Cinderella’s Sister Episode 6 Recap

Whereas the first few episodes (while showing every character’s POV) seems to focus on Eun Jo’s thoughts and narration, episodes five and six have Hyo Sun doing the narrating and telling us her private thoughts which we didn’t necessarily get to hear at the beginning. I pity her, but am finding myself not liking her more and more. She is starting to remind me of Hye Ri from Prosecutor Princess who always pushes the blame on someone other than herself. Hearing Ki Hoon call out “Eun Jo yah” once again stops Eun Jo in her tracks as she remembers the past. Ki Hoon keeps repeating it and slowly approaches Eun Jo who is starting to cry. She quickly wipes away her tears and turns around telling Ki Hoon that if he calls her name or talks to her again, she’ll kill him. Poor Ki Hoon! Hyo Sun overhears all of this. As she walks back to the house she sees her father carrying her and Eun Jo’s little brother on his back, trying to get him back to sleep. Hyo Sun says that everyone has gone on a picnic forgetting her. I wonder why she always feels like she’s invisible. In the past whenever she felt like she was losing herself, she always went to Ki Hoon to help her, not now.

Kim Gab Soo, Moon Geun Young

The next day, Dae Sung calls out Eun Jo and tells her that he is willing to give her the freedom that she craves. Dae Sung is upset when Eun Jo says she didn’t stay as long as she has because she trusted and believed in him, but because she wanted to pay back the debt she owed him. He tells Eun Jo that he cares about her and worries about her. She says she knows and understands. Dae Sung replies that she doesn’t know or she wouldn’t have said such hurtful words. Dae Sung asks about her future and tells her to give him a written proposal. Eun Jo jumps at the chance. Kang Sook comes in and has a panic attack saying Dae Sung is kicking her and Eun Jo out. She then passes out.

Seo Woo, Chun Jung Myung

Hyo Sun, meanwhile, is with Ki Hoon. She asks Ki Hoon to marry her. Or rather, she demands it you might as well say. She doesn’t take into account his feelings, despite what Eun Jo has said to him, it’s not like he can immediately forget his feelings for the spunky young woman. She tells Ki Hoon again that he can’t forget that he is hers. That he has always been hers. As she leaves she tells him that no matter what happens between the two of them, Ki Hoon can never be with Eun Jo, it’s impossible. Ah seriously. I wonder if Hyo Sun is doing this as revenge on both Ki Hoon and Eun Jo or if she believes this is her way to escape out of Eun Jo’s shadow (a place Eun Jo had no intention of putting Hyo Sun).

Lee Mi Sook, Moon Geun Young

Dae Sung sees the doctor to car while Eun Jo sits and watches over her mother. It is one of the first times you really see Eun Jo expressing genuine concern about her mother. She is honestly worried about her mother’s health. When her mother wakes and asks if any one is around and Eun Jo replies in the negative, Kang Sook springs up and hits Eun Jo hard telling her she is an idiot. Right now, Eun Jo and her brother stand the best chance of getting the wine company should anything happen to Dae Sung. This wounds Eun Jo deeply as she honestly thought her mother was ill and she really wants to leave the house she views as a prison behind. Hyo Sun comes rushing in and Eun Jo sneaks out.

Taecyeon, Moon Geun Jung

Eun Jo is trying her best not to cry and is also not trying to collapse. She has had a tremendous shock and now she realizes that she is stuck in her prison for longer now as with her mom’s collapse, Dae Sung will probably not want her to leave. Jung Woo fixes Eun Jo’s shoes so that she can put them on. She just looks at him without saying a word. Jung Woo doesn’t say anything either and just smiles at Eun Jo. He then proceeds to follow her like a shadow as she goes to the riverbank to cry and to think. When he finally gets the courage to approach her and sit next to her, she gets up to leave. Jung Woo keeps following her. Eun Jo asks if the president sent him. Jung Woo nods (it isn’t true though). He was going to follow her more, but Hyo Sun’s uncle called him to go help (doing something that I don’t think he’s supposed to be doing, but we don’t find out what that is yet).

Eun Jo throws herself into work. I suppose her research is the one thing that can keep her going as it keeps her away from home for long periods of time and it means she doesn’t have to think or feel, just do her experiments. Dae Sung asks Eun Jo to slow down and he also asks if she plans on sticking around. Eun Jo says she will stay and Dae Sung is glad as he wouldn’t know what to do if she left with her mom in the condition she’s in (poor Dae Sung doesn’t realize just how manipulative his wife is). He also scolds Eun Jo because he found out what she did to Ki Hoon (the whole firing thing). Dae Sung says that even the Ki Hoon wrongly didn’t keep in touch, he is working for them because he has no other place to go. Eun Jo tells Dae Sung that she is a bad girl and that he shouldn’t care about her. She tells him to take his heart back as he would hate her if he knew her thoughts.

Chun Jung Myung, Choi Il Hwa

Meanwhile, Ki Hoon meets with his father. Ki Hoon tells Mr. Hong that Dae Sung’s company is not a threat to theirs. Mr. Hong then says that Ki Hoon’s eldest brother has already tried purchasing Dae Sung’s company. So Mr. Hong views it as a threat since his eldest is interested in acquiring it. Ki Hoon says he’ll watch over the wine company, but he feels it doesn’t warrant his dad’s plan to move against it. Then his dad makes a comment about his Ki Hoon’s mother’s death (which we don’t get to hear, but it shakes Ki Hoon up).

Eun Jo goes out on an arranged date at the same place Ki Hoon was meeting his dad. Her date tells Eun Jo all about himself and his family. He then said he was curious about Eun Jo. Ki Hoon notices Eun Jo and her date and overhears there conversation, surprised at why the man said he was interested in her. Eun Jo’s date said that a few years ago Dae Sung wasn’t even on the map really in the business world, but now it’s expanding and making other bigger businesses take notice. He then asks Eun Jo how tall she is. She asks him if he will refuse to marry her if she’s not tall enough and storms out. Ki Hoon follows her out and asks about the date. Eun Jo refuses to give him any information and speeds away.

Ki Hoon gets in his car and follows Eun Jo. She speeds up when she sees this and begins driving fast and erratically around the dangerous mountain curves. Ki Hoon doesn’t like this and he calls Eun Jo to tell her to slow down. Hearing this, Eun Jo just drives faster. Ki Hoon speeds up as well and does his best to try to get in front of Eun Jo. Finally, he manages to pass her and then he stops across both lanes of traffice, forcing Eun Jo to stop or hit him head on. Eun Jo panics and slams on the brakes, barely stopping in time. Ki Hoon gets out of the car and tells her to be careful or else she’ll get hurt. He also says he won’t follow her anymore or try to hold on to her. He then gets back in his car and leaves an emotional Eun Jo.

Chun Jung Myung, Moon Geun Young

Moon Geun Young, Seo Woo

Ki Hoon later calls up his dad and says he’ll do what he wants with Dae Sung’s company as long as his dad agrees to give it to him if he manages to buy it. Hyo Sun starts working for Eun Jo and her dad washing rice to make the wine. The workers are shocked and tell Hyo Sun to stop. Hyo Sun says that she will do it right and work hard. Dae Sung sees Hyo Sun messily washing rice and gives her a lecture. Eun Jo sees her as well and asks her to come with her when she’s done. Eun Jo tells Hyo Sun that she is pretty. Hyo Sun says that she won’t be swayed by pretty words because she realizes Eun Jo just wants something from her. Eun Jo offers her a job as the spokesperson of their wine. Hyo Sun is hurt and angry as Eun Jo says she’s offering Hyo Sun a way to get daddy’s money.

Moon Geun Young, Chun Jung Myung

They film the commercial and take the photos for the posters. Then Eun Jo, Hyo Sun, and Ki Hoon go out to eat. Eun Jo gets annoyed at how couplish Hyo Sun and Ki Hoon look and she orders three bottle of the wine they make. Hyo Sun and Ki Hoon are shocked as they know Eun Jo can’t drink. Eun Jo doesn’t care and starts drinking bowl after bowl. Ki Hoon tells Hyo Sun to not drink and he begins competing with Eun Jo, with disastrous results. Hyo Sun has to stop the car so Ki Hoon and Eun Jo can throw up. She then calls home and her uncle sends Jung Woo out to help.

Taecyeon, Moon Geun Young

Jung Woo helps Hyo Sun get the two back into the car and drives home. He keeps glancing at Eun Jo in the rear view mirror. Hyo Sun notices this and turns on a light, getting Jung Woo’s attention back on the road. She says this is the first time they meet. Jung Woo says he is fresh from army duty, specifically the marines. Jung Woo gets Ki Hoon into bed first. He and Hyo Sun go back for Eun Jo who was no longer in the car. Ki Hoon wakes up and hears that Eun Jo is missing. He goes to their secret spot where Eun Jo is. She passes out. He goes to touch her, but leaves. Jung Woo comes in and then takes care of her. Jung Woo asks her why she is in so much pain (emotionally obviously).

Moon Geun Young, Kim Gab Soo

The commercial airs and the poster campaign is done. This increases business like crazy. Eun Jo has thrown herself into work once more. Dae Sung is happy about the increase of business, but says they have to stop taking orders as they won’t be able to keep up production. Eun Jo gets off the phone and says that with this order they just got, they’ll have the means to increase production. Everyone is happy at this, but their smiles soon fade. Dae Sung rushes over to Eun jo, holding tissues up to her nose. She was having a gusher. He scolds Eun Jo for working too hard. Ki Hoon is surprised at her present condition. Hyo Sun rushes to get the first aid kit and when she gets back, Eun Jo collapsed.

Seo Woo, Moon Geun Young

Ki Hoon rushes Eun Jo to the hospital. Hyo Sun sits with Eun Jo, crying. Telling her not to die while thinking she hopes Eun Jo dies because she hates her. Eun Jo wakes up and tells her to shut up and stop crying. “Don’t die?” No one said she was dying. Eun Jo gets up and takes out the IV and gets ready to go. Hyo Sun gets mad and holds her back. Eun Jo persists and Hyo Sun throws her on the bed and tells her she hates her and wishes her dead. Dae Sung and Kang Sook overhear this. Dae Sung yells, Hyo Sun runs followed by her father. She gets into Ki Hoon’s car and tells him to hurry and leave.

Alone, Kang Sook tells Eun Jo not even she could pull such a stunt. Eun Jo asks about the past and if her mom really would have killed herself. She asks again if all her mom has done was for her. Kang Sook says she turned into a mother who defeated Buddha and God to save her daughter’s life when she was a baby. Eun Jo is heartbroken knowing her mom has done everything for her. She asks her mom if she loves Dae Sung. Kang Sook asks if she is crazy. Dae Sung come back to the room in time to overhear Kang Sook says she only likes him for what she can get out of him. Eun Jo breaks down and screams.

Moon Geun Young

My thoughts: Talk about complicated relationships. Hyo Sun is finally showing her true feelings towards Eun Jo. It makes me wonder if she ever truly liked Eun Jo from the beginning. There are too many mysteries, too many things going on. What will become of this family?

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