Sunao ni Narenakute Episode 5 Recap

Tamayama Tetsuji, Seki Megumi, Ueno Juri, Eita, Hero JaeJoong

Peach makes a scene

It was Peach that threw the drink at Nakaji, not Haru, which makes sense because Haru isn’t quite that impulsive or assertive of her feelings. This shocks everyone and there is a moment of stunned silence. Peach apologizes saying that she thought Nakaji was being too rude and Nakaji just laughs off the drink in the face. Doctor asks Haru again to date him and she immediately apologizes once again. While this is all going on at Emo, Haru’s mom Shouko rushes to Nakaji’s dad, Ryosuke. She finds him collapsed on the floor.

Later, Haru and Nakaji walk home together and Haru apologizes for the drink incident. Nakaji says that Haru didn’t have to apologize and she replies that since Peach did it for her, she should be the one apologizing. Haru then says that she at least knows now that Nakaji has no feelings for her if he can push her off onto Doctor. Nakaji goes to say something, but Haru refuses to let him and they part ways. Kiriko is still in Nakaji’s apartment and is unhappy that he lied about work. Nakaji is surprised to still see her there and is upset when she is worried about him being out with Haru and the others. They don’t have time to fight as Nakaji gets a call from the hospital telling him that his father has collapsed.

Nakaji's Father, Haru's Mother

Shouko learns from the doctor that Ryosuke has advanced lung cancer. She cannot believe the news. Nakaji shows up asking for information on his dad and Shouko takes him to see Ryosuke who tells Nakaji that he just fainted from anemia. Shouko doesn’t like that Ryosuke lied about such a serious disease to his son. Ryosuke also doesn’t tell Nakaji that he is seeing Shouko, saying she happened to pass by on the street and stopped to help him. Shouko calls home and lets Haru know that she will be late while Nakaji waits to talk to Shouko. He asks for her name and address so he can thank her properly for helping his father. Shouko states that there is no need. Nakaji insists on getting her name and she tells him it’s Mizuno. Nakaji says he knows someone with that name, a teacher. Shouko tells him that she has a daughter who is a provisional teacher and leaves. This stuns Nakaji who puts two and two together. There is no such coincidence, that woman has to be Haru’s mother.


“Just fatigue”

Doctor is completely wasted and asks Peach and Linda if they think Haru likes Nakaji. Peach doesn’t want to say anything, but Linda says it is kind of obvious just who Haru really likes. Doctor looks at his cellphone with Haru’s picture and admits that he already knows that Haru likes Nakaji, but that he wanted to ignore that fact. Linda and Peach get ready to head out, but Doctor doesn’t want to let them go. They agree to stay when Minha comes bursting into Emo yelling at Doctor for staying out late and spending money they don’t have. Minha apologizes to Peach and Linda for Doctor’s inebriation and they tell Minha to be gentle as Doctor is depressed right now.

Seki Megumi, Hero JaeJoong, Tamayama Tetsuji

Drunk Doctor

Seki Megumi

The baby is doing well

Ryosuke calls Shouko who scolds him and says she won’t keep the truth from Nakaji even if that’s what Ryosuke wants. Ryosuke calls her scary. Shu gets up early and goes to steal some money, but is nearly caught by Haru who is surprised her little brother is up so early. Peach goes to the doctor who tells her that the baby is doing fine and things are progressing well. The doctor asks if Peach knows what she wants and Peach says she is keeping the baby. Peach seems to be very happy and content right now, which is a step up from her depressed, suicidal self from the beginning.

Nakaji is working in his darkroom when he gets disturbed by a knock. He is surprised to open the door and find Doctor standing there. He invites Doctor in and gets him coffee. Doctor doesn’t waste time and gets straight to the point – Haru. Doctor asks Nakaji if Nakaji likes Haru. Nakaji is surprised by the sudden question and before he can answer Doctor states that he knows Haru likes Nakaji. Nakaji says he isn’t too sure if Haru does like him and says that many people’s feelings change over time. Doctor states that his won’t change for Haru since she is in his heart and Doctor asks Nakaji if he is that inconstant. Nakaji tells Doctor that he has a girlfriend already whom he loves very much.

Hearing this, Doctor asks if its alright that he likes Haru. Nakaji says that’s obvious already and Doctor changes it to can he date Haru. He tells Nakaji that Haru may like Haru now, but Doctor will definitely make Haru like him. Nakaji is impressed by Doctor’s confidence. Nakaji tells Doctor that both Doctor and Haru are important to him because he didn’t have a normal family life nor good friends so he will be supportive in whatever Haru and Doctor decide.

Hero JaeJoong, Eita

“Do you like Haru?”

Sakamoto Shougo, Ueno Juri

Matsushima-kun calls Haru cute

We cut to Haru who is teaching a lesson on a certain poem which causes her male students to tease her about sex as the line of the poem had been misinterpreted. This makes Haru uncomfortable and she doesn’t really know what to do when Matsuhima comes to her rescue and says the line is often taken out of context and then he explains it to the class and says it is often seen on university exams. After class, Haru thanks him and Matsushima tells Haru that she is too cute and that is why the male students tease her. This makes Haru uncomfortable. She again gets lectured for not handling the situation properly and told that Matsushima is aiming for Todai and Haru should at least try to prepare better. Poor Haru can’t win at work.

After class, a jealous and angry Maeda asks Matsushima just what he sees in Haru. Matsushima says that Haru is cute and irritating all at the same time and great fun to tease. Maeda responds that she only finds Haru annoying. Shu asks who Haru is and if she is really cute. Matsushima tells him that Haru is his older sister, wiping the smile from Shu’s face. Shu asks if Matsushima told Haru about Shu’s activities and Matsushima replies now. Shu says it doesn’t matter as he plans on quitting anyways to which Matsushima replies that he doesn’t think Shu can quit all that easily. If we’re talking about taking drugs, then yeah, you don’t quit those all that easily.

Inoperable lung cancer

Inoperable lung cancer

Haru goes to Emo to study for her next lecture and is amazed at how Matsushima was able to memorize all of that information. She tries to keep optimistic and continues her studying. She later puts out a call to her Sunanare Club friends to meet her at Emo if they have time. While Haru continues studying and waiting for her friends, Ryosuke and Shouko are getting an update on Ryosuke’s cancer. Apparently it is inoperable and the only option is chemotherapy. Shouko is shocked but Ryosuke tells her and the doctor not to worry. The doctor asked what was said at the previous hospital and Ryosuke reiterates that everything is okay. This is a man who has accepted that death is near. He may be ready for it but Shouko isn’t and I bet Nakaji, if he knew the truth, wouldn’t be either.

Nakaji gets the message and goes to Emo to meet Haru. He sneaks up on her and asks what she’s doing. She tells him the name of what she was reading and begins packing up her stuff. Nakaji asks if she was expecting Doctor instead. She says know and Nakaji asks if she will date Doctor. Haru says that she already rejected him and Nakaji says that’s because of the public confession and pressure. Nakaji then tells her to seriously consider dating Doctor. Haru says Doctor is a good person and asks if Nakaji agrees. He says he can neither agree nor disagree. Haru says he can’t do that (her favorite line when it comes to him) and Nakaji apologizes. Haru then asks if she is assertive enough, surprising Nakaji. He asks why and she tells him about what happened at school. Nakaji asks if the reason isn’t because Haru is too cute (lol, just what Matsushima said as well). Haru was going to reply that Nakaji couldn’t say that and he beat her to the punch saying that everyone says that about her. She laughs and says her student did as well. Nakaji calls her daft and tells her about Doctor’s visit to his apartment. He tells Haru that if she can find happiness then he’ll be happy too. If he is, it’ll be a bittersweet happiness as it means he’s lost his chance to be with Haru. I really want these two to end up a happy couple, but I am afraid where the series will take their relationship.

Eita, Ueno Juri

Nakaji sneaks up on Haru

Shouko asks Ryosuke if he came to see her because he knew he was dying. Ryosuke says that he just wanted to visit the old places where the memories were and the first thing he thought about was her. She calls him a terrible person and breaks down. Ryosuke says nothing and just holds the crying Shouko. Meanwhile Peach gets her baby visit record and Linda gets his medication to help with his problem. He then goes to his boss and asks to talk to her. He gives her Nakaji’s portfolio and asks again if she will use his work. She reiterates that she wants an interview and Linda should know what that means. Linda tells her that he will do the interview in Nakaji’s place. Kiriko is being followed by a man hired by her husband to find out where she goes. Her husband meets with the investigator and learns about her and Nakaji’s relationship. Definitely not a good thing.

Sunao ni Narenakute episode 5

Ryosuke comforts Shouko

Nakaji meets with Linda to talk over business. Linda tells Nakaji that he photographs people well, capturing the moment without asserting his presence and personality, which, in a way, is like Nakaji’s personality. Nakaji says that he likes to think he is good with both landscapes and people. Linda tells Nakaji that these photographs really do show Nakaji’s personality of observing, but always staying a little distant. Nakaji asks if he is really like that to which Linda replies that he is. Linda says that is why Nakaji will step back and let Doctor pursue Haru. Nakaji tells Linda that isn’t true as he already has a girlfriend that he wishes to be with forever. Nakaji tells Linda the details and Linda is surprised to hear that Nakaji’s girlfriend is already married. Linda tells Nakaji that Doctor, Haru, and Nakaji are all too naive when it comes to love and Linda says that worries him about what will happen later. Nakaji leaves, forgetting his jacket. Linda picks it up and touches it with a pained expression. Not going to lie, not exactly sure what this scene means. Does Linda harbor feelings other than friendship for Nakaji, or is he just thinking about what he has agreed to do to help is naive friend?

Eita, Tamayama Tetsuji

“Too naive”

Tamayama Tetsuji

Linda in pain

Linda goes to his boss’s apartment. In her bathroom he takes out his newly acquired pills and takes them before going back out into the bedroom. His boss is looking through the portfolio again and commenting on Nakaji’s skill at capturing people. Linda wraps his arms around her and she smiles. Fade out and Linda’s boss is lying in bed alone while Linda takes a long, hot shower. He notices his reflection and sinks down into the bathtub. I don’t think he is happy with what he has done/become and you can’t blame him. But was this truly the only method that he had to advance his own career and help Nakaji at the same time? I wonder.

At school, Haru notices Matsushima and smiles while watching him, but he smile disappears when she sees him handing a small packet hidden behind a book to another student. Worried, she follows him. While she is following him, Nakaji is busy taking pictures for Linda’s boss who asks to talk to Linda about a creative planning meeting and Doctor his trying to sell equipment to the doctor who always makes him do odd tasks. Haru sees Matsushima trading money and drugs and she steps in demanding to know what is going on, surprising everyone present. She says that she is Matsushima’s teacher and asks them not to involve a young high school kid in such things. It turns out that these guys are also the guys who tried to pick Haru up and then chased after her and Nakaji in one of the first episodes. They corner Haru and threaten her. Matsushima asks Haru to forget she saw anything as he is planning to get into Todai. He is watching everything unfold with a smile on his face. He stops smiling when Haru says she won’t look the other way and starts swinging her purse.

Ueno Juri, Sakamoto Shougo

Haru interferes in Matsushima’s deal

Haru manages to get out her phone and start a message, but the phone is soon thrown out of her hands and she is being pushed around. After work, Nakaji and Doctor check their messages and see Haru’s half-written plea for help. Both start running to save Haru. Doctor keeps checking his phone to see where the GPS on Twitter shows Haru’s location. In the middle of trying to find Haru, Nakaji gets a call from Peach and takes off running in the opposite direction. Doctor beats down the door to the rooftop where Haru is being held and threatened. He asks if she is alright and she says yes. The men surround Doctor and he swings his bag (a lot like Haru swung her purse) getting in a few good hits. They threaten Doctor with the knife, worrying Haru, but Doctor shocks everyone when he takes the knife in his hand, cutting it open. Omo, the look on his face was quite dangerous. He starts fighting again, kicking some butt, but ultimately getting his kicked.

Hero JaeJoong

Doctor gets a little crazy

Meanwhile, Nakaji arrives at where Peach is to see her huddled on the floor. She says she couldn’t get a hold of anyone else so she called him. She told him she was in pain; that her stomach really hurt. Nakaji looks down at the floor and notices a small pool of blood. He quickly gets Peach up and gets her into a taxi. He tells her to hang on that they are almost at the hospital.

Eita, Seki Megumi

Peach is in pain

Haru is worried that Doctor will continue to be beaten and manages to break away and find her phone. she grabs it and takes it back to the fight, calling (or pretending to call) the police over in a loud voice. The delinquents freak out and make a run for it, including Matsushima. Haru rushes over to the injured Doctor and asks if he is alright. She then asks about calling an ambulance and taking him to the hospital. Doctor doesn’t respond to that and asks if he passed the test. What test? Did he manage to protect Haru. Haru calls him an idiot and holds him tightly. Doctor smiles at this, happy to be held by the object of his affections and happy that he managed to protect her.

Hero JaeJoong, Ueno Juri


Peach is lying unconscious in a hospital bed while a worried Nakaji tries to get a hold of Haru, who is still with Doctor and is not noticing her phone is ringing. Thus this episode ends.

Seki Megumi, Eita

Peach in hospital

My thoughts: Wow. Craziness. Even though Nakaji has Kiriko, you know that he secretly would like Haru for himself as well because he is slowly falling for his good Twitter friend. And truthfully, being with Haru would definitely be better than the married, unstable Kiriko. I am curious to know if Nakaji will mention meeting Haru’s mom, because he has to know after everything she said in the hospital.

Poor Peach, she is finally getting happy and had made the big decision to keep the baby and this happens. I am pretty sure that she lost the baby and that really sucks. Doctor’s little bout of craziness on the rooftop worries me. The look in his eyes and what he said to Haru afterward was slightly disturbing. But will it really change Haru’s feelings into something more than friendship?

Will Nakaji learn the truth about his dad, will Ryosuke’s relationship with Shouko be exposed? What will happen now that Kiriko’s husband knows? Will Linda ever confess his problems and pain to anyone else? And what will happen between Haru, Matsushima and Shu in the future now that Haru knows Matsushima is up to no good? I can’t wait til the next episode to find out.


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