Personal Preference Episode 9 Recap

Jung Sung Hwa, Wang Ji HyeSang Joon and Tae Hoon try to figure out just why Jin Ho ran out of the office and isn’t answering his calls. Tae Hoon wonders if it’s women problems. Boy is he right, but Sang Joon says it’s nonsense, but begins to wonder as well. In Hee comes looking for Jin Ho and since he is not around Sang Joon takes her out for drinks. In Hee gets Sang Joon drunk and begins questioning him for information regarding Jin Ho’s sexuality. Sang Joon confirms that Jin Ho is a man’s man and is not gay. This makes the witch happy.

Meanwhile Kae In, Chang Ryul, and Jin Ho are all on their way home from the hospital. Chang Ryul is doing his best to take care of Kae In. He is really very attentive and sweet. It’s too bad that he only now realizes just what he lost because there is no way Kae In is going to go back to him at this point. She already loves Jin Ho too much for that. Jin Ho is ignoring Kae In’s messages and calls and heads straight to the office. Chang Ryul tries to go into Sanggojae to take care of Kae In, but she says he is not allowed again. Chang Ryul asks if he has to go back to the very beginning again and Kae In replies yes because she has learned to treasure herself now. Young Sun comes and chases Chang Ryul away. Kae In calls Jin Ho and he finally answers. She says that she was hurt and Jin Ho acts really cold as if he doesn’t care and says he will have to work at the office all night. What a liar. Meanwhile Young Sun stays with Kae In until she has to go back home to her son. Both Kae In and Young Sun are disappointed that Jin Ho did not come home to take care of Kae In.

Lee Min Ho, Wang Ji Hye

In Hee tries to seduce Jin Ho

In Hee calls up Jin Ho saying that her apartment has been robbed and she is frightened. She tells Jin Ho that she is terrified of being alone and she didn’t know who else to call as she is not talking to Kae In and she has already broken up with Chang Ryul. Jin Ho says he will come over. In Hee hangs up and proceeds to trash her house. What a conniving little witch. Jin Ho comes and helps In Hee clean up. She asks him to stay the whole night and proceeds to parade around in scanty nightwear, which Jin Ho ignores. He leaves In Hee’s place at dawn to go back to work.

Son Ye JinKae In checks to see if Jin Ho really didn’t come home and then goes into his room to get him a change of underwear as she knows he likes to be cleanly. Meanwhile Sang Joon tells Jin Ho he went drink with In Hee. This worries Jin Ho as Sang Joon can’t remember what he told In Hee the night before, but Sang Joon did mention that Jin Ho’s name did come up. Sang Joon then proceeds to ask Jin Ho about the progress at Sanggojae. Jin Ho says he hasn’t taken any pictures or done anything like originally planned. This makes Sang Joon angry and he tells Jin Ho to take Kae In out so he can go sneak into Sanggojae for the pictures. Jin Ho tells him not to and Sang Joon says they are desperate. Then Kae In comes before the conversation can go any further. Jin Ho tells Kae In she didn’t have to bring him anything. Kae In throws back Jin Ho’s words from when he took her to the hospital one of the first times they met to say “Thank You.” Kae In asks if he feels guilty for not coming home. Jin Ho replies no because Kae In is normally klutzy so she wouldn’t die so easily. This frustrates poor Kae In who does begin to believe that Jin Ho wasn’t worried at all. Why can’t he just say the truth? Idiot.

Son Ye Jin, Ryu Seung Ryung

One-Sided Love Club

Kae In goes to the gallery to work and meets with Director Choi. She takes Choi for some coffee and they talk about relationships and one-sided love. Kae In says that a one-sided love is cowardly because it means you lack the courage to be in a real relationship. Choi says it sounds like she has some experience and Kae In replies that so far all of her loves have been one-sided. Kae In encourages Choi who decides to take action. She knows that Choi likes Jin Ho so encouraging him when she likes Jin Ho too is frustrating.

Going back to work, Kae In overhears In Hee ask Jin Ho about the other night. Poor Kae In! This really makes her think that Jin Ho is gravitating towards In Hee, leaving Kae In. Chang Ryul meets with his father who checks on Chang Ryul’s progress with Kae In. Chang Ryul says he wants to take things slowly as Kae In is still fragile. His father states that their is no time and that he thought he had made things clear with Kae In already. Chang Ryul is horrified to learn his father went to see Kae In and figures that is why Kae In was acting even colder towards him. They fight and Chang Ryul says he doesn’t want to end up likes his father. No kidding, his father is a complete arse.

Jin Ho meets with Choi who gives him materials to help with the gallery project. Jin Ho says he will not accept them because he will succeed on his own merit. This makes Choi happy to hear. Choi then gets rather uncomfortable and asks if Jin Ho will come visit a poor, bored man if he requests it again. Jin Ho says he will and Choi says that he is gathering his courage and that he had talked to Kae In and received advice from her. It is really cute seeing Choi’s discomfort and very cool to see him no longer hiding and doing his best to be honest with his feelings and Jin Ho. Awkward, but things are working out towards a friendly relationship between Jin Ho and Choi which isn’t bad, but you know Choi will probably be hurt really badly when he learns Jin Ho really isn’t gay.
Ryu Seung Ryong, Lee Min Ho
Chang Ryul surprises Kae In with flowers. Unfortunately, In Hee and Jin Ho witness this as well. In Hee has to interrupt the moment and congratulate Kae In for finally getting what she wants. How witchy can In Hee get, apparently we haven’t seen how low she will stoop yet. It is a very awkward moment for all parties, except for maybe In Hee who seemed to be enjoying Chang Ryul’s and Kae In’s discomfort. I don’t know if In Hee realizes that Jin Ho might have feelings for Kae In, but she does her best to rub Kae In’s and Chang Ryul’s relationship in his face. Geez. At dinner when Jin Ho shows reluctance to take In Hee home, she pulls out medication to calm her nerves. Eyeroll. Jin Ho finally agrees to take her home. He checks to make sure everything is okay and turns to leave. In Hee grabs him and kisses him. Jin Ho pushes her away and she tells Jin Ho that he is her goal and she will do whatever it takes to get what she wants. Jin Ho just walks away.

Kim Ji Suk, Wang Ji Hye, Lee Min Ho, Son Ye JinLee Min Ho, Wang Ji Hye

Chang Ryul takes Kae In home and asks about his father. Kae In said that she did meet him. Chang Ryul wants to know what his father told her. He then tells Kae In that he never knew whose daughter she was before and nor does he care now that her father is a famous architect. Kae In says she doesn’t believe him. Chang Ryul asks for her trust but she refuses to give it. He pleads with her saying that he is with her because he likes her and wants to be with her and not because of her father, but Kae In refuses to listen. I feel bad for Chang Ryul as the only reason Kae In is seeing him for revenge is because of what his father pulled.

Sang Joon decides to take matters into his own hands and enlists the aid of Tae Hoon. Hye Mi sees these two acting suspiciously and follows them. Tae Hoon says he will not help because he believes that what Sang Joon and Jin Ho are doing is wrong, but he eventually caves and agrees to help. Hye Mi approaches them outside of Sanggojae startling them both. Tae Hoon says he did not tell her anything and the drag Hye Mi into the car. Hye Mi wonders what they are hiding and happens to see Kae In come out of the house. This upsets Hye Mi. Sang Joon knows things aren’t going to work well and he sends the distraught Hye Mi home with Tae Hoon and he approaches Kae In alone.

Lee Min Ho, Jung Sung Hwa, Son Ye Jin

Sang Joon keeps Jin Ho dishonest

Kae In lets Sang Joon into Sanggojae and tells him Jin Ho isn’t home. Sang Joon asks to look around the house as it was always his mother’s dream that he live in such a house with his wife and kids. Of course bringing up that story will touch Kae In. Sang Joon asks for some tea and while Kae In is preparing it he sneaks off to take pictures. Jin Ho comes and Kae In tells him that Sang Joon is there. Jin Ho goes in search of Sang Joon and finds him taking pictures. This upsets Jin Ho as Sang Joon is doing it behind his back. Jin Ho says he knows the situation is desperate but he doesn’t want to hut Kae In. Sang Joon asks how this will hurt her. Jin Ho says that this will cause her to die a second time. I am assuming this is because it is another big betrayal by a good friend. Jin Ho goes to confess to Kae In and tells her he must tell her now or he might never be able to tell her. Sang Joon overhears this and breaks into the conversation before Jin Ho can confess he’s straight and the real reason he came to live at Sanggojae. Sung Joon then tells Jin Ho if he pulls a stunt like that again then Sang Jun will bite of his tongue and die.

Tae Hoon sends a distraught Hye Mi home where a surprised Jin Ho’s mother awaits. Hye Mi says that Jin Ho is living with a woman, really shocking his mother. Tae Hoon says its really not what either of the women think. Hye Mi and Jin Ho’s mom demand an explanation to which Tae Hoon says that Jin Ho is basically forced to live with such a horrible woman for work. Ah, c’mon, Kae In isn’t that bad. Sung Joon leaves and Kae In says that Jin Ho must be really busy to bring work home with him (Sang Joon’s excuse to get in) or just lying (she’s thinking about what she overheard In Hee say). Jin Ho then makes a comment about her flowers. Sheesh. Jin Ho goes to his room and Kae In goes to her workshop.

Son Ye Jin, Lee Min Ho

Upset over In Hee

In Hee tries calling Jin Ho. He ignores her call. When she tries calling again, he takes the battery out of his phone. Not being able to get a hold of Jin Ho, In Hee calls Kae In and tells Kae In to give the phone to Jin Ho. Kae In actually does as In Hee says. Kae In goes into the bathroom and tells Jin Ho that he call is for him and it’s In Hee. Jin Ho doesn’t want to take it, but Kae In keeps holding out the phone and tells him that it sounded like an emergency. Jin Ho takes the phone and In Hee apologizes and he asks her why she is doing this. She says she can’t stand being alone and thought she would be okay just hearing his voice, turns out she was wrong. Jin Ho hangs up and tells Kae In that she really doesn’t know how to read a situation. He also asks why Kae In would help In Hee out after what had happened. Kae In says that’s between her and In Hee and she has no idea what is between In Hee and Jin Ho. Kae In then says she knows he spent the night at In Hee’s. This surprises Jin Ho. Kae In says she knows that In Hee is important and has helped Jin Ho a lot so how could she possibly ignore In Hee’s call.

Son Ye Jin, Lee Min Ho

Kae In then goes to her workshop and starts hammering away. Jin Ho follows her and tries to stop her because she always manages to hurt herself when she’s upset. He then tells Kae In that he only went to In Hee’s house because it was robbed and that when Kae In had called earlier he had really be in the office working, In Hee had called later. Kae In immediately wants to know if In Hee is okay. No matter how badly In Hee treats her, she still cares for her old friend. Kae In then chides him for not telling her earlier as she had been afraid that In Hee was stealing away Jin Ho (Kae In’s best friend in this world). Jin Ho says that would never happen making Kae In feel a little better. When it finally looks like their fight is over, Kae In gets a call from a drunk Chang Ryul who is upset that Kae In forgot about the flowers in his car. The very first flowers he had ever given her.

The next day Kae In is talking to the manager at the lumberyard thanking him for the wood he had sent over. The manager asks which man was her boyfriend. This surprises Kae In and she learns that Jin Ho had called the lumberyard inquiring about her. This touches Kae In who was hurt that Jin Ho didn’t seem to care about the accident. Kae In calls up Jin Ho and invites him out for lunch. Kae In takes out kimbap and says she has always wanted to eat it with her boyfriend. Jin Ho asks why isn’t she eating it with Chang Ryul. Kae In says she is doing all this to make Jin Ho happy and this makes Jin Ho ask if she made everything herself to which she replies no. She then tells him to try the magical kimbap. Why is it magical? Because it contains all of Kae In’s love. She tells Jin Ho that she knows he came looking for her after the accident and that he should have told her sooner. Kae In dresses like a man and she and Jin Ho spend the day having fun together (despite stares and not-so-nice comments regarding both Jin Ho and Kae In).

Son Ye Jin, Lee Min Ho

Meanwhile Chang Ryul’s private detective brings him the news that there is no proof that Jin Ho is gay, so it is most likely he lied and is really straight. This infuriates Chang Ryul because of how much Kae In cares for Jin Ho. He tries to call Kae In to tel her the truth, but can’t get in touch with her. Kae In is enjoying her time with Jin Ho. Unlike the previous episode where she wished Jin Ho to be reborn straight, she wishes that he would stay the same and that she could be reborn as a man so that he would love her in a different. Awww, equal parts touching and yet disturbing at the same time. These two are so pathetically in love and unable to confess due to the muck of misunderstandings.

Kim Ji Suk, Son Ye Jin, Wang Ji Hye, Lee Min Ho

Chang Ryul attacks Jin Ho!

Chang Ryul calls In Hee looking for Jin Ho. In Hee wonders why and Chang Ryul tells In Hee that Jin Ho is straight and that he is worried about Kae In. In Hee starts freaking out and asks where Chang Ryul is. She finds out he is out front of Sanggojae. She rushes over and tries to get him to leave before Jin Ho and Kae In get home, but she doesn’t make it in time. Chang Ryul starts a fight and tells Jin Ho to leave Kae In alone. The two start throwing punches with the girls caught watching, helpless.

My thoughts: Wow. Complicated episode. At times you really just want Jin Ho and Kae In to be fully honest with each other before its too late, but you know it’s not going to happen that way. Truths will be revealed, lies uncovered, hearts broken, and some relationships changed irrevocably. Oi.

I hadn’t been hating In Hee as much, but I am back to hating her in full force. She is so stupid. Her conniving will not make her happy and won’t get her Jin Ho. She should stop her machinations before things get worse, but you know she won’t. Still feeling sorry for Chang Ryul, but he brought his unhappiness upon himself with his selfishness, so too bad, but Kae In is better off with Jin Ho. Previews for episode 10 show this getting even more . . . interesting? Or, rather, screwed up. Chang Ryul and In Hee are going to work together to pry Kae In and Jin Ho apart. That will never turn out well.

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