Kaibutsu-kun Episode 2 Recap

In a nutshell: Kaibutsu-kun and entourage learn about money and the difference between getting money for nothing and working for what money you get. They also learn the value of spending the hard-earned money on something needed or wanted.

Episode theme: The good and evil aspects of money.

Episode summary: Afraid that Hiroshi discovered Kaibutsu-kun’s identity, Dracula and Werewolf decide to bribe Hiroshi to keep him quiet because if Hiroshi knows Kaibutsu-kun’s real identity, then none of the monsters will be able to return to Monster Land. They take Hiroshi to the store where they tell him to pick out whatever he wants. Hiroshi hesitates at first, but then goes all out. Kaibutsu-kun and gang go to leave the store without paying, shocking Hiroshi and the store manager. Kaibutsu-kun doesn’t know that he must pay for goods if he wants them, having had everything handed to him for free when he was in Monster Land. The gang are almost arrested again, but manage to elude the police (they returned the goods anyways, so they didn’t actually steal anything).

Meanwhile Demorina and Akkuma try a new tactic to steal human desire: use their greed for money. They establish a company that gives money for nothing. Well, nothing is free, right? There is a price which the humans are unaware of: the fee for the money is their lives.

After learning about money, Kaibutsu-kun finds an envelope of it on the floor of Hiroshi’s apartment. Excited by this, he takes Hiroshi and the other monsters out to play. However, the money had a purpose. It was Hiroshi and Utako’s rent money for the month. Utako is horrified to discover that the money is gone and blames everything on Hiroshi. It wasn’t his fault, he didn’t know that Kaibutsu-kun took the money Utako worked hard for. Hiroshi screams at his sister that he hates being poor and wished that they had money for which Utako slaps him and Hiroshi runs off. While the other monsters realize the consequences of their actions, Kaibutsu-kun is unaware of just how wrong his taking Utako’s money was.

In need of rent money, Utako goes to the demons’ operation. Even though she realizes what is going on is just like what happened to Hiroshi, she still goes and gets money from them. However, now that Utako has acquired such easy money, she blows it instead of using it for rent, thus she goes back for more and more and more. She buys new clothes and accessories and takes Hiroshi out for expensive dinners. As much as Hiroshi likes having such things, he is concerned about where the money is coming from.

Meanwhile, Kaibutsu-kun learns that a person must work for money so he and the gang go out in search of work. Every job they find is unsuitable for them. Dracula can’t work at the restaurant because of garlic, Werewolf can’t work at the arcade/pachinko parlor because of all of the round objects make him start to transform. They finally find a job handing out products, but are quickly fired because they manage to chase away customers and didn’t hand out a single product.

Utako is aging, rapidly. She learns from the disguised Akkuma that the money comes with a hitch and she decides to stop going, however, her greed gnaws at her, concerning her little brother. Utako has stopped working, doesn’t clean the apartment, or even cook for her little brother anymore. Hungry for food and with no money, Kaibutsu and the monsters go to Hiroshi’s apartment and end up working for the landlady. Hiroshi, escaping from his changed sister, decides to help out. After working hard together, the gang gets paid 200 yen each. Not a whole lot for all of their hard work, annoying the other monsters, but making Kaibutsu-kun happy as it was the first thing he earned through is own effort. (The landlady then charges them 100 yen each for rice balls, thus their goes their earnings).

Afterward, they go up to Hiroshi’s apartment where Hiroshi collapses and the monsters scold Utako for her neglect. Utako finally comes to her senses seeing her sick little brother. She decides to go back to the money place to get the money to send him to the hospital for the care he needs. Hiroshi discovers this and begs Kaibutsu-kun for help. And like last time, Kaibutsu doesn’t want to help. This time, however, he says it’s because he won’t work for free so he and Hiroshi come to an agreement and the monsters leave to save Utako.

Another showdown between Kaibutsu and Akkuma, with Kaibutsu and gang kicking rear, again. Akkuma still can’t believe the monster prince is helping worthless humans. Kaibutsu defends human and tells Akkuma that even though money is problematic, working hard for it and spending it on what you want and need is a wonderful thing.

All returns to normal. Utako is grateful for Kaibutsu-kun’s and the monsters’ help. She goes to make curry, but Kaibutsu-kun wants the rice balls like the ones he bought with his own money. Utako agrees and asks for them all to help make them. The monsters are disappointed that the taste is so bland (last time they were so hungry, they absolutely loved the plain rice balls), but Kaibutsu-kun still things they are delicious. Meanwhile, Akkuma is getting scolded by Demorina again. He finally tells her Kaibutsu-kun is helping humans, shocking Demorina. While they are talking about the monster prince, Demokin’s ear twitches. Is he finally starting to waken?

Random cute moment: Franken’s crush on Utako. He does his best to defend her and is really shy around her. It’s so cute.

My thoughts: Definitely a family-friendly show that teaches values and avoids, for the most part, being overtly preaching. Money, like lying, is shown to have it’s good sides and bad sides. It is not inherently evil, but what man makes of it. We slowly see Kaibutsu-kun maturing and by the end of this show, he should no longer be the spoiled, irascible brat he is now. Ohno does a great job of portraying the innocent, babyish Kaibutsu without overplaying the role.

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