Sunao ni Narenakute Episode 3 Recap

Eita, Ueno Juri

Ueno Juri, Eita

Nakaji gets off the train to talk to Haru, worried about her telling him she hated him and wondering why she is so upset. He happens to overhear her say that she really likes him. Haru is embarrassed when she notices Nakaji and asks if he heard. He says no, but she asks again and he finally admits that he heard her confession. She says to forget about it, she didn’t really mean that she liked him (yeah, like he doesn’t know that’s a lie). Haru stumbles and Nakaji catches her asking if she’s drunk, she admits that she is and tells Nakaji to go to work.

Meanwhile Haru’s mother and the mystery man have gotten a hotel room and are talking about the past when Haru’s brother Shu calls to find out where his mother is. Haru’s mom says she’ll be home right away, the tryst is forgotten. Mystery Man asks how old Shu is. She replies 20 and that she has a 24 year-old daughter as well, this seems to shock the man when he learns about Haru and her age (wonder why? Is it because Haru is around Nakaji’s age?) While both Haru and her mom is out, it looks like Shu snorts some drugs. I wonder how long it will take the high school storyline and this one to merge?

Linda goes into his boss’s apartment where she asks about the photographer Linda is trying so desperately to help. Linda tells her that Nakaji is a good friend of his. Linda’s boss then snuggles up to him. Linda doesn’t want to use his body to gain success at the magazine, but when he thinks about Nakaji, he kisses his boss passionately (will he be able to go all the way this time?).

Igawa Haruka, Eita

“I will always love you”

Nakaji gets back home from his photo shoot (the model was hitting on him earlier :P) and sees the pants that Haru cleaned for him. He thinks back on all their moments they’ve had so far (which actually adds up quite a bit). As he is thinking about Haru, Kiriko (who has snuck out from her husband’s bed) shows up and asks if Nakaji will always love her. He replies in the affirmative and holds Kiriko (seriously this girl is walking on thin ice as her husband woke up when she was sneaking out to see Nakaji). This is a very unhealthy relationship if you ask me, with Kiriko too dependent on Nakaji’s love and Nakaji being held back by Kiriko’s unfair possessiveness.

Kim JaeJoong

While Haru is hurting because of her misunderstanding with Nakaji, Doctor is in agony over whether or not he should call Haru. He fights with himself trying to figure out if he should or not (very amusing to see rolling all over the floor and kicking his legs like a baby). He recalls when he said he likes her and smiles and then stares at the phone again. He decides to try to be a man, but can’t quite bring himself to call. Then his little sister walks in and steals his phone and starts teasing him about this Haru. She offers to call for him, but he manages to wrest the phone from her grasp and shut himself up in his little cupboard of a room (seriously it is that small).

Tamayama Tetsuji

Linda couldn’t go through with it.

Haru meets with Peach and pretends that everything is fine. Peach can’t believe all that has happened between Haru, Doctor, and Nakaji already. So what will happen with Haru liking Nakaji, Nakaji being torn between Kiriko and Haru, and Doctor liking Haru? Will Peach interfere in this already tangled mess? While this goes on, the five friends carry on a tweet conversation about smiling and lying about how you really feel. Poor Linda is on the outs with his editor because he couldn’t preform the other night, Doctor is still being ostracized for his low sales and Peach has had her first ultrasound (really the only happy occurrence so far as she is happy about the baby).

Eita, Ueno Juri

Haru is walking home when she sees Nakaji on a bridge framing pictures with his hands. She frames him with her hand and pretends to take a picture of him. Nakaji then takes a break and notices Haru on the street below. He smiles and tells her to come up as he has a secret to share with her. Haru complies and joins Nakaji on the bridge. There she notices the scenery matches Nakaji’s picture on her phone. She tells him she is surprised such a picture came from this place. Nakaji says there are many sides to nature and the two begin talking and joking, making up their from their fight. (Unfortunately you know these moments don’t last long as these two seem mired in misunderstandings).

Nakaji goes back home where Kiriko is making a floral arrangement saying she wanted to decorate the place a little (how domestic, but Nakaji doesn’t seem like the flower kind of guy). Nakaji doesn’t really look at her or the arrangement and says it’s beautiful. Kiriko doesn’t like this and tells Nakaji to look at her. He does and says she is still beautiful. Kiriko spends the night again and intercepts Haru’s message to Nakaji thanking him for earlier and saying she is glad they made up. This displeases Kiriko greatly.

Ueno Juri, Igawa Haruka

Crazy Kiriko goes off on innocent Haru

The next day Haru goes to meet Nakaji at Emotion for lunch, but Kiriko shows up instead (Nakaji is at a photo shoot and never made the appointment with Haru). Haru is surprised to see Kiriko who asks what Haru thinks of Nakaji. Haru states that he is ok. Kiriko then says she is older than Nakaji so she wonders what people his own age thinks of him. Haru then notices that Kiriko is wearing a wedding band. This shocks Haru. She asks about it and Kiriko says that she is married and that due to family circumstances, she was wed to a wealthy businessman instead of Nakaji. Kiriko says that she and Nakaji are fated to be together and that the first time they met they spent the entire four days in bed (really, that isn’t fate and love but lust). This makes Haru very uncomfortable. She says that Kiriko is being selfish and took the easy way out. If it really was fate, then she would have found a way to be with Nakaji instead of her husband. This enrages Kiriko who grabs Haru telling her to look at Kiriko’s tattoo which is identical to Nakaji’s and symbolizes their love. She says that a girl like Haru will never be able to satisfy a man like Nakaji. (I personally think Kiriko has a few screws loose…quite more than a few actually.)

Haru tweets about her feelings, saying she won’t allow such a thing to hurt her. Doctor is walking and notices a diamond ring and says how strong and beautiful diamonds are. Haru says she wishes she had a heart like a diamond so that what Kiriko did wouldn’t have hurt as much as it did. Meanwhile Linda meets with his mother who gives him back the order form from his dad. Linda is shocked, but pleased until he learns of the condition attached. Linda has to go to an omai with a childhood friend. Poor Linda, it seems like nothing ever works out for him (the editor dropped his story because he couldn’t “perform”). I wonder if his friends will realize how selfless he is and just how much he is suffering alone?


Nakaji meets Mystery Man and gives him an envelope full of money. Mystery Man gives the money back to Nakaji saying he didn’t meet him for that. Instead, Mystery Man pulls out a camera and gives it to Nakaji. This surprises Nakaji as he knows how much that camera means to Mystery Man as it has followed him through his war correspondence years. When the man leaves, Nakaji runs after him and thanks his “father.” I had a feeling he really was Nakaji’s dad. It is interesting just how much Nakaji and Haru are connected without even knowing it (i.e. living in the same neighborhood not far from each other and now having parents who were once lovers).

The five agree to meet up at their Shibuya meeting place. When the all sit down, a song by Chicago called “Hard to Say I’m Sorry” comes on. This song seems to resonate with the young friends and they try to come up with a shortened version of what the song means. Nakaji comes up with it, which is very concise, and the group adopts the saying. Peach suggests in honor of this they should play Truth or Dare and begin being completely honest with each other. They all agree and Linda pulls out his cell phone which has a virtual wheel that is spun to decide who goes first.

Sunao ni Narenakute Main Cast

Truth or Dare?

Ueno Juri, Seki MegumiPeach reveals that she isn’t really a stewardess, but a shop girl. Nakaji admits he shoots pictures for soft core porn magazines. Linda admits he used Twitter for research for a magazine article. Haru admits that she failed her teaching exam so she is only a provisional teacher and not a full-blown one yet. Doctor bows down fast and hits his head on the table apologizing. The others think it’s about the exam, but it turns out he is apologizing for lying about being a doctor. Yay, at least they finally came clean about that stuff to everyone (lots of secrets still abound though). Peach and Haru go to the ladies room where a worried Haru wonders if Peach is sick because she drank too much. Peach finally admits (to Haru only) that she is pregnant. Haru wants to know why Peach didn’t say anything earlier. Peach says she was afraid Haru would look down on her because she is pregnant. Haru hugs her and says she would never look down on Peach. While Haru and Peach are in the restroom, Linda gives Doctor the order from is father, which both surprises and pleases Doctor. Nakaji witnesses all this and is happy for his new friends.

The next day, Kiriko recalls what Haru said about how maybe what Kiriko and Nakaji has isn’t fate, but something else. She also remembers how Haru said that Kiriko took the easy way out. Kiriko gets mad and breaks her wine glass. She picks up a shard of glass and then cuts her arm open. Really! This girl is definitely a little sick in the head. While Kiriko is doing this Haru’s mom and Nakaji’s dad meet. Haru’s mom wants to know why Nakaji’s dad came looking for her as she knows that it wasn’t a coincidence.

Igawa Haruka

Psycho girlfriend cuts herself and blames Haru!

Kiriko goes to Nakaji and tells him that Haru broke a glass and then cut Kiriko’s arm. Why would Haru do this? Kiriko replies that Haru got angry at Kiriko who said that she was only playing with Nakaji. Haru then smashed the glass and cut Kiriko (take that back, this girl is a whole lotta sick in the head). Nakaji (like an idiot) believes that Haru really did hurt her.

Haru is at school teaching where Matsushima Kenta is drawing her portrait instead of concentrating on the poetry lesson at hand. This does not bode well as a jealous Maeda Yuki watches Kenta’s every move. While Haru is teaching, Doctor is getting praised and gains the honor of being the top seller for the month. Doctor’s coworkers are both happy for him and jealous (sales is very competitive). While Doctor is basking in the glow of praise, Linda learns that he has erectile dysfunction from his physician. Doctor on his way home, sees a flower shop and decides to buy a present for Haru.

Eita, Ueno Juri

It is raining and Haru runs into the convenience store to buy an umbrella. She notices Nakaji and still happy from their making up and the party the other night she approaches him lightheartedly and asks him truth or dare, if he was looking at porn. Nakaji says he was waiting for Haru, but his attitude is less than welcoming. They walk out together and Nakaji accuses Haru of hurting Kiriko. Haru says a glass did get broken during their argument, but that Kiriko wasn’t hurt by it. Nakaji says his relationship with Kiriko has nothing to do with Haru. This upsets Haru who points out Kiriko is married. Nakaji shouts that he doesn’t care. Haru asks what about Nakaji’s future as Kiriko is married so there is no real future for the two lovers. Haru says that his relationship with Kiriko will only hold him back. Nakaji states he doesn’t care and warns Haru to stay away from Kiriko. Haru chases after Nakaji and grabs his arm, crying and begging him to believe her that she didn’t hurt Kiriko. He throws her to the ground and says to stop doing things that will make him hate her. Poor Haru! He then leaves her alone in the rain.

Ueno Juri, Kim Jaejoong

Haru rushes into Doctor’s arms.

We learn that Nakaji’s father is looking up Haru’s mother and giving Nakaji the camera because he is ill. Is he dying? We don’t really know yet. Nakaji goes home and gets his camera. He still has the photo from when he first met Haru and called her a pervert. He sits there trying to figure out if he should delete it or not. Meanwhile, Haru makes her way home and is shocked to see Doctor in front of her house with flowers. She asked him how he knew where she lived. He said that he got advice and her address from Peach. Emotionally distraught, Haru rushes into Doctor’s arms, shocking Doctor. He wraps his arms around her and Haru asks what he meant at the movie theater when he spoke in Korean. Doctor translates his Korean “I like you” into a Japanese “I like you.” And Nakaji decides to delete the picture.

My thoughts: What an emotional roller coaster episode! Haru and Nakaji fight, makeup, and fight again. Haru gets picked on by Kiriko and falsely accused by both Kiriko and Nakaji. Linda loses his article he worked so hard on and finds out that he has erectile dysfunction. The only ones not going totally crazy as of now are Peach and Doctor.

I want Kiriko out of the picture, but she’s here to stay for awhile. No good will come out of the entanglement and obsession she has with Nakaji. Haru is right in saying that Kiriko chose a life of comfort over love and that saying Kiriko and Nakaji aren’t fated because of this is actually pretty accurate. This episode makes me wonder if it is Kiriko’s blood at the beginning of the first episode.

I am glad that the characters are starting to be more honest, but I wonder if they will ever start being completely honest with all the heartache they are going through. The whole Haru-Kenta-Shu storyline is developing, and I wonder just what is going to happen. This is definitely a drama with a lot of intersecting and confusing plotlines. It’s hard to keep up with almost. I can’t believe so much has happened in these first 3 episodes. What awaits us in the next 8? According to previews, definitely more fireworks and developments along the Doctor-Haru-Nakaji-Kiriko relationship.


  • Its wonderful reading this since i can’t watch the drama 😀 😀 😀 thanks so much for posting! 😀

  • Thank you very much!!
    Loving this drama!! 🙂

    • You are most welcome. I really enjoyed this drama and am happy I stuck through it and recapped (even though I did end up getting horribly behind for awhile).

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