Oh! My Lady Episode 10 Recap

Choi Si Won

Gae Hwa refuses to clean Min Woo’s house

Gae Hwa tries talking to Min Woo who basically ignores everything she says and tells her that he is a bad person with consideration for no one but himself. Min Woo wakes up the next day and Gae Hwa has not cleaned up after Ye Eun so Min Woo was stepping and sitting on toys. This annoys him at first, but then he is happy as (to him) it must mean that Gae Hwa has accepted he is giving Ye Eun up and that she has to leave his employment. Really, Min Woo should know better as Gae Hwa is the consummate meddler. Gae Hwa talks to Ye Eun’s doctor who tells her to hang in there until Min Woo changes his mind again. However, Gae Hwa fears she doesn’t have enough influence over Min Woo to get him to change his mind.

Gae Hwa heads to work, she doesn’t want to believe Min Woo is actually backing out of the musical so she is keeping it a secret from the others who are busy preparing a presentation for the prospective investor. When the investor arrives, Gae Hwa and Shi Joon are shocked to see Byung Hak (Gae Hwa’s ex). Byung Hak pretends like he doesn’t know either Shi Joon (who he never actually met, so I guess that’s okay) or Gae Hwa and asks to be introduced to all the employees before the presentation. Introductions are made and Shi Joon begins the preparations. Later, Byung Hak says he’ll think the investment over and leaves. Gae Hwa tells Kim and Oh that Byung Hak is her ex. Oh is surprised that Gae Hwa let such a wealthy husband get away (wealth can’t make up for the worm Byung Hak is, though he does redeem himself a bit in episode 12, surprisingly enough).

Oh! My Lady episode 10

Reporter Han finds the pictures of Min Woo, Gae Hwa, and Ye Eun at the zoo. It looked like they were posted online, but I guess not as the news didn’t get leaked this episode. Han goes to Jung who has seen the pictures as well and is not happy. Jung takes Han out for lunch and does his best to get him off Min Woo’s “family.” Han asks Jung if Min Woo go married before he was a star and lost the opportunity to claim his wife and child. Plausible, but not the case. It’s actually something that has happened in the entertainment industry before as single sells better than married with kids. Jung pretends to get a phone call from Min Woo and talks about a hot springs trip to Japan (to get Han off on another scent). Jung then calls Yu Ra to set up the trip to Japan. Such a smart conniving b*stard.

Kim Hee Won, Kim Kwang Gyu

“When did Min Woo get married?”

Shi Joon invites Gae Hwa out to lunch as Kim and Oh were out on business and were eating lunch together. Shi Joon asks if Gae Hwa will be uncomfortable with her ex investing in the project. Gae Hwa says that she won’t be, but she worries about how much they can trust Byung Hak as he has been unreliable in the past. Shi Joon says it must be hard on Gae Hwa who replies that she is stronger than she looks and then she changes the subject to show off her new knowledge of musicals that she has garnered from the book Shi Joon gave her. This amuses Shi Joon who smiles. Jung Ah and Ho Suk arrive for lunch and see Shi Joon and Gae Hwa talking and smiling. Ho Suk can’t believe the coincidence and Jung Ah states that she and Shi Joon used to come to that restaurant on dates. Jung Ah is unhappy that Shi Joon smiles that freely at someone who is not her. Jung Ah didn’t want to get caught, or so I thought, but now I’m thinking she kind of did. Why else would you take your lover to frequent a restaurant you used to go with all the time with your husband?

Chae Rim, Lee Hyun Woo

Jung Ah gets jealous of Gae Hwa?

Min Woo goes to meet Yu Ra who is chatting happily with their mutual friend. Yu Ra asks Min Woo to go on a hot springs tour of Japan with her. Min Woo is happy to be asked and says he will just have to check his schedule first. Yu Ra says she already talked to Jung who said Min Woo’s schedule is clear. Min Woo then takes Yu Ra and his friend out shopping where he spoils Yu Ra like crazy, buying everything she sets her sights on. Frankly, Yu Ra likes the attention and being showered with gifts. Their friend feels like a third wheel, but his happy when Min Woo buys him a shirt (though Min Woo should have done more to thank him considering all the trouble he went through to carry all those bags). Byung Hak meets with Eom Dae Young and says he was impressed with Shi Joon and all the hard work he does. Dae Young says that even though he doesn’t like his hoobae, he wouldn’t send Byung Hak to a musical company with no hope (makes you wonder considering all he’s done to destroy Shi Joon).

Park Han Byul, Choi Siwon

“Come with me to Japan!”

Yoo Tae Woong, Chae RimGae Hwa takes Min Ji home from school. Min Ji takes the opportunity to give Gae Hwa a pretty cell phone charm and confirm that her mom will be speaking to her class. Gae Hwa thanks Min Ji and says she hasn’t forgotten. Byung Hak comes home and Gae Hwa sends Min Ji inside so she can talk with her ex. Gae Hwa tells Byung Hak to go ahead with the investment as they should separate their personal matters from work matters. Byung Hak agrees to this proposal, happy that Gae Hwa isn’t too angry with him for net telling her about investing in the company.

Gae Hwa goes back home after grocery shopping and decides to work even harder at Min Woo’s and try to do her best to convince Min Woo to keep Ye Eun who is in the stage of her recovery where she really needs the love of her father (she has it if only Min Woo is man enough to give it). After cooking and cleaning, Gae Hwa and Ye Eun sit down together and do some origami animals like the ones they saw in the zoo. Ye Eun is enjoying herself and she and Gae Hwa even make a little Min Woo and a Ye Eun (really cute).

Ye Eun's Zoo

Ye Eun’s origami zoo

Min Woo eats dinner with Yu Ra and they take a walk. They head back to Min Woo’s car for some privacy and Yu Ra confesses that she has liked Min Woo for awhile, but didn’t know how to tell him. Yu Ra closes her eyes and Min Woo goes in for a kiss only to have Gae Hwa pop into his head (LOVE IT!). Yu Ra is waiting and waiting and finally she cracks open an eye to see why he hasn’t kissed her yet. It gets really awkward and she asks Min Woo to drive her home which he jumps at. Min Woo can’t believe that he missed such an opportunity. He gets home and dumps Ye Eun’s animals on the floor. Gae Hwa and Ye Eun had come out of the bedroom to show Min Woo Ye Eun’s drawing of their zoo outing. Ye Eun gets upset at seeing the animals on the floor and takes the drawing and goes back into the bedroom. Gae Hwa follows after Min Woo, scolding him for being so inconsiderate of Ye Eun’s gifts to him. Min Woo says that Gae Hwa doesn’t know if that was Ye Eun’s intentions. Gae Hwa then asks Min Woo to let them both stay. They will keep clear of Min Woo and pretend not to know him. Min Woo insists on letting Ye Eun and Gae Hwa go (Ye Eun overhears this).

Kim Yoo Bin, Chae Rim

Ye Eun clings to Gae Hwa

The next morning Min Woo feels bad for how he treated Ye Eun, but still decides its best to let her go. He can’t believe how hard Gae Hwa is still working even though he’s asked her to leave. Meanwhile, Ye Eun doesn’t want to let go of Gae Hwa and go to school. The teacher tries to get Ye Eun to let go, but she just hangs on, almost causing Gae Hwa to fall. Gae Hwa finally manages to untangle herself and she tells Ye Eun she’ll be back to pick her up after work. At work, Gae Hwa finds out that Byung Hak has decided to invest in the project. Everyone is ecstatic that they’ll be getting the funding necessary to keep the production going. Gae Hwa says that she did tell her ex that it was okay to invest in the project, amazing Oh and Kim.

Min Woo packs for his trip with Yu Ra who calls and he says he will meet her at the airport. Gae Hwa calls Min Woo to talk about what’s going on with Ye Eun. Min Woo refuses to answer her calls. Shi Joon overhears part of the conversation and wonders what is going on. Gae Hwa says that there is nothing wrong between her and Min Woo, too afraid to tell the truth that Min Woo might quit the musical, putting them all back at square one. Gae Hwa then gets a call from Ye Eun’s school and rushes out to see her.

Gae Hwa is told by Bok Nim that Ye Eun refused to communicate or go to class and began throwing toys. Gae Hwa goes to Ye Eun who immediately rushes to be held. Gae Hwa holds her and tells her that Ye Eun will have to be patient and wait for Min Woo who doesn’t realize how much he loves the little girl. Gae Hwa then tells Ye Eun that until Min Woo finally admits his feelings for Ye Eun, then Gae Hwa will be there taking care of her. Ye Eun says “Yes, ahjumma,” making Gae Hwa happy that Ye Eun finally spoke. Gae Hwa immediately tries calling Min Woo who keeps ignoring her so she finally leaves him a voice mail.

Kim Yoo Bin

“Ne, ahjumma.”

Min Woo is on his way to the airport when he sees a lost little girl. He stops the car to help, but her mother comes before he can. This gets him thinking about Ye Eun again. He goes to the office to see Manager Jung who isn’t there. He calls Jung to find out where he is. He tells Jung that he wants a good orphanage for Ye Eun and that he will definitely adopt his daughter back. Jung says not to worry and tells Min Woo to have a good trip. Min Woo accidentally sees the pictures on Jung’s computer of him, Gae Hwa, and Ye Eun at the zoo. This shocks Min Woo. Meanwhile, Yu Ra is waiting for Min Woo at the airport and reporter Han stakes her out. Han thinks that Yu Ra is chasing after Min Woo too hard and that will lead her relationship with Min Woo to unravel.

Chae Rim, Kim Hee Won

Jung grabs Gae Hwa

Jung Ah arranges to meet with Shi Joon to talk over “important matters.” Gae Hwa goes back to the office only to be stopped by Manager Jung. He asks Gae Hwa to go with him and she refuses. Jung and his men grab Gae Hwa and force her into the car. Shi Joon, leaving to meet Jung Ah, witnesses this and gets in the car to chase after Gae Hwa. Unfortunately, Shi Joon loses sight of them. He then calls Min Woo who almost didn’t answer his phone. Shi Joon says that Gae Hwa has been grabbed by Jung. This shocks Min Woo even more (really it shouldn’t knowing Jung’s attitude towards Gae Hwa and Ye Eun).

Jung asks Gae Hwa to sign a contract. Gae Hwa ignores this and begins yelling at Jung, asking him if he was the one who told Min Woo to abandon Ye Eun. Jung says yes and Gae Hwa says that he should be afraid of Heaven’s retribution. Jung doesn’t care. Min Woo calls Jung and asks where he is, Jung refuses to tell him and hangs up. Min Woo rushes off to where Shi Joon lost Gae Hwa. Min Woo knows that there is a place Jung frequents nearby. He tells Shi Joon (who already made excuses to his wife) to go ahead and leave and Shi Joon refuses saying he’ll follow Min Woo. So Min Woo gets in his car and heads off to find Gae Hwa who adamantly refuses money and refuses to sign the contract.

Gae Hwa accuses Jung of seeing Min Woo as only a product and not a human being. Jung says that is all Min Woo will ever be to him and he intends to get his money’s worth out of Min Woo. Gae Hwa says that Min Woo is a good person who doesn’t deserve to be treated like that. She and Jung start yelling and Jung gets impatient. Min Woo bursts through the door and beats up Jung’s men, surprising Jung and Gae Hwa. Gae Hwa is even more surprised when Shi Joon walks in the door and grabs her, telling her to leave with him.

Chae Rim, Lee Hyun Woo, Choi Siwon

Shi Joon and Min Woo rescue Gae Hwa

My thoughts: Wow. This episode was a doozy towards the end. I like the fact that Min Woo keeps insisting he’ll bring Ye Eun back. It shows his love, but then you want to hit him upside the head and tell him not to send the girl away in the first place because you know deep down how much he really loves her. Relationships are getting crazily complicated and will only get worse from here (especially after episodes 11 and 12, believe me). I honestly think that a part of Shi Joon is falling for Gae Hwa and this makes his wife jealous (she really doesn’t have the right as she cheated on him).

I am curious to know what Dae Yong has planned for Shi Joon. He wants to see him fail and he sends Byung Hak his way. Well, Byung Hak is honestly investing and seems interested in the project especially after the meeting, so what does Dae Yong have up his sleeve? Or is he just throwing a drowning man a small lifeline out of pity? Who knows?

Ah, Yu Ra and Jung. Gotta hate them. Although, I do end up feeling a little sorry for Yu Ra in episode 12, but then again I think she deserves what she gets because I honestly do not think she likes Min Woo with all of her heart. He is just a springboard for her. True she wants him, but not for love, but rather for status because a man of his situation fits a woman of her situation. Whatever.

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