Bad Guy Episode 1 Recap

Kim Nam Gil, Han Ga In나쁜 남자

Romanized title: Nappeun Namja
English title: Bad Guy / Bad Man
Broadcast station: SBS
Broadcast dates: 26 May – 5 August 2010
Episodes: 17
Cast: Kim Nam Gil, Han Ga In, Kim Jae Wook, Oh Yun Soo, Jung So Min, Jun Gook Hwan, Kim Hye Ok, Kim Jung Tae, Ha Joo Hee, Shim Eun Kyung, Jun Min Seo
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Synopsis: Stuntman Shim Gun Wook weaves an elaborate plot of revenge against Haeshin Group who destroyed his life and his parents’ lives when he was a child. His quest for revenge brings him into contact with Moon Jae In who is smarting after a recent break up and who decides to try to land a wealthy husband. Can these two people find love and a happy ending?

Kdrama Bad Guy

Paper Crane

Wow. Definitely not what I expected at all. Although, I am not quite sure just what I thought, but it definitely wasn’t this. I’ll have to keep watching to actually figure out if I like it or not. I can’t wait until Kim Jae Wook makes his first appearance! No, it hasn’t happened yet in episode one, but it looks like he’ll show up in episode two.

Key item: A paper crane. Gun Wook is always folding these and they appear at key places, such as a murder/suicide scene, and in front of Jae In with information on the Hong family when unfolded.

Han Ga In, Kim Nam Gil

Jae In runs into Gun Wook

The episode opens with a woman on a roof holding a paper crane. A man runs up stairs and reaches the roof, causing the woman to freak out and tell him not to come closer. She begins backing up, drops the crane, and eventually falls (or was she pushed?) off the roof. We then cut to Moon Jae In (played by Han Ga In of Witch Amusement and Dr. Kkang) driving home, distraught after meeting with her boyfriend’s mother. Jae In flashes back to the meeting where her boyfriend’s mother says that Jae In is not suitable for her son as she is only intelligent and not from a wealthy family. She tells Jae In she should know her place and gives her an envelope full of money, telling her to treat it as charity. Ouch. I would be upset, too. While she is crying and driving, the man from earlier is crossing the road and Jae In accidentally hits him. She gets out of the car and calls 911, trying to tell them where she and the injured man is, but the man, Shim Gun Wook (played by Kim Nam Gil of sageuk drama Queen Seon Duk) just gets up and walks away without a word. Jae In did notice a rather wicked looking scar as he left.

Kdrama Bad guy

Searching for the truth

After Gun Wook leaves the bewildered Jae In, she hears a woman’s scream. The woman from early has died and the police are investigating. The young rookie believes its an open-and-shut case: suicide. The veteran can’t believe how naive the rookie is and sends him to gather evidence as it is unclear whether or not the woman jumped or was pushed. The rookie goes off to look around and the veteran notices the paper crane from earlier on the ground, stained with the victim’s blood. They get the surveillance tapes from the apartment building and notice the victim’s boyfriend is not seen at all and still has not returned. This makes the veteran even more suspicious, while the rookie still believes it’s a simple case of suicide. I have a feeling these guys will get tangled up with Gun Wook and his plot against the Hong family.

Han Ga In

Jae In yells at her ex

Jae In searches out her ex-boyfriend and is shocked to see that he’s engaged and doing his wedding pictures. He is unhappy when he sees her and quickly drags her from the scene. Jae In bawls him out for how he treated her – ending their relationship through his mother and refusing to answer her calls. She especially is unhappy that they just broke up and he’s already engaged. His fiancee comes up and hears Jae In yell at him for not having the courage to stand up to his mother or face Jae In. After basically calling him a worthless human being for throwing money at her to leave and returning, Jae In congratulates him and then goes to work.

Jung So Min, Kim Nam Gil

“Are you shooting a movie?”

We then see Gun Wook jumping out of an airplane and landing on the Hong yacht. This shocks Hong Mo Ne (played by newbie Jung So Min) at first, but he curiosity gets the better of her, especially when Gun Wook asks if she got a good shot for the movie. Hearing the commotion above deck, Mo Ne’s older sister and her daughter go up on deck. Hong Tae Ra (played by Oh Yun Soo of The Queen Returns and Snowman) is upset and believes that Gun Wook is up to no good. Mo Ne explains it, but Tae Ra doesn’t want to listen, but then another boat pulls up and Gun Wook is yelled at for getting the wrong boat for his landing. Coincidence? Definitely not. It gives Gun Wook what he wants, which is impressionable Mo Ne’s attention. He even attracts Tae Ra’s little girl’s attention as she thinks he’s an angel that fell from the sky.

Han Ga In

“Go for Tae Sung to make your ex jealous”

Jae In is a freelancer in charge of helping a new gallery get ready for it’s opening. There Madam Shin (Kim Hye Ok) tells her that her daughter is at Jeju already for her birthday and she tells Jae In to stop by and say hi if she has time as Jae In is going to check out some pieces. Madam Shin then yells at her assistant, making the assistant angry. The assistant tells Jae In that Madam Shin is very irritable as her husband’s illegitimate son is back and supposedly attending her youngest daughter’s, Mo Ne, birthday party. No wonder, most wives don’t like having to deal with the results of their husbands’ indiscretions, which you can’t blame them for. This interests Jae In and she begins forming a half-baked scheme to try to win over the Hong family son in hopes of being able to marry into the wealthy family. Whether that was her goal in her previous relationship, I don’t know, but I don’t really think it was. But she makes the decision to try and goes and buys a present for Mo Ne’s birthday in hopes of inveigling her way into the party to meet Mo Ne’s older brother.

Kim Nam Gil, Han Ga In

Jae In’s and Gun Wook’s 2nd meeting

When Jae In gets to her hotel she inadvertently steps into the middle of Gun Wook’s movie shoot and accidentally becomes his hostage. She starts freaking out and tries to call the cops, causing a hault to the filming and they realize they got the wrong girl. She loses her pen she bought for Mo Ne and Gun Wook ends up picking it up and taking it. The director wants him to do a shirtless scene, but he refuses and the actor he doubles for lifts up his shirt and reveals the long scar on his back. Mo Ne notices him and gets Tae Ra to drop her and So Dam off so they can watch the filming and talk to him. Jae In announces her arrival to Tae Ra who takes her up to Mo Ne’s room to wait for Mo Ne’s return. Meanwhile, Mo Ne followed the wrong person and ends up losing So Dam. She immediately calls Tae Ra who freaks out and calls security.

Kim Nam Gil, Jun So Min, Jun Min Seo

Mo Ne pulls Gun Wook up

So Dam saw Gun Wook and follows him. He does his best to stay just in sight so the little girl follows him up to the roof. He asks how long she intends on following him and she asks if his wings are dry. He says he doesn’t know. So Dam asks to seem him fly and he gets up on the edge of the roof where Mo Ne finds them. So Dam says he is going to fly and then pushes him, causing him to fall. Mo Ne screams. Tae Ra and security hear this and go running up to the roof. Gun Wook is fine and Mo Ne pulls him back up. Tae Ra comes an slaps him, saying he has an ulterior motive. Mo Ne says it’s not what she thinks, but Tae Ra refuses to listen so Mo Ne drags her off and tries to set her straight again. For whatever reason, Tae Ra is suspicious that everyone has kidnapping a wealthy child on their minds.

prop knife

Mo Ne’s present got switched

While waiting for Mo Ne, Jae In calls her little sister Won In and asks her opinion about trying to become the wife of Hong Tae Sung. Won In doesn’t believe that Jae In is serious, but after Jae In hangs up, Won In wonders if her sister might really have gone crazy enough to try something like that since what happened with Jae In’s ex. Jae In is sitting in the huge bathtub when Mo Ne returns to the room. Jae In wishes her a happy birthday and gives her the present. Inside is the prop knife Gun Wook used on her earlier instead of the pen. Mo Ne thinks its cool and asks to keep it to which Jae In says she’s welcome to. Jae In asks about Mo Ne’s birthday and Mo Ne says the entire family is supposed to be there even the older brother that her mom hates to talk about. Mo Ne swears Jae In to secrecy about her brother when Tae Ra comes in. Mo Ne asks to be able to invite Jae In to dinner, but Tae Ra says that it is family only and that Mo Ne and Jae In can have dinner together that night. So much for Jae In’s scheme.

Kim Nam Gil

Making paper cranes

Gun Wook is napping on the roof when he has a nightmare from his past. He falls and wakes up and sees the lead actress there. She is coming on pretty strong, but Gun Wook is having none of it. He assistant comes to get her to tell her about a scene change and ends up falling on top of the clothes. The actress pretends to be nice about it but scolds her when out of Gun Wook’s earshot. When she and Mo Ne go for dinner, Mo Ne has to cancel as she just remembered a previous engagement. Gun Wook is folding a paper crane out of a script on a bridge while Jae In stands below. He puts it on the railing and the wind picks it up and sends it floating down to Jae In who opens it, notices that it is a script and tries to figure out why the Hong family names are all on there. These two people seem to be connected. Not through the past, just that they always seem to cross paths in interesting situations.

Jung So Min, Kim Nam Gil

Getting close in a bathroom stall

Mo Ne goes to meet with a man, Eom Se Joong. Apparently he bought her the yacht for her birthday and is intent on marrying the girl (who is fresh out of high school). She spies Gun Wook and excuses herself to follow him into the bathroom to apologize. The girl is really too naive for her own good. She should really learn to think before acting. She apologizes again and is worried when she sees his face is scratched where her sister hit him. Gun Wook says she doesn’t need to apologize. They hear someone outside the bathroom and Gun Wook grabs Mo Ne, pulling her into the stall with him to hide. After Se Joong leaves the restroom, they come out and Gun Wook says she’s more brazen than he thought and Mo Ne screws up the courage to finally ask his name, to which he replies “Shim Gun Wook.” Tae Ra is reading So Dam a bedtime story and the little girl asks if she can see the angel ahjussi again (what she calls Gun Wook). So Dam said she only followed him because he smiled at her, making Tae Ra believe that she was right and that something fishy was going on.

Jung So Min

Mo Ne throws up on they lying Eom So Joong

Se Joong is driving with the actress from earlier. She is using every trick in the book to get him to give her a better CF than her soy sauce advertisement. When she was caressing his thigh, a motorcyclist pops up out of nowhere and she hits him. Wouldn’t you know it’s Gun Wook. Not wanting the girl to be recognized, Se Joong steps out and gives Gun Wook money to keep his mouth shut. The next day, Jae In goes to the film site to see if anyone found her pen, Gun Wook doesn’t speak up and goes to the hangar where the actress’s assistant is trying to sabotage her parachute. Gun Wook tells the girl how to do it and then says killing is the easy way out. The girl should do the harder thing and work hard to become someone that no one can step one. During the filming of the jump scene, Gun Wook switches the walkie talkie channel and asks the actress about her relationship with Se Joong. Mo Ne hears the whole conversation and learns the truth. When Se Joong comes out to talk to her, she throws up on him. Classic.

Kang Soo Han

Gun Wook handed over to Hong family

During the jump, something goes wrong and the actress starts panicking. Gun Wook manages to save her, but ends up pulling his cord too late and lands in the sea. The crew hurry and get a boat to pull him out of the water. And Gun Wook flashes back to his past. He was a poor boy known as Choi Tae Sung. His father was death and he wanted to get him a hearing aid to help his dad hear. The family was filled with love and laughter. One day, his father tells him he has to go to his real father and that is name is Hong Tae Sung, not Choi Tae Sung. The little boy cries and pleads to stay with his parents, but they take him anyway. You can see how much it hurts his dad to leave him. At the Hong household, he is told by Madam Shin that if he talks and behaves, she will buy his father a hearing aid. Apparently there was a mix up and Gun Wook is kicked out of the Hong household for being an impostor son. Gun Wook has no idea what they are talking about. He pleads to be let back in and we see that he ends up falling or being pushed into glass, causing his scar. No wonder the man has a grudge. Now, is the current Hong Tae Sung the real one or is it Gun Wook? Who knows.

My thoughts: I just don’t know what to think. It was pretty obvious that all the coincidences of Gun Wook’s meetings with the Hong family were all planned by him, but the reason was definitely a surprise. I hope we get the entire story soon as I want to know why they thought he was Hong Tae Sung and why he was later kicked out. It’s really too confusing. What does fate have in store for this family, Gun Wook and Jae In?

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