Sunao ni Narenakute Episode 2 Recap

Things are getting more complicated as the show digs deeper into the feelings and relationships of the cast. Also, new connections are revealed and not explained yet, leaving you wondering how these tangled webs of relationships are going to play out and how it will lead to the opening scene of episode one.

Eita, Ueno Juri, Igawa Haruka

Haru is surprised to see Nakaji’s girlfriend open the door. She apologizes for coming by and hands over the pants that she finally managed to get clean before taking her leave. Kiriko asks if there’s anything between them and Nakaji replies that Haru is just a good friend, nothing romantic between them. Kiriko then demands that Nakaji kiss her and they have a pretty steamy lip lock going on. Poor Haru, even though she knows that Nakaji has a girlfriend, she keeps forgetting and ends up hurting and embarrassing herself.

Seki Megumi

Meanwhile, Hikari finally gets a hold of her boyfriend. They meet for coffee and she asks him when is he going to get together officially with her. He tells her that he is working on leaving his wife, but it’s not easy. Hikari then says that she needs him to leave his wife as she might be pregnant. Hikari’s boyfriend does not like this news whatsoever. I think it’s pretty obvious he was just using Hikari for a good time and had no intentions of ever leaving his wife for Hikari. He then tells Hikari that there is no way the baby is his because he knows that she’s had a lot of men. Hikari looked stunned and hurt at this (I don’t think she’s as promiscuous as he’s made her out to be). Afterward, Hikari joins Twitter and makes her first tweet as Peach and all of her new friends start following her updates.

Kim JaeJoong

While Haru, Nakaji, and Peach are having personal troubles, Linda and Doctor are having work-related troubles. Linda gets invited to the magazine’s creative meeting and while he is happy, his coworkers assuming that he has slept his way to the top makes him extremely uncomfortable (he has kissed his boss to keep his job). While Linda’s having sexual harassment problems, Doctor faces financial issues. His boss tells him that he will not be getting paid as he has made no sales for the past month. His boss then states that this is the wrong job for Doctor as they don’t pay him to loaf around and do nothing (poor Doctor is working really hard, evil boss).

Ueno Juri, Eita

Nakaji is on his way home and notices Haru at a convenience store reading a manga. He smiles. Really, I believe that Nakaji does like Haru as more than a friend, but can’t bring himself to take things further because of the ever-present, yet absent, Kiriko. He goes in to talk to Haru, saying she looks like an idiot for standing around reading with a smile on her face. She apologizes again for what happened that morning. Nakaji says she must call first before stopping over next time. Haru agrees, saying she never thought about encountering such a situation. Nakaji says he is a normal guy with normal desires, so the idea isn’t preposterous. Haru says she’ll only do that with someone she loves. Nakaji asks if she has anyone to do anything with (burn). But, they do have a really good moment. Haru says they are a lot alike as they both have no one cheering them on, so they will cheer each other from now on.

They go their separate ways. And we cut to a tweet from Peach stating she will soon enter a world of darkness. Linda, Doctor, and Nakaji all see this and are immediately worried. Nakaji calls Haru to tell her to check Twitter. Peach has attempted suicide. I am not sure if this is yet again, or if she was just a cutter before. All the friends gather at the hospital around Peach. Doctor tells her that they were all worried because she said such a grim thing. Haru calls her Hikari and Hikari says no, she wants to be reborn, call her Peach from now on. Haru tells her that everyone came. Peach is grateful that they all came even though the don’t know each other all that well.

Main Cast of Sunao ni Narenakute

The men go outside while Haru stays by Peach’s bedside. Doctor says he understands how Peach feels. He came to Japan from Korea hoping to find a better life, but hasn’t managed it and has no real friends. Doctor asks if Linda and Nakaji understand. They both raise their hands and say they have no real friends to depend on either. Peach’s doctor comes out and talks to Linda. Doctor overhears that Linda’s father and brother are in the medical field and that Linda’s father is expanding his hospital. Is this a chance to save Doctor?

Hero JaeJoong, Tamayama Tetsuji

The next day Doctor approaches Linda. He finally confesses that he isn’t a doctor but a medical supplies salesman and then he tells Linda he overheard the conversation from last night. Linda calls him an eavesdropper and then says he must have heard how he has not contacted his father in years. Doctor gets down on his knees and begs. Linda pulls him up and says it’s not a good way to start a friendship based on a favor. Doctor apologizes and tells Linda to forget that he asked.

Haru accidentally walks into the wrong classroom and ends up getting scolded again. We then learn that the one student who seemed to like her from the first episode is involved with drugs and wants to pull Haru into the darkness this time. What exactly that means, we don’t know yet. She is his next target and even he wonders how things will play out (we later see that he deals drugs to Haru’s brother). Nakaji meets Mystery Man and gives him money. The man isn’t happy that the amount isn’t as much as he thought he would be getting. Later, Haru’s mother comes and joins him for tea. Just what is the relationship between these people? Was Haru’s mom his teacher or was he Haru’s mom’s teacher? Not fully explained yet.

Main Cast of Sunao ni Narenakute

Peach invites everyone out for a drink in celebration of her recovery. Nakaji and Haru arrive first. Nakaji shows Haru his portfolio telling her that he is working hard now at photography like he hasn’t done in awhile. Haru feels touched as he says it is due to her encouragement. Doctor, Linda, and Peach show up and they begin drinking and having a good time. Happy that Peach is healthy. After drinking, Doctor sees a soccer field and they all go to play soccer. Haru collapses feeling ill. Doctor goes to help her, but she says no, she can’t throw up in front of such a beautiful face. She needs Nakaji. Peach tells Nakaji that he’s been summoned and he runs over to help Haru, making Doctor a little jealous.

After she leaves the bathroom, Peach tells Haru her preference for Nakaji was too noticeable. Meanwhile, Nakaji says he can’t believe that Haru threw up in front of him and not Doctor. Linda says that women don’t like to be sick in front of men they like, ergo Nakaji is just Haru’s friend. This makes Doctor happy. Nakaji sees this and a plan begins to formulate in his mind about how he can help Doctor and Haru out (poor Nakaji doesn’t realize that Haru likes him and NOT Doctor – poor Doctor as well).

Kim JaeJoong, Eita

Peach finally buys a pregnancy test. Linda visits his father and asks him to help Doctor (they obviously don’t have a very good relationship at all as they haven’t seen each other for 10 years). Nakaji asks for Linda’s help too. Linda looks at the photographs and agrees to show his editor them. Then Peach asks for Linda’s help, too. Except her request is perhaps the most demanding – love her. She then says she was joking and asks Linda for his shoulder for five minutes.

Haru runs into Nakaji at the convenience store again. Nakaji tells her that Linda might get him a job at the magazine. Haru is happy for Nakaji. Then Nakaji says he has a present for a girl with nothing better to do than hang out in a convenience store reading manga for fun. He then presents Haru with a movie ticket for that Saturday. Haru is excited and happy that Nakaji has thought about her and wants to see a movie with her. Nakaji writes the details on the back of the ticket and gives it to her. Haru treasures this as it has Nakaji’s handwriting. She then spends time trying to figure out what to wear at the “date.”

Ueno Juri

Ueno Juri, Kim JaeJoong

Saturday comes and Haru waits for Nakaji only to have Doctor show up. Her disappointment is so obvious, I can’t believe Doctor remained oblivious. They go out to eat after the movie with Haru barely paying attention to what Doctor is talking about. Walking home later, Haru apologizes to Doctor for being so out of it. Doctor says he is happy that Haru came with him and that Nakaji said they were a good, compatible couple (ouch). He then tells Haru that he likes her in Korean. Haru doesn’t know Korean, but she’d have to be pretty stupid not to know that Doctor is expressing his feelings. He then says he likes her one more time and hugs her before leaving.

Nakaji gets a call from Kiriko asking him to find her wedding ring as her husband was coming back earlier than planned (didn’t see that one coming). Nakaji goes to deliver the ring only to find her husband home even earlier than Kiriko had expected. It hurts him to watch Kiriko together with her husband. He goes to throw the ring away, but Nakaji just can’t bring himself to do it. Meanwhile, Haru was drinking alone and then headed home where she bumps into Nakaji on her way to work.

Nakaji asked how the date went and Haru says she is honestly going to tell him how she feels. Nakaji thinks she’s referring to the movie until she yells across the platform that she hates Nakaji and that he is the worst guy ever. This surprises and hurts Nakaji who boards the train looking at Haru. After the train leaves, Haru crouches down calling him a bad guy again. Meanwhile, Peach learns she is pregnant, Linda’s editor agrees to use Nakaji’s work and invites Linda in (for sex, ick), Haru’s mom is in a hotel with the mystery man, and Nakaji comes back to see Haru.

Ueno Juri, Eita

My thoughts: Talk about a fast-paced drama. So much is going on that it is hard to keep up with at times. Love triangles, relationship problems, work problems, and much more keep these characters’ lives complicated and keep them in pain. I hope their friendship can heal their wounded lonely hearts, but I have to keep remembering the flashback in the first episode to remind myself that the ending has a high chance of not being the happiest one.

I am not usually a fan of split screens and different ways of superimposing images and fancy tricks, but it seems to suit this drama well. I like how they do the various slides of two different scenes and the various angles and split screens. It seems to work well with the story telling and it is an interesting way to show multiple things happening at once without being too confusing as can sometimes happen.

Previews for episode three makes me impatient for the next release. It looks like Kiriko is jealous of Haru and threatens her away from Nakaji. What will happen next?


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