Nakanai to Kimeta Hi Episode 2 Recap

Nakanai to Kimeta Hi Episode 2

Nakahara calls his friend on the bus to see if Miki was  there and had just forgotten her purse. He is told that Miki left early. Nakahara doesn’t believe that Miki would leave early after stating how she decided to try her best and he goes to the freezer. He calls into the freezer but receives no answer (Miki had already passed out). Nakahara runs and gets the keys and manages to save Miki before she could be seriously hurt. Kirino comes to the office furious upon hearing that Miki had been locked in a freezer and admitted to the hospital.

Kaname Jun, Eikura Nana

Saving Kyuu-chan

Instead of feeling guilty, Miki’s coworkers are enraged that Miki caused more trouble and gotten them yelled at, Sano especially. Marika confesses that she did not realize until it was too late that Miki had given her the papers with the passcode for the freezer lock.  This upsets the workers even more as it means that Miki was at fault for giving such papers to someone else to hold. Marika is happy that all the blame is being pushed on to Miki.

Kimura Yoshina, Fujiki Naohito

Tsunoda collapsed!

Marika goes to visit Miki in the hospital and is unhappy to see Nakahara there. Nakahara said that he was scared something would happen to Miki and is glad that she is all right. Miki thanks him for saving her and tells him that she was terrified of dying all alone like that. Nakahara hugs Miki, comforting her. Marika sees this and does not like it at all. For whatever reason, she has claimed Nakahara as her property. Nakahara makes arrangements to take Miki somewhere special on their next day off.

Kaname Jun, Eikura Nana

Miki goes into work the next day and is scolded for her irresponsible behavior. Miki apologizes and asks for work to do. None of her coworkers are willing to share their work with Miki. Uncomfortable, Miki begins cleaning out the fridge and doing other chores like that around the office. Kirino asks Miki what she is doing and she tells him. He then says she doesn’t understand her job if she is uneasy and cleaning. Miki takes this to heart and looks around for real work that she can do. She notices that the forms they use are rather difficult to understand. She asks if she can update them and is told to go ahead as the other worker couldn’t be bothered. Miki works hard to make a new form which is later well-received, however, her coworker gets the credit instead of her.

Fujiki Naohito, Eikura Nana

Mistaken about what work is

Miki goes out with Nakahara. They play at the beach and then Nakahara takes Miki to a restaurant that serves the food that AOI Trading imports. This touches Miki as she begins to realize the real world connection to the work she does at the office. Points for Nakahara. After dinner, he gives Miki a postcard from the restaurant which she later takes to work and puts at her desk. Nakahara embraces Miki and tells her that he likes her and how worried he was when he found out she was locked in the freezer. Unfortunately, that looks like it might be the happiest moment in their relationship as Tachibana Marika has set her sights on Nakahara and will do whatever it takes to get him away from Miki.

Kaname Jun, Eikura Nana

After learning about Miki’s and Nakahara’s relationship, Marika goes in to full battle mode. She tries to get Nakahara to think that Miki isn’t as good a girl as he thinks she is. Marika also tells Miki’s coworkers that Miki said she will hang on til she is forced to leave as she can handle anything with the help of her boyfriend. This angers Miki’s coworkers and they decide to get even worse. Their group was assigned to handle the informational gathering for college students and Miki was assigned actual work again. A sheet of tasks was posted and they added a last minute task to Miki’s name. Poor Miki. Hear she was all nervous and excited to be meeting Nakahara’s mother and she is told she can’t leave work until she gets the mailings out in time.


Marika lies about Miki yet again

Kirino comes and sees Miki crying and says that she is as bad as all of her coworkers. Miki is upset that Kirino compares her to those despicable people. Kirino then states that all Miki is thinking about is herself. She is not thinking about those college students relying on that information. Miki thinks back to her days as a college student and the meeting with AOI Trading. She calls and tells Nakahara that she is going to be late and finishes up the mailing. When she takes it to be delivered, she learns that they will probably not get to their destinations until the day before the meeting. Miki then calls up Nakahara saying that she can’t make it. She then goes back up to her office and calls every single person on the list to let them know the information was in the mail and might be coming a little late. This made a lot of people happy as they would have missed the meeting otherwise. This makes Miki feel happy as well. Kirino sees all this and smiles, happy that Miki is learning to think of others.

Eikura Nana, Fujiki Naohito

“You’re the same as them”

Meanwhile, Nakahara’s mother is displeased that Miki chose work over Nakahara. She tells her son that he needs a woman who knows just how important he is and cares about him more than work. Nakahara defends Miki. He later texts her and tells her to remember that you can’t get all work done in day. Miki breaks down and starts crying at this. She is glad that she did what she did at work, but unhappy that she was unable to keep her promise. Nakahara gets home and runs into Marika who has just moved in across the street. Can we say stalking?


Marika moves in across from Nakahara’s building

Miki goes in to buy a new pen and happens to see a coworker stealing. And that’s where this episode ends.

My thoughts: This is moving fast. From one crazy situation and misunderstanding to another. I can handle the fast pace in the work related areas, but in the Marika-Miki-Nakahara area, it seems things are moving too fast. Nakahara barely knows Miki and he is already confessing to her and asking her to meet his mother. I know Marika must find him a catch, but her sudden 180 and stalking seems a little too sudden as well. But since she’s crazy, I guess nothing is too fast.

I am getting a little annoyed with all the work problems that keep piling up. They are bordering on ridiculous. For every good think Miki does, ten more bad pop up. Will things ever get better? Kirino’s character is interesting. I am looking forward to seeing more interactions between he and Miki. It seems that Nakahara and Kirino are the ones who really help Miki through her tough times. Nakahara with his gentle, teasing ways, and Kirino’s tell-it-like-it-is straightforwardness. Truthfully, I think Kirino’s scoldings are probably the best medicine for Miki’s self-pitying ways.

Miki wants to be stronger, but always starts blaming others and not standing up for herself. Hopefully this will change and she will grow into a more mature, responsible person.

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