Zettai Reido Episode 2 Recap

In a nutshell: After a blood-stained knife is found wrapped in newspaper, Izumi and the gang reopen a case that is pushing against its 15 year statute of limitations. They rush to solve the case in a week in order to bring a young doctor’s killer to justice after all these years.

Izumi’s question: What do you do when bringing justice to a criminal would hurt people who could have benefited from the criminal’s skill and knowledge?

Episode summary: Again we start with the crime. 1995: A young doctor is brought in with multiple knife wounds by her boyfriend. They don’t manage to save her, nor do they find out later who attacked her. Fast forward to present day: The murder weapon is found in a house wrapped in newspaper, causing Izumi and the other detectives to begin pursuing the new leads that might be discovered. The problem? The 15 year statute of limitations will be up in only a week. It’s a race against the clock.

Going back to the original case, Izumi and others scramble to re-interview hospital staff and the old boyfriend. The case appears to be going nowhere, when a remembered conversation brings Izumi searching for a patient that went missing. Retracing the victims steps (as in the previous case), Izumi manages to find out just who “Gen-san” was. Once the other’s learn the truth, they re-sift through all the records and manage to find a document that could incriminate the lead suspect. They take the document to their technical guru, who manages to recreate the other documents, giving them all the evidence they need to arrest the suspect. While they try to get the warrant before the person goes into surgery (after the surgery the statute of limitations would have passed), two detectives head off to the hospital to stop the doctor. They don’t make it and the doctor goes into surgery. He comes out smug, but is soon faced with reality: the detectives managed to get the warrant in just before the statute was up so he was arrested for the murder.

Motive: The doctor was working on finding a way to help people with a very rare disease. He used the homeless Gen as a lab rat and inadvertently ended up killing him. He covered up the death, but the young female doctor found out and threatened to expose him, thus he killed her to silence her.

Closure: Izumi goes to the woman’s boyfriend (he’s now married to a nurse and has a son) and tells him that she had learned his old girlfriend had intended to confess that she still loved him right before she was killed. Izumi also calls his wife and has her come so that the couple can mend their hurting relationship.

Izumi’s answer: Even though the doctor’s research and medical expertise is needed and could save a lot of people, his crime just couldn’t be forgiven.

My thoughts: Izumi still jumps to silly conclusions and makes wild guesses, but it is her retracing of the victim’s last moments that really makes her a good detective. In doing this, she puts herself in their shoes and experiences their last moments like they would have. This leads her to find new clues to help solve the case, clues that may have gone unnoticed before.

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