Nakanai to Kimeta Hi

Eikura Nana


Romanized title: Nakanai to Kimeta Hi
English title: I Won’t Cry Any More
Broadcast station: Fuji TV
Broadcast dates: 26 January – 16 March 2010
Episodes: 8
Specials: 1 (2 July 2010)

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Tsunoda Miki stars working at AOI with the thoughts that her dreams are coming true. She is working in international foods with people she hopes to become good colleagues with, plus she will be earning money to help pay for her little sister’s leg surgery. However, things don’t go quite as planned. Things start off okay at orientation when Miki makes friends with fellow newcomer Tachibana Marika, but soon go downhill fast. Miki and Marika are assigned to two different teams. Marika’s team seems to be warm and welcoming while Miki’s team is cold, calculating and manipulative. From day one, Miki gets into trouble. And the great part is, most of the time it is not her fault. Nonetheless, her coworkers blame her for everything and Miki begins to realize her heaven was a hell masked in disguise. Enter in Kirino Seiji. He is basically the second in command for the international foods department at the company. He scolds Miki along, helping her realize that crying and complaining solves nothing. Miki’s main support comes from a worker in a different department, Nakahara Shota. He takes a keen interest in Miki and even nicknames her “Kyuu-chan.” With the help and support of Nakahara, and the scolding from Kirino, Miki determines to stick out the tough situation. With a friend who is really an enemy and coworkers who are not quite what the seem, can Miki survive the harsh reality of corporate infighting while dealing with her sister’s surgery?

Main Cast:

Eikura NanaEikura Nana as Tsunoda Miki Fresh from her comedy hit Mei-chan no Shitsuji (aka Mei-chan’s Butler), Eikura Nana takes on the role of the bullied Miki. Miki carries around the burden of being the sole provider for her family and the guilt of having caused her sister’s accident when they were small children. Although her character has her quick to blame others and quick to give up, she does stick through all of the horrible happenings at work thanks to the help of Kirino, her mother, her sister, and Nakahara. Kaname JunKaname Jun as Nakahara Shota Nakahara is the first person in AOI to be kind to Miki (aside from newcomer Marika). He quickly takes a liking to her after their first inter-company phone conversation. He nicknames her “Kyuu-chan” as her extension number is nine. He is a sunny and hardworking person who wishes to become Miki’s support, but things go awry when Tachibana Marika decides to go after him when he starts dating Miki. Fujjiki NaohitoFujiki Naohito as Kirino Seiji Kirino is back at the main company in Japan after working abroad for many years. Miki’s boss Sano is less than thrilled to have him take the position she thought was hers. Kirino seems to be aware of all the infighting that goes on in the company, but he pretty much stands back and observes, though he sometimes takes action and scolds. He seems to be a very quiet and depressed individual who takes an interest in Miki. He likes her hardworking self and tries his best to wake her up to the reality of the company. AnneAnne as Tachibana Marika At first, Marika seems to be a good friend for Miki. She treats her well and sympathizes with her. True, some of what she says seems to have a negative current running through it, but so what? However, it turns out Marika is out for all she can get and has no problem stepping on and ruining whoever she has to in order to get what she wants. After first meeting Nakahara, she becomes interested and begins making Miki’s life even worse in order to get the guy who seems oblivious to just how vicious this girl really is.

Supporting Cast:Kawaguchi Haruna

Kawaguchi Haruna as Tsunoda Ai Ai loves her older sister very much and feels bad about being a burden to Miki. She decides to quit school and get a part-time job until the surgery to help make ends meet. She doesn’t tell Miki the real reason behind these decisions causing the two to fight and begin to grow apart. Kimura Yoshino as Sano YukikoKimura Yoshino Sano is Miki’s uptight boss who is quick to take her own personal and work-related problems out on everyone else. She is hated by a lot of people in the department and is passed up for promotions which would rightly belong to her if her personality and ability to oversee others wasn’t so bad. She also is a closet alcoholic who drinks whenever she gets scolded. Igarashi Shunji as Nishijima KenjiIgarashi Shunji Nishijima has a short fuse and has no problem in taking out all of his frustrations on others. He can be cocky and somewhat okay to deal with, but for the most part he is either silent and glowering or vocally expressing his disapproval of Miki and all of her mistakes (which most of them aren’t even hers). Hasegawa Jun as Tazawa YoshitoHasegawa Jun Tazawa is a very creepy coworker of Miki’s who enjoys secretly filming the office. During breaks, he’ll take his laptop into the men’s room and watch the footage. By doing this, Tazawa actually catches Marika doing bad things to Miki behind her back. He tries to tease Marika, but ends up being caught up in her web of jealousy and hatred instead. Katase Nana as Fujita ChiakiKatase Nana Chiaki is quiet, but uses underhand methods to secretly bully Miki until Miki catches her shoplifting. Miki’s work ethic surprises Chiaki who starts to open up to Miki about her loneliness, only to have their friendship ended by a cruel Tachibana. But it is Chiaki who is the first to stand up for Miki and the first to really befriend her. Machida Marie as Kudo Sanae Kudo is the one who starts the bullying by blaming Miki for a mistake that she herself committed. She is also Miki’s mentor, but does little in the way of helping the new employee. Kudo also takes credit for Miki’s work when it is praised by a different employee.

Episode Summaries:

Episode 1 :: Episode 2 :: Episode 3 :: Episode 4 :: Episode 5 :: Episode 6 :: Episode 7 :: Episode 8


Theme Song: “Don’t Cry Anymore” by Miwa from the single album Don’t Cry Anymore released 3 March 2010. Album is currently available from YesAsia and CDJapan. Miwa single album Don't Cry Anymore cover 01 don’t cry anymore 02 めぐろ川 03 Wake Up,Break Out! 04 don’t cry anymore ~instrumental~ The PV for “don’t cry anymore” can be found here:

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