Oh! My Lady Episode 15 Recap

Choi Si Won, Chae Rim

Kim Yoo Bin, Choi Si Won

“I found you my daughter”

Min Woo and Gae Hwa are running around looking everywhere for Ye Eun. Finally, Gae Hwa’s emotions get the best of her and she collapses, crying. Min Woo sees her sobbing on the ground and goes to her. He gets her back on her feet and holds her, telling her that Ye Eun will be all right and they will find her. Poor Gae Hwa, she is upset that she let Yu Ra take “their” Ye Eun only to lose her. Shi Joon and Yu Ra see this and I think they are just a little jealous even given the situation. Min woo goes back to looking for Ye Eun and he finally finds her holding the hand of a Min Woo cardboard cutout. Min Woo calls her name and she smiles at him. He wraps her in a big hug saying he’s glad to find “his daughter” (something he never has really said aloud before) and people begin snapping pictures of the touching scene with their cellphones. It was very touching that Ye Eun found a picture of her father and held it’s hand. It shows just how much she cares for him even when he hasn’t been the best dad he could be. But he is making up for that slowly.

Kim Yoo Bin, Choi Si Won

Min Woo made breakfast for Ye Eun

Min Woo and Gae Hwa take Ye Eun back to Min Woo’s place for the night. While Min Woo tucks Ye Eun into bed, Gae Hwa goes through the box of baby things Min Woo’s ex sent. When Min Woo comes back out, Gae Hwa tells him she has to get home and he apologizes for not being able to take her back himself. As she leaves, both of them remember the moment where he held her in the mall while they were looking for Ye Eun. The next day, Min Woo makes breakfast for Ye Eun (she didn’t want to eat it at first because parts were burnt). Min Woo scrapes off the burnt bits and Ye Eun digs in. He then gets her ready and takes her to school. More firsts for him and Ye Eun. When he gets back to his house, the paparazzi are all there to find out about Min Woo’s latest scandal. I absolutely adored the breakfast scene! It was sooo cute that Min Woo did his best to make his daughter breakfast and it was adorable how he quickly got rid of the burnt parts for her. It’s a great start to their relationships.

Kim Hee Won, Choi Si Won

Bad news

Jung is already dealing with more drama and contract cancellations due to this new scandal as Min Woo’s relatively clean image has now been tarnished as an unwed single father. When Min Woo gets up to his apartment, Jung and his driver are there waiting. They tell Min Woo that an important contract was canceled with the other party demanding compensation. Jung demands to know what Min Woo will do and Min Woo states he will compensate them all. Jung says then he will completely sever all ties with Min Woo and that Min Woo will have to leave the house soon (as it probably belongs to the company). Of course. Now that Min Woo will essentially be broke and can no longer earn the money he was, Jung will toss him out like trash. Typical.

Lee Hyun Woo, Chae Rim

Gae Hwa asks Shi Joon to spare Min Woo

At The Show Company, Oh, Kim and Gae Hwa wonder what’s going to happen now. Will the investors pull out because of the new scandal? Will Min Woo be forced out as the lead to save the show? Oh scolds Gae Hwa for keeping such a secret and tells her to prepare for the worst as the investor is a conservative person. Shi Joon then comes in and has them all go about their tasks as they still have a show to prepare for despite the current events. Gae Hwa goes into Shi Joon’s office and tells him that she’s worried about Min Woo as she heard he could be fired from the show. Shi Joon says it’s possible as they have to do what the investors want (to an extent). Gae Hwa says that Min Woo has worked really hard and is putting in his all, so could Shi Joon please stand up for him in front of the investor? Shi Joon tells Gae Hwa to keep her personal feelings separate from her work. A discouraged Gae Hwa leaves the office. Shi Joon is right to an extent, but I think part of the reason he says this is because he’s a little bit jealous of Min Woo and Gae Hwa.

Choi Si Won, Lee Hyun Woo

“Keep practicing for now”

Min Woo meets Shi Joon to ask him about the situation. Min Woo says circumstances have changed and other companies and projects have already dropped him so he was wondering about what Shi Joon will do as well. Shi Joon says he doesn’t know as circumstances have changed. They have to go back and re-evaluate the entire cast and Shi Joon says he will use the investors’ and crew’s opinions to make the final decision. This disappoints Min Woo, but it is what he expected. Shi Joon then hands over the keys to J-Move and tells Min Woo that no matter what he needs to keep practicing as it will help his chances of staying in the musical. Min Woo takes the small bone Shi Joon has thrown at him, happy to know that he was not immediately discarded. Phew. I was hoping Shi Joon wouldn’t hold anything against Min Woo, and am happy to see he’s willing to help give our flailing star some hope and support.

Choi Si Won

Min Woo goes to Gae Hwa’s

A worried Gae Hwa tries to get in touch with Min Woo who doesn’t answer her calls making her worry even more. Min Woo sees a crowd of reporters at his place and doesn’t feel like dealing with them so he picks up some snacks and heads on over to Gae Hwa’s place. She and the kids aren’t home yet. Min Woo sets the groceries down and goes over to the table where Ye Eun’s drawing book is. The first picture is of Ye Eun, Gae Hwa and Min Ji. Min Woo flips the page and sees Ye Eun has drawn a family picture from the zoo outing. Meanwhile, Oh gives Gae Hwa the new practice schedule telling her that Min Woo’s name is not on the list anymore.

Gae Hwa gets home with the girls and Min Ji is excited to see the huge bag of snacks. Gae Hwa knows it means that Min Woo has visited. She tells the girls to wash up for dinner and afterward they can eat what Min Woo brought them. Min Woo goes to J-Move to practice. Gae Hwa goes to his place and manages to sneak in to only find out he’s not there. She gives him a call and this time he answers. Gae Hwa heads over to J-Move to see him practicing hard, touching her that despite everything that has happened he is still giving it his all. Meanwhile, Shi Joon is meeting with the investors and a possible new lead. Say it isn’t so!

Lee Hyun Woo

Replacing Min Woo?

Choi Si Won, Chae Rim

Gae Hwa’s turn to comfort Min Woo

Back at J-Move, Min Woo sits down with Gae Hwa to talk in the dark studio. He tells her about receiving the box from Ye Eun’s mother with the letter that said to stop looking for her. He then tells Gae Hwa that she was just one of a long line of women he had dated. He thought he had feelings for her, but he really didn’t. Min Woo feels sorry that his now beloved daughter was conceived under those conditions. He is upset that he doesn’t have any significant memories of the first few years of her life and he wonders if he can be a good father now. Gae Hwa tells Min Woo that Ye Eun is with him now and they can start making memories – it’s not too late. Min Woo asks Gae Hwa if she believes he can do it as he is anxious and unsure. Gae Hwa slides over and holds him, telling him that he can do it and to be strong. A really nice moment between these two. They went from bickering like a mother and a child to being supportive friends (and more).

After the meeting with the investor and prospective new lead, Shi Joon goes to find Jung Ah. They sit down and finally begin talking. It’s late and long overdue, but better late than never, right? Shi Joon brings up miscarriage and how he feels it is all his fault. Jung Ah can’t believe they are finally talking things out and confesses she has always believed it was hers. Shi Joon then talks about how hurt he was and how he couldn’t forget about the baby like he had hoped as he wanted to be supportive of Jung Ah. Sheesh. It only took these two 15 episodes to finally face each other and have their long overdue discussion. Is this a new start for them? Or is it time for them to go their separate ways?

Moon Jung Hee, Lee Hyun Woo

Chae Rim, Lee Hyun Woo

“You’re not your usual self, Gae Hwa”

The next day, Shi Joon breaks the news to the workers that a new lead has been cast. This disappoints Gae Hwa, but she and the others must go about their work. The new lead is an A-list in the musical world and very hard to get, so it is a good thing for the production. As things go forward, Shi Joon notices that Gae Hwa isn’t herself. She tells him that she can’t hide her feelings and even though she knows it’s good for the production, she still feels bad for Min Woo as she knows he could do well in the role now as he has worked so hard. Shi Joon asks how she knows all this and she says that Min Woo’s gaze has changed and he has become more determined. This surprises Shi Joon. Gae Hwa says that she has faith and believes in Min Woo, but defers to the president’s judgment in his casting decision. Will Shi Joon agree with Gae Hwa and find some way to bring back Min Woo?

Jung calls Min Woo who meets with his former manager and Jung shows news he has found on the internet about The Show Company casting a new male lead. Jung tells Min Woo this is why he should have left earlier. He then hands Min Woo the script to a drama they had turned down previously. Min Woo would no longer be the lead, but the second male lead. Min Woo refuses to take the project and refuses Jung’s help. He is scared to be off on his own, but Min Woo wants to give that a try instead. Jung says he will probably never recover at that rate, but Min Woo insists to do things his own way. Funny how Jung had said earlier he wanted to sever all ties and now he wants Min Woo back again. The man just can’t make up his mind – is he still trying to milk Min Woo for all he’s worth or is there some very remote part of himself that genuinely cares?

Kim Hee Won, Choi Si Won

“I want to go my own way and do it myself”

Min Woo then calls Shi Joon and asks to meet him where they met for the first time. He tells Shi Joon about not wanting to do the musical and how he immaturely wanted to refuse Shi Joon to get back at him for Shi Joon’s words in college. Min Woo then tells Shi Joon he wants to do the musical and stand on that stage. He wants to challenge himself and see how for he can get. Shi Joon asks if Min Woo has the confidence to do it. Min Woo replies whether or not he does, he still wants to try and gain the confidence through the performance (throwing Shi Joon’s words from a previous conversation back at him). Min Woo then asks Shi Joon to keep his promise of making a decision at the final rehearsal. Shi Joon says Min Woo’s asking was a little arrogant. Min Woo says he still hasn’t forgotten being a star yet. He asks Shi Joon one more time for a chance, saying he will leave without hearing the final answer as Shi Joon will call him regardless of the final decision.

Lee Hyun Woo, Choi Si Won

“Please give me a chance”

Min Woo meets up with Yu Ra who apologizes for the scandal breaking. If she hadn’t wanted to get close to Ye Eun and then lost her, none of this would have happened. Min Woo tells Yu Ra not to blame herself as he was going to have to reveal Ye Eun’s existence eventually anyways. Min Woo then apologizes to Yu Ra for lying to her all this time about Ye Eun and Gae Hwa. Yu Ra tells him that the photo shoot for her company has been postponed. Yet another company who doesn’t want the tarnished image of Min Woo promoting their products. Min Woo says he’s figured as much and Yu Ra comments that he must love Ye Eun a lot as he seems to have changed and finally become more like an adult.  Min Woo says he isn’t sure about that. Yu Ra then asks Min Woo if there is anything between him and Gae Hwa. Min Woo states that he can’t say there isn’t anything. Meaning there’s something! So his “lie” at the press conference to save Gae Hwa really wasn’t a lie, was it?

Choi Si Won, Park Han Byul

Chae Rim

Gae Hwa throws water on the unsuspecting paparazzi

While Gae Hwa is at work, Kim stumbles upon a ludicrous article about the mother of Min Woo’s child coming forward and talking about how Min Woo had refused to acknowledge Ye Eun. This makes Oh upset as the story keeps getting worse. Gae Hwa says that it’s all lies and Oh says it doesn’t matter as Min Woo’s image has been tarnished and no one will want to touch an actor with this background. Gae Hwa goes to Min Woo’s place on a mission, carrying buckets of water. Reporter Han sees her and tries to talk, but she immediately throws a bucket of water on him and then throws the other one at the rest of the reporters. He asks if she is in her right mind. Gae Hwa insists she is and berates the gaggle of paparazzi about the lies they have been writing about Min Woo, scolding them for not caring that an innocent man and little girl are being hurt by such rubbish. After her rant is over, the reporters begin to swarm her asking for the truth. She then picks up the buckets and runs off. LOL. Typical Gae Hwa, but how sweet that she took matters into her own hands to save two people she loves dearly from the gossip mongers reporting trash.

Min Woo is just arriving home and Gae Hwa jumps into his car telling him to hurry and leave before the reporters catch up. Min Woo is amused when Gae Hwa tells him the story. She then worries about what will happen if they write worse things because of this, but then says to forget it as she will just throw dirty water instead of clean. Omo, how funny! Min Woo then takes Gae Hwa home and eats dinner with Gae Hwa and the girls. Min Ji is surprised by his appetite (he’s on his third bowl already). She also comments about how well Min Woo is caring for Ye Eun, giving her food and everything, acting like a real dad should. This touches Min Woo who then tries to do the same for Min Ji who says she is not a baby anymore and wants something else from Min Woo. What does our mature older girl want? A game of Jenga! A very cute and touching family moment ensues while Yu Ra drinks away her broken heart. Apparently she did genuinely like Min Woo, she just went about getting him in the worst way possible.

Kim Yoo Bin, Choi Si Won, Bang Joon Seo

Choi Si Won

Min Woo gets his chance!

The Show Company prepares for the press conference to announce the main cast of the musical. While setting up the event, Gae Hwa feels depressed not seeing Min Woo’s name. Meanwhile, Shi Joon gives Min Woo a call and Min Woo agrees to be some place. As the press conference starts, the female lead, supporting female lead, and male lead are all introduced by Kim who is thrown for a loop when he notices another name on the list. Shi Joon tells him to continue and Kim introduces Min Woo as the male lead as well! Shi Joon then steps up and says the male lead will be double cast. Woot for Min Woo! This, of course, shocks everyone who had no idea that Shi Joon was planning on double casting after landing the new lead. Assa! I just knew our thawing ice man couldn’t leave Min Woo hanging out to dry!

Choi Si Won, Chae Rim

Min Woo embraces Gae Hwa on stage

The next morning, Min Woo is surprised to see that Gae Hwa has been to his place and already made him breakfast. He is touched by this and the note Gae Hwa left. She’s no longer calling him “bad acting” but “God-called acting” instead. Then we go to the opening night of the musical and see a few numbers and the audience’s reaction. All very positive. I always wish with these scenes that we get to see more of the productions :P. At curtain call, Min Woo gets a lot of flowers and Oh nudges Gae Hwa telling her to go up and give Min Woo her flowers. Gae Hwa goes up to the stage and is shocked when Min Woo embraces her in front of everyone. Of course, everyone else is shocked as well, such as Shi Joon and Oh. But Kim stands and applauds and members of the audience cheer and whistle. LOL. Looks like people are supporting and shipping our OTP.

It looks like Shi Joon’s failing streak is over as the audience leaving seemed very positive. Gae Hwa goes back to the stage and Min Woo goes to find her. He tells her that he wanted to wait until the musical was over, but he can’t any longer. He asks her to be Ye Eun’s real mother! Shocker and that’s where we end it.

My thoughts: LOVE IT! Things are coming together nicely. Relationships are ended, mended, and just beginning and I am enjoying the evolution of Gae Hwa, Min Woo, Ye Eun, and Min Ji into a little family. It is really nice with a lot of sweet moments in this episode.

Episode 16 will be posted tomorrow. Ah, I am sad to see this end at last.


  • I’m currently downloading the whole episode and im super excited for this 🙂 a friend of mine told me that it’s nice .. 🙂

    • Yes, it’s really nice. I loved the entire series and didn’t get bored or upset over the plot which sometimes happens more than I care to admit.

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