The Influence Online Movie

인플루언스 [inpeulluenseu]
The Influence
English subtitle
s by HaruHaru
Online four-part mystery mini-series starring Lee Byung Hun (IRIS, All In), Han Chae Young of (A Man Called God, Boys Over Flowers), Jo Jae Hyun (New Heart), Kim Tae Woo (Tokyo Shower).

HaruHaru has just released English subtitles for the first episode of Lee Byung Hun’s online movie which started airing in March. The story revolves around a promise and what the characters have to go through to keep the promise. It will span over a 100 years. Hard to believe when the movie is only an hour long, cut into four 25 minute episodes. I love Lee Byung Hun and Han Chae Young and can’t wait to watch this with English subtitles now.The Influence Online Movie

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