuk needs to forget about Eun Seo and focus on catching Soo Young before the month is up.

Soo Young wants his car and any connection it has to him wiped and the job is handed to Geun Bae who takes it to his junkyard. On the lookout for Geun Bae, Ha Na sets up a stand to sell energy drinks so that she can at least make a profit while she waits. This annoys Jin Hyuk. He and Ha Na see Geun Bae drive by and follow him. Ha Na goes slower as she is lugging all of her stuff with her. She throws it in Jin Hyuk’s car. While Jin Hyuk is stealthily going in for information, Ha Na doesn’t take any precautions and is spotted. The men are going to beat her up, but Jin Hyuk steps in to save the day, getting pretty badly beaten himself. A scared Ha Na gets in Soo Young’s car and we end the episode with her barreling toward Geun Bae, his men, and Jin Hyuk.

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