Sunao ni Narenakute Episode 4 Recap

Sunao ni Narenakute Episode 4 Hero JaeJoong, Eita, Ueno Juri

Blossoming love, impending heartache?

In a nutshell: Nakaji is torn between his love for Kiriko and his growing feelings for Haru who he doesn’t honestly believe would deliberately hurt anyone. Peach confesses her pregnancy to the group and receives their unanimous support and she also decides to do her best to protect Haru’s precious first love. Linda keeps experiencing bad family moments and work moments because of his father and boss. Linda’s boss has her eye on Nakaji and Linda decides to sacrifice himself, again. Nakaji and his dad reminisce about old times, but Nakaji’s dad refuses to tell Nakaji the truth about his illness. Doctor is jealous of Nakaji, fights Nakaji, and is grateful to Nakaji in the span of one episode. More of Kiriko’s craziness comes out causing Nakaji even more pain. Haru’s student starts implementing his plan to get Haru by using her brother. Doctor has work problems of his own and the gang all pitch in to help.

Episode summary: Nakaji grabs an umbrella and runs after Haru only to find her embracing Doctor who confesses his feelings to Haru. I don’t think Nakaji can hear what they are saying, but the embrace and him already knowing Doctor’s feelings should make things obvious. Doctor apologizes to Haru for suddenly confessing even though she was crying and it wasn’t the best moment. He gives Haru the tulips and his umbrella (they are right outside her house so why does she need an umbrella?) and leaves. Haru calls after Doctor thanking him and Nakaji turns and leaves without a word.

Seki Megumi, Ueno Juri

“What if I decide not to keep it?”

The next day Haru tells Peach everything that happens. Peach cannot believe that Nakaji actually thinks Haru would hurt Kiriko. Haru says that they shouldn’t be focusing on Haru’s problems, but rather Peach’s. Peach tells Haru that she wants to talk about Haru’s love life as if nothing has changed in Peach’s love life. Peach then grabs Haru’s hand and puts it over her heart, shocking Haru. Peach then tells Haru to feel how much Peach’s heart is racing as she is scared (they are standing outside the obstetrician’s office). The doctor tells Peach that her baby is doing fine and Peach asks how long she has if she decides “just if” she doesn’t want to keep it.

After the appointment, Peach tells Haru that she managed to contact her boyfriend again. He told Peach to have an abortion and gave her an envelope full of money to pay for it. Typical married man scenario. They get a tweet from Linda saying that Doctor is throwing a bash since he landed a contract. Haru says Peach must not want to go, but Peach replies that she does and she wants to tell the gang about the baby to affirm her decision to keep the child and not abort it like her ex wants. Haru doesn’t want to face Nakaji after the other night, but she goes to help support Peach and celebrate Doctor’s success. While Peach and Haru were at the baby appointment, Nakaji was trying to get in touch with his father. He went to his dad’s apartment but no one answered and the landlady said he hadn’t been home for awhile and she didn’t know where he was.

Ueno Juri, Hero JaeJoong, Eita

Doctor gets in the middle of Haru & Nakaji’s fight

At the Sunanare Club gathering, Peach starts off by making her announcement. Nakaji and Doctor were surprised and were also surprised that Haru and Linda seemed to already know. Peach says that she will have the baby and raise it on her own with help from her parents. Haru and Linda both jump in and say they will help and support Peach too. Nakaji and Doctor also say they will support Peach as well. The others then begin playing Foosball leaving and uncomfortable Nakaji and Haru. Nakaji declines playing and Haru goes to join the others but Nakaji grabs her arm and tries to talk to her about the other night. He said that he did go after her and then Doctor, seeing Nakaji and Haru together, butts in. He gets in the middle of their conversation and finds out that Nakaji and Haru were fighting and that Nakaji didn’t believe Haru. Doctor doesn’t let it go and keeps bugging Nakaji who tells Doctor that this is between Nakaji and Haru. Doctor really doesn’t like that and he gets in Nakaji’s face even more until Nakaji pushes him down and fight breaks out. Linda and Haru get in between the two to break it up. Truthfully, as much as Doctor likes Haru and wants to help, getting in the middle of things which he doesn’t understand is not a good idea and actually made both Haru and Nakaji feel worse.

Eita, Ueno Juri, Seki Megumi, Tamayama Tetsuji, Hero JaeJoong

Working together for Doctor

Doctor meets with Linda’s dad to talk about doing a promotion brochure for the hospital. Doctor then goes to Linda for help and to say that Linda’s dad would like it if Linda worked on it as well. Linda agrees and then drafts Peach, Haru, and Nakaji to all help. When they arrive at the hospital, Linda tells Doctor and Nakaji to stop acting like children and make up, but both didn’t. They discuss their plans. Peach will be the model (she poses as a nurse), Nakaji will take the photographs, and Haru will right the copy while Linda basically puts it all together and edits it. While they are making plans, Linda’s father comes in and asks him to do well as the hospital will belong to Linda’s brother. He also talks to Linda about the omiai. Ah, no one realizes how poor Linda suffers.

Tamayama Tetsuji, Eita

Linda’s lecherous boss sets her sights on Nakaji

Linda and Nakaji finalize the photography together. Linda apologizes for not getting Nakaji a job that paid. Nakaji doesn’t care. Then Linda’s boss walks in and notices Nakaji. Introductions are made and she tells Nakaji that he’s good, she says she means his photography, but we all know she is lech and she means his appearance. Linda notices this too and he doesn’t like that Nakaji has been put in the line of fire. Another problem for Linda. Really, they just seem to be piling up for him. Haru’s mom is trying to contact Nakaji’s dad but no such luck either.

Eita, Igawa Haruka

Nakaji witnesses Kiriko’s craziness

Kiriko is alone in Nakaji’s apartment. Even though her husband was home last we knew, she practically lives at Nakaji’s. She is cutting flowers and doing more arrangements when she sees the pants that Haru tried so hard to get clean. Remembering her conversation with Haru, Kiriko picks up her shears and takes them to the pants. She starts ripping them and get really worked up. As she is about to take the shears to them again, she hears Nakaji coming. She quickly throws the pants under the table. Nakaji comes in and says his shoot was canceled due to rain so he came to pick up information about his next project. He sees the pants and Kiriko says it’s not what he thinks. Oh really, what else could it be. Seeing this makes Nakaji uneasy, but he doesn’t say anything and says that he and Kiriko will talk about this later.

Ueno Juri, Eita

Nakaji tells Haru about Kiriko’s past

Linda, Haru, Nakaji, and Peach meet up to finalize the brochure. Peach teases Nakaji about his photography skills and Nakaji teases Haru about her writing skills. Doctor is elsewhere because he and Nakaji still haven’t made up. Linda and Peach give Haru space to work and she begins writing the captions for the pictures. Nakaji approaches her to talk about Kiriko. Nakaji tells Haru how Kiriko’s parents died and how she moved in with her aunt and uncle who wanted Kiriko to marry the son of a business acquaintance. Haru apologizes saying she was too harsh to Kiriko and that she understood things a little better now. She doesn’t defend herself nor does she condemn Kiriko. Nakaji did ask if Kiriko really did lie about the incident. Haru says she has no right to say anything and that Nakaji needs to talk to Kiriko about this.

Ueno Juri, Seki Megumi

Peach declares she’ll protect Haru’s feelings

Peach approaches Nakaji and Haru saying she is feeling ill and Haru goes outside with her. Peach then tells Haru it was a lie and that Peach overheard pretty much everything. She wants to know why Haru didn’t defend herself to Nakaji. Haru says as much as she wants to she remembers what Nakaji yelled at Doctor while the two were fighting a few days ago. Nakaji had said he didn’t believe Haru would intentionally hurt anyone. Haru knows he’s conflicted and doesn’t want to push the issue thinking that if she did, she would never be able to stay by Nakaji’s side. She likes Nakaji so much that just being by his side is enough for her right now and she doesn’t want to lose that. Peach hugs Haru telling her that she is holding on to Haru’s feelings and supporting Haru’s love. A really great moment between the girls, like their roles have been reversed with Haru becoming the wreck and Peach supporting her hurting friend.


Gift for Nakaji

Doctor gets praised for his brochure by a female coworker, making another coworker jealous who had just landed an account himself. Doctor congratulates the person wholeheartedly. Doctor then calls Linda to thank him for all of his hard work. Linda tells Doctor to thank Nakaji as well and to work things out and apologize for the fight. This puts a damper on Doctor’s mood. Meanwhile Nakaji finally manages to track down his dad. He gives back the camera and gives his father money. His father wants neither the money or the camera and talks about where he went and old memories with Nakaji. He asks Nakaji if Nakaji still wants to be a photographer. Nakaji says yes and his dad says that Nakaji probably isn’t any good anyways. Way to endear your estranged son to you. Geez. Here he is ill, probably dying, and he is still not making amends with his son, though he is trying to be a bit more father-like. Nakaji leaves and tells his dad that the camera is his father’s to use. Kind of a bittersweet moment.

Hero JaeJoong, Kinami Haruka

“Bite the bullet”

Doctor is trying to write a love letter to Haru. He keeps crumpling up papers and erasing. His sister finally tries to figure out what her brother is up to. She snatches his current letter and begins reading it aloud. Doctor pokes his head out and tries to get it back. His sister tells him to just bite the bullet and be honest with his feelings to Haru. Doctor mutters that he is afraid of getting shot (cute). His younger sister encourages him again to pursue his love like a man. Meanwhile, Linda is looking over Nakaji’s portfolio when his boss comes and tells him to have Nakaji come to her apartment for an interview. Linda says that is not necessary. His boss disagrees and he blurts out that he will go in Nakaji’s stead. She tells Linda that he already failed his interview. Linda says that he will definitely be able to do it this time. Oi. This does not bode well.

Eita, Seki Megumi

“Why don’t you try dating Haru?”

Peach calls Nakaji out. Nakaji meets her thinking that she will be talking about the baby and her problems (he told her to come to him anytime she needed help), but Peach begins talking about Haru instead. She tells Nakaji that Haru would never hurt anyone and definitely would never lie. Peach then said that Haru didn’t explain herself because she wants to stay by Nakaji’s side, that’s how much Haru likes him. Nakaji says he doesn’t think so and Peach says he doesn’t understand women at all. She then suggests that he should date Haru stating that she believes Nakaji likes Haru as well. Nakaji says that Doctor is better suited to Haru and he also says that Peach likes Linda. Not too far from the truth. Basically their conversation ends up going nowhere.

Doctor finds out later that his fellow coworker stole his pamphlet. He apologizes to everyone and says he doesn’t know what to do now. Kiriko is at Nakaji’s place cooking dinner and you can tell Nakaji is trying to figure out how to broach the subject of her fight with Haru. Kiriko apologizes for the pants and says she was scared that Nakaji’s youth was starting to keep them apart because she doesn’t know what it’s like to be his age anymore. She talks about how nice Haru is and how she seemed to shine. Nakaji goes up and hugs Kiriko asking her how long dinner will take. He then promises to come after work and have dinner with her.

Eita, Here JaeJoong

Nakaji & Doctor make up

The others see Doctor’s message (Nakaji forgot his cell at home so he didn’t know right away). Haru calls up Nakaji and leaves him a voicemail about the situation. Nakaji on break uses a computer to check Twitter and calls Linda after reading Doctor’s messages. Linda asks Nakaji to come help and Nakaji is reluctant and says that he can’t (he does have plans with crazy Kiriko after all). Peach, Linda, and Haru all go to help Doctor rework the brochure. Doctor, not being able to do something goes to get food. On his way out he runs into Nakaji who just couldn’t leave his friend hanging and came to help instead of going home to Kiriko. Doctor is happy that Nakaji came.  Nakaji says that Linda may pretend he knows what he is doing, but Nakaji is a professional and should therefor deal with the pictures. He then peels the band-aid off Doctor’s face and gives him a new one and like that the two have made up. The group works hard and finally completes the brochure. They go out to celebrate, but Nakaji begs off as Kiriko is waiting for him. Nakaji calls Kiriko from a public phone and apologizes for leaving his cell and not calling earlier. Kiriko says it’s okay, she understands that he was working (well, he was, just not what she thinks). Kiriko says she is heading out and Nakaji goes to join the celebration.

Sunao ni Narenakute Episode 4

Final moments of Episode 4

In the final moments of the episode, Nakaji’s dad calls Haru’s mom for help. It looks like he might be having a heart attack. Haru’s mom freaks out and rushes to get a taxi. Meanwhile, Haru’s brother Shu is hanging out with Haru’s students (he doesn’t know that). Kenta then asks about Shu’s sister who is a teacher. Kenta says that they are Haru’s students and Shu begins freaking out. Kenta says not to worry, he won’t tell Haru about Shu and then Kenta brings him some not-so-nice looking older men. Kiriko listens to Haru’s message to Nakaji and she calls Nakaji a liar and freaks out some more. He didn’t technically lie, he just withheld the entire truth.


Nakaji gets beer thrown at him

Doctor decides to confess to everybody that he likes Haru, putting her in a tight spot. Really, public confessions are not so great. He then asks Haru to go out with him. Haru says that she sees Doctor as a friend and Doctor then turns to Nakaji for help. Oh, no he didn’t! Really, Doctor should know better, or maybe this is his way of trying to get Nakaji to give up on Haru? Who knows. Nakaji says they suit each other and he thinks it’s a good idea. He then gets beer thrown in his face. I have to wonder if it was Haru or Peach. They don’t show us.

Episode 5 looks to be just as explosive!

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