Call of the Country Episode 1 Recap

Lee Soo Kyung, Kim Sang Kyung

Call of the Country

국가가 부른다

Romanized title: Gukgaga Bureunda
English titles: Call of the Country / My Country Calls / Secret Agent Miss Oh
Broadcast station: KBS2
Broadcast dates: 10 May – 29 June 2010
Episodes: 16
Cast: Lee Soo Kyung, Kim Sang Kyung, Ryu Jin, Horan (Clazziquai), Yang Geum Suk, Lee Byung Joon, Kang Shin Il, Hyun Woo, Lee Ki Yeol, Park Hyo Joo, Lee Dal Hyung, Choi Jae Hwan
Synopsis: Officer Oh Ha Na isn’t having the best of luck. Her boyfriend publicly dumps her after she proposes to him, her mother constantly gambles and buys beauty/healthy products, and she is constantly getting reprimanded in her job. Enter Agent Go Jin Hyuk. Once their paths cross things get even more mixed up and Ha Na is believed to be involved in espionage.

The episode opens with Oh Ha Na and Go Jin Hyuk in an interrogation room. Even though Ha Na is the one wearing the uniform, she is the one being interrogated, not Jin Hyuk. He and fellow agents are trying to figure out how Ha Na fits into the crime syndicate they are trying to break down. Jin Hyuk is getting frustrated at Ha Na not answering the questions properly, but the girl honestly doesn’t know anything he is talking about. Finally, she talks about the previous day and we flashback and see the story unfold.

Lee Soo Kyung, Kim Sang Kyung

Go Jin Hyuk interrogates Oh Ha Na

Lee Soo Kyung, Lee Jong Soo

Ha Na proposes

Ha Na was preparing for her birthday and a secret proposal to her boyfriend. When buying a dress, men come to shake down the stall owners. Ha Na stops them and reveals she is a police officer, chasing the men away. The stall owner tells her the price of the dress and Ha Na pouts until she gets it in exchange for a health drink. She then goes to the restaurant where she practices the piano, waiting for the signal that her boyfriend was there. However, a mistake is made and Jin Hyuk accidentally gets placed in her boyfriend’s seat. This throws Ha Na off so that her performance is even worse when her boyfriend does come. She goes and proposes and he refuses asking to break up with a troublemaker like her. Since she likes money so much, he gives her an envelope of money for her birthday/goodbye present. Ha Na then drowns her sorrows in wine.

When she heads to the ladies room, she notices a man there. Wondering what he is doing, she goes over and checks it out. She then calls him over and throws him against the wall, asking him why he installed a camera in the bathroom. Jin Hyuk tells her he’s a cop. She asks for his identification and he says he left it in the car before turning on her. In the struggle, they literally manage to butt heads. Jin Hyuk gets away, but Ha Na pursues and finally tackles him. Policeman come and arrest him and Ha Na mistakes him for her boyfriend in her drunken stupor and also throws up on him. And that’s what led them to the interrogation room at that moment.

Lee Soo Kyung, Kim Sang Kyung

Jin Hyuk cornerd in bathroom

The other agents can’t find any connection to Ha Na and the criminals they are after. This frustrates Jin Hyuk as that means their operation was busted up by mere coincidence. Though, I think he still suspects Ha Na of being shady (she does have small bribes on her record as an officer, but nothing major). The team decides to forget about the incident and do their best to try again to capture the man they are after. Ha Na is afraid of going into work and she is scolded by the chief for dawdling outside and managing to screw up the NIS investigation. How can such a incompetent person be a cop?

Ha Na goes home where she immediately has problems with her mother and her tenant. The tenant threatens to move and her mother gave away the health drinks for free instead of selling them to earn back the money spent to buy them. This frustrates Ha Na. Those two are drowning in debt (it seems because of Ha Na’s mother) and really need the money so that they can move into a nicer place.

Lee Soo Kyung, Yang Geum Suk

“Did you sell some?”

Wedding interrupted

Wedding Chaos

Meanwhile, Jin Hyuk and his team try to recuperate their losses. They manage to track down the man they were looking for and get enough evidence to bring him in. By bringing him in, that leads them to another criminal who can help bring down an even bigger organization if he talks. Jin Hyuk asks where he is and goes to his wedding in order to arrest him. What a great thing to do on a person’s wedding day. Jin Hyuk, after much fighting and chaos, chases down the criminal and arrests him. As he is heading out to headquarters, Min Ji, the man’s wife, comes up to Jin Hyuk and before she can say anything, Jin Hyuk says there is no need to thank him. Like any woman in her right mind would thank the man who destroyed her wedding.

Hyun Woo

A new record!

Ha Na goes to work only to find out that she’s been suspended without pay for 2-3 weeks pending an internal investigation of her involvement with the NIS case. If she is found guilty of obstructing their investigation, she will be fire from her job. If they don’t find her guilty, then she will be reinstated. This is not good news to Ha Na who needs the money to cover expenses and debt. While she is trying to figure out what to do, Jin Hyuk is interrogating the groom. After only 2 minutes and some odd seconds, Jin Hyuk has the man squealing, amusing the onlookers who are amazed at how fast Jin Hyuk can get people to crack.

Lee Soo Kyung

Ha Na’s loan application rejected

Ha Na goes to the bank for a loan. This bank happens to be the same bank where her now-ex-boyfriend works. Ha Na hears that her loan application is denied as she already has more than one loan and doesn’t make the payments. Without this loan, Ha Na cannot get out of her house into the apartment that she wants. She also loses the opportunity to give the money back to her boyfriend (even if she likes/needs money she still has pride). She goes home where her mom and friends hurriedly hid their gambling. She doesn’t have the courage to tell her mom that she was dumped, suspended without pay, and lost out on the loan.

Jin Hyuk briefs the agents and others on the progress of the situation and the next step in their plan to get the man behind it all. They will send an agent in as Min Ji to try to catch the boss. This will be in a very public place (a club), so that makes everything much riskier. Jin Hyuk is praised and NIS warned that if things don’t go well cutbacks in funding and personnel could happen pending a review.

The next day Ha Na goes looking for a job by going to a criminal who got off because she showed up late. He, in turn, also helped her locate the apartment. She cons him out of 200,000 won and takes half of his partner’s gambling money for helping him win a hand. Before she can get any job information, she gets a call about her mother going to a club. Knowing this can’t be any good, Ha Na leaves to find her mother (who took the money that was supposed to go to the tenant).

Lee Soo Kyung, Choi Jae Hwan

“Got any work for me?”

Her mom is at the club where the sting operation is set to take place. She uses the money to buy weight loss drugs from the young man Ha Na had helped earlier in the day. Ha Na is shocked to see him and learn what he is doing. She goes after him with the drugs and tries to get the money back. Meanwhile, the operation which started smoothly goes downhill, with the main boss questioning if the agent really is his sister-in-law. Jin Hyuk goes in to make sure the agent is alright. Meanwhile, Ha Na bluffs (no knowing that its really true) telling Geun Bae that officers have the place surrounded. This freaks Geun Bae out who rushes off to tell the boss, thus destroying the operation.

Ha Na continues looking for Geun Bae while Jin Hyuk gets ready to swoop in. Ha Na goes into a room only to find the unconscious agent and the thugs. She smiles and tells them to continue on when one of them grabs her jacket, opening it and revealing her police uniform. Ha Na pulls out a gun (stun gun? not a real gun) and tells them to back off. As she is about to back out the door, it opens sending her flying.

Lee Soo Kyung

Ha Na is in the wrong place at the wrong time

My thoughts: Funny, cheesy, but good acting. I am enjoying this drama. Lee Soo Kyung does a good job at portraying the dynamic Ha Na who is silly and rash and also hurting and more serious than people know. She honestly loves being a police officer and yet doesn’t do the job as properly as she should. An interesting character so far.

Kim Sang Kyung’s character of Go Jin Hyuk is annoying right now. A perfectionist and a person who lets others jealousy roll right off his back as he can’t help his perfection. Oi. Ryu Jin and Horan haven’t made their entrances yet, but I am anticipating them. Hopefully this drama won’t be quite as bad (acting wise) as Nam Sang Mi’s and Dennis Oh’s Sweet Spy. That was horribly campy. I am half way through it though and will finish it eventually.

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