Oh! My Lady Episode 11 Recap

Choi Siwon, Kim Hee Won

Min Woo threatens Jung with retribution.

Shi Joon gets Gae Hwa to safety while Min Woo yells at Jung for behaving that way. Min Woo wants to know if he is still some prize and if Jung will continue to do these despicable things to help Min Woo’s fame in order to satiate his greed. Jung says that if Min Woo had taken care of Ye Eun and Gae Hwa earlier, then Jung wouldn’t have had to resort to kidnapping and threatening Gae Hwa. Min Woo reminds Jung of some past event and tells Jung that if something should happen, then Min Woo will make damn sure to take Jung down with him. (Yay Min Woo-ssi!)

Shi Joon asks Gae Hwa if she is hurt. She replies no and he then asks what was it that made Jung act like that. Gae Hwa can’t very well tell the truth as she cannot expose Min Woo’s secret, so she tells a half truth. Jung isn’t happy about all the work Min Woo is putting into the musical and has even prevented him from attending rehearsal,s so Gae Hwa went to tell Jung to stop (really Jung wasn’t happy about the musical and he did keep Min Woo from going if he could, so not wholly a lie). Gae Hwa feels guilty and Shi Joon feels outraged that Jung would do something so despicable. He drops Gae Hwa off at the subway so she can head home and rest after her ordeal.

Park Han Byul, Kim Kwang Gyu

Meanwhile a frustrated Yu Ra is trying to get a taxi home. Min Woo apparently called and told her an emergency had come up so he had to cancel their trip to Japan. Reporter Han approaches Yu Ra to get the scoop. She tells Han that there is no scoop and she wasn’t stood up, Min Woo just had some other business to attend to. Han doesn’t listen and follows Yu Ra into the taxi and tries to pry information out of her by telling her about Min Woo’s past affairs (are these real or just crap he’s made up?). Yu Ra gets annoyed and finally threatens to kick Han out of the taxi if he doesn’t shut up. I mus say that I love how much Reporter Han can get under Yu Ra’s skin. It’s really amusing.

Chae Rim, Choi Si Won

“I’m sorry for everything”

Min Woo is waiting for Gae Hwa and Ye Eun. After Gae Hwa has put Ye Eun to bed, Min Woo apologizes for everything – from what he said he’d do to Ye Eun to what he has said and done to Gae Hwa. You can tell Min Woo is really upset and sincere in his apology, which is good. He is finally maturing bit by bit and becoming his own man instead of Jung’s puppet star. Gae Hwa is happy that Min Woo apologized for everything, but remembering Jung’s words about Min Woo being only an important prize to the vile manager, worries Gae Hwa. Smart girl, she knows that things aren’t quite over yet and that Jung will give them more trouble in the future.

Meanwhile Shi Joon tells his wife why he stood her up. Jung Ah thinks there’s something wrong with Jung and Shi Joon says he’ll get to the bottom of this mystery. He then asks why Jung Ah wanted to meet him earlier. She replies that she was going to offer him money for the musical again, but heard that he had already gotten an investor, so the point was now moot.

Choi Siwon, Kim Yoo Bin

Min Woo can’t bring himself to apologize to Ye Eun just yet.

The next morning, Min Woo tries to apologize to little Ye Eun, but can’t seem to get the words out, and once Gae Hwa enters the room, he loses his courage completely. Gae Hwa makes breakfast and asks Ye Eun if the food is okay. Ye Eun just nods. Min Woo turns and says he thought Gae Hwatold him that Ye Eun could talk. Gae Hwa tells him that Ye Eun will only talk to people she feels the most comfortable with and only a few words until there is more progress (a blow to Min Woo, but he honestly hasn’t been good enough to Ye Eun yet). Gae Hwa then gives Min Woo a new contract promising he will work hard and see the musical through to the end. Min Woo signs it without much ado telling Gae Hwa she should have thought of consequences and the like before making a new contract. Gae Hwa can’t believe that she was so simple. She takes the contract back and adds a line. Min Woo says that isn’t right and takes a look. Basically if he should fail then he’s not a man. Cute.

Choi Si Won

Hardworking Min Woo

The news of Jung’s actions has spread and Kim and Oh are happy that Gae Hwa is alright. Meanwhile, Shi Joon meets with Jung who refuses to tell Shi Joon any details either. Jung then tells Shi Joon to ask Gae Hwa and Shi Joon replies that he knows Gae Hwa is keeping something from him, but he doesn’t quite know what. Jung then says Gae Hwa is not as innocent as she looks and that Shi Joon should watch out for her.

Min Woo throws himself into the practice for the musical from running lines to dancing. His dancing his always good, but his lines suck. Gae Hwa tells Min Woo she’s impressed and he says of course he will work hard from now on. Gae Hwa cleans up the trash from Min Woo’s present of drinks and snacks for his fellow rehearsees. Jung Ah says that isn’t necessary and tells Gae Hwa she’ll take her back to The Show Company. On their way there, they were almost involved in an accident with a motorcyclist. Gae Hwa did not like the way the man was talking to Jung Ah so she gets out to scold him. Very ineffectively. Gae Hwa started strong but was easily deflated, amusing Jung Ah. After the man leaves Jung Ah says that Gae Hwa doesn’t argue very well. Gae Hwa agrees and says her friends call her the worst meddler.

Since Jung Ah brought up Tony from West Side Story to help Min Woo with his character, he goes and picks up a copy and watches it for reference. Min Ji calls and confirms that Gae Hwa will be coming to speak to her class next week and Gae Hwa tells her she will. Shi Joon comes out and asks Gae Hwa to go with him to the set builders to check on progress. They get lost and decide to eat out and kill some time when they learn that the person they are meeting hasn’t arrived at the right destination yet either. Shi Joon talks about sets while Gae Hwa takes notes. Gae Hwa’s gun-ho attitude and willingness to learn impresses Shi Joon greatly.

Chae Rim, Lee Hyun Woo

Shi Joon takes care of the ill Gae Hwa

After getting directions and buying apples for the workers, Gae Hwa and Shi Joon go on their way, but Gae Hwa begins feeling ill and has Shi Joon stop to a pharmacy to get medicine. Shi Joon asks what is wrong and Gae Hwa said that the day her husband said he was cheating on her he took her to a restaurant and ordered that same meal. Every time Gae Hwa ate it afterward she would become ill. She thought she was better, but it still affects her poorly. Shi Joon apologizes and sympathizes with Gae Hwa. On their way again, Shi Joon notices Gae Hwa has fallen asleep and he pulls over to put a sunscreen over her window so the sun won’t bother her and she can sleep. Really sweet. But Shi Joon’s sweetness does worry me as he does have a wife, even if his marriage is failing. Him developing feelings for Gae Hwa will only make matters worse than they already are. At the set builders, Shi Joon watches Gae Hwa as she goes around giving the workers the apples she bought and talking to each one individually. She impresses him more and more. Gae Hwa gets a call that Ye Eun is ill, but she can’t leave and go pick her up so she calls Bok Nim to deliver Ye Eun safely to Min Woo.

Kim Yoo Bin, Choi Si Won, Chae Rim

A cute father-daughter moment

Bok Nim tells Min Woo what he needs to do to make Ye Eun’s therapy get better and also gives him advice and tips on how to handle the little girl. Min Woo does his best to follow Bok Nim’s advice. He apologizes to little Ye Eun who asks him (not vocally, she still doesn’t speak to Min Woo in this episode) to remake the animals he threw out. Min Woo cannot do origami worth a darn. He says that Gae Hwa is better at it than he is. Ye Eun gives him a look and he tries again until he hears her stomach rumble. He gets her spaghetti and she manages to drop and break her glass of milk AND get a bowl full of spaghetti on the floor. Min Woo gets angry but does his best to keep his temper in check and tell Ye Eun it’s okay and he’s not mad at her. Little Ye Eun then spends the rest of the day torturing Min Woo by breaking things and making a huge mess over the entire house. Min Woo finally gets Ye Eun to quiet down and he reads her stories in his bed. Gae Hwa gets home and cannot believe the huge mess she sees. she looks for Ye Eun and becomes worried when she doesn’t see the little girl sleeping in their room. She goes to Min Woo’s room and is struck by the sight of Ye Eun in her father’s arms, both of them sleeping. Can we say Kodak moment?

Chu Hun Yub, Moon Jung Hee

“Come with me to New York”

We get more of Min Woo’s progress in the musical. His dancing and singing are getting better (but they were never his problem areas to begin with). Min Woo is actually managing to impress the person working on his lines with him. He is now making them believable with real emotion to them. While Min Woo is making progress, Chae tells Jung Ah that he is accepted into a program in the U.S. that he has been looking forward for. Chae then tells Jung Ah that he wants her to go with him and that he has a week to make the decision, giving Jung Ah a week to decide whether or not she’ll actually leave Shi Joon.

Park Han Byul, Choi Si Won

Another apology!

Byung Hak comes to The Show Company to find a position for his “sister-in-law.” I don’t think that she is is real relative, but whatever. Byung Hak believes that since he has invested in the musical, that gives him privileges to get his way on certain casting and other issues. Shi Joon placates him but promises nothing definitively. Gae Hwa then scolds Byung Hak for his actions, but Byung Hak says that Shi Joon and Gae Hwa have to show some graciousness to him for his investment. What a jerk.

Yu Ra calls up Min Woo who apologizes again for the other day and for not calling. Min Woo said he believed Yu Ra would be too upset to want to talk with him. Yu Ra asked if the problem was cleared up Min Woo said that it involved Gae Hwa who had gotten into trouble. Yu Ra believes the worst about Gae Hwa, but Min Woo defends Gae Hwa saying it wasn’t her fault. Yu Ra says she forgives Min Woo and they go for a game of squash, I think. Min Woo tires out early due to all the work he has been doing so he takes Yu Ra home. In the car, Yu Ra says she thinks Jung takes great care of Min Woo and likes Min Woo a lot. Min Woo doesn’t say anything to this. Yu Ra then asks him out to dinner, but gets a call about a work emergency so Min Woo drops her off (I think a little relieved. These two really have nothing in common anyways).

Shi Joon tells everyone that they should go out for a party to celebrate the recent good news. The office is excited and getting ready to go when Min Woo calls Gae Hwa. Not wanting to give away who she is talking to, Gae Hwa answers the phone formally, surprising Min Woo. Min Woo asks if the president is near her again and then asks when she will be home. Gae Hwa tells him about the party and Min Woo invites himself along. At the gathering Oh asks if they can do the second round at Min Woo’s house and Min Woo agrees, annoying Gae Hwa. After the first round breaks up, Oh tries to get a ride with Min Woo, but Gae Hwa steps in and rides with Min Woo instead. She and Min Woo hurry home and begin cleaning up all signs of Ye Eun’s and Gae Hwa’s presence in the house. The barely manage to make it before the others arrive.

Choi Siwon, Chae Rim

Rushing to hide their living arrangement

Gae Hwa keeps giving away her knowledge of Min Woo’s house. She knows where the toilet is, she knows where plates are, and she knows what’s in the fridge. Neither Shi Joon, Oh, or Lee catch on that she lives there, though, which is actually a miracle in and of itself. Min Woo treats Gae Hwa like a servant and this annoys Shi Joon who tells Min Woo that he needs to treat Gae Hwa with more respect. Poor Min Woo always getting lectured and TECHNICALLY Gae Hwa is his housekeeper, thus a servant, but yeah, he so doesn’t need to treat her that way. Shi Joon also offers to lend Min Woo some musicals he has on DVD that would be a good reference for Min Woo who declines the offer. Gae Hwa comes back with drinks and Min Woo is annoyed at how well she and the president treat each other. Again jealousy rears its head.

Lee Hyun Woo, Choi Siwon

“Treat Gae Hwa nicer”

When the party comes to an end, Shi Joon takes Gae Hwa to her usual subway stop. Gae Hwa goes to collect Ye Eun and is disgusted that Min Woo hasn’t done any cleaning up. Gae Hwa dives in and Min Woo says he’ll do one thing and one thing only. Without even trying to talk him out of it she tells him to take out the trash. Meanwhile, Shi Joon notices the movies he has in his car and turns around to head back to Min Woo’s to give the DVDs to him. As Gae Hwa is coming out the door, Shi Joon meets her shocked to see her there. Gae Hwa tells Shi Joon to wait for her and she gets rid of the trash and tells him that she is really living with Min Woo. Reporter Han noticed Shi Joon come back and followed him, thus overhearing his conversation with Gae Hwa. Thus ends this episode.

Lee Hyun Woo, Chae Rim

“I live with Min Woo.”

Wow. What an episode. I really want to see Jung get his just desserts. And what will happen now that Mr. Ice Cold Perfection Shi Joo knows that Gae Hwa is living with Min Woo?

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