Personal Preference Episode 7 Recap

Lee Min Ho, Son Ye JinKae In is in shock over the kiss she had with Jin Ho. After mulling things over, her conclusion was that Jin Ho likes women now, or is bisexual. She goes out to the living room where she runs into Jin Ho who apologizes for anything he might have done as he was completely wasted the night before. Kae In decides to test if he was really telling the truth or not so she asks him if he remembered saying he would give her money. He apologizes and gets out his wallet. Kae In says she was just joking and they go their separate ways. At this point, I don’t know if he really doesn’t remember the kiss or if he is lying (as he has a flashback to the kiss later in the episode).

On his way to work, Jin Ho thinks back on moments he has had with Kae In with fondness, however, he still calls to set up a time to move out of Sanggojae as the Dam Art Gallery Project is out of his reach and he is beginning to like Kae In (like-like, maybe even love). Sang Joon agrees with Jin Ho’s decision to leave and tries to cheer him up with a corny joke about remodeling the Blue House (Korean equivalent to the White House). Meanwhile Kae In goes to the gallery to meet In Hee who gives Kae In part of the money for remodeling the children’s room. She calls Jin Ho in front of Kae In who had no idea they were in contact with each other. In Hee then informs Kae In that she is a horrible person as Kae In doesn’t even know that Jin Ho lost the Art Gallery Project. This hurts Kae In because Jin Ho didn’t confider in her. She tries to call Jin Ho, but he ignores her call.

Lee Min Ho, Son Ye Jin

Eating a good meal lifts the spirits

While Kae In is out shopping she comes across a stuffed lion and she impulsively buys it. When she gets back to Sanggojae, she tells the lion it is his new home and that there was a hyung who looked just like the lion. She then names him Jin Ho and starts cooking a large dinner for when Jin Ho comes back to help comfort him with the loss of the gallery project. Jin Ho comes home and sits down to the meal Kae In cooked. He talks about not being there forever and Kae In does not like to hear that. Jin Ho can’t come right out and say he plans on leaving over the weekend and says that he will be with Kae In for a while longer yet, comforting her. Jin Ho asks Kae In out on a date as a final test of her woman training. Kae In is ecstatic, thinking of it as a real date (which it is in a way). Jin Ho refuses to take out the garbage with Kae In and go for a moonlight walk, disappointing Kae In.

Kim Ji Suk, Son Ye Jin

“Please help me, Kae In”

As Kae In takes the trash out, she sees Chang Ryul outside the door (again). Kae In is angry and asks him to leave. He says that no matter what happens he always finds himself coming back to see Kae In when he is feeling down. He then tells Kae In about his mother leaving for Africa. He may never be able to see her again. He also tells Kae In that he and In Hee were officially over because In Hee didn’t love him, but loved Kae In’s Chang Ryul who was flawless. He then asks Kae In to help him by pretending to be his “wife” In Hee to make his mom happy before she leaves. Kae In refuses. Meanwhile, Jin Ho goes looking for Kae In and overhears her and Chang Ryul’s conversation. Chang Ryul then tells Kae In that this woman is his birth mother and he doesn’t want to disappoint her the last time they meet. This weakens Kae In as she is a sucker for such sob stories (especially in regards to mothers). She finally agrees to help Chang Ryul, making the listening Jin Ho angry for her being such a sucker.

Kae In tells Jin Ho she’ll have to cancel their date, saying a friend just had a baby and needed her help. Jin Ho knows the real truth, so this lie angers him and he says some mean things to Kae In who goes to talk to her Jin Ho lion. Later that night, Jin Ho and Kae In end up going for a ride and Kae In tells Jin Ho to scream out his frustrations as it will make him feel better. Jin Ho refuses, but Kae In eventually breaks him down and he screams, softly at first, then more loudly. They then stop where they talk a bit more. Jin Ho does a “fake” confession of his feelings and asks Kae In what would she do if the man she loves is in love with someone else (someone he can’t have and can’t forget) and who would sometimes call her by his ex’s name. Kae In says she would understand and stay by the man. Jin Ho becomes angry and says love is about protecting something, not about throwing away your pride. Jin Ho drops Kae In off at Sanggojae after telling her to toughen up and become a harder, less forgiving person.

Son Ye Jin, Lee Min Ho

“Don’t forget that roses have thorns”

Feeling guilty about how he was behaving to Kae In, Jin Ho goes and buys her a rose, which he sets outside her bedroom door. The next morning, a shocked Kae In finds it and asks Jin Ho if he was the one who left it there. Jin Ho tells Kae In to remember that roses also have thorns and when she can remember and understand this, then she will have passed Jin Ho’s test and will be a “woman.” Jin Ho then leaves for work.

He gets a call from In Hee who said that Director Choi is trying to get his father to change the criteria for the Dam Art Gallery Project so Jin Ho shouldn’t give up hope yet. She then tells Jin Ho where to find Choi to talk to him about the project.

Meanwhile, Kae In prepares for her engagement to Chang Ryul. Jin Ho comes home and wants to know why Kae In is still there if she was supposed to be helping her friend with her newborn baby. Kae In says the baby threw up in her hair so she came home to wash up and will be leaving to go back in just awhile. She curses herself for lying and goes back to finish dressing.

Kim Ji Suk, Son Ye Jin

Kae In pretends to be Chang Ryul’s wife

Chang Ryul’s mother is happy to meet his wife “In Hee” and tries talking to Kae In who refuses to answer and just keeps shoveling food in her mouth. This leaves Chang Ryul to answer all of his mother’s questions. Talk about awkward and uncomfortable, but his mother doesn’t really seem to notice. When Kae In goes to the bathroom, Chang Ryul’s mother asked about what was going on with work and Jin Ho. Chang Ryul said that his father set it where Jin Ho could not compete on the same project. Kae In overhears his mother comment about worrying about the previous generation’s feud carrying on into the children and says she is glad that Jin Ho was dropped from the project as it means they won’t have to compete against each other and carry the grudge of their fathers. Before they leave, Chang Ryul’s mother gives Kae In a beautiful broach. In the car, Kae In gives it back to Chang Ryul because it was meant for In Hee. Chang Ryul says In Hee doesn’t deserve it and besides his mom gave it to her. She tosses it back at him and says he can do whatever he wants and then goes into Sanggojae.

Poor Kae In who overate because of her discomfort and not wanting to talk and reveal the truth to Chang Ryul’s mother immediately rushes into the bathroom to be sick. A worried Jin Ho comes in and tries his best to take care of her. He scolds her for overeating and Kae In asks him to help prick her finger because she still felt ill. Jin Ho has never done this before and didn’t want to do it, but he finally caved and pricked her finger. Kae In yelled in pain as he had jabbed to hard, but he did managed to do it right and the bad blood came out. Kae In asked what happened between Chang Ryul’s father and Jin Ho’s. Jin Ho says that Chang Ryul’s father used to work for his father’s company, but he then went to the competition and helped drive his father into bankruptcy. Finally the truth revealed!

The next day Jin Ho goes in search of Director Choi. He was at a cabin on a lake. Director Choi looks happy to see Jin Ho. They sit down and Director Choi begins to teach Jin Ho how to fish. Jin Ho doesn’t really like the live bait and that amuses Choi who thought Jin Ho wasn’t afraid of anything. Choi then asks why Jin Ho didn’t immediately start asking about the project. Jin Ho states that he actually wanted to make sure Choi was all right as he sees him as a friend. This seems to make Choi happy and he tells Jin Ho that he is working on a solution. They also talk about their first loves and how unsuccessful they were. Choi then tells Jin Ho that the handkerchief he lent Jin Ho belonged to his lover, the only gift he had ever received.

Ryu Seong Ryong, Lee Min Ho

Kae In meets with Director Choi who tells her that no matter what happens to him, she will receive her pay and will be able to continue working on the children’s room. Kae In asks if he will leave because of the problems with the art gallery project (he is staking his reputation on it). Choi says yes and then he asks if Jin Ho is worried about it. Kae In replies in the affirmative and Choi says he is challenging this project and he will leave if it fails. This touches Kae In who immediately rushes over to Jin Ho’s office to tell him the good news. She sees that Sang Joon and Tae Hoon are wearing matching shirts and are acting cutesy with each other so she jumps to the conclusion that they are cheating on Jin Ho. Sang Joon says it isn’t true, but Kae In doesn’t listen and Jin Ho throws Sang Joon out. Jin Ho tries to tell Kae In that he isn’t gay, but is interrupted by Sang Joon who he throws out again and then by Kae In who tells him about the gallery project status.

Jin Ho goes to meet with Director Choi to return the handkerchief while Chang Ryul meets an old American acquaintance. Choi tells Jin Ho that he has never thought of confessing his feeling to another person again, but he feels he has to know that he has met Jin Ho. Omo. This shocks Jin Ho as Choi confesses that ever since Choi met Jin Ho and even more so when he inadvertently heard that he was gay, Choi’s heart had been stirred. He tells Jin Ho to think about it for awhile. Meanwhile Chang Ryul’s friend tells Chang Ryul about Choi’s personal preference. This shocks Chang Ryul who then believes that Jin Ho was getting close to Choi knowing that the director was gay in order to land the gallery project.

Lee Min Ho, Ryu Seong Ryong

“You stirred my heart”

Jin Ho leaves the director’s office in shock and runs into Chang Ryul who accuses him of pretending to be gay in order to use Director Choi. Choi happens to overhear this conversation and stands still waiting for Jin Ho’s answer. Jin Ho says he wasn’t using Director Choi at all, but Chang Ryul won’t let it go and asks if Jin Ho is really gay. Jin Ho notices a hurt looking Choi and doesn’t want to reply in the negative. Meanwhile, Kae In comes into the gallery and overhears everything as well. Jin Ho finally breaks down and admits that he is gay (lying to save face and protect Choi). Both Chang Ryul and Kae In are in shock – Chang Ryul because he can’t believe Jin Ho is gay and Kae In because she can’t believe Jin Ho publicly announced it after keeping it a secret for so long.

Kim Ji Suk, Son Ye Jin, Lee Min Ho

“I’m gay.”

Chang Ryul then begins insulting Jin Ho, saying he isn’t a real man and that he pities him. Director Choi started towards them, but Kae In manages to get their first and stands up for Jin Ho. Poor Jin Ho is feeling badly because all of this and tells Kae In to stop. He then walks away. Kae In goes to follow him, but he gets away from her. She then goes back to confront Chang Ryul for acting like a jerk to Jin Ho. Chang Ryul then accuses her of being desperate and dating a gay man. In Hee comes out just in time to see Kae In smack Chang Ryul, shocking both Chang Ryul and In Hee as Kae In has never hit anyone before and never did anything like that even with the wedding fiasco. Kae In says that Jin Ho is a good person who would never use anybody and doesn’t deserve Chang Ryul’s ridicule. And thus ends this episode.

My thoughts: This episode was definitely surprising. We get to hear about Jin Ho’s past with the Han family, we get hints of his first love, and we see how hurt he is and how desperately he is trying to hold on. He doesn’t want to hurt Kae In, so he’s preparing to leave her (which will hurt her like hell, hello!), and he doesn’t want to hurt Choi’s feelings so he admits (for the first time) that he is gay (a blatant lie). While I understand his actions, I think they are bordering on the ridiculous. Just when things are getting good between him and Kae In, and he starts doing his hot-and-cold deal with her again.

But I must admit that he gives Kae In a lot of good advice, but my biggest fear is that she will take his advice and use it against him once the whole truth is known, but I am still loving this series. Lee Min Ho’s acting is great as is Son Ye Jin’s. These two have a great chemistry as both friends and lovers. I can’t wait for their love relationship to begin although I know it still has a lot of obstacles left.

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