Sunao ni Narenakute Episode 6 Recap

Sunao ni Narenakute Episode 6

Haru holds Doctor’s hand

Theme song: “Hard to say I Love You ~Ii Dasenakute~” by WEAVER

Insert song: “Sunao ni Narenakute” by Sugawara Sayuri

Eita, Seki Megumi

Peach’s miscarriage

After a flashback from the very first episode with Nakaji running to some apartment and demanding they open the door when he notices a pool of blood coming from underneath it and the drama from the end of the last episode, we find Haru and Doctor in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. Haru holds Doctor’s hand and tells him she’ll stay by his side. When she goes to let go of his hand, he holds it fast. Meanwhile, Peach learns that she had an early miscarriage and that she is perfectly healthy otherwise and able to still have children. Poor Peach, after having just made the decision to keep the baby and preparing to tell her parents, it’s over in an instance. But at least she didn’t have to go through this alone – Nakaji stayed with her the whole time.

Haru goes back to school and finds out the students involved have been expeled. There goes Matsujima’s promising future, but the kid brought it on himself. (Truthfully the fallout was a highly anticlimactic as I expected more after such a build up over the previous five episodes.) The head of the school asks if Haru wants time off, but she says no and that she has yet to tell her parents about the incident as her father is away on business and she doesn’t want to worry her mother who is all alone supporting the kids and herself while her husband is away.

Tamayama Tetsuji, Eita

Linda gives Nakaji good news about his work

Nakaji is doing push-ups in his apartment when there’s a knock on his door. For once it isn’t crazy Kiriko nor innocent little Haru. It is Linda. He comes with the news that Nakaji will be hired on for a regular feature in Linda’s magazine. After the first photo shoot, Linda’s boss was impressed and wanted to have Nakaji do more work for the magazine. Good for Nakaji! To him, he finally has someone acknowledging his photography talents.

Ueno Juri, Hero JaeJoong, Kinami Haruka

Haru agrees to date Doctor

Haru goes over to Doctor’s apartment to take care of him and meets his little sister who finally gets to put a face to her older brother’s crush. Haru scolds Doctor for being too reckless, yet again. Doctor doesn’t quite understand, so Haru has to explain what she means. Afterward, Doctor asks Haru to explain what she said in the ambulance, that she would always be by his side. He asks if that means she’ll date him. She replies yes and Doctor jumps up and starts yelling the Korean equivalent to “hooray”.

Seki Megumi, Ueno Juri, Hero JaeJoong, Tamayama Tetsuji, Eita

Toasting all the good news

Later the gang gets together to celebrate Nakaji’s good news and to help cheer up Haru and Peach after all the troubles they’ve been through. Doctor announces that Haru has agreed to date him. Linda is happy for them, but seems to be the only one truly happy as Peach looks worried and Nakaji is torn between being jealous because he also likes Haru and being happy that Doctor and Haru are together. They tell Haru and Doctor congratulations, but Haru says their uncertain congratulations felt weird. Then Linda breaks in and tells about Nakaji getting a series in his magazine. They congratulate Nakaji wholeheartedly and then toast the new couple and Nakaji’s success. Haru and Peach talk in the bathroom. Haru asks if Peach is okay and Peach replies that she is. Haru then apologizes for not being with her at such a time (like Haru was in a position to do that as she had her own horrible experience). They agree to work hard and do their best to be happy.

Ueno Juri, Eita

Haru says she will always look if Nakaji calls

Doctor and Nakaji are playing fussball and Nakaji stops to ask Doctor to take care of Haru. Nakaji said he felt weird saying it, but Doctor knelt down and said he was so touched by Nakaji asking him to take care of Haru. Nakaji asks again and Doctor happily agrees to. Linda sees this and seems happy. Later, Nakaji and Haru are walking home with quite a bit of space between them. Haru tells him to walk closer and he replies that he’s afraid Doctor will be angry (Truthfully? Probably). Haru says it’s fine and Nakaji sidles up to her and apologizes for not coming to her rescue. Haru tells him that’s okay and he asks if she feels frightened of going back to school. Haru says that Nakaji knows her all to well, she is frightened. Nakaji says he can’t really say that he knows her all that well, but tells her to keep trying. Haru thanks him and Nakaji says she has changed, become a little nicer. Nakaji asks if that’s because of love and being with Doctor. Haru says probably and starts walking again, not seeing Nakaji’s somewhat pained expression. Nakaji calls out her name and she turns and asks what. Nakaji replied that he just wanted to see if she would look back. Without thinking, Haru replies that she will always look back when he calls and then she feels embarrassed believing she said something weird, but Nakaji definitely looks happy that she said that.

Igawa Haruka, Eita

“What present would you like to celebrate?”

Haru is back at Doctor’s and they are making kimchi chige. Doctor’s sister comes in and he scolds her for not announcing herself. Doctor then runs out to buy canned tuna as his sister refused to go out and buy any. Minha then tells Haru that she always worried because Doctor was always working and didn’t have any friends, but she is relieved and happy that Doctor now has Haru. Touching, but you know this can’t end well, because not matter what Haru does, she still likes Nakaji. Meanwhile, Nakaji tells Kiriko his good news. She is happy for him. He asks her what she wants now that he has a proper job and she says a ring. Hello, she’s married!

Eita, Seku Megumi

“Where can I buy a ring around here?”

The next day, rumors about Haru and what happened are spreading and being embellished by the students. This upsets Haru and the head of the school talks about how it’s not her fault, but she may want to consider leaving. Nakaji goes to the store where Peach works to check on how she’s doing. This touches Peach and she tells him that she is fine and happy that he cares enough to come visit her. Nakaji then asks where he can buy a ring, surprising Peach. Doctor is cheerfully happy at work and actually making some sales. It’s nice to see him happy, but you have to wonder how long it will last. Meanwhile, Haru goes to the river and gets a call from her mom. Poor Haru doesn’t have the courage to tell her mom what happened and just sits there and cries and worries afterwards. Eventually she calls Nakaji who runs to her immediately.

Eita, Ueno Juri

Haru & Nakaji’s first date

Haru is shocked to hear that Nakaji actually skipped work to come comfort her. Nakaji then tells her that he is planning on quitting some of those jobs to focus on his new series with Linda’s magazine. He says that he is here with her instead of at work so that he can burn all his bridges to the past and continue to move forward in his career. Nakaji comforts Haru and the two end up going to the zoo where Nakaji and Haru take turns taking picture of the animals and have a great time. They talk about the problems they are having and Nakaji opens up a bit about how his relationship with Kiriko can be painful as he and she can’t go out like he and Haru are. At a cafe afterward, Nakaji and Haru are talking and having a good time when Minha walks by and sees them. She is obviously worried that Haru is cheating on her brother. Poor Doctor wouldn’t know what to do if that happened. Nakaji does tell Haru that he won’t tell Doctor, mainly so there will be no misunderstandings.


Nakaji picks out a ring

Haru goes home and gets a call from Matsujima. He sincerely apologizes to Haru for what happened. He also tells Haru how neither his parents nor his friends come to visit him. After he was caught and put in jail, he was basically thrown away. Poor screwed up kid. He asks for Haru’s forgiveness and also asks if she thinks he can start over with his life as he wants to change and become a better person. Haru tells him that she isn’t all that nice, but if he sincerely wants to change, then she will do her best to help him. Meanwhile, Nakaji goes and buys a ring for Kiriko and we see Doctor looking at rings too (although it’s WAY to early for Doctor to be thinking about marriage as he just started dating Haru).

Hero JaeJoong, Ueno Juri

Doctor upsets Haru

Haru goes to Doctor to talk about what Matsujima told her and Doctor gets livid. He tells Haru that Matsujima is trash and a weak person for being involved with drugs. Haru says she doesn’t want to give up on him, but Doctor won’t stand for it, especially since Matsujima almost got Haru hurt. Poor Haru. This just upsets her even more as her little brother was addicted to drugs and Doctor just labeled him weak and trash. Doctor goes to kiss Haru when they get ready to part, but she turns away and says people are watching. C’mon, we know that isn’t the real reason she doesn’t want to kiss him.

Eita, Igawa Haruka

“Let go of me”

Nakaji meets with Kiriko and gives her the ring. Kiriko doesn’t accept it and tells him that its over. Her husband had her followed and knows about their relationship. Kiriko shows Nakaji the photographs the private investigator showed her husband. Nakaji wants to use this opportunity to take Kiriko away from her husband so the two of them can get married instead, but Kiriko says she was just playing with Nakaji all this time and that she will stay with her husband as he still loves her and so she can keep her accustomed lifestyle. Kiriko goes over to the wounded Nakaji and holds him, but he tells her to let go as she chose her husband over him. Kiriko leaves and breaks down outside of the apartment. Yeah, she really does love him. Now is she lying to protect him or herself or for a different reason entirely?

Ueno Juri, Eita

Unhappy in love

Haru goes to the convenience store to read manga and meets Nakaji who went to buy some wine. They both appear in depressed spirits, but being with each other, they begin to talk and cheer up a bit. They leave the store together and Haru was going to leave when they reached Nakaji’s apartment, but he tells her its okay and she can come up. Haru does and tells him about what happened with Doctor. Nakaji asks if she knows someone who has used drugs. She tells him about her little brother and how she is afraid that he will start using and afraid of what Doctor will think when he knows. Haru then asks Nakaji if he will look down on her because of her brother and Nakaji replies right away that he will never look down on her for that. Haru starts crying. Nakaji gets up and hands her the Kleenex and sits closer to her. He asks if she is going to say “you shouldn’t do that,” her favorite catch phrase. Nakaji then tells Haru that he really likes it when she says that. Haru says she isn’t in the mood to say it now (meaning she is willingly accepting comfort and everything, good for her).

Ueno Juri, Eita

“You can come here anytime and I’ll give you as much as space as I can”

Haru says that ever since that incident she’s been having trouble and she doesn’t like this side of her. Nakaji states that Haru doesn’t need to be cheerful all the time. Eventually she will go back to being her old self. Haru asks if that’s true and Nakaji says she will definitely be able to get the cheerful Haru back. Haru then says who is he to say that to her. She then asks if she can blow her nose and Nakaji says go ahead. While she is doing this, Nakaji whips out his cell phone and begins texting. While he is texting, Haru says that his place is comfortable and she feels she can tell him anything. He then tells Haru that she is welcome any time because he will always leave space for her (how touching!). Haru then asks how much space and Nakaji tells her as much as he can. Haru then asks if the space is only until she is back on her feet and Nakaji says that he will keep a place for her forever (really touching, at this moment Haru is crying and Nakaji is holding back tears). Haru then points her finger and tells Nakaji that he can’t do that, surprising him. She then tells him that she was just practicing. Haru’s phone then goes off. When she opens it, it’s a message from Nakaji telling her to keep trying. She scolds him for texting the message versus just telling her face-to-face. And that is where this episode ends.

My thoughts: Haru shouldn’t have just jumped the gun and told Doctor she would stay by his side forever. He honestly likes her and even if she is touched that he saved her, Nakaji is still the one in her heart. She just made an already complicated relationship even more complicated by doing that. As much as I like Doctor, he is just not compatible at all with Haru. He thinks he knows her, but Nakaji knows her the best of all and really understands what she is feeling.

What will happen next?

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