Oh! My Lady Episode 9 Recap

Gae Hwa steps in between Min Woo and Shi Joon as they argue about funding for the musical. Gae Hwa scolds Min Woo saying he is just making matters worse. Min Woo can’t believe that Gae Hwa is siding with Shi Joon and not him (as he is trying to save her job). Shi Joon leaves, refusing to deal with Min Woo. Gae Hwa and Min Woo continue fighting until Min Woo stalks off to leave unhappy with how things turned out. Gae Hwa apologizes for Min Woo to Shi Joon saying that he isn’t flaunting his money, but just trying to be helpful. Well, at least she understands his intentions even if she doesn’t support the way he handled things.Chae Rim, Choi Si Won

Min Woo didn’t leave and he and Gae Hwa go pick up Ye Eun. Min Woo and Gae Hwa begin arguing again and Gae Hwa tells Min Woo to be quiet (he was starting to raise his voice) because he will scare Ye Eun. Min Woo stops the car and he and Gae Hwa step out and continue their argument away from Ye Eun. Min Woo, getting frustrated and angry, abandons Gae Hwa and goes home alone where Reporter Han is camping out waiting for him to arrive. Min Woo goes to take Ye Eun up to the apartment and is spotted by Han. He runs for it with Ye Eun, managing to elude the reporter. He tries calling Gae Hwa to come help, but he can’t get through to her cell phone so he calls security who kicks the reporter out.

Min Woo hides from Reporter Han Min Woo gets Ye Eun up to the apartment without further incident and tucks her in (how sweet). Too bad he doesn’t take off her sweater and just puts her fully clothed to bed. Gae Hwa comes back and Min Woo doesn’t tell her about the reporter. These two are still angry with each other. Gae Hwa is happy Min Woo put Ye Eun to bed, but frustrated as the poor child was sweating to death with the covers and heavy sweater she was wearing. Since Reporter Han has no proof, he writes an anonymous article about a Mr. S who was seen with a child. Manager Jung sees this and is less than thrilled as he knows how Han stalks Min Woo so this means that Mr. S is none other than his unmanageable star.

Choi Si Won, Kim Yoo Bin

Meanwhile, Gae Hwa is doing her best to placate Shi Joon who distances himself from her. This makes Gae Hwa unhappy as she and he were finally beginning to get along better. The Show Company has a meeting to discuss the posters for the show and Shi Joon is unhappy and wants them completely redone. Oh points out that they don’t know if they’ll have the money to do the posters like Shi Joon wants. Shi Joon doesn’t care and insists expanding the promotional budget to redo the posters. At break time, the three employees get together and gripe about Shi Joon’s perfectionism. It is the first time Gae Hwa, Oh, and Kim get along and really bond. They decide to have an after work party sometime and not tell Shi Joon. Ah, nothing like being united against an unreasonable boss. Shi Joon then comes out and tells Gae Hwa to go to J-Move to visit Teacher Han for the costume designs.

Chae Rim, Hwang Hyo Eun, Hong Jong Hyun

Gae Hwa goes and takes notes while the costume designer and Teacher Han discuss various designs and go over sketches. Afterward, Han invites Gae Hwa for lunch and they eat noodles together. While eating, Gae Hwa gets a call from Min Ji about going on a camping trip. Han asks about Gae Hwa’s daughter and Gae Hwa says they are really close and she misses her more as Min Ji lives with her father now. Han opens up about how she and Shi Joon tried having children. When Han found out she was pregnant, she also got a very important choreography job. She took the job and in the end lost the baby. Shi Joon didn’t yell at her or comfort her. Han says she knows it was her fault. Gae Hwa says that Han must have been hurting a lot and Shi Joon should have been more understanding. Han says Gae Hwa is a nice woman who instinctively makes people trust in her and confide in her (Teacher Han is starting to grow on me, she is still selfish, but now we have a few more reasons for her and Shi Joon’s cold marriage).

Chae Rim, Moon Jung Hee

Jung calls Min Woo to the office where he shows Min Woo the report that Han wrote. Min Woo says that nothing happened and Han didn’t get a picture of his face. This does nothing to placate Jung. Yu Ra calls up Min Woo and asks for a favor. Min Woo leaves the office and heads over to a bridal store where Yu Ra is trying on a wedding dress she designed for a friend. She has Min Woo try on the tux so they can have both dress and suit fitted properly for the wedding. Seriously, even if it’s a gift, you need the real bridge and groom not stand ins. Yu Ra’s scheming to get Min Woo to think about her and marriage. Whether or not she does care a little bit for him, I don’t know, but it seems like she is just using him for his status still.

Choi Siwon, Park Han Byul

Gae Hwa takes Min Ji shopping for her camping trip. Byung Hak comes home and Gae Hwa scolds him for not taking proper care of Min Ji. Byung Hak states he is preparing Min Ji for the real world (and using others for what you need). He and Gae Hwa bicker about her job and other things. Shi Joon meets with his sunbae who stole the funding, but his sunbae presents him to a new investor. Yu Ra meets with Manager Jung and Yu Ra says Jung has to be careful of Gae Hwa who is always around Min Woo. Ye Eun is progressing nicely with her therapy and Gae Hwa’s friend says it’s all because of what Gae Hwa is doing to take care of the little girl (Gae Hwa is starting to care about Ye Eun as if she is really her own daughter).

Choi Si Won, Kim Hee Won

Discussing Min Woo’s future

Manger Jung, Min Woo, and the driver go out for karaoke and drinks. Jung kicks the driver out to have a discussion with Min Woo. Jung asks Min Woo about his future career and marriage. With Ye Eun, Min Woo could lose out on his future. Having just seen Yu Ra in a wedding dress, Min Woo seriously begins thinking about such things. Jung then tells Min Woo to put Ye Eun in an upscale orphanage for awhile allowing Min Woo to have chance at love, marriage, and a much longer career. This, of course, means that Min Woo will drop the musical and kick Gae Hwa to the curb. Min Woo leaves and thinks it over. He decides to send Ye Eun to an orphanage vowing that he will definitely adopt his daughter back. He tells Jung to make the arrangements.

Shi Joon goes home to have his wife offer to invest in the show as she has some money set aside. Shi Joon is again not willing to accept help from her, just like he didn’t want to accept help from Min Woo. This frustrates Jung Ah and adds more strain to their already difficult relationship.

Gae Hwa proposes an outing with Ye Eun as neither had work nor school. Min Woo agrees and they go to the zoo together the next day. Min Woo, Gae Hwa and Ye Eun look just like a family. Ye Eun even got carried on Min Woo’s shoulders (sweet moment!) and she shared her sucker with Min Woo as thanks. Pictures were taken of them, but not by reporter Han. So will the scandal burst out now? Or is this someone Jung hired to be able to have a stronger hold over Min Woo?

Choi Si Won, Chae Rim, Kim Yoo Bin

Min Woo was going to tell Gae Hwa, but she got an important call from Oh saying they were having a late night meeting to prepare a presentation for a potential investor. Gae Hwa leaves and goes to work. Shi Joon asks if she was on an outing from the way she was dressed. Gae Hwa states that she went to the zoo and Shi Joon automatically assumes it was with her daughter Min Ji. Gae Hwa doesn’t like lying, but she can’t tell the truth so she said yes. The rest of the employees arrive and they get down to work.

Shi Joon drops Gae Hwa off at the subway when they finish their late night meeting. When Gae Hwa gets home she overhears Min Woo talking about sending Ye Eun away. Gae Hwa confronts Min Woo who tells her that he is a cold-hearted person and that Ye Eun will ruin his life. Gae Hwa can’t believe what she is hearing as Ye Eun is finally making progress and Min Woo seemed to be getting even closer with his daughter. Min Woo is conflicted (he doesn’t really want to lose his daughter – or Gae Hwa for that matter), Gae Hwa is hurt and angry. She asks Min Woo again if he can just abandon Ye Eun. He replies yes and that’s where this episode leaves us.

Chae Rim, Choi Si Won

“Can you really abandon Ye Eun?”

My thoughts: Even I didn’t understand why Shi Joon was getting as worked up as he did about Min Woo’s offer. I understand pride and agree Min Woo could have handled it better, but it wasn’t something that both Gae Hwa and Shi Joon really needed to get that worked up over. I could do without Yu Ra and Jung interfering with Min Woo when he is starting to become a better person and a caring father. Those two always manage to step in and make things worse for Min Woo and Gae Hwa. I am frustrated that Min Woo actually agreed to Jung’s proposal. He should know better by now that Jung never has altruistic motives and just sees Min Woo as a cash cow, but he always manages to let Jung persuade him into doing the wrong things.

I am glad Gae Hwa is bonding with her coworkers. I don’t understand Shi Joon’s hot and coldness with Gae Hwa, but after watching up to episode 12 (I know, I am behind on recaps), it does look like there might be something about Gae Hwa that is stirring up interest in Shi Joon whose marriage is over in all things, but legally.

I am really happy about all the cute Ye Eun-Min Woo moments. Seeing how he interacts with his daughter at the zoo is priceless. Besides wanting to spend as much time with her before he sends her away, I think you can tell that Min Woo really loves her and wants her to stay. He and Gae Hwa make a great pair and they did look just like a family. Foreshadowing of things to come? I think so. Or at least I hope so. I hope this won’t turn into one of those dramas where you’re actually disappointed that the main character didn’t actually end up with the person you really wanted them to be with.

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