Yankee-kun to Megane-chan Episode 1 Recap

Narimiya Hiroki, Naka Riisaヤンキー君とメガネちゃん

Romanized title: Yankee-kun to Megane-chan
English title: Flunk Punk Rumble
Broadcast station: TBS
Broadcast dates: 23 April – 25 June 2010
Cast: Narimiya Hiroki, Naka Riisa, Hongo Kanata, Koyanagi Yu, Kawaguchi Haruna, Suzuki Ryohei, Furuta Arata, Hori Chiemi, Owada Miho, Ito Shiro
Based on: Manga Yankee-kun to Megane-chan (ヤンキー君とメガネちゃん) by Yoshikawa Miki first serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine in 2006 and is still ongoing
Theme song: “Loose Leaf” by Hilcrhyme
Synopsis: Enthusiastic nerd Adachi sets out to make sure delinquent Daichi enjoys high school life to the fullest…whether he wants to or not.

Narimiya Hiroki

Narimiya Hiroki as Shinagawa Daichi

Let us forget that Narimiya Hiroki is too old to play a high school student (he’ll be hitting 30 in a year or two) and also ignore the fact that he looks quite old compared to the actual teenagers acting as his classmates, and this drama isn’t all that bad. The acting is good for the most part and the plot line which I found annoying when I read the manga, isn’t so bad when put to the small screen.

Narimiya Hiroki stars as Yankee-kun Shinagawa Daichi, the only son of a medical clinic. The episode begins with a flashback of Daichi taking on a gang of delinquents all by himself without breaking a sweat. Afterward he gets a call from his good friend who asks Daichi to come save him from another gang of delinquents to which Daichi immediately rushes over to do. When Daichi gets there the delinquents had already been beaten by some yankee known only as Hurricane Ada. From that time on, Daichi mistakenly is known as Ada.

Naka Riisa

Naka Riisa as Adachi Hana

At the start of the new school year, no one is happy to learn that the infamous Daichi will be in their class. Rumors about his temper and superior fighting skills abound, striking fear into the hearts of his fellow classmates. Meanwhile Daichi is ditching the first day of the new school year to hang out at the beach. Things don’t go as planned as he he tackled by a fellow classmate who was rushing to get to school on time. Daichi gets up and gets ready to leave but the girl who tackled him grabs his arm and will not let go. She tells Daichi that she twisted her ankle when she crashed into him and asks him to help her get to school. Daichi refuses and walks away with Adachi clinging on for dear life. Finally, Adachi breaks out into tears causing Daichi to finally agree to help her.

Naka Riisa, Narimiya Hiroki

Daichi piggybacks injured Hana

Daichi piggybacks Hana and runs to try to get to school on time. Hana is no help as she keeps telling Daichi where to go getting him all confused. She tells him one way is a short cut but changes her mind until she has him going in circles. Daichi has enough and yells at her to make up her mind and then he chooses his own direction and starts running again, getting Hana to school on time. Daichi drops her off at her classroom door and turns to go. Hana wants to know if he is going to class, but Daichi says he’s not and he goes up to the roof for a nap.

Class starts and the homeroom teacher asks who wants to be class representative. No one volunteers and they do their utmost to avoid making eye contact with the teacher. Then, out of the blue and to the amazement of the other students, a hand flies up and a voice volunteers. It is Adachi Hana. The class can’t believe that anyone would actually cheerily volunteer for such a tedious task.

A sleeping Daichi is wakened by a face mere inches from his own. He falls backwards and starts crawling away from Hana who keeps crawling towards him until Daichi ends up on the edge of the roof and nearly falls off (Hana grabs him back at the last moment). Hana asks if Daichi has any interest in being class rep to which he replies he doesn’t. She then explains how his is the only vote needed to be cast. She wants a unanimous decision. Daichi wasn’t going to go to the classroom and vote but Hana pulls her crying stunt again so Daichi goes to class and votes for her. The other classmates are not happy to see Daichi and all avoid his gaze. Hana goes and sits behind Daichi and he knows he’s in for a troublesome and annoying school year with that busybody.

On his way home, Daichi runs into a man outside of his family’s clinic who tells Daichi that the wrinkle on his forehead means he has woman troubles. Not too far off the mark when you think about crazy Hana. His sister comes out and agrees with the old man. To improve her younger brother’s luck, she draws red circles on his cheekbones with permanent marker. Poor Daichi. Daichi then thinks back to his childhood and how much trouble he got into because of his sister. He was beaten by his father and his sister, making his life a living hell. He then says because of that he set out to be the manliest of men and become popular. However, this backfires as he became known as a strong delinquent who never lost a fight (which isn’t true, he wasn’t a delinquent and only fought because people from all over decided to challenge his strength). At dinner, Daichi’s family makes fun of him saying he isn’t the best looking of people and his mother apologizes that he inherited his stupidity from her. Again, poor Daichi.

Shinagawa Family

The next day the homeroom teacher asks for ideas for the class project for a festival or founding anniversary. Again no volunteers for ideas and everyone avoids the teacher’s gaze. Again, Hana’s hand shoots up and she volunteers and idea of painting a mural. No one wants to paint a mural, but no one opposes Hana’s idea with one of their own so they have to paint a mural. Hana again gets Daichi from the roof where he was smoking. She threw out all of his cigarettes and told him to help paint the mural as well. She then goes on to say that she loves the roof and how the students are too busy to notice the view from it. She also goes on to say that even though they don’t want to do the mural, they’ll change their mind and realize it is a beautiful memory of their school days.

Yankee-kun to Megane-chan class

Suzuki Ryohei

Suzuki Ryohei as Nerima Seiun

Daichi is caught by the homeroom teacher and dragged to class where the teacher tries to get him to participate. For every question he is asked, Daichi replies that he doesn’t know. This goes on until another student tells Daichi to leave as he is disrupting the lesson and unwilling to learn. The kid then goes up to the blackboard and correctly solves everything. Daichi then storms out of the classroom where he is picked up by his best friend, Nerima Seiun. Daichi sees Hana carrying a lot of painting supplies but he ignores her and leaves. The next day Hana tries to draft him into helping. Daichi refuses until Hana gets down on her knees and starts bawling again. Daichi starts painting, but he is painting the sky green instead of blue. The same boy who yelled at Daichi in class tells him he is doing it wrong and Daichi gets angry and stalks off, earning more bad comments from the kid. Hana gets between the two when Daichi begins threatening him and Daichi stalks off.

On his way home from school, Daichi runs into a group of thugs looking for a fight and he beats them up, taking a few good hits himself. He is cleaning his wounds in the clinic when his father comes in. He tells Daichi that it is useless for him to go to school if he isn’t bothering going to class and doing nothing but fighting as no one in the family has any expectations from him. Ouch. Low blow from Daichi’s dad. Did he even try to understand and help Daichi before giving up on his son? After his dad leaves, Daichi remember how excited he was when he managed to pass the test to get into his elite school with his dream of becoming a doctor like his dad. Double ouch. When he goes home to tell his family the good news, he overhears his sister telling his dad that she had finally managed to transfer in to medical school (after failing a few times). His sister then says that their dad should let her inherit the clinic as Daichi is stupid and can’t manage it anyways. Triple ouch. When Daichi’s dad agrees and says he’ happy he doesn’t have to worry about the future of his clinic, you have to feel really bad for Daichi who tried his hardest and came out empty handed.

The next day Hana tries to get Daichi to paint again. Daichi refuses, but then the thugs from the other day come and threaten his classmates. Daichi jumps into action, unfortunately destroying a lot of the mural in the process. He gets suspended from school, alienated even further from his classmates, and Hana gets the blame from a lot of the students as well for dragging Daichi along. They also say they won’t be working on the mural any longer. Daichi goes to Sei’s garage where Sei tells Daichi his dream is to become a good mechanic and to inherit the shop. Daichi tells Sei that he is planning on quitting school for good. Sei asks Daichi about his dream of becoming a doctor. He tells Daichi that he should pursue the dream and not give up.

Naka Riisa, Narimiya Hiroki

Hana tries to get Daichi to come to school

The next day Hana comes to Daichi’s house to convince him to stay in school. Daichi refuses to listen and Hana says she will come everyday until Daichi agrees to go back. Daichi’s sister likes Hana and suggests to Daichi that Hana may be doing that because she likes Daichi. One day, Hana actually manages to get into the house and into Daichi’s room. Daichi is horrified that she is there. Daichi says that no matter what he does people will always label him and treat him differently regardless. Hana says that she knows what Daichi is going through and that he can change his reputation if he tries hard enough. He does seem to push some blame onto Hana and yells at her, hurting he feelings.

Naka Riisa

“I am Hurricane Ada”

The next day, Daichi has grown accustomed to Hana’s constant appearance at his house and is surprised to find his sister at the door instead of Hana. Daichi’s sister said she saw Hana talking to a group of thugs and Hana told her that she was going to try to make things right for Daichi and went off with the delinquents. Daichi is furious at his sister for not dragging Hana away from that situation and runs off to find her before its too late. At the thugs’ hideout, Hana asks them to apologize to Daichi for everything that they’ve done. The thugs can’t believe Hana’s audacity. Enter Daichi who has come to save Hana. He gets her and drags her out only to be surrounded by the gang. Daichi goes to fight, but Hana hangs on tightly to his fist, not allowing him to. Daichi says he has to and Hana says that if he continues fighting he’ll be a delinquent forever. The thugs laugh at this and say once a yankee, always a yankee. Hana disagrees and sends the leader flying. It turns out that Adachi Hana is the real Hurricane Ada. Daichi can’t believe this megane was once the most feared of delinquents!

Hana takes out the entire gang and tells Daichi her story. Her strength made her feared at school so she got into a lot of fights labeling herself a delinquent. Later she was told by her grandfather that school could be fun if she allowed it to be. So Hana has become determined to be a good student and enjoy her school life. She says you can never truly get away from labeling, but you can try your best. At home, Hana is worried about having exposed her past to Daichi, wondering if he will hate her. Her grandfather, the old man who told Daichi about his woman trouble, tells Hana to meet him head on to see.

Naka Riisa, Narimiya Hiroki

The next day, Daichi is at school working on the mural. Hana is touched to see this and joins in right away. Soon, all the other classmates see the two of them working hard and join in as well. Instead of the menial labor of before, it has become a fun event for them. So Hana’s plan was accurate. What lies in store for these two next? Will there be romance? Will the class become good friends? Will Daichi and Hana shed their bad reputations?


  • hi, i like this drama a lot!!! may i know the total episodes for this series? is it like 10 or 12 episodes? because Japanese drama usually has 10 – 12 episodes…

    • I am not sure. D-Addicts lists the number of episodes as TBA and I have found sites that say it for sure has 10 and others that say 12.

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