Cinderella’s Sister Episode 7 Recap

Moon Geun Young

Distraught Eun Jo watches Dae Sung

Eun Jo is upset to hear that her mother is only with Dae Sung for what she can get out of him. You can tell at this point that even though Eun Jo tries to hide it, she really does care about Dae Sung (and even Hyo Sun). Eun Jo is horrified to realize that Dae Sung overheard their conversation and while Kang Sook is cleaning out all of the stuff in the hospital room’s fridge while lecturing Eun Jo about being careful, she leaves to follow.

Moon Geun Young, Kim Gab Soo

“I already knew”

For a while, all Eun Jo does is follow Dae Sung like a silent shadow. She is hurting and knows that he must be hurting. She wants to reach out to him, but is unsure and afraid. After awhile, she finally builds up the courage to call out to him. Dae Sung turns and motions for Eun Jo to leave, but Eun Jo just keeps silently following, always staying a few steps behind. Dae Sung finally stops and confesses that he has always known how Kang Sook felt about him, but hearing it said out load was painful. This stuns poor Eun Jo. She asks why Dae Sung is still with her mother if he knows the truth. Dae Sung says that he cares about both Eun Jo and her mother and wants to be with them and make their lives easier. This touches Eun Jo greatly. It really is a great moment for the two of them. I do feel really bad for Dae Sung that he has known the truth for all of this while, but the pain he suffers he has brought on himself for choosing this difficult woman and relationship.

While Dae Sung is confessing the truth to Eun Jo, Hyo Sun is crying to Ki Hoon. She tells him that she was once happy to have Eun Jo for a sister and no matter how cold Eun Jo acted, she was always thrilled when  Eun Jo talked to her or noticed her. Then Hyo Sun goes about starting her “poor me” soliloquy, angering Ki Hoon. This surprises the distraught Hyo Sun, especially when he tells her to stop the act. Ki Hoon gives Hyo Sun a good dressing down that she has really needed. She only ever blames others for how she feels and never takes into account that what is happening is also due to her childish actions.

Chun Jung Myung, Seo Woo

“Hurry and grow up already”

Ki Hoon tells Hyo Sun that she is a baby who expects everyone to do things for her. She is no longer a child and should therefore learn to handle things on her own without complaining about other people. Ki Hoon also tells Hyo Sun that Eun Jo has stolen nothing from Hyo Sun because Hyo Sun has nothing to call her own (everything has all been given to her, she’s never worked or earned anything). Ki Hoon’s words kind of echo Eun Jo’s from a previous episode when she asked Hyo Sun about her dreams and what she actually intended on doing with her life. Ki Hoon’s cruelty here is the best kindness Hyo Sun could receive. Although it makes her feel alone and betrayed at first, she comes to understand that what Ki Hoon says is, in fact, reality. During this whole conversation, I loved how Ki Hoon says that he is not Hyo Sun’s, nor has he ever been. Classic and well-deserved.


Jung Woo prepares food for Eun Jo

Jung Woo, hearing that Eun Jo had collapsed, goes to the kitchens and makes a sumptuous meal for his precious noona. He is disappointed when Kang Sook arrives home alone without Eun Jo. All that effort went to waste. And where is Eun Jo? Despite having collapsed earlier, she is still with Dae Sung at the factory as if she is unwilling to let the man out of her sight. She asks him what can she do since he knows the truth and I love his reply: “Stay with me.” He really loves Eun Jo. Since she refuses to listen to him and go home and rest, they go to the company outing together.

Taecyeon, Kim Gab Soo, Chun Jung Myung

Eun Jo chooses Dae Sung

At the outing, the men play a weird combination of volleyball and soccer. You are not allowed to use your hands and must kick or headbutt the ball over the net (which stands about tennis height). Ki Hoon and Jung Woo are on the same team with Dae Sung. On one play, the ball goes out of bounds and ends up at Eun Jo’s feet. Both Ki Hoon and Jung Woo come to her for the ball. Instead of giving it to either one, she throws it to Dae Sung. Her doing this actually shows just how much she likes and has faith in Dae Sung. A simple moment that doesn’t seem like it would be meaningful actually contains a multitude of meanings. Bursting into the good atmosphere of the outing is a call from Hyo Sun who is alone at the factory near the home and who is being challenged by angry customers.

Seo Woo, Moon Geun Young, Chun Jung Myung, Kim Gab Soo

The wine is bad

The next thing we know, the outing has been packed up and everyone is heading for home. Eun Jo rides with Ki Hoon and keeps telling him to drive faster because Hyo Sun is all alone and in trouble. See. Yet another moment when you can see how sincerely Eun Jo cares about Hyo Sun. Too bad Hyo Sun is actually blind to all of this. They get home and Hyo Sun has actually managed to calm the angry customers down and is even treating them to drinks. Hyo Sun is relieved when she sees her father. She goes up to him and tells him that the men complained about their wine. She then tells him that it is not their wine, but it is in the same bottle with their label. Dae Sung tastes the wine and goes to speak with the men. Eun Jo tastes it as well and says it is spoiled. Hyo Sun makes an undeserved snotty comment asking why Eun Jo couldn’t trust Hyo Sun’s word that the wine was bad.

After that moment, things began going down hill for the company. An article came out about the scandal and bad wine and orders stopped coming in while companies began returning their stock. Eun Jo is infuriated. She and Dae Sung do their best to cooperate with the police’s investigation, but the police believe them to basically be guilty of the bad wine. Dae Sung talks calmly and reasonably with the detective while Eun Jo gets hot and bothered and yells at them for not finding the people behind the fraud.

Chun Jung Myung, Choi Il Hwa

“It wasn’t me or Ki Jeong”

Ki Hoon goes to his  father and asks him why he went behind Ki Hoon’s back to attack Dae Sung in this way. Chairman Hong replies that he would never use such a method. Ki Hoon asks if it was Ki Jeong and Chairman Hong replies that despite Ki Jeong’s tactics, he would never do something like that. This surprises Ki Hoon who assumed it was either his father or brother behind the bad wine scandal. Ki Hoon then states that the company will get through this rough patch and come out stronger than ever. He will  build the company up and take over it, making sure his elder brother can never have it. This actually explains why he keeps urging Hyo Sun to do her best so that nothing can be stolen from her. Is Ki Hoon really going to take over the company or is it all a smokescreen? Meanwhile, Ki Jeong learns that Ki Hoon is meeting his father. He demands that his father’s secretary Mr. Park find out just what is going on between Chairman Hong, Ki Hoon, and Dae Sung’s wine company.

Hyo Sun’s uncle Yang Hae Jin goes to Jung Woo, telling him to keep quiet about everything. Jung Woo is upset to find out that Hae Jin is behind the mess the company is in and even more upset to know that he inadvertently betrayed his beloved noona. After he finds the proof about Hae Jin, he does go to Ki Hoon and Dae Sung and reveals everything he knows. Eun Jo demands the arrest of Hae Jin while Hyo Sun calls for leniency for her mother’s little brother. Dae Sung says that he will do his best to take care of the company and protect Hae Jin. This angers Eun Jo as Hae Jin has destroyed all the hard work she and Dae Sung put into the company.

Hyo Sun goes to Dae Sung and tells him that she may be nothing now, but she is going  to work hard to become someone he can depend on in the future. She then starts licking her fingers and cleaning his face, making him laugh. Eun Jo, after fighting with Ki Hoon over the company releasing a public apology, goes to Dae Sung’s office. She sees Dae Sung smiling with Hyo Sun and can’t bring herself to enter. Ki Hoon sees this as he followed her to the office. I don’t know if she is jealous of Dae Sung’s relationship with Hyo Sun or if she is jealous of the fact that Hyo Sun can joke with him and make him smile while Eun Jo cannot do such things. Ki Hoon tells her to go in so they can talk business.

Ki Hoon suggests trying to salvage their reputation by strong promotions in Japan. Dae Sung agrees to this plan and Eun Jo says she will have to go and check things out in Japan for herself. Ki Hoon says that he is taking Hyo Sun with him as he thinks she can be of help in talking with the Japanese distributors. This annoys Eun Jo even more when she goes to deliver the tickets and hotel vouchers as she sees Hyo Sun and Ki Hoon talking and drinking together. She calls Jung Woo out and tells him that they have a lead on Hae Jin and that Jung Woo has to come with her to find him. Jung Woo is shocked that he is not being asked to leave and happy that he will be going on a trip with Eun Jo.

Chun Jung Myung, Seo Woo

Successful meeting

Ki Hoon and Hyo Sun have a successful meeting with their Japanese clients and it also gives Hyo Sun a burst of not undeserved confidence. Her presence, in fact, did help make things smoother as the two Japanese women loved Hyo Sun’s commercial for the wine. Meanwhile, Jung Woo is driving while Eun Jo sits in the backseat. He keeps glancing in the mirror smiling. This annoys Eun Jo who  tells him to keep his eyes on the road. Later, they stop for food. When Eun Jo goes for a piece of food, Jung Woo gets in there first and snatches it away from her. This earns him a glare. Jung Woo then talks about how when he was a younger a girl making kimchi used to slap his hands away when he stole tastes. Eun Jo gets up to leave and Jung Woo finally manages to drive home the point that he is the Han Jung Woo from her past. She really hadn’t known it was him!

Taecyeon, Moon Geun Young

“This” Jung Woo is “That” Jung Woo

Jung Woo is happy that his noona finally knows who he is. He chides her for not realizing it sooner. Eun Jo says there is no way she would recognize “this” Jung Woo as “that” Jung Woo. Can’t say I blame her, he has changed a lot from his chubbier days. He asks if Eun Jo finds him handsome and if her heart races. Eun Jo ignores this and the two go to the hotel only to find they missed Hae Jin and that Hae Jin actually skipped out without paying the rent. Eun Jo reports this to Dae Sung who tells her to wait there and he will call her once he gets more information. After Dae Sung hangs up the phone, he begins to rub his chest. Kang Sook sees how poorly Dae Sung looks and says that she will cancel their outing with their son. Dae Sung says the outing will do him good and they leave as planned, but Kang Sook knows there is possible trouble.

Moon Geun Young, Taecyeon

This is for noona

While waiting for Dae Sung’s call, Eun Jo and Jung Woo talk. Eun Jo asks how Jang is doing and then says never mind, she doesn’t care. Jung Woo says he wouldn’t know as he has been on his own since he was 16. Eun Jo says he must have been lonely and Jung Woo states that he wasn’t because he was living with noona. She asks him about baseball and he states again that he was living with noona. Not sure what that had to do with his playing baseball or not. Jung Woo then hands Eun Jo a savings book with all the money he has saved from military service. Eun Jo takes the money and asks why he is giving it to her. Jung Woo tells her to think about it. Who does a man usually save up his first paycheck to give to. Now, I am not sure if he is referencing wife/girlfriend here or mother as Eun Jo did take care of him in his mother’s place. Eun Jo says she will take good care of the money and give it back to him when he gets married.

Then the call comes. We see Eun Jo’s shocked expression before cutting to a distraught Hyo Sun banging on Ki Hoon’s door telling him that her father collapsed.

Seo Woo, Chun Jung Myung

Appa collapsed!

My thoughts: It’s confusing trying to figure out just what is going on in certain respects, mainly with Hyo Sun and Ki Hoon. Is Ki Hoon really going to betray the family that took him in and took care of him all those years ago? Does Hyo Sun really hate Eun Jo now? Did Dae Sung know about Kang Sook from the very beginning or did he just figure it out relatively early.

As much as I think Dae Sung is an idiot for keeping Kang Sook with him, I am happy that he did keep them so that Eun Jo could have a real father to love her unconditionally. It definitely did the girl some good and she is coming slowly out of her shell to show her affection for her stepfather and sister.

Kang Sook. Oh, that woman is crazy. Instead of worrying about her daughter’s health or her husband’s well being when the company began having problems, all she did was worry about if there would be money left for her and Eun Jo. When you think the woman can’t stoop any lower or become worse, she does.


  • *At the outing, the men play a weird combination of volleyball and soccer. You are not allowed to use your hands and must kick or headbutt the ball over the net (which stands about tennis height)*

    I think they’re playing SEPAK TAKRAW. It is a game common in Southeast Asia, though I don’t know how they get to play that game in Korea.

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