Oh! My Lady Episode 14 Recap

Lee Hyun Woo, Moon Jung Hee

“I’m leaving”

Yu Ra runs out of the hotel after seeing Min Woo and Ye Eun together. Min Woo chases after her but doesn’t manage to catch her before she goes roaring off in her car. This worries Gae Hwa, but Min Woo tells Gae Hwa not to worry and get some rest. The next day Jung Ah is waiting for Shi Joon bright and early with her suitcase packed. She tells Shi Joon she is leaving and asks him to take care of the papers immediately. Shi Joon asks if she is going with Chae but Jung Ah says she doesn’t have to tell him as he no longer has the right to ask that question. Ouch.

Meanwhile, Gae Hwa calls up Bok Nim for a loan. Why does she need a loan? Given the situation with the reporters hounding her and Min Woo, the chance of Ye Eun being discovered and Min Woo getting hurt is high so Gae Hwa decides to go out and get a place of her own. This way Ye Eun will be safe and Gae Hwa will be able to get her Min Ji back. Two birds, one stone. Gae Hwa takes a late lunch to set up house viewing. While she is talking to the realtor, Shi Joon comes into the restaurant. He is talking to his lawyer about holding off on the divorce papers. He overhears Gae Hwa’s conversation and she overhears his. He invites himself over and tells Gae Hwa about Jung Ah leaving and how helpless he felt not being able to say all he wanted to say. Gae Hwa tells him about hunting for a place behind Min Woo’s back and Shi Joon volunteers his services.

Lee Hyun Woo, Chae Rim

Shi Joon confesses his problems and Gae Hwa reveals her secret plan

Shi Joon follows Gae Hwa and the realtor like a silent shadow. The first few places were real dumps. Things were dirty and broken. You’d think owners would clean things up a bit before showing places. Who will take a dump unless they are really desperate? Gae Hwa isn’t that desperate and has not just one, but two little girls to think about. She finally find a place that is small, but cozy and clean. She was going to immediately sign a contract when Shi Joon finally steps in and talks to the landlady. He asks about security bars and the landlady says there are no thieves. Shi Joon then says that if she throws in the bars on the windows, then Gae Hwa will sign. The landlady agrees and Gae Hwa thanks Shi Joon for thinking of something she hadn’t.

Lee Hyun Woo, Chae Rim

Gae Hwa calls Min Woo out to a park. Min Woo is amused when he sees Gae Hwa sitting in a gazebo with a scarf over her head. He sneaks up on her and takes the scarf off, scaring Gae Hwa who tells Min Woo it’s to escape notice by the reporters. Min Woo tells her that look is even more suspicious. Gae Hwa then asks Min Woo to pack up all of her and Ye Eun’s things. Min Woo says they won’t need all of those at the hotel. Gae Hwa says that it’s best if she and Ye Eun have a place of their own that is more comfortable than a hotel. Min Woo agrees to this and says he will immediately look for a house. Gae Hwa then springs the news that she has already found one and signed a contract. This angers Min Woo who goes stalking back to the car, upset that she did it all without him. Gae Hwa tells him she’ll text him later with the location so he can bring the stuff. Min Woo goes home and packs, complaining to himself about Gae Hwa’s decision and how he will enjoy himself now that he is living alone again (eye roll).

Choi Si Won, Chae Rim

Gae Hwa goes to pick up Ye Eun. Manager Jung is watching, having found out where Ye Eun goes to school. He is plotting on stealing little Ye Eun and wondering how to do it without the ahjumma interfering. Gae Hwa takes Ye Eun shopping for things for the new house, both girls have fun picking out dishes and other items. When they finish, Gae Hwa heads to the apartment where she runs into Shi Joon who has come to help. Shi Joon brings a toolkit and does all the “man” chores of moving, like hanging the blinds and pounding nails. Ye Eun even goes and hands Shi Joon nails (cute!) and she mimics Gae Hwa wiping the floor (super cute!). They quickly finish and Gae Hwa thanks Shi Joon for all of his help. While sitting down and resting, Gae Hwa comments on how good Shi Joon is with Ye Eun and he opens up about Jung Ah’s miscarriage and how he blames himself (just as Jung Ah blames herself). Gae Hwa says she knew already and that he should talk to Jung Ah whose been feeling guilty all these years.

Chae Rim, Kim Yoo Bin

Ye Eun mimics Gae Hwa

Lee Hyun Woo, Kim Yoo Bin, Choi Si Won, Chae Rim, Bang Joon Seo

Happy family scene minus Min Woo

Byung Hak drops off Min Ji to an excited Gae Hwa. Byung Hak tells Gae Hwa to stop lying about dating Min Woo and be the honest woman she usually is because that’s what she’s best at. This annoys Gae Hwa who brightens up when she goes back into the house and sees Shi Joon giving the kids cake. Byung Hak is shocked to see Min Woo heading to Gae Hwa’s house. He is going to try to turn around and follow, but his wife calls demanding he come home immediately. Min Woo heads in and is unhappy to see Shi Joon there with Ye Eun on his lap feeding her cake. He asks Ye Eun to come and Shi Joon gets up to leave. Gae Hwa invites him to dinner, but he refuses. Min Woo does not like how preferential Gae Hwa seems to treat Shi Joon. He complains about this to her and she ignores him. She starts unpacking Ye Eun’s things and then makes supper. While she tried to talk Shi Joon into staying longer, she literally pushes Min Woo out the door. This makes him even more unhappy. He goes back to his large, empty apartment where he misses his daughter and the meddling Gae Hwa.

The next morning, Min Woo tries talking to Gae Hwa but she always ends their conversation in a rush. First to get the kids to school and the next because she is busy with work. Byung Hak comes in and wishes to talk to Shi Joon about pulling the funding because of Gae Hwa’s relationship with Min Woo. Gae Hwa is furious and Shi Joon gets some well-deserved revenge for Gae Hwa. He tells Byung Hak to just pull his funding now instead of drawing out the whole ordeal. Byung Hak is astounded, this definitely not going where he thought it would. So he says fine he will and Shi Joon tells him that thanks to Byung Hak dropping out, he can accept funding of double (or triple) Byung Hak’s amount without worrying. Heehee, didn’t see that one coming, did ya? Gae Hwa tells Shi Joon she is happy about this and sad at the same time that her and Byung Hak’s marriage has come to such a state as that. She also apologizes for telling Shi Joon everything. He says he would like to keep hearing more about Gae Hwa. (He really does like her, too bad, but at least they both get a good friend they can turn to.)

Hwang Hyo Eun, Lee Hyun Woo, Yoo Tae Woong, Chae Rim

Choi Si Won, Lee Hyun Woo

Advice on top of Advice

Shi Joon goes to J-Move to watch the practice. Min Woo is working hard and looking good. When Min Woo takes a break, Shi Joon approaches him about his acting. Apparently everyone is happy and telling Shi Joon that Min Woo has really improved, but to Shi Joon, Min Woo just hasn’t hit the mark quite yet. He said with Min Woo’s increasing responsibilities, Min Woo should dig deeper into those emotions and use them to bring out even stronger acting. Min Woo agrees to try this and then asks what Shi Joon is doing with Gae Hwa. Shi Joon says that Gae Hwa is an important friend that he has no intention of losing. This annoys Min Woo who says that Gae Hwa might take Shi Joon’s actions in another light. Shi Joon asks Min Woo why he cares and is so worried. Min Woo blurts out that it’s just because Ye Eun is in Gae Hwa’s care. Yeah right, it’s because he is 100% jealous of Shi Joon and Gae Hwa’s close relationship, but Shi Joon is right, he and Gae Hwa are a lot alike. Both had their spouses cheat on them and are looking at the end of a marriage.

Lee Hyun Woo, Chu Hun Yub

The one Jung Ah really wants is…?

As Shi Joon is leaving, he runs into Chae who stops to talk to Shi Joon. Chae tells Shi Joon that he has accepted a job abroad and will be leaving, so he wanted to give Shi Joon final greetings. He then goes to talk to Shi Joon about Jung Ah. Chae tells a surprised Shi Joon that Jung Ah did not come to him after she left Shi Joon and has refused to even take his calls. Chae then tells Shi Joon that for all this time Jung Ah has been waiting for Shi Joon. Shi Joon is the one that she really wants, not Chae. Shi Joon tells Chae that he has no right to tell Shi Joon any of this. Chae agrees and then tells Shi Joon to say goodbye to Jung Ah for him. Really, lover asking husband to do that? In a way, I am a little disappointed as Chae seemed a little more concerned about Shi Joon in earlier episode, but then again, for the lover, he has been fairly decent to the husband.

Park Han Byul, Chae Rim

“I want to meet Ye Eun”

Yu Ra calls Gae Hwa out and tells Gae Hwa that she wants to get to know Ye Eun. Gae Hwa is glad that Yu Ra has accepted Min Woo having a daughter better than she initially thought she would. Gae Hwa says that it is a good thing that Yu Ra wants to get to know Ye Eun as it will bring the two closer. Yu Ra asks if she can have Ye Eun for the day. Gae Hwa is reluctant, not sure if Yu Ra is responsible enough or prepared enough to take Ye Eun. Gae Hwa finally gives in and gives Yu Ra permission to get Ye Eun. While on the way to Ye Eun’s school, Gae Hwa is talking nonstop on the phone to Yu Ra, giving her advice about how to handle Ye Eun, especially since Ye Eun still doesn’t talk. Yu Ra hangs up on Gae Hwa, annoyed that Gae Hwa doesn’t think she can take care of one little girl and picks up Ye Eun. Manager Jung is surprised to see Yu Ra instead of Gae Hwa and decides to ditch the initial plan and follow Yu Ra.

Precious Memories

Min Woo receives box of Ye Eun’s memories

Meanwhile, Min Woo is thinking about how to dig deeper for his acting, complaining about Shi Joon’s arrogance and then wondering just why he was so upset about Gae Hwa’s and Shi Joon’s friendship. While thinking about this, a package comes from overseas. Min Woo wonders who it could be from and is surprised when he opens it up to find it full of Ye Eun’s baby things. Pictures, clothes, rattle, and a photo album with ultrasounds and other moments. This touches Min Woo greatly. There is also a letter from Ye Eun’s mom telling Min Woo to be a good father as she was a bad mother and to also tell him to not look for her again. I know she did raise Ye Eun on her own for the first few years, but still, what kind of mother abandons her daughter to start a new life without her kid? Not a good one at all. But, on the upside, this means Min Woo got to know and love his daughter and mature into a good man and a good father.

Kim Yoo Bin, Park Han Byul

Yu Ra’s date with Ye Eun

Yu Ra and Ye Eun are getting along fine. Yu Ra takes Ye Eun clothes shopping as she doesn’t like the style of Ye Eun’s clothes, especially because she thinks tasteless Gae Hwa picked them out. Yu Ra goes and picks out some outfits and has Ye Eun try them on. This is really cute as Ye Eun does some model-like posing. Manager Jung gets bored and annoyed watching this and goes off with his goonies to take a break. Yu Ra finds an outfit she likes on Ye Eun and buys it. She then goes looking for clothes for herself. Ye Eun tries to get her attention, but Yu Ra ignores Ye Eun’s silent plea and goes to try on a dress. Ye Eun crosses her legs and decides to look for a bathroom on her own. Yu Ra gets out and notices Ye Eun is gone and has the mall make an announcement. Jung hears this and berates Yu Ra for losing the child and then has his men go and look for her.

Choi Si Won, Chae Rim, Lee Hyun Woo, Park Han Byul

“Please find my daughter”

Gae Hwa is at work putting together some estimates. Shi Joon insists she goes and gets dinner with him. Gae Hwa knows she will be scolded by Oh, but can’t turn Shi Joon down. She decides to call Yu Ra to check on how things are going and is stunned to hear Ye Eun is missing. Shi Joon comes back and she tells him before running out. Shi Joon catches up to the distraught Gae Hwa and gets her into his car. Reporter Han sees all of this and takes off to follow them. Gae Hwa calls Min Woo and tells him Ye Eun is lost. Min Woo is upset to hear this and goes rushing off to the mall as well. Gae Hwa and Shi Joon get to the mall first and begin searching, not finding anything. Min Woo shows up and asks what’s going on and is told they still haven’t found Ye Eun. Min Woo then gets angry with the employees demanding they do a full search and use all their employees as the little girl cannot talk and won’t go with strangers. The employees state they are doing everything they can and asks Min Woo why he cares so much. Min Woo admits that Ye Eun is his daughter and begs the man to find her for him.

My thoughts: At last! Min Woo admits to having a daughter. I am surprised that Ye Eun actually managed to stay undiscovered for so long. But that is a good thing because it meant that Min Woo had time to grow to love his little girl without the press or anyone interfering (besides Gae Hwa and Jung that is). These people are still keeping their real feelings bottled. Min Woo won’t admit to liking Gae Hwa, who won’t admit to liking Min Woo. Shi Joon still loves his wife but won’t admit it to Jung Ah and he does actually have more than friendly feelings towards Gae Hwa as well. Yu Ra actually might honestly like Min Woo, but just goes about doing things the wrong way.

A lot of problems in the drama could be more easily resolved if these people knew how to be honest with themselves, but it’s not as bad as some other dramas out there. I really enjoyed this episodes as it had a lot of cute moments with Ye Eun, Min Ji, Gae Hwa, Shi Joon, and Min Woo. That little girl really helps to make the show.

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