Oh! My Lady Episode 12 Recap

Lee Hyun Woo, Chae Rim

Scandal breaks out! Gae Hwa and Min Woo’s living conditions are revealed (minus Ye Eun’s existence) and the backlash is incredible. Gae Hwa is ostracized and held in contempt by Min Woo’s fans. Shi Joon rides to her rescue yet again and Min Woo offers some comfort any fans of Choi Si Won would die for. Jung deploys more of his diabolical tactics to save Min Woo by placing all blame on Gae Hwa while Min Woo finally stands on his own two feet and learns to take responsibility for the position he put Gae Hwa in. Add in a not-to-be-missed ending and confession and there is a lot going on in this episode.

Oh! My Lady Episode 12 summary:

Lee Hyun Woo, Moon Jung Hee

“Let’s get a divorce.”

Shi Joon is trying to figure out just what Gae Hwa’s and Min Woo’s relationship is. It doesn’t help that Gae Hwa can’t tell him anything besides that Min Woo and she do not have any romantic relationship whatsoever. Shi Joon finally says he’ll talk to Gae Hwa about it tomorrow and leaves a poor, distraught Gae Hwa wondering just what her beloved boss must think of her. Meanwhile, Reporter Han is ecstatic to gets such terrific dirt on Min Woo and he goes straight to net cafe to get the story written and submitted before the paper finishes printing that evening. When Gae Hwa returns to the apartment, Min Woo chides her for being so obvious about her living there (i.e. knowing where the bathroom is and knowing where all of his dishes were). Gae Hwa then yells at him for inviting her coworkers over in the first place. Min Woo says he needed to save face because it would look bad if he had said no. Min Woo also says that if word got out it would hurt him more than her (SO not true!).

Shi Joon is conflicted. He likes and trusts Gae Hwa on one hand, but since this happened, he doesn’t quite know what to think, especially considering Jung’s warning that Gae Hwa isn’t as innocent as she appears (oh yes she is). Jung also told Shi Joon not to trust her. To make Shi Joon’s night worse, Jung Ah asks him for a divorce so she can leave with her lover. It makes sense, their marriage has been over (emotionally) for a long time. Shi Joon makes no reply to this and Jung Ah gives him a week to come to a decision.

Choi Si Won, Kim Yoo Bin

Min Woo shows Ye Eun affection

The next morning Little Ye Eun asks Gae Hwa for a signature, but Gae Hwa was doing dishes so she couldn’t sign it. So Ye Eun goes over to Min Woo who happily signs it and gives it back to a very happy Ye Eun. Min Woo notices her socks are on wrong and lifts her up on the stool to fix them. He calls her cute and talks to her and plays with her, impressing Gae Hwa that he is now outwardly showing such affection to his daughter. It, of course, makes Ye Eun happy as well. I am glad that their relationship is finally back on the right track. It’s a good thing that Ye Eun’s existence hasn’t become known yet as well. Gae Hwa heads off to work not knowing that a huge storm is about to break loose.

Oh! My Lady Episode 12

Scandal hits the stands

Next we see Shi Joon and Jung learn of the scandal. Poor Shi Joon as Han’s article implicates that The Show Company blackmailed Min Woo into doing their musical. True in a moment of weakness Gae Hwa did threaten Min Woo, but she had decided not to go through with it so the report didn’t have all the facts whatsoever, not that it matters in such cases. Jung storms over to Min Woo’s and yells at him for letting such a scandal break out after Min Woo said he would take care of things his own way. Min Woo is shocked and remembers a previous scandal and how horrible it was on him. Jung tells him to stay put while Jung tries to clean up the mess. Min Woo should know by now that Jung always has something rotten up his sleeve, but he lets Jung take care of matters. Yu Ra shows up to talk to Min Woo, but is kept out by the lobby worker. Reporter Han annoys her by saying she must be worried and also that she is sticking to close to Min Woo, which men don’t normally like. Those two just work off each other as great foils, but both are annoying as all hell.

Chae Rim

Gae Hwa gets egged!

Gae Hwa returns from an errand to see a huge bunch of reporters outside of the office. They ignore her until she goes to enter. They then ask her if she works there and if she knows Gae Hwa, she states that she is Gae Hwa and is immediately mobbed by reporters asking questions and taking pictures. Poor girl has no idea what is going on. Then high school students tell her to leave oppa alone and people begin throwing eggs and other trash at her. Shi Joon sees this and rushes up to Gae Hwa, covering her with his jacket and getting her safely into his car. He then speeds off to a place where Gae Hwa can be safe. He shows Gae Hwa the article and she can’t believe it. She feels bad and Shi Joon tells her to calm down and then he precedes to tell her there is nothing to counter the news and it is spreading like wildfire on the net as well (like that will make her calm down). Gae Hwa says the newspaper misrepresents their relationship and Shi Joon asks for an explanation of their relationship to which Gae Hwa can’t reply because of Ye Eun. Shi Joon asks if it’s Min Woo’s problem and Gae Hwa apologizes. Shi Joon then tells her if she can’t tell him then he can’t help her clear things up. Ouch. Well…it’s also true, but still, rubbing salt in the proverbial wound. He then asks if she’s prepared to take this treatment forever and Gae Hwa starts worrying how this is all effecting Min Woo (what about your daughter?).

Min Woo is desperately trying to get a hold of Gae Hwa, but she had left her phone and purse at the office when she went out for her errand (which doesn’t make sense to me). None of her coworkers can hear the phone because they are all busy answering calls from people wanting the truth. Meanwhile, Jung goes to Reporter Han and feeds him a bogus story about Gae Hwa to get Han off of Min Woo’s back and to clear Min Woo from the scandal in the fastest way possible. Jung then goes and tells Min Woo to stay inside for the time being as he has already solved the issue and Min Woo should just stay put until things die down. Again, Min Woo should be worrying considering how Jung is prone to handle things.

Kim Hee Won, Kim Kwang Gyu

Jung spins his web of lies

Jung Ah gets a call from Shi Joon telling her that he is taking care of Gae Hwa. This makes Jung Ah very unhappy. Chae Ho Suk comes and she tells him that her husband is too busy to divorce her because he is taking care of another woman. Ho Suk is surprised to hear that Jung Ah actually talked to Shi Joon about getting a divorce. Jung Ah confirms that she did, but right now he is too busy taking care of Gae Hwa to worry about giving Jung Ah the divorce she wants. Ho Suk asks if she is jealous and Jung Ah asks if she is a person who could be jealous of such a nice woman like Gae Hwa. At least Jung Ah is not the crazy wife type to start doing vicious things and begin hating Gae Hwa. Thank god for small miracles. I especially love the cheaters who feel justified in straying, but go batshit crazy if their significant other begins a new relationship or is approached by someone else.

Lee Hyun Woo, Chae Rim

A caring Shi Joon takes care of Gae Hwa

Gae Hwa borrows Shi Joon’s phone to call Min Ji telling her daughter that she can’t make it to speak to Min Ji’s class like she promised after all. This angers Min Ji who yells at her mom saying that Gae Hwa had promised. Gae Hwa said something had come up and she just couldn’t make it, but she will try to come another time. Min Ji says no and hangs up on the already distraught Gae Hwa. She then calls Min Woo to see how he is doing. Min Woo is surprised that she called using Yoon’s phone and that makes him a little short tempered with Gae Hwa. Min Woo says he has no problem. Gae Hwa says that’s good and that President Yoon was with her so she wasn’t as scared. Min Woo then says he doesn’t care as its her fault and then tells her he is ashamed because of the scandal.

Shi Joon comes back with coffee and overhears Gae Hwa’s end of the conversation making him unhappy with Min Woo (can’t blame him as Min Woo says the opposite of what he means thus he says a lot of bad things to Gae Hwa). On Min Woo’s side, you can tell he felt really bad when Gae Hwa said she was sorry for making him ashamed and embarrassed and that she had been really scared when the reporters surrounded her. Even though she is worried for herself, Gae Hwa still puts others ahead of herself and worries more about them (like Min Woo and Ye Eun).

Shi Joon comes and gives Gae Hwa the coffee. She thanks him for the use of his phone and tells him to leave her alone and go back to work. She doesn’t want him wasting time on her. Shi Joon just smiles and tells her to finish drinking and they’ll leave together. He really is turning into her very own knight in shining armor. Even though his marriage is all but over and his wife has cheated on him, I still feel bad because I know deep down Jung Ah still loves him and it looks like he’s falling for Gae Hwa. Min Woo rants about her being with Yoon. Funny that he can be jealous at a time like this, but that is quickly forgotten as he sees the news Jung has spun which paints Gae Hwa in an even worse light. It is reported that Gae Hwa caused a hit-and-run accident and blackmailed Min Woo with it.

Shi Joon is treating Gae Hwa to lunch. She sees the news report as well and is stunned. At the restaurant, she can overhear people talking about her. Poor woman, they say nasty things about her because she’s divorced and they mention Min Woo might have a child out of wedlock. She asks Shi Joon for his phone and goes outside to check to make sure Ye Eun is okay and safe from the press. Shi Joon overhears part of the conversation and asks Gae Hwa just who Ye Eun is. Gae Hwa finally divulges the whole truth to Shi Joon since he has already overheard so much. Shi Joon can’t believe Gae Hwa has done so much to help Min Woo keep the secret. Gae Hwa says that no matter what they cannot hurt the child and she also says that she had technically threatened Min Woo once. She apologizes for everything and said she did not know that it would affect the company. She asks if Shi Joon is angry and he replies in the affirmative. I believe, however, his anger is directed mostly towards Min Woo and not Gae Hwa. Although, stupidity, does make one angry, too.

Meanwhile, Min Woo is angrily yelling at Jung. Apparently, Jung was the one who caused the accident and Min Woo was really upset that Jung pinned it all on Gae Hwa. Min Woo said that after all Gae Hwa had done for him and Ye Eun, she didn’t deserve what Jung did. Jung says that details didn’t matter since she had threatened Min Woo before and since she has already done so much, what can it hurt for Gae Hwa to sacrifice a little more, unless Min Woo wanted to confess the whole truth, which of course he doesn’t as it would hurt Ye Eun. Jung says that since Gae Hwa is a nobody, this slander won’t effect her for too long. Min Woo hangs up and yells out his frustration.

Hwang Hyo Eun, Hong Jong Hyun, Yoo Tae Woong

“What did you do to Gae Hwa?”

Shi Joon drops Gae Hwa off at a spa/bathhouse and she tells him she’ll be fine (she has no place to go so she can only stay there for now). Shi Joon leaves her and she drops her tough facade, showing just how much she is hurting. Meanwhile, Byung Hak storms into the office looking for Gae Hwa. You’d think that he would be there to yell at her, but its the opposite really. He begins cursing at Oh and Kim asking them what they had done to Gae Hwa to force her to such extremes and become the object of public ridicule. Oh and Kim insist they have done nothing and Byung Hak says that if he finds out that they bullied Gae Hwa and made her do such a thing he would automatically pull his funding. Go Byung Hak for actually showing he has a heart. Too bad his anger isn’t going towards the real culprits of Jung and Han.

Lee Hyun Woo, Choi Si Won

Shi Joon vents his anger on Min Woo

Min Woo calls his friend over to bring him a set of delivery clothes so that he can sneak out and try to find Gae Hwa to see if she is okay. He safely manages to elude reporters and changes clothes. As he is about to leave, he gets a call from Shi Joon and goes to meet him. Shi Joon greets Min Woo with a punch. He tells Min Woo that Gae Hwa is suffering and taking all the blame because she is keeping Min Woo’s secret, so Min Woo needs to step up and take responsibility. Min Woo states he’s the victim, infuriating Shi Joon and he tells Min Woo that Gae Hwa has done nothing to Min Woo and is taking the brunt of everything so Min Woo is not a victim. Shi Joon says that Gae Hwa is the real idiot for worrying over Min Woo despite all that’s happened to her. Shi Joon also states that it is all Min Woo’s fault, not Jung’s as Min Woo encouraged and agreed to everything with Gae Hwa. Min Woo then asks Shi Joon to tell him where Gae Hwa is.

Min Woo wraps a towel around his head and goes into the spa. Gae Hwa doesn’t notice him and goes to a room to lie down. She starts freaking out when Min Woo tries to get her attention and begins hitting him thinking he is a pervert. When the towel comes off, Gae Hwa is shocked and quickly puts it back on his head before anyone can recognize him. Min Woo asks if she is okay.Gae Hwa says yes and Min Woo asks if she’s really telling the truth. Gae Hwa then tells him no and asks how he can stand that kind of stuff happening to him all the time. She said everything has been a blur since the reporters and photographers came after her. Even in the spa she thinks people are pointing, laughing, and talking about her. Min Woo says not to worry as she isn’t very memorable (how comforting). Gae Hwa says she doesn’t care about herself, but is worried about what will happen if Min Ji finds out. She then asks Min Woo why he was there and he said to look after her because he knew she would be the wreck that she is.

Chae Rim, Choi Siwon

Min Woo protects Gae Hwa from gossipers

Min Woo buys Gae Hwa a drink, and tries to talk about the new blackmail rumors. Gae Hwa says that she did threaten Min Woo so she doesn’t have the right to feel slighted by such things. Min Woo says things will get worse before they get better, but after awhile things will cool down and eventually go away. Min Woo says that Gae Hwa should not look at anything negative and if she just stops her ears and closes her eyes, this will all go away quicker than she could imagine. He asks her to please be patient for the time being. Gae Hwa says that she’ll be alright, she’s gone through such things before (not quite like this, though). Min Woo forces a smile, but you can tell how bad he feels for Gae Hwa’s position. Then a couple of women begin trash talking Gae Hwa, making her upset. Min Woo grabs Gae Hwa’s face, covering her ears, and tells her too look at him. They have quite the intimate moment where he silently apologizes for making her life such a mess. He apologizes for only being able to tell her to endure it as well. What would Shi Joon say if he really knew how Min Woo felt?

Bok Nim brings Min Ji and Ye Eun to see Gae Hwa. Min Ji apologizes to Gae Hwa for getting angry earlier saying that Bok Nim explained that Gae Hwa had something really important come up and that sometimes these things happen. Min Ji then goes off to play with Ye Eun, the two are practically like sisters already. Min Woo calls up Shi Joon. He tells Shi Joon that he really had wanted a drink and could only think of Shi Joon. Min Woo then tells Shi Joon that he hates himself for depending solely on Jung and Min Suk (the driver), but he’s done it for so long that it’s hard to stop. Shi Joon talks about fear and failure saying the fear never goes away, but with each problem you become more emotionally ready for it. You can only continue. Shi Joon also states that he’ll always be willing to be there to help Min Woo. Great bonding moment . . . that started because of a punch! Well…really, the whole scandal.

Choi Si Won, Lee Hyun Woo

“I could only think of calling you”

Min Woo goes to the apartment and tells the reporters that if they take down Gae Hwa’s photos he will hold a press conference and tell them the truth. Jung is not happy to hear this at all and Min Woo just hangs up on him. The next day, Min Woo does indeed hold a press conference. He tells the reporters that the car accident was purely fabricated and that Gae Hwa had nothing to do with that. He also says he chose the musical as his own project and that he wasn’t coerced into doing it (this makes Oh happy – Shi Joon, Oh and Kim are all watching the conference as are Ye Eun and Gae Hwa). Jung can’t believe that Min Woo has blasted his lies. Reporter Han asks about Gae Hwa then and Min Woo states that he is serious about her, shocking Gae Hwa and everyone else. And that’s where 12 leaves us.

Oh! My Lady Episode 12 Press Conference Collage

Min Woo’s press conference

So…is Min Woo lying about liking her to save her reputation since they have been caught living together? Or is he honestly saying his real emotions? Hard to say with him. Look forward to episode 13 for some more clarification.

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