Oh! My Lady Episode 13 Recap

Park Han Byul

“It was supposed to be me”

We start at the end of the press conference where everyone watching is in shock that Min Woo announced he was dating Yoon Gae Hwa and that they have a very good relationship. Yu Ra is watching in shock and fury saying that if Min Woo was dating anyone it should have been her. Tae Goo (Min Woo’s friend) tries to calm Yu Ra down, but to no avail. Bok Nim asks Gae Hwa how things turned out this way to which Gae Hwa replies she doesn’t know and she wishes Min Woo hadn’t said what he did as it doesn’t make her life any easier. Bok Nim goes to ask if Min Woo has really fallen for Gae Hwa, but decides that’s not possible.

Lee Hyun Woo, Chae Rim, Hwan Hyo Eun, Hong Jong Hyun

“I’ll take responsibility”

Gae Hwa goes to work and is unhappy to see all the reporters outside. She bravely fights her way through them and enters the office. She apologizes for what happened, saying she never meant for her personal life to affect the office. Oh can’t believe that Gae Hwa is secretly seeing Min Woo and Kim congratulates his noonim for such a great catch. Shi Joon remains silent and Gae Hwa apologizes once again and says she doesn’t know how, but she will take responsibility. Shi Joon says don’t let your personal life interfere with work and just concentrate hard on the musical production.

Chae Rim, Yoo Tae Woong

No more scandals

Byung Hak then makes an appearance asking about what is going on and if the scandal will hurt the production of the musical. He then sees Gae Hwa and is surprised that she has actually shown up. When Byung Hak starts talking about pulling funding, Gae Hwa snaps and pulls him out of the office. She drags him up to the roof where she scolds him. Byung Hak then says not to let another scandal break out like that or she can take Min Ji. Gae Hwa starts yelling at him about threatening her with Min Ji. Byung Hak then asks if it’s true and if it is, then why would Min Woo want Gae Hwa (the question everyone is asking – what’s so bad about her?). Gae Hwa doesn’t want to get into the details and the truth and just tells Byung Hak that Min Woo has called her pretty which makes Byung Hak laugh. Burn.

Lee Hyun Woo, Choi Si Won

“I’m disappointed in you”

Shi Joon goes to J-Move to talk to Jung Ah and the musical director. The director states that Min Woo has improved, but still needs a lot of work. Shi Joon says he’ll depend on the director’s capable teaching. Jung Ah makes a comment on how Gae Hwa didn’t appear to be the kind to keep such secrets, which Shi Joon ignores. Jealous, Jung Ah? Min Woo is upset that he can’t get in touch with Gae Hwa, but he packs and goes to practice where Shi Joon awaits him. Shi Joon takes him aside and scolds him for what he said at the press conference saying that it made Gae Hwa’s life more complicated instead of solving the problem. Min Woo said that it was the only solution he was capable of and asks Shi Joon what to do now that he has gone against his manager. Shi Joon tells him to nail the opening song and the rest will fall in place.

Byung Hak meets with President Eom to tell him about the situation. Eom happily tells Byung Hak to cancel the investment. Byung Hak doesn’t seem too willing and Eom tells him that he needs to get revenge on Min Woo and Byung Hak’s ex. Byung Hak says it’s not like two single people can’t meet and Eom tells him to be a man. The best revenge would be to pull the investment so Gae Hwa gets fired and the company goes bankrupt. Was this the plan all along? While Byung Hak pondersĀ  whether to pull out or not, Gae Hwa finds out that the scandal with Min Woo is actually helping the company’s popularity and there is even sympathy and positive feedback going around. Nice.

Park Han Byul, Chae Rim

What is the truth?

Yu Ra comes in and asks for the room to be cleared. This upsets Oh and Kim who wonder just who that girl is to order them about. Gae Hwa apologizes to Yu Ra. The younger girl says she came to see Gae Hwa before going to talk to Min Woo. Gae Hwa says that it was all made up that she and Min Woo are not in a relationship. This relieves Yu Ra as much as it confuses her. She asks Gae Hwa to explain more, but Gae Hwa says that due to Min Woo’s personal situation he made that up and Gae Hwa is not at liberty to tell Yu Ra everything.

Choi Si Won, Kim Hee Won

“Let’s renew”

Min Woo goes to practice and works his hardest. He is then called out by Jung. Min Woo goes to meet Jung who asks him to go meet the company president. Jung also says that with things the way they are, they might as well renew Min Woo’s contract while they are at it as Min Woo needs someone to take care of him. Min Woo doesn’t like this at all and makes it clear to Jung that he has no intention of signing the contract anymore. Jung holds up the paternity test and Min Woo says Jung can’t use that against him. Min Woo also asks to end their six years together on a good note instead of a bad one and leaves. You can almost see the cogs working in Jung’s head as he schemes to get Min Woo.

Min Woo gets a call from Tae Goo and heads to the store where Yu Ra is waiting for him. He apologizes to Yu Ra and she says that she knows that he has problems and she will be quietly waiting by his side for the time he can solve them and come back to her. Min Woo says an uncomfortable okay. Yu Ra then asks what Jung is doing as the company should be taking care of Min Woo’s problem, making Min Woo even more uncomfortable. He then leaves and Tae Goo comes back with drinks and lets slip that Min Woo was desperately seeking his ex who he started seeing after Yu Ra left a few years ago.

Kim Kwang Gyu, Chae Rim

Gae Hwa wins phone fight

Gae Hwa is hiding out at the office and tells Bok Nim to take care of Ye Eun until she can slip away. Shi Joon comes out and asks if she needs anything and if she is okay. Gae Hwa replies that she is fine and Shi Joon says he’ll be coming back later if she needs anything. Reporter Han manages to sneak into The Show Company, startling Gae Hwa. He begins asking her questions which she refuses to answer. Min Woo arrives at the office and sees the reporters camped outside and knows that Gae Hwa must be hiding. He calls her. Han tells Gae Hwa to answer the phone, but she refuses so he grabs the phone. They then fight over it. Min Woo hears this and becomes alarmed. He pulls right up to the entrance in front of all the reporters and rushes into the office.

Choi Si Won, Chae Rim

Min Woo protect Gae Hwa from reporters

Gae Hwa had just managed to get her phone back when Min Woo bursts in the office. He yells at Han and grabs Gae Hwa, pulling her after him. They reach the front door and the cameras start flashing and reporters start yelling questions. This upsets Gae Hwa and an annoyed Min Woo protects Gae Hwa and pulls her through the crowd until they get to his vehicle. Gae Hwa gets in and Min Woo quickly goes around to the driver’s side and takes off. Shi Joon sees all of this. Not too sure what he’s thinking right now, but he met with a director who said that there was a new investor interested in the project (so it shouldn’t matter if Byung Hak backs out now). Shi Joon goes home where his wife serves him with divorce papers. He wonders if Jung Ah is in such a rush because her lover his leaving for America. Jung Ah says she just wants the same respect afforded to her that she has seen him utilize with Gae Hwa.

Min Woo heads for home only to find more reporters. Gae Hwa says she’ll take Ye Eun and go to the sauna again. Min Woo says that they’ll just take a drive. They go and pick up Ye Eun and then stop at a convenience store where Gae Hwa runs in to get noodles. The clerk keeps staring and Gae Hwa says that she really isn’t who the lady thinks she is and quickly runs out. Min Woo and Ye Eun are sitting on a bench waiting for food. Gae Hwa is about to start feeding Ye Eun when she gets a call from Min Ji asking if she is really dating Min Woo. Gae Hwa says no, but they do have a good relationship. Min Ji gives Min Woo a tentative stamp of approval (lol). Min Woo asks what Min Ji said. Gae Hwa lies and says that Min Ji said Gae Hwa is wasting herself on a person like Min Woo. He at first doesn’t believe this and then becomes worried if Min Ji actually said that about him. Meanwhile, Gae Hwa was touched as she saw Min Woo taking care of Ye Eun and feeding her noodles like a dad should.

Chae Rim, Kim Yoo Bin, Choi Si Won

Yu Ra goes to work where the workers are gossiping instead of helping the customer. When Yu Ra asks what is going on they show a new picture of Min Woo with Gae Hwa. This infuriates Yu Ra especially when the workers talk about how Yu Ra said that Min Woo was her boyfriend. Yu Ra’s lies are beginning to unravel! Serves the conniving witch right. She goes to Tae Goo to have him call Min Woo again. Tae Goo goes to call, but get a call from Min Woo’s ex who tells Tae Goo that she doesn’t want Min Woo looking for her anymore and to just have Tae Goo tell Min Woo to take care of their daughter. Yu Ra asks what is going on and Tae Goo finally breaks down and tells her what Min Woo’s ex said. This freaks Yu Ra out, but she begins to piece things together. She tells Tae Goo to keep this quiet and she will talk to Min Woo herself.

Heo Joon Suk, Park Han Byul

Moon Jung Hee, Lee Hyung Woo


Min Woo practices his lines in the car while Gae Hwa and Ye Eun sleep. He smiles as he looks back and sees them and then he gets out and adjusts Gae Hwa’s head. Yu Ra tries calling, but he takes out his phone battery. Meanwhile, Shi Joon is up drinking. Jung Ah comes out and he asks her why. She says that no matter what, everything will sound like an excuse, but it basically comes down to the fact that Shi Joon is always working which makes Jung Ah feel lonely and unneeded. This hurts Shi Joon, but it is the truth. Too bad Jung Ah never reached out to him before to complain until things had already reached the breaking point.

Min Woo drops Gae Hwa and Ye Eun off at a nice hotel which he had booked so they didn’t have to spend the night in the sauna again. Min Woo tells Gae Hwa to call if she or Ye Eun needs anything. Min Woo heads back to his place where Yu Ra is waiting. He is surprised to see her there, but lets her in. Yu Ra looks around the apartment and notices signs of Ye Eun’s presence (her teddies and origami zoo). Before Yu Ra can tell him what she knows Min Woo asks to speak first. He says that he is going to let go of her as it is not fair to make her wait. The situation is complicated and he has no time for her and can only involve her in what is going on. This shocks Yu Ra. Min Woo then gets a call from Gae Hwa and Yu Ra is infuriated because he answered that call while ignoring hers all day. Gae Hwa tells Min Woo to bring Ye Eun’s pajamas and teddy bear. Min Woo agrees and says goodnight to Yu Ra.

Calm before the stormYu Ra follows Min Woo to the hotel and sees a child’s hand come out to grab Min Woo’s leg. Min Woo goes into the room where he chats with Ye Eun and Gae Hwa. Yu Ra builds up courage and rings the bell. Gae Hwa answers the door and is shocked to see Yu Ra. Min Woo comes out with Ye Eun in his arms and Yu Ra has now confirmed he does indeed have a child. End episode.

My thoughts: Does Yu Ra genuinely like Min Woo? I wonder, but everything she’s done has been more scheme than honest emotion, so I can’t just believe that she honestly likes him. Gae Hwa is holding up well despite everything that has happened. I wonder when she and Min Woo will finally realize their true feelings as there is only 3 episodes left? A lot of cute family moments with Gae Hwa, Min Woo, and Ye Eun. I enjoy these the most as they are cute. It looks liketheir relationship is at last solid and growing. Hopefully there will be no more impediments and heartbreak there.

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