Nakanai to Kimeta Hi Episode 1 Recap

Nakanai to Kimeta Hi泣かないと決めた日

Romanized title: Nakanai to Kimeta Hi
English title: I Won’t Cry Any More
Broadcast station: Fuji TV
Broadcast dates: 26 January – 16 March 2010
Episodes: 8
Cast: Eikura Nana, Anne, Kaname Jun, Fujiki Naohito, Kawaguchi Haruna, Danta Yasunori, Kimura Yoshino, Igarashi Shunji, Hasegawa Jun, Katase Nana, Konno Mahiro, Arisaka Kurume
Theme song: “Don’t Cry Anymore” by miwa
Synopsis: Tsunoda Miki starts working for a major company to support her mother and invalid sister. She makes a friend of another trainee, but things only go down hill from their. Backstabbing, alienation, tricks, lies, jealousy, and much more run rampant in the Miki’s department causing her life to become mired in the murk of corporate infighting where you can trust no one.

Eikura Nana

Eikura Nana as Tsunoda Miki

This is a really fast-paced drama and it moves forward quite fast, revealing plots and character machinations that might usually take a little bit longer to show up. Definitely worth rewatching to try to catch everything since there is a lot going on all at once.

Episode summary: Like many dramas, Nakanai to Kimeta Hi starts at the end, or rather the beginning of the end and then we rewind to the beginning to see how are main character gets up on that rooftop in the pouring rain to kill herself. Seriously. And this is just the beginning!

Eikura Nana stars as Tsunoda Miki who has just gotten hired into global company AOI Trading working in the international food department. At orientation she sees a girl with the same cellphone charm has hers. She and the the other girl Tachibana Marika both end up working in the same department (but different offices). Miki is excited to start work, but right off the bat we know things won’t go well when a new manager is introduced and gossip starts spreading like wildfire among all of the employees.


Anne as Tachibana Marika

Miki introduces herself and is immediately sent over to the coworker in charge of training her. She is a little put off by the cold reception. Marika got a very warm one in her office. Miki goes to sit down and get settled in but is immediately handed the task of photocopying documents and delivering them to the departments. She forgot the paper was double-sided and had to redo them, but another coworker came and asked to use the copy machine in a rush. Miki lets her use it and the other girl accidentally hits the fax button in her rush, faxing company secrets out to another party. This gets discovered and the other girl tosses the blame on Miki who vehemently denies that she is in the wrong.

Kawaguchi Haruna

Kawaguchi Haruna as Tsunoda Ai

Miki’s boss Sano (Danta Yasunori) pulls Miki aside and tells her that if Miki wants to last, she will have to take responsibility for her mistakes. A disheartened Miki goes home where her mother and sister await her. Miki’s little sister Ai, is an invalid who is preparing for surgery to make her legs the same length again. You can see Miki’s love for Ai, but you also notice an uncomfortable, guilty expression as well when she is around her little sister. After hearing her mom and sister talk about how great it is that Miki got into AOI, Miki becomes even more determined to due her best.

The next day Miki goes into work early and apologizes for yesterday’s mistake to Sano. Sano lectures about Miki not taking responsibility sooner for which Miki apologizes for again. Really, her doing this is not helping the situation, but after hearing Sano say that Miki has a one year probationary period, Miki became afraid that this mistake (which wasn’t hers to begin with) could keep her from getting hired permanently. Sano then has Miki apologize to all of her coworkers who start badmouthing her and talking bad about how she denied everything yesterday only to admit to it today.

Cast of Nakanai to Kimeta Hi

Fujjiki Naohito

Fujjiki Naohito as Kirino Seiji

Miki goes about work, making more copies. The copier runs out of paper and the new manager, Kirino Seiji asks her why she apologized to everyone and paid them lip service (does he know that Miki didn’t make the mistake?). Miki is taken aback by this question. Seiji then looks at her and says he will give her one day to think of her answer. I think it’s safe to say he doesn’t like what is going on inside the company and he doesn’t like those who follow blindly (conjecture at this point, but I think its true). Seiji is a hard character to read and I don’t know if we’ll come to understand more about him later or not. Fujiki Naohito always plays interesting characters (loved him in Hotaru no Hikari).

At the department meeting, Sano gives Miki the task of calculating the estimations for two new companies joining the AOI family. This angers the other coworkers who are jealous that such an important task is given to the newbie. They pass a vicious note along, with each (female) employee adding her two cents worth. I am happy Sano is giving Miki the chance to redeem herself, but you have to wonder if Sano has any other intentions. Miki is surprised to get the task and has no idea exactly what is expected of her. She tries to ask for help, but her coworkers ignore her.

Kaname Jun

Kaname Jun as Nakahara Shota

Late at night, Miki still has not figured out what she is supposed to be doing. She then gets a call, her very first. The caller, Nakahara Shota, needs information. Miki doesn’t know where to get it and he tells her what it should be in. She finds the information and gives it to him. She then asks if she can trouble him for an explanation of what Sano said earlier. Nakahara is confused by what she is asking and questions how the phrase was used. Miki repeats Sano’s words and Nakahara finally understands. He tells Miki what she needs to do and she is happy and thanks him profusely before hanging up. Nakahara looks up the number he called and found out it was extension 9 and smiles. It seems Miki left an impression on him (a good one :)). Miki happily completes the work and goes home.

The next day Miki finds out she has to go meet with Ai’s doctor as her mother can’t make it. Marika invites Miki out for drinks with coworkers, but Miki declines and tells Marika about her little sister and the operation. At the office, Sano has another worker check Miki’s estimations, which were correct. Miki went to get tape and another worker switched the papers so Miki puts them in the wrong envelopes (others see this but do nothing).

Miki meets Marika for lunch as planned earlier since she can’t make the dinner. In the lunch line, she realizes she forgot her ID card and the man next to her put her meal on his to make things easier. Miki thanks him and asks his name and what department he’s from so she can repay him. He says it’s not necessary and Miki catches the name on his ID card and realizes its the Nakahara from the other night. She introduces herself and Nakahara immediately calls her “Kyuu-chan,” puzzling Miki. She thanks him again for his help and asks him why Kyuu-chan. Nakahara states that it’s because it’s her extension (kyuu being nine in Japanese). Marika sees this and wonders if Miki is dating Nakahara. Miki denies it (they aren’t . . . yet). It seems little miss Marika is interested in Nakahara-san.

When the latest mistake is uncovered, Sano is scolded and she in turn scolds the worker who was supposed to look over Miki’s work, the coworker said it’s not her fault Miki put them in the wrong envelopes. Miki apologizes to everyone and is sad and ashamed to see Seiji and his boss bowing down to the client and apologizing. Remembering that Sano said she had to apologize and take responsibility, she runs after the client to apologize, actually making things worse. Seiji tells Miki that she is not in the position to take responsibility for such actions and she should not have interfered with the client who now knows that the other company was getting more money from AOI than his own. This means the estimates had to all be redone to appease the client. Miki desperately wants to help, but no one will let her. So while everyone is working their butts off, Miki just sits at her desk. She goes to the ladies room to call the doctor about meeting him later and then gets yelled at by a fellow coworker for wasting her time while they are being worked to death over her mistake.

When everyone is done, they tell Miki she has to stay and do a direct mailing of postcards. Miki works hard but is about ready to break down when Marika comes and offers her help so that Miki can get done faster and go to the hospital. Miki accepts the help and leaves. A coworker of Marika comes in and Marika tells him that Miki is like a certain animal in a fable where when they are deceived once, they are easy to deceive again and again. Looks like Marika just might have a darker side she is keeping hidden. Miki learns that the surgery and everything went well and another surgery is required and lots of physical therapy, but everything should be fine. Miki then tells the doctor that she is the reason for her younger sister’s injury and infirmity. When they were younger, Ai climbed a tree but the ladder fell. Miki was too little to pick it up and move it back. She went running for help, but Ai fell out of the tree before she could get to the house for help. It explains Miki’s guilty expression when she sees Ai.

The next day Miki arrives at the office to find no one around. She finds out from the cleaning staff that it is the companies anniversary. Miki rushes to the hall only to arrive as the ceremony is ending. All of her coworkers ignore her and leave her behind. She runs up to the roof where she cries. Seiji comes up to the roof for a smoke and Miki tells him about her desire to work in the company and how she thought all the people their had a special glow about them, but she can’t see that now. Seiji asks Miki what she really wants and then kind of gives her a pep talk and asks her if she has the strength to go on.

Miki decides to move forward and she goes on the company outing to a factory where they store food. She and Marika work together learning the ins and outs of the factory. On their way to do inventory in the freezer, they run into Nakahara who is there checking on the progress of something. Nakahara notices his Kyuu-chan and talks with her, surprising Marika’s boss. Marika introduces herself but Nakahara barely acknowledges her and talks to Kyuu-chan for a little while longer before leaving.

While in the freezer, Marika is summoned to go elsewhere. She forgets that she has Miki’s clipboard with the code to get out of the freezer. Instead of telling the other workers, Marika keeps quiet, leaving Miki with no way out. The other coworkers are angry that Miki disappeared as they want to go home. They ask Marika if she knows where Miki is, but she replies she doesn’t and smiles. Miki is desperately trying to get out of the freezer, but can’t get a hold of anyone nor can she remember the combination for the lock. Nakahara goes back into the room where the employees stored their things and notices a purse in the trash. He pulls out the ID card in the purse and is shocked to see it’s his Kyuu-chan’s. And that’s where we leave off with this episode.

Eikura Nana

My thoughts: Wowza! And I thought Sunao ni Narenakute was bad with it’s fast-paced plot. This is one doozy of a story and it has only just begun. I wonder if Miki will really end up killing herself? I definitely want to see her persevere, but its hard to believe she will with everyone, even the person she thought was her friend, against her.

A admit surprise that Marika’s character would go to such lengths. Is it because she set her eyes on Nakahara, or is she just naturally that devious? Although I suppose her true nature is hinted at when she says that she has gotten everything she’s wanted and she asks Miki if she has as well.

I admit confusion over Miki’s guilt towards her little sister. Truthfully, the accident wasn’t her fault. She was young and scared and just wasn’t able to get help in time for Ai. This shouldn’t mean she carries such a huge burden around. Oi. And Miki’s naivety is something else. There are times you just want her to get with the picture and realize what is going on around her. And she should no better than to take the blame for someone else’s mistake. Hopefully she will learn and become stronger in the future.

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