TROUBLEMAN Episode 2 Recap


We find out why the Yakuza were looking for Ozaki, apparently he stole some money from them. They look around and ask who all these people gathered with Ozaki are in Tagawa’s. Ozaki introduces them all one-by-one as his new friends (I am not sure any of them are happy with how he describes them). He calls Tagawa “a man without memories,” “the rapist” Kameda, “the murderer” Makiko, and he had a hard time coming up with a name for Tokuda and finally settled on the “NORMAL” Tokuda.


Tagawa threatens the yakuza to leave, especially if they can’t tell him who he is. They don’t take him seriously and he shoots the two henchmen in the legs, shocking his apartment neighbors. The yakuza leave and Ozaki says that it’s all over, they are all dead meat now. Nobody is quite sure what to do. Tagawa says follow him and they all obediently follow, not questioning. Probably still in shock from the incredible events that had just happened.

TROUBLEMAN 2 Screencap

Tagawa takes them to the landlady’s apartment where he fixes a light bulb. Everyone wonders why they are there. Apparently the landlady (played by Kina Hana) found Tagawa wondering alone on a rainy day when her husband was in the hospital. She felt bad for him and brought him home and even named him as he couldn’t get a job without a name. Since then, Tagawa has been helping the landlady Sasaki out while she has been helping him try to discover who he is.

Riju Go, Nakayama Yuichiro

Sasaki remembers that Makiko is in some field that could help Tagawa. Makiko states that she does hypno-therapy to do memory regression and even find out about past lives. Sasaki asks if Makiko would try to hypnotize Tagawa. Makiko agrees and begins the hypnosis process. Tagawa stares intently at the coin she keeps swaying back and forth but nothing happens to him at all. Kameda on the other hand falls asleep. Everyone is shocked when Kameda ends up hypnotizes instead of Tagawa. They go to wake Kameda up, but Makiko says that it is better if they don’t wake him up as it could do him some harm. They wonder what to do, so Makiko decides to question him.

Young Kameda

When asked where he was, Kameda replies in hi elementary school classroom all alone. When Kameda was a child, he discovered he had ESP and could move things with his mind. At first others praised him, but soon after they became afraid of his powers and ostracized him. He was always by himself until a girl showed up who had the same ability. After that, Kameda and Sacchan were inseparable. They lived together keeping their powers a secret. (For some reason this makes Tokuda flashback to himself with the mysterious girl we know nothing about.) Then one day while planning a vacation, Sacchan rushes out to stop a runaway baby stroller and gets hit by a car, dying in Kameda’s arms.

Nakayama Yuichiro

After Sacchan’s death, Kameda tried to kill himself several times to no avail. When he tried to hang himself, the branch didn’t support his weight. When he tried to stab himself, his shirt wouldn’t stay up over his stomach to give him a clear shot. When he tried to take some sort of pill, he dropped it and couldn’t get it back. When he tried to lock himself in his car with the exhaust being pumped in, the car ran out of gas. Really, such bad suicide attempts. But without his Sacchan, life had no meaning, then he saw Makiko who was a dead ringer for Kameda’s dead girlfriend.

Kameda's Girlfriend

Every since Kameda saw Makiko, he has been trying to communicate with her telepathically like he did with Sacchan. However, no matter how many messages he sent to Makiko, she never gave him any reply back. Then we finally get to the present day and Kameda talks about how he came home to find the yakuza looking for Ozaki. Scared, he accidentally goes into Makiko’s apartment where he is greeted by the sight of a half naked Makiko. He slips and falls on top of her and has to struggle to control himself (as he is still a healthy young man). Then we get to the part where Tokuda and Ozaki find them. So the attempted rape really was a misunderstanding. Go figure.

Kameda wakes up to find everyone staring at him in pity. They then say that they will do whatever they can to help the poor Kameda. They even say they will help make Makiko treat him better and to forgive him for the misunderstanding. Kameda looks at Makiko and remembers the dead body that fell on him out of her closet and freaks out. Makiko looks around her and says she wants to tell her story now.

Iwasa Mayuko

My thoughts: Described as fast-paced, this series is and yet it isn’t at the same time. The first episode with the snowballing yakuza chase was definitely faster-paced than normal, but this breakdown of each character telling their story while adding to the original plot development, helps to slow it down as well as we learn about the characters and their respective pasts. There is nothing wrong with that. It is cool to see how the story develops layer by layer until we see the whole picture from every perspective instead of the pinhole we began with.

I won’t lie, the ESP thing surprised me and I am not sure how it will fit into the plot. I do wonder if Kameda was really telling the truth or not. We shall see. Makiko’s story looks interesting and I can’t wait for episode 3. I hope that we can also find out who this girl is that Tokuda keeps remembering and I wonder why he seems a little miffed when Ozaki called him the totally normal Tokudo.

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