Cinderella’s Sister Episode 8 Recap

Moon Geun Young

Am I bad luck?

We start off with Ki Hoon on the phone with Eun Jo while Hyo Sun is sobbing on his bed. Ki Hoon is trying to comfort Eun Jo is obviously distraught about Dae Sung collapsing. He also tells Eun Jo that thanks to Hyo Sun, things in Japan went smoothly. Eun Jo doesn’t really say anything to this, I don’t think she really cares – she’s just focusing on her stepfather. Meanwhile, her mother talks to Buddha, God, and Lord, telling them to bring it on as she can take anything they throw at her. She has come too far to let Dae Sung die now. The doctors come out and say the surgery was a success and he should be fine with enough rest. Kang Sook smiles and said she had expected nothing else. Hyo Sun is upset that Ki Hoon comforted Eun Jo over the phone as she believed that she had needed the most comfort. Why? Eun Jo was in Korea with Dae Sung when it happened while Hyo Sun was in Japan away from her beloved dad. Silly girl. Being farther away doesn’t mean your pain is worse than anyone else’s.

Kim Gab Soo, Lee Mi Sook

Kang Sook takes cares of Dae Sung

When Dae Sung wakes up and is released, Kang Sook never leaves his side and makes sure he gets his daily exercise, his medicine, and that he is kept on a strict heart healthy diet. Hyo Sun goes to buy a hiking suit for her dad to wear during his recovery, but finds out Eun Jo had already beaten her to it. Dae Sung talks with Ki Hoon, telling him that he is relieved to have Ki Hoon and the girls working for him, but he also tells Ki Hoon to visit his father. If Ki Hoon doesn’t then Dae Sung will go to Chairman Hong instead. Ki Hoon hurriedly replies he will go to see his dad. They meet Eun Jo who is rushing out somewhere. Dae Sung says that they’ve come to pick her up to meet the Japanese buyer. Eun Jo says take Hyo Sun or go alone as she has to be somewhere. Dae Sung scolds her saying Ki Hoon came to pick her up, but Eun Jo just runs off (falling, picking herself up and running again :-P).

Seo Woo, Chun Jung Myung

Ki Hoon protects Hyo Sun

Eun Jo ran back to the winery at the house to get sample yeast. She meets Dae Sung and she tells him of her experiment idea. Dae Sung warns her that it might not work and could be problematic, but Eun Jo goes full steam ahead with the project. Hyo Sun comes and things get awkward. Why? Hyo Sun has a warm, teasing relationship with her dad. Eun Jo, as much as she cares for Dae Sung, cannot bring herself to be that open and loving and it hurts her and distances her to watch their closeness. Eun Jo goes to the lab while Hyo Sun goes with Ki Hoon to meet the prospective Japanese buyers. Hyo Sun smiles and speaks Japanese to the clients (she has phrases written down on a hidden note card). After the meeting, Ki Hoon is furious, saying that Hyo Sun sold herself at the meeting as she was flirting with the clients. Hyo Sun is upset at this and finds it unfair. She asks what is so different between doing that with the Japanese men versus the Japanese women (really, is she that dumb?). On their way home, they almost get into an accident. Ki Hoon swerves to avoid the car (that had gone into their lane), unbuckled and grabbed Hyo Sun to protect her. The car came safely to a halt just before it could go off the edge of the road.

Taecyeon, Moon Geun Young

Talking about the past

The next day, Jung Woo prepares a sumptuous lunch for Eun Jo who hasn’t been home for awhile in order to do her yeast research. He takes it to the lab and says her mother was worried if she was eating properly. Eun Jo asks if her mother really said that and Jung Woo replies yes. While Eun Jo is eating, Jung Woo asks if it is good. Eun Jo replies that he is a good cook. Jung Woo denies that he did it, saying it was her mom. Eun Jo says her mom would never do something like that for her and probably didn’t even know Eun Jo hadn’t been home for a couple of days, so Jung Woo should stop with the stupid lies. Eun Jo asks if Kang Sook knows who Jung Woo is. Jung Woo replies know as he has changed so much she doesn’t recognize him. Eun Jo then asks for the story about how he found her again. It’s amusing as he was on the toilet looking at a magazine and saw an article with Eun Jo’s picture and an article about Dae Sung’s winery. Since then he called everyday and pestered Hyo Sun’s uncle for a job until he was out of the military. Jung Woo then lets slip that Hae Jin was back and talking with Dae Sung.

Kim Gab Soo, Kang Sung Jin

Hae Jin begs Dae Sung for forgiveness

Hae Jin is begging for forgiveness from Dae Sung who expresses his disappointment in his brother-in-law. Hae Jin says he wanted to get out of Dae Sung’s shadow. Good idea. Lets steal his bottles and labels and put an inferior alcohol in them. That’s getting out of his shadow. Dae Sung tells Hae Jin that didn’t make sense and then talked about how Dae Sung had future plans to help Hae Jin and have Hae Jin rise in the company to help out Hyo Sun. Dae Sung then says he forgives Hae Jin and won’t press charges against him.

Chun Jung Myung, Seo Woo, Taecyeon, Kim Gab Soo, Moon Geun Young, Kang Sung Jin

Dae Sung interrupts the brawl

Eun Jo gets a hold of Hae Jin and tries to drag him to the police, asking for Jung Woo’s help to detain him. Hyo Sun and Ki Hoon hear the ruckus and come running. Hyo Sun gets between Hae Jin and Eun Jo and a huge, confusing tug of war ensues. All five people are pushing and pulling, Hyo Sun even bites Eun Jo and Hae Jin to separate them. Eun Jo keeps insisting that Hae Jin needs to turn himself in as the company is in trouble. She really wants him to pay for what he did to hurt Dae Sung. Hyo Sun has enough and goes to hit Eun Jo. Jung Woo catches her arm before she can and calls her a tramp which gets Ki Hoon mad. Punches are thrown, Eun Jo ends up on the ground and Dae Sung comes out to see just what is the matter. Eun Jo says nothing and just runs off. Ki Hoon goes to follow, but Hyo Sun refuses to let him go.

Moon Suk Hwan, Taecyeon

Eun Jo sees little Jung Woo and Big Jung Woo

Jung Woo goes after her instead. He catches up to her and she says don’t stop her. He asks his noona where she wants to go and picks her up in one motion and begins running with her at full speed (almost tripped once, but managed to stay upright and keep running). Really a cute moment that helps diffuse the earlier tension. Sitting on a hill by the river, Jung Woo keeps staring at Eun Jo. Every time Eun Jo turned her head to look at him, he quickly turned his gaze forward. Smiling like and idiot, the finally meet each other’s gaze. Eun Jo wants to know why she isn’t feeling so bad anymore, making Jung Woo happy. He then says he is going to put on a show for Eun Jo. She gets up to leave, but he sits her back down. He acts like a monkey and does some crazy dancing. Eun Jo watches and starts laughing. She doesn’t see the adult Jung Woo, but the chubby little boy she used to know. Meanwhile, a jealous Ki Hoon watches from his car.

Seo Woo

Jealous Hyo Sun wants to ruin Eun Jo’s research

Eun Jo goes back to her lab and decides to run a test with the knew yeast process she was developing. Hyo Sun isn’t happy to hear Dae Sung say that what Eun Jo is doing could be the future of their company. She contemplates smashing it, but in the end doesn’t. Eun Jo witnessed her inner struggle, but did nothing to let Hyo Sun know she was watching. If Hyo Sun had really tried to smash it, would Eun Jo have tried to stop her? While all this is going on, Ki Jeon is plotting something with the Japanese buyers. What could it be and how will it effect Dae Sung and company?

Lee Mi Sook, Moon Geun Young

“I’ll go to Hell before you”

Eun Jo overhears her mother talking to a man on her cellphone. Kang Sook is startled to turn and see Eun Jo who demands to know who her mother is talking to. Kang Sook refuses to tell Eun Jo and Eun Jo says that she is fed up with her mother. She tells Kang Sook that she has jars that fill up with Kang Sook’s actions and eventually they fall over and break until there is only one left. Basically, Eun Jo tells her mom that she has a limit with how much she can handle and that her mother is pushing that limit with what she is doing. Eun Jo then tells Kang Sook if Dae Sung finds out about another man or if her mother keeps seeing the other man, then Eun Jo will go to Hell before her mom does. And what does that mean? Eun Jo is once again talking about killing herself (she first mentioned it to Kang Sook when she collapsed). This startles Kang Sook who did not know that Eun Jo was in a such a state.

Chun Jung Myung, Seo Woo

“I like you, but you like Eun Jo”

Ki Hoon is trying to teach Hyo Sun Japanese, but she spends more time staring at him than her book. Ki Hoon gets mad saying she is still acting like a child. Hyo Sun says that she likes him so much that she could die and that he should tell her how not to act like a child. She also tells him that she has grown up and he should stop seeing as a child. She also brings Eun Jo into the conversation. Eun Jo hears this and tells Hyo Sun to leave her out of the discussion as she could care less about Ki Hoon. Distance makes her forget people, especially people who have abandoned her. Eun Jo then walks off to the storehouse where the wine is fermenting. Hyo Sun goes to follow, but Ki Hoon tells her not to unless she wants to be scolded by Eun Jo.

Moon Geun Young, Chun Jung Myung

“Please don’t”

Eun Jo takes the experimental wine off the shelf and asks it to ferment nicely. Ki Hoon comes into the storehouse and tells Eun Jo that she is a liar. That she isn’t nearly as unaffected or as forgetful as she says. Ki Hoon then stabs Eun Jo through the heart by saying that he is a naturally cold person who is just like Eun Jo described herself. He then asks Eun Jo not to lie and not to hate him, to just ignore that he is there. Eun Jo’s back was to him, so he couldn’t see her tears and she has composed herself a bit before she turned to talk to him. She tells Ki Hoon that she has a lot of debt to pay to the house and that if anyone interferes in the business, she will kill them. She then tells Ki Hoon that she won’t let him off the hook if her hurts Hyo Sun (she really does like her stepsister). Eun Jo then goes to bed and cries her heart out. I know Ki Hoon is just as bad as Eun Jo, he lied about not caring. Stupid people who can’t be honest with themselves or others.

Seo Woo, Moon Geun Young

“I’m the savior, not you”

The next day, Eun Jo brings out the test wine. She is afraid to open it to see if it succeeded or failed. Dae Sung offered to open it, but Eun Jo refused and did it herself. Eun Jo doesn’t say anything and Hyo Sun pulls the cove all the way off and said a scum had started to form. Dae Sung said the yeast was still alive so it could be saved. Eun Jo said no, to just throw it out and Dae Sung insists it get flour added to it so it can be used as wine for their house. Eun Jo gets the jar and smashes it so it cannot be used, surprising everyone. Hyo Sun then sits down to Eun Jo outside the house and tells her abut the success of the Japanese deal and how the order was so big it could save the company, but they didn’t have the means to produce such a large order. Hyo Sun gloats about being the heroine instead of Eun Jo. Hyo Sun just doesn’t understand that Eun Jo is not doing any of this for herself, but for Dae Sung.

Ki Hoon goes to his father for money to complete the order, knowing that if Dae Sung can succeed here, the company will surpass the danger and recover. Ki Hoon goes to tell Dae Sung he has the money needed, but Eun Jo has already beat him to it. She tells Dae Sung that she has already accepted the order he wanted to turn down and she had already begged money from Dae Sung’s relatives to help cover a good portion of the cost. Ki Hoon then says that he can help cover the rest. The next days see everyone working hard to get the order fulfilled in time.

Kim Gab Soo, Moon Geun Young

“Call me father just once”

Eun Jo is studying and Dae Sung brings her some wine to drink with him. She asks him about why the yeast process didn’t work and what he thought she should do. Dae Sung says he honestly has no idea why the process didn’t work. He also said that the wine he makes has tasted better since Kang Sook and Eun Jo arrived. He tells Eun Jo they brought good yeast with them. Eun Jo asks if he really meant that. She wonders if her mom and she are really a curse to the people around them and Dae Sung says she is his blessing. Eun Jo asks what she can do and Dae Sung asks if she would call him father at least once. Eun Jo says she can’t and if he insists she will have to leave. A bad moment for the both of them. It hurst Dae Sung that Eun Jo refuses his request, and it hurts Eun Jo to refuse him, but she just can’t get the words out even though she loves him as if he was he real father.

Seo Hyun Chul, Lee Mi Sook

“You will take the money over me”

The next day Kang Sook meets with Jang and tells him that this time it’s over. Jang reiterates that she has always said that and has always come back to him. Kang Sook says she is serious this time and that she has come to far to let Jang drag her back down with him. She then tells him that she has an envelope full of money to give him. More money than he could ever refuse. She hands him the envelope and tells him to count it after she leaves. If he can count it and not want it, then he can come after her and stop her. If he does that, then she will leave Dae Sung and live with him. However, Kang Sook doesn’t think he will as the sum is an obscene amount, part of what she squirreled away for Eun Jo. She then tells Jang to live well and not waste the money on booze. She leaves and waits for a while, but he does not come after. Thinking, it’s over, she runs into Eun Jo and that’s where the episode ends.

My thoughts: Complicated, complicated, unnecessarily complicated. Hyo Sun is being an annoying brat again. I know Eun Jo’s attitude makes it difficult to get along with her, let alone understand her, but Hyo Sun should know that Eun Jo has never cared about taking anything from Hyo Sun. Everything Eun Jo is doing now is for the man she loves best in the world. Too bad Eun Jo just can’t tell Dae Sung how she really feels, though you can tell that Dae Sung has his suspicions.

Ki Hoon says Hyo Sun needs to stop acting like a child, but he is just as bad. Getting jealous of Jung Woo for making Eun Jo smile, lying to Eun Jo to hurt and spite her (while trying to comfort her in a really strange way).

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