Oh! My Lady Episode 16 Recap

Min Woo pursues Gae Hwa, trying to convince her to try giving marriage another try. The episode mainly revolves around him asking for help and doing all he can to show Gae Hwa just how much he really loves her. Sweet really. And of course, we have Gae Hwa torn between her desire to be with Min Woo and her fear of exposing herself to another broken heart and failed marriage. What will Gae Hwa finally choose? Will she follow her heart or give up her second chance at love?
[Only read the final episode summary if you want spoilers of the ending]

Hwang Hyo Eun, Choi Si Won, Chae Rim

Oh interrupts Min Woo’s proposal to Gae Hwa

Min Woo asks Gae Hwa to come back to his house and to be Ye Eun’s real mother (instead of the pretend one she was at the beginning). He wanted to broach the subject after the musical finished, but finds himself too impatient. Min Woo tells Gae Hwa that no one can compare to her as Ye Eun’s mom and then he tells her that he really needs her as well. Min Woo then proposes to Gae Hwa and tells her it’s not some spur of the moment action, but one he’s thought long and hard about. He asks her to think about it and then asks how long he’ll have to wait to hear her reply. Before the stunned Gae Hwa can say anything, Oh comes looking for her to invite her to the after party celebration. Seeing Min Woo, Oh invites him as well. You have to love how he says he’ll wait for her answer, but then wonders how long she’ll take. It’s also not a great thing to propose using Ye Eun first and himself second as it makes it seem like he only wants Gae Hwa to be Ye Eun’s mother.

Chae Rim, Lee Hyun Woo, Hong Jong Hyun, Wang Hyo Eun, Choi Si Won

“Are you really dating?”

At the celebration, Oh thanks Min Woo for coming, saying he is like part of The Show Company family. Min Woo thanks Oh and says that he really does feel like part of the family (he says this while smiling and looking at Gae Hwa – squee!). This makes Gae Hwa feel uncomfortable. When she reaches for some peanuts, Min Woo beats her too them and begins shelling them for her. They then tell Gae Hwa to drink up, but she declines saying she’ll have to go get the kids later. Min Woo offers to drink for her and begins gulping down her beer. Kim and Oh ask if he and Gae Hwa are really dating because of Min Woo’s actions. Simultaneously Gae Hwa says “no” while Min Woo says “yes.” This makes things a little awkward and Shi Joon breaks in saying that Min Woo has made the grade – about an 80%. Min Woo calls him merciless and Kim and Oh break in saying that it is actually a great compliment from Shi Joon and Min Woo shouldn’t expect to hear anything better.

Chae Rim, Choi Si Won

“I will never marry again”

Gae Hwa then gets up and apologizes saying she really needs to leave to get the girls. Min Woo jumps up to leave as well saying he’ll go home early as there is another show tomorrow. Min Woo grabs Gae Hwa’s purse in one hand and arm in the other and pulls her towards the door. He offers her a ride home and she shakes off his arm telling him that she will reply to his earlier proposal: “I will not marry again!” This upsets Min Woo as he feels Gae Hwa didn’t afford it any consideration, but she tells him that she’s given it a great deal of thought for awhile. It has nothing to do with Min Woo, she has decided not to marry anyone. This does little to make Min Woo feel better. Just because Gae Hwa failed once means she’ll never marry again? Min Woo says her failed marriage wasn’t fated and she can find someone better. Gae Hwa says she doesn’t want to expect such a thing and will never marry again no matter what. Min Woo asks if she wishes to be alone for the rest of her life and Gae Hwa states she has Min Ji and Min Woo tells Gae Hwa that Min Ji won’t stay with her mom forever as she will go out and get her own life. Too true. That’s not to say Min Ji would ever abandon her mom, but a parent cannot rely solely on a child for their companionship. Gae Hwa then tells Min Woo that he has no idea what the pain of a failed marriage is and walks away. Poor Min Woo! Meanwhile Jung Ah is moving back in to her and Shi Joon’s house. Jung Ah apologizes for missing the performance and promises to go the the next one. Shi Joon tells her to hand the papers over to Kim as he has already talked with the lawyer. Is the divorce still on or what?

The next morning as Byung Hak leaves for work, he runs into a very unhappy Min Woo who demands to talk with him. When they get to a restaurant, Min Woo demands to know what Byung Hak did to make Gae Hwa so afraid of marriage. Byung Hak says that he doesn’t need to tell Min Woo as Min Woo has nothing to do with his and Gae Hwa’s relationship. Min Woo says he has a right to know as the breakup of Gae Hwa’s and Byung Hak’s marriage is affecting Min Woo’s marriage plans for Gae Hwa. This stuns Byung Hak as he thought Min Woo would have better taste than Gae Hwa. Min Woo asks what’s wrong with Gae Hwa and Byung Hak replies that she is naggy and doesn’t dress up or wear makeup like a woman should. She makes people tired of her and can’t take one or two indiscretions on her partner’s behalf. This catches Min Woo’s attention and he asks if Byung Hak cheated on Gae Hwa, to which Byung Hak affirms. Min Woo asks if Byung Hak ever apologized to Gae Hwa. Byung Hak said that as a man it would belittle him to apologize (cretin!). Min Woo demands Byung Hak apologize formally to Gae Hwa. Byung Hak asks what right does Min Woo have to demand such a thing. Min Woo replies it is his right as the man who loves Gae Hwa (awesome retort, by the by)! But will an apology way after the fact get Gae Hwa to open up and accept Min Woo’s proposal?

Yoo Tae Woong, Choi Siwon

“Apologize to Gae Hwa!”

Chae Rim, Choi Si Won

Min Woo serves Gae Hwa

Min Woo then goes to Gae Hwa’s house to pick up Ye Eun and take her to school. He asks if they have eaten and Gae Hwa replies that the girls have. Min Woo says that won’t do and has them all get in the car so they can drop the kids off and then he can take Gaw Hwa out to eat afterward. Gae Hwa complains about Min Woo taking her to an expensive place as he has to pay out all that compensation for the cancelled contracts and ruination of his image. Min Woo tells her not to worry, but she tells him he needs to be frugal and think about Ye Eun before wildly spending money (already acting like his wife :-P). Min Woo says he still has a sizable fund and that he will recover his losses soon. Gae Hwa says that she is in the better position now as Min Woo is only an informal contract worker while Gae Hwa is steadily employed (heeheehee). Min Woo then says when his career takes off again, he will definitely put Gae Hwa’s small income to shame. At least they are bantering like normal again, the uncomfortableness of the proposal and rejection put aside for the time being.

At work, Gae Hwa receives a huge bouquet of roses from Min Woo. This embarrasses Gae Hwa, and yet touches her at the same time as it has been a long time since she’s received flowers from anybody. Min Woo then texts a very cheesy message that once Gae Hwa reads, sent goosebumps all over. Meanwhile, Min Woo visits Bok Nim thanking her for taking care of Ye Eun and asking advice about marrying Gae Hwa, completely shocking Gae Hwa’s best friend. Bok Nim goes straight over to see Gae Hwa telling her to accept Min Woo’s proposal immediately as he is good looking and seems to be in love with her. A chance like that won’t come around more than once (too true). Gae Hwa says that Min Woo asked her to be Ye Eun’s mother. Bok Nim says that Gae Hwa’s pride has been hurt because Min Woo asked in that manner, making Gae Hwa worry if he wants her as a woman or just as a mother for his daughter. Good point. See? I told you earlier that was a bad way to start his proposal to Gae Hwa.

Min Woo takes Min Ji, Ye Eun, and Gae Hwa all out for a family dinner. Gae Hwa again complains about the expense and Min Ji says she is happy to have such a meal as they haven’t eaten like that in a long time. Min Woo smiles and tells Min Ji to eat up. Gae Hwa then comments on people staring and Min Woo says he will not hide in shame as he has done nothing wrong – he will raise Ye Eun proudly. This touches Gae Hwa and Min Ji. Ye Eun then makes a face and Min Woo goes to take her to the bathroom, but Gae Hwa jumps up and offers to do it instead. While Gae Hwa and Ye Eun are gone, Min Ji and Min Woo have a nice little talk. Min Ji wants to know if Min Woo wants to marry her mom. Min Woo replies yes, but that Gae Hwa hasn’t agreed yet. Min Ji asks if a beautiful woman comes along later, will he leave Gae Hwa making the girl’s mother even more pathetic. Min Woo says that will never happen and pinky promises Min Ji who then agrees to the match. Cute. Now only to convince Gae Hwa.

Bang Joon Seo, Choi Si Won

“I promise never to leave Gae Hwa”

Min Woo is upset that Gae Hwa doesn’t come to his performance, but she tells him she has a lot of work to do at the office. Shi Joon takes Gae Hwa to talk as he knows something is troubling her. Reporter Han approaches Min Woo and offers to listen to his problems with Gae Hwa – is he hoping for some type of scoop? Shi Joon tells Gae Hwa that he’s been begging Jung Ah to stay. Gae Hwa says she hopes that things can work out and that Jung Ah and Shi Joon’s marriage can be saved. Shi Joon then asks how things are going with Min Woo. Gae Hwa asks Shi Joon how much he knows. Shi Joon says that as he sees it, one person has the intention while the other person seems mentally unprepared. Gae Hwa confirms that is pretty much the situation with Min Woo having intentions towards her and herself being afraid. She doesn’t believe that anyone could want a woman like her. Shi Joon says that Gae Hwa has a lot of charm, enough to stir someone’s heart like she stirred his! This shocks Gae Hwa as she had no idea Shi Joon harbored any feelings for her (with his treatment of her, it’s not that inconceivable). Shi Joon says not to worry over it as it is already over and he hopes to keep being her good friend.

Lee Hyun Woo, Chae Rim

“You warmed my heart for awhile”

Meanwhile, Min Woo is out drinking with Han and complaining about Gae Hwa. Min Woo wants to know how such an ahjumma has the courage to turn down his proposal. Han asks if it has to do with Min Woo’s plummeting reputation. Min Woo adamantly refuses that opinion, because he knows Gae Hwa isn’t that kind of woman (very true). Han opens up his laptop and asks Min Woo why Min Woo thinks Gae Hwa rejected him. Min Woo says he doesn’t know, it’s just one of those things that won’t happen just because he wants it too. Han then asks when Min Woo first fell in love with Gae Hwa. Let’s see, first Min Woo states it was when Ye Eun was lost, then at the sauna when the scandal broke, then when he was fighting with Jung (notice how each one is going farther and farther back to when her first met Gae Hwa). Then Min Woo says maybe it was love at first sight. This surprises Han and he says that Min Woo must really love Gae Hwa. Min Woo replies that he does and that she is different from all of his old girlfriends. He then puts his head down on the table and Han gets out the laptop openly and begins writing about the “human” Min Woo versus the “star” Min Woo. After this, a whole bunch of positive articles come out. Min Woo’s reputation is on the mend and the rise and all thanks to Min Woo’s feelings for Gae Hwa! Go figure.

Choi Si Won, Kim Kwang Gyu

“You’re just a pure fellow”

Lee Hyun Woo, Choi Si Won

“I have someone to take care of here”

Manager Jung is unhappy with Min Woo’s success (as it was done without him). Tae Goo goes to Jung asking for Jung to represent him – say what? Byung Hak and Eom watch the musical and Eom states that if things had gone his way, he would have gotten Min Woo first.  Riiight. Shi Joon sits down with Min Woo and tells him about a Japanese drama offer that will take him away for a year. Min Woo declines saying he has someone to look after and couldn’t take such a long commitment overseas. Oh tells Gae Hwa that Min Woo has been offered an advertisement deal for an apartment complex. Why? They say Min Woo’s image as a single father is just what they are looking for. Gae Hwa goes to Min Woo’s photo shoot only to be discouraged by the makeup artist talking about how Gae Hwa wasn’t worthy of Min Woo and to see just how different their lives really were. Gae Hwa gives the contract to Yu Ra and leaves without seeing Min Woo. Yu Ra watches Gae Hwa leave saying that she isn’t good enough for Min Woo. Not true! Gae Hwa is exactly what Min Woo needs. Or does Yu Ra only say this by how quickly Gae Hwa is discouraged and gives up?

Yu Ra gives the contract to Min Woo who skips out on eating with the photo shoot crew to go see Gae Hwa. He calls her and she says she is still working. She isn’t, she is just hiding from him. She goes up to the roof, her favorite hangout when something is troubling her. Shi Joon goes up to the roof and sees Gae Hwa ignoring her ringing cell (its Min Woo of course). He goes to her and offers to listen as he thinks she needs to talk. Meanwhile Min Woo goes to the musical (it’s his night off) and asks where Gae Hwa is. Oh says that Gae Hwa went back to the office to finish things up there. Min Woo heads off to the office to find Gae Hwa who opens up to Shi Joon. Gae Hwa tells him about the marriage proposal and how it really touched her, but how she has realized she and Min Woo are from two very different worlds and are thus not compatible. Shi Joon says Gae Hwa has always known about Min Woo’s status, but Gae Hwa said it’s different now that she’s thinking about being with him as a wife versus a helper. Shi Joon then tells her Min Woo rejected the Japanese contract so he can stay and be with Gae Hwa (truthfully It think Min Woo did it for both Ye Eun and Gae Hwa, not Gae Hwa alone). Gae Hwa can’t believe that and Shi Joon says that opportunities like this don’t happen often. Gae Hwa says that makes it hurt more as such an occurrence isn’t likely to happen to her again.

Lee Hyun Woo, Chae Rim

Min Woo overhears this and grabs Gae Hwa, pulling her with him. He yells at her for disregarding his feelings and Gae Hwa says she was honest with Min Woo from the beginning and he is the one disregarding her feelings. Gae Hwa tells him again that she has already given him an answer and Min Woo says that he has asked her to reconsider. Gae Hwa says her opinion won’t change as they are incompatible. She doesn’t suit his lifestyle and people will think they are crazy for being together. Min Woo says he doesn’t care about all that, if he had he wouldn’t have fallen for her in the first place. Min Woo then yells at her for talking to Shi Joon about him behind his back and Gae Hwa lectures him about making her a laughing stock by pulling her after him like that. Gae Hwa then calls him rash and immature. Min Woo asks if his immaturity has taken him out of the running her book and Gae Hwa says yes and leaves an angry and hurt Min Woo behind. Aigoo, these two. They are making mountains out of mole hills and are deliberately misunderstanding one another.

Choi Si Won, Chae Rim

“You’re too rash”

Shi Joon goes home and Jung Ah says that she has accepted a job offer that will take her away for awhile. She thinks its a good idea for them to be apart while they begin to reevaluate their relationship. Min Woo goes home and gets out Gae Hwa’s proposal that she had written to interest him in joining the musical. Who’d have thunk he’d still have it after all of this time has passed? This gives him an idea.

Gae Hwa gets a call from Byung Hak who calls her out to talk. He is completely drunk, but he sincerely apologizes for cheating on her and hurting her. About time. He then says that he couldn’t not lose out to how cool Min Woo was when he demanded that Byung Hak apologize to Gae Hwa. He also tells Gae Hwa about Min Woo saying he wanted Byung Hak to do this as Min Woo is the man who loves her. Gae Hwa is touched that Min Woo did such a thing and she is happy to have an apology at long last. Byung Hak then offers to take care of Min Woo should Min Woo ever mistreat Gae Hwa to which Gae Hwa kicks him out. As if Byung Hak to do anything to Min Woo anyways. Gae Hwa goes back to her house where she recalls the dinner with Min Woo where he asked Min Ji to eat more and said he would proudly raise Ye Eun. Is she finally considering his offer?

Meanwhile, Min Woo is writing up a life plan for Gae Hwa. He delivers it the next morning, telling her to read it. Gae Hwa does and is equal parts touched and amused by Min Woo’s ideas (marriage after a month, anniversary cruise, world tour). It is really touching to see. Shi Joon sends Jung Ah off with the promise to visit soon and Min Woo finishes his run with the musical. He is anxiously waiting for Gae Hwa’s call. Only she doesn’t call, she comes and finds him sitting in the empty theater. They go out to a spot by the river where Gae Hwa apologizes for being overly harsh to Min Woo and thanks him for honestly caring about her future. She also apologizes for pushing Min Woo away when she really wanted to hold on to him instead. She tells him that because of him, she has the courage to try. Min Woo holds her and they share a rather passionate kiss for an Asian drama.

Chae Rim, Choi Siwon

Gae Hwa finally accepts Min Woo!

And this is where we bid farewell to the show. It was a good run with a happy ending.

Oh! My Lady

Goodbye to a good drama

It is over and I am sad to see this series end. Unlike Cinderella’s Sister and A Man Called God, this show didn’t get bogged down or overly frustrate me in watching it. I didn’t take a break from it and watched it straight through as soon as the episodes were available. It shocked me, made me laugh and touched me. Chae Rim and Choi Si Won were excellent as the leads and had a good chemistry together and Kim Yoo Bin and Bang Joon Seo acted wonderfully for such small children. I am looking forward to seeing more of them in the future and more of Choi Si Won acting in a lead role as well.


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