Down With Love Episode 5 Recap

Jerry Yan, Ella Chen

Hui Fan is upset that Yu Ping does not immediately jump at the chance to get back together with her. Really, that girl is too much, I want her to disappear from this series fast. She is selfish and doesn’t care about how she tormented Yu Ping. After Hui Fan leaves, Yu Ping goes back to his office where one of the ditzes he dated like an idiot is having Duo rearrange his office (with hearts, reds, pinks, and pictures of her – blech). She tells Yu Ping that he has to have dinner with her tonight. He tries to make up an excuse, but Duo keeps telling him his schedule’s clear (got to love her revenge).

Guo is afraid to interrupt Ke Zhong when he looks busy, so when he looks up for a bit she jumps in and offers him coffee. He is amused by how skittish she seems. He tells her to make the coffee however she likes because he’s not picky. Guo cannot believe how different the two friends are. Yu Ping treated her like a complete idiot while Ke Zhong treats her quite well. Duo stops by to pick Guo up (just to see Ke Zhong). Ke Zhong invites the sisters out to dinner, but an upset Hui Fan comes in and he drops everything to listen to her Yu Ping problems. He seriously needs to get over this habit as it only keeps Hui Fan spoilt.

Ella Chen, Jerry Yan

Duo and Guo get ready to leave when Guo gets a call from Yu Ping. She tells her sister to throw out the trash and lock up for her and she runs off to help him not knowing what he really wants. Yu Ping is at the restaurant where the crazy chick is talking about marriage and has already picked out names for their kids (creepy to the extreme). Yu Ping is waiting anxiously for Guo to arrive. When she does, he tells the other woman that he’s already got a girlfriend. Guo is shocked by this and angry.

The girl recognizes Guo as the one who delivered the flowers from Yu Ping. Upset about this, Yu Ping still pretends Guo is his girlfriend saying they had a fight and that he didn’t know Guo would care enough about him to go through his address book and check out the women he flirted with to make her jealous. The girl gets mad and storms out saying she’ll find a hotter, richer guy with better taste in women. Yu Ping thanks Guo who storms out as well. She tells Yu Ping he must think very little of her to have her do something like that. She then leaves a bewildered Yu Ping who says (which she can’t hear) that she is definitely more than nothing to him.

Michael Zhang, Chen Zi Han

Meanwhile Hui Fan immediately asks Ke Zhong if Yu Ping has another woman already. She was only gone for a short while and he didn’t automatically come back to her, meaning he must have found someone new. Ke Zhong says that there is no other woman who is at Yu Ping’s side. This comforts Hui Fan a little, but she is still worried about why Yu Ping didn’t get back together with her already. Ke Zhong then pulls out a magic trick with a coin (a very cheesy one) and finally gets Hui Fan laughing again. She also says she wonders how things would have turned out if she had chosen him instead of Yu Ping. Way to hurt a guy. Ke Zhong is seriously too nice for his own good.

Of course Ke Zhong is going to seek Yu Ping out for Hui Fan’s sake. He finds a discouraged Yu Ping at a bar drinking shots of tequila. Ke Zhong asks Yu Ping what is wrong, but Yu Ping doesn’t tell him that it wasn’t Hui Fan that upset him, but Guo’s anger towards him. Yu Ping says he knows that Ke Zhong is there because of Hui Fan. He says that with all that has happened between them, he’s afraid that their relationship isn’t reperable. Ke Zhong tells Yu Ping that he hired Guo, which shocks Yu Ping. He then tells Ke Zhong that he will have to watch over Guo carefully as she is stupid, but at the same time cute. Ke Zhong studies Yu Ping for a moment. This isn’t the first time Ke Zhong’s had an inkling that Yu Ping just might be falling for Guo.

Jerry Yan, Michael Zhang

The next day, Yu Ping stops by Ke Zhong’s office for tea (basically just to see Guo). Guo is cold towards him and ignores him to the best of her ability. When Ke Zhong asks for coffee, Yu Ping says Guo is horrible at making coffee and even broke his coffee maker. Ke Zhong laughs at that and Guo brings over the coffee. As revenge, she put extra sugar in it (lol, Yu Ping definitely stopped laughing when he drank it). She apologizes saying she has a new boss now with different tastes (burn!). Then Ke Zhong, I think basically to torment Yu Ping, asks Guo to take care of his house for him. Yu Ping starts having dirty thoughts about Guo and Ke Zhong having a relationship and he tells Ke Zhong he can’t and begins listing all the bad things Guo did at his house. Guo fights back and the two have a very intense banter going on for awhile. It was great. Seriously one of the best scenes of the drama to date.

Guo goes with Ke Zhong to work with a client who keeps changing her mind. Ke Zhong has been trying to please her and come up with a satisfactory design for three months. When he leaves saying he’ll draw up a new plan, she tells him she’s having a Feng Shui expert in that will need to approve the plans. Guo was going to yell at the woman, but Ke Zhong said that was fine, then the Feng Shui expert can design the entire house, or the Yoga instructor, or the chairman of the technology company as he won’t be doing it anymore. He then takes Guo to meet his “son.” Hearing that startles Guo, but she doesn’t care if Ke Zhong has a kid or not.

Ella Chen, Michael Zhang

The two arrive at a bakery sale where Ke Zhong shows off his “son.” It turns out he doesn’t have a kid, but rather calls a mentally disabled boy his son. Guo gives him some candy, delighted to meet the young man and to learn about all the good things Ke Zhong does for the church and the mentally disabled people. Ke Zhong accuses Guo of having candy to bribe his kids into liking her (he’s joking of course). Guo replies that she always carries candy on her.

They then go to the church to fix the light problem they’d been having. Ke Zhong isn’t quite tall enough to reach so Guo says she will do it by standing on him or he can stand on her. Ke Zhong laughs and says he thought of a different way to keep his pride and he lifts Guo up in his arms. Guo slips and almost falls, but Ke Zhong manages to maintain his grip, although it slips lower so his hands now rest on her derriere, but there is no awkwardness or tension there and they continue fixing the lights.

When they are done, Ke Zhong says that since he’s single he doesn’t have to worry about his free time and can give it like he pleases to the church and his son. Ella, remembering that Yu Ping stole Hui Fan from Ke Zhong, asks him if he’ll get a girlfriend again. Ke Zhong said that he hasn’t found his love-at-first-sight girl yet.

Meanwhile, Yu Ping asks Duo for advice about Guo (of course he doesn’t admit that’s what he’s talking about). He asks Duo if she would be upset if a guy called and asked her to pretend to be his girlfriend so he can breakup with another girl. Duo says she would be outraged if she liked that guy, but she wouldn’t care if she had no feelings for him. This makes Yu Ping happy as it gives him hope that maybe, just maybe Guo likes him like he likes her. He goes to find Guo to test the waters and apologize. Duo said if the girl is still mad after the apology then that definitely means she likes him.

Jerry Yan, Ella Chen

Guo had just parted ways with Yan Ling who had bought her a hair clip that she had pulled her bangs back with. She is shocked to find Yu Ping waiting outside her house. He comes closer and she tells him to stop and stay away from her. Yu Ping then apologizes which shocks Guo. It’s hard to tell if she is really still mad and just covering it up, or if she is happy that he apologized which meant he cared for her more than a little bit. Yu Ping is unhappy at Guo’s forgiveness, hoping she would still be mad to indicate that she likes him. He tells her the hair clip is cute and she says it’s too girly. These two keep tap-dancing around their feelings and won’t admit that they like each other mutually. Yu Ping really doesn’t like it when Guo encourages him to get back together with Hui Fan (which she honestly doesn’t want him to do). It was a pointless meeting.

The next day Guo and Duo go to their mother’s grave. They recount about the tricks they played in their younger years to get someone to drive them up the hill as it always rains on their mother’s death anniversary. When they reach the grave, there is already fresh flowers there. Guo thinks their father might have done it, but Duo says their father wouldn’t do it since he had abandoned them and been gone for so long.

Ella Chen, Kelly Huang

Guo goes back to work and finds out the impossible client from the other day wants a full refund. Guo says that’s ridiculous as all the effort Ke Zhong put into the project should see monetary reimbursement. Ke Zhong said it was his idea to drop the project so if she asks for the money back he has to return it. Guo volunteers to deliver it and ends up meeting the Feng Shui master (who is a total con artist). Guo is shocked by how much money the woman gave him upfront when he did nothing at all.

Down With Love 5

On her way back to the office, Guo sees a car pulled over and goes to help. They ran out of gas. Guo rushes off to a gas station and buys them a can so they can have enough to make it to refuel the car. She asks for money to reimburse what she did and it looked like the man (the Feng Shui guru) wasn’t going to give her any, but he finally did. He then drives off and Guo realizes he left his wallet. When she opens it, she sees a picture of herself and Duo when they were little girls.

She rushes after the car, finally cutting it off to stop it. She shows the man the wallet and he thanked her for returning it but she refuses to let it go. She demands the truth. He says the picture is of his friend’s children that he carries around to keep women off his back. Guo starts crying and tells the story about the magic marble. The man realizes that the girl is really his daughter and they enjoy a tearful reunion.

Yu Ping goes to a candy shop and buys Guo lots of goodies. He is happy when he runs into her at the office, but he doesn’t get to give it to her as Guo drags her older sister off to meet their dad. He was about to go after Guo when he gets a call from Hui Fan. Duo tells Guo that no matter how much they need money, they shouldn’t go to a hotel to turn tricks (as if Guo would do something like that to begin with). Guo goes to their father’s apartment and Duo cannot believe her eyes when she sees her father standing before her (I anticipate fireworks in the next episode).

Jery Yan, Chen Zi Han

Yu Ping meets with Hui Fan who says she has to leave to continue filming. She asks him if he needs more time to think about their relationship. Yu Ping says he doesn’t, he’s made up his mind that they are over. Hui Fan doesn’t like this at all. Yu Ping says Hui Fan was right, she needs more space and he said he was already starting to resent what little time they can spend together. He wants to end things before they grow to hate each other. What he says makes a lot of sense, but Hui Fan is nothing if not completely ignorant to the true situation and how her stringing him along has caused so much pain and resentment already.

My thoughts: Hate, Hate, Hate the character of Hui Fan. I hate her like I have Vivian from A Man Called God and I hate her like I hate Yu Ra from Oh! My Lady. Why? They are characters that I could do without who are selfish, greedy, and end up getting in the way of the main couple. Of course you need to have plot devices and problems to overcome, but I could do without the drama these girls bring.

Jerry Yan isn’t a bad actor, but I hate his grinning idiot expression in this episode. He does this quite often when he thinks that Guo might actually like him. Oi. It just doesn’t suit the character of Yu Ping. And as much as I like Ella and her acting, the exaggerated facial expressions tend to get annoying after awhile, just like Ke Zhong’s OVER-goodness. I would kind of like him to lose his cool at some point in this drama.

But I still like this overall and can’t wait for Yu Ping an Guo to honestly face each other, which it looks like that day is coming closer if the previews for episode 6 are any indication. Can’t wait for it!


  • This episode really amazing, yuping’s heart grow up more and more.. Guo is still wonderfull girl.. I love her expression..,..

    • Ella is the queen of expressions and has no qualms about making some of the most interesting faces. I do like that Yuping is growing up and finding out just how much he likes Guo.

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