My Prince Episode 1 Recap

Lycra's Frog Prince莱卡青蛙王子

Romanized title: Lai Ka Qing Wa Wang Zi
English titles: My Prince / Lycra’s Frog Prince
Broadcast station: Dragon TV
Broadcast dates: 24 March – 2 June 2007
Episodes: 16
Cast: Yu Ya, Zhong Kai, Wu Di Wen, Zhang Xiao Chen, Song Xiao Bo, Wu Jian Fei, Chen Ze Yu, Zhou Lan, Yang Ya
Opening theme: 烫 [Tang] by GoGoClub
Ending theme: 漫长的约会 [Màncháng de yuēhuì] by GoGoClub
Insert songs: 暗号 [Anhao] by GoGoClub, 脆弱 [Fragile] by Wu Jian Fei, 像飞一样 [Like Flying] by HERO
Synopsis: A money-loving mother with four good looking sons decides to marry her sons off to the daughters of wealthy families. She enlists the aid of her long-lost rich friend to help. None of the sons, however, seems interested in their mother’s schemes for matrimony. The eldest is a workaholic who supports his mother and playboy younger brother, plus he is still hung up on his first love. The second son is a model and playboy who dates multiple women at the same time and is very irresponsible. The third son is quiet and has dreams of becoming a famous wine taster, but meanwhile he works in a wine bar. The fourth son is deaf and runs the family flower shop. He has a very cheerful disposition and he decides to help his mom set up one of his brothers with his favorite helper at the school he volunteers at.

Yu Ya

Yu Ya as Li Xiu Yun

My Prince opens with Li Xiu Yun carrying a giant cat statue home. She has quite a huge collection of cat statues all of which she hopes will bring her good luck. What kind of good luck? Good luck with money and good luck to get her sons married off to rich women. Eldest son Li Zhi Kai is less than thrilled to see the large cat statue as that means his mother spent more money again. He doesn’t like that she wastes their money on such things. He asks how much it costs, but she manages to avoid the subject by going over and complimenting the youngest son on his breakfast. Zhi Kai doesn’t let the subject go and demands the price again. But then third brother, Li Zhi Chen says it is almost 8, sending Zhi Kai rushing to the door where he bumps into second son Li Zhi Wen who was just coming in. Zhi Kai scolds Zhi Wen while Zhi Chen leaves for work. After Zhi Kai leaves promising to yell at Zhi Wen more later, Zhi Wen notices his mom had bought another cat, thus contributing to his elder brother’s bad mood. Zhi Wen is a lot like their mother and he spoils her by giving her money he’s earned from modeling.

Song Xiao Bo

Song Xiao Bo as Li Zhi Xiao

While youngest son Li Zhi Xiao is working on ornaments for the flower shop, Xiu Yun is hanging up pictures of her three eldest good-looking boys. A neighbor who has a crush on Xiu Yun come and asks what she is up to. She says that she is hanging the pictures of her sons their to interest female clients who then might have the prospect of becoming her sons’ future wives. It is a little disturbing to see a mother offering her sons up like entrees on a menu.

Zhong Kai

Zhong Kai as Li Zhi Kai

Zhi Kai is busy at work when he sneezes. His boss wants to know if he caught a cold and Zhi Kai says its possible since he was working overtime. His boss then lectures him about working too much. Zhi Kai says he has more than enough work and can’t afford to worry about relationships. After he leaves to give documents to another department, his coworkers tell his boss about his past love. Apparently Zhi Kai’s love went off to graduate school leaving him. Why? Because she wanted to go to school out of the country and Zhi Kai wanted to go with her but couldn’t do to his family’s financial difficulties then and at that time he was the only one working.

Wu Di Wen

Wu Di Wen as Li Zhi Wen

Second son Zhi Wen calls out his elder brother to a club. While Zhi Wen parties and flirts with girls, Zhi Kai sits and watches along with two other friends who all know that Zhi Wen calls Zhi Kai when he needs money to pay for his partying. Talk about irresponsibility on both parts. Zhi Wen is being immature and irresponsible to play without having the money for it and Zhi Kai is being irresponsible by taking care of his little brother’s messes all of the time. Zhi Wen needs to learn the consequences of his own actions.

As Zhi Kai is about to pay the bill and head off, he changes his mind when a pretty girl walks into the room. She apparently resembles his lost first love. A really awkward moment ensues when Zhi Kai introduces himself and gives the girl his business card. The woman introduces herself as Ding Jie and takes his card. Poor Zhi Kai really has no clue what to do when it comes to girls. Surprising when you know that he had a girlfriend before. You’d think he’d be a little more adept.

Zhi Kai gets teased by his brother and mother the next morning. Xiu Yun wants to know when her eldest son is going on a date and is frustrated that he just gave Ding Jie his card expecting the girl to get in touch with him.  Later that day, Xiu Yun tries to figure out where she can find wealthy girls for her three eldest sons when an old high school acquaintance walks in to the shop. She appears to be well off and the two go out to lunch where they talk about their respective families. Xiu Yun’s friend cannot believe that she has four sons. Xiu Yun then asks for help in marrying them off. Her friend replies that wealthy families with daughters tend to want their girls married off to equally or more wealthy men, but she does agree to help and sets up a date for Xiu Yun.

Ding Jie

Ding Jie

Xiu Yun goes home and tells Zhi Kai that he must go for the meeting. Zhi Kai refuses saying he is always the one who has to go. He tries to pawn it off on Zhi Wen, but Zhi Wen says he won’t do it either as he has enough girlfriends (was it over 30?). Zhi Kai tells Zhi Wen to be more responsible and go for once. While they argue, third son Zhi Chen sneaks off. He seems to do this quite a bit. Finally, it is decided that Zhi Kai will be the one going. He is less than thrilled. Xiu Yun tells him to smile and he forces one. Wouldn’t you know that the woman Zhi Kai is being set up with is Ding Jie? She was reluctant to come to the meeting as well, but was happy when she saw it was Zhi Kai. They agree to give things a try. This makes Xiu Yun happy and she anticipates a speedy marriage, but Zhi Kai doesn’t want to rush (he still thinks about his old girlfriend) and wants to take things slow. Youngest son Zhi Xiao wants to help his mother find a girl for 3rd son Zhi Chen. Meanwhile, Zhi Kai’s blossoming love life leads him to be an even greater workaholic, making his coworkers miserable.

My Prince Xiao Mi

Xiao Mi

Zhi Kai gets called out yet again to pay for Zhi Wen’s bill. This time he leaves early, not being able to stand watching his brother play with women. Zhi Wen gets drunk and asks girl friend (not girlfriend) Xiao Mi to help him home. He goes to lean on her for support but she refuses. He calls her weird and not a woman because other girls want him to hold on to them. Xiao Mi calls him a pervert and he asks for her help in his next modeling gig. Xiao Mi initially refuses, but does break down and agree to help. I think she is cold towards him at times because she really does like him and can’t stand to see him always playing around with other women.

Zhang Xiao Chen

Zhang Xiao Chen as Li Zhi Chen

The next morning Xiao Mi comes early and is annoyed to hear that Zhi Wen is still sleeping. She grabs him out of bed and pulls him by the ear out the door, amusing the rest of his family. Zhi Xiao searches for the picture of the girl he wants to introduce Zhi Chen to, but he can’t find it. Zhi Chen tells him to never mind and Zhi Xiao grabs a hold of Zhi Chen, pulling him into his room. Zhi Xiao gives Zhi Chen a ring that was made out of their mother’s jewelry. 4 pairs of rings were made, two for each son and their respective wife. Zhi Xiao signs the story to his older brother about how one pair got stolen so Zhi Xiao gives his to Zhi Chen and tells him that by wearing that ring, he will find the girl who matches the other ring. Zhi Chen is touched by this and agrees to take the ring. Zhi Xiao goes to the school where he volunteers looking for the girl while Zhi Chen goes to work where we learn about how he wants to be a wine critic.

As Zhi Chen is about to close up shop for the night, a drunk woman comes into his store. He apologizes saying that they are closed. The girl looks at the sign and says that it is only 8:55 and the shop is open until 9. She then barges her way in. Zhi Chen gets her wine and is horrified by how she gulps it down instead of appreciating it. The girl looks at Zhi Chen and is reminded of another man (her boyfriend) and she gets sad. Afterwards she is too drunk to go anywhere and Zhi Chen ends up piggybacking her. They both end up falling into a fountain. Zhi Chen brings the girl sopping wet to a hotel (the girl’s family’s hotel) where the staff give them a room no questions asked and start gossiping about how the girl is bringing home a guy on the first day there. Zhi Chen puts the girl in her room and requests for the maid to change her out of the wet clothes. Zhi Chen then takes a shower before leaving.

My Prince Wei Wei

Drunk Wei Wei

It turns out that the girl’s mother is none other than Xiu Yun’s rich friend who is horrified by hearing the news that her daughter brought a guy to the hotel. It doesn’t help matters that Zhi Chen answers the door in a towel where this episode ends.

My thoughts: It is funny, silly, campy, cheesy, and yet oh-so-good. The boys are all good-looking and the mom is ridiculous in her schemes which adds to the enjoyment of the show. My only problem is how they exclude the youngest son from the whole matchmaking schemes. Just because he is deaf, doesn’t mean that he can’t find love as well, but the mom just concentrates on matching her eldest sons. This does annoy me.

An interesting tidbit: Song Xiao Bo who plays Li Zhi Xiao is really deaf. Due to an illness when he was a young child, he lost his hearing. This is the first Asian drama I have seen that actually featured a person with a real disability.

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