Prosecutor Princess Episode 3 Recap

Kim So Yeon, Park Shi HooAgainst her will, Hye Ri calls Seo to help bail her out of jail. Seo rushes over and tells everyone that he is her fiancee, he then proceeds to tell the two boys who were trying to score money for getting Yoo Na and Hye Ri in trouble that he knows all about what they are doing so they aren’t getting a cent. Hye Ri is grateful that Seo got her out of trouble and that no one found out she was a prosecutor (or so she thought).

The next day the news is all over the internet as there was a reporter who knew Hye Ri and saw her. Thus the news makes it back to her office and her father who is upset to find out that the marriage date was canceled and even more enraged when he discovers how badly his daughter has been doing her job. He goes home and threatens to kick Hye Ri to the curb unless she shapes up. Knowing that her dad doesn’t make empty threats, Hye Ri goes back into work to prove her worth. Apparently Hye Ri never wanted to be a prosecutor, it has just been he dad pushing her forward to advance their position all of the time.

Choi Jung Woo, Kim So Yeon, Yang Hee Kyung

Hye Ri apologizes the the deputy director who says that he is glad she is all right and to just rest. Hye Ri says she doesn’t need to rest and will take her cases. The deputy director keeps smiling and telling her that even if she isn’t tired, she’s tired. The director and he have already come to this conclusion so she won’t be getting any more cases. This niceness scares Hye Ri worse than his screaming match the other day. She slinks out and tries to get cases from the other prosecutors who refuse to toss any her way. Knowing she has to prove her worth to her father or else, she approaches Seo for help.

After the incident, Hye Ri tries to start to help out around the office since she is being shutout by everyone. She instant messages her colleagues about lunch without response. She asks again and Jin responds that Hye Ri has already said she wasn’t going to help with lunch anymore. Hye Ri mutters that she said she would still make reservations. Later everyone goes to lunch but no one includes Hye Ri. Hye Ri pretends not to care, but starts binge eating and eventually ends up at the same restaurant as her coworkers. She overhears how no one likes her and they start betting on when she’ll resign. She is called an airhead and a lost cause. This causes Hye Ri to break down and Jin opens the door to see what is wrong and is shocked to see Hye Ri on the other side, crying. Later Hye Ri goes to Yoon and tells him she will prove her worth and show she is not an airhead.

Prosecutor Princess 3

Seo needs Hye Ri for something, we don’t know what, but if she stops being a prosecutor then his plans are ruined. But Seo is conflicted. He doesn’t know if he should give Hye Ri the help she needs as he does have a case that could prove her worth as a prosecutor. He asks Jenny Ahn for her advice and she tells him that they agreed that if she gives advice he must follow her orders. He says he understands. Jenny asks if that means he understands what she wants him to do. He says no, he just has to follow his heart. His heart leads him to Hye Ri’s door where he flashes back to years ago where a young Hye Ri brings him out goodies to eat. The adult Hye Ri shows up and he tells her about the case.

Prosecutor Princess Flashback

Han Jung Soo

Meanwhile, Prosecutor Yoon is spending quality time with his young daughter. Apparently the child that Jin and her mother take care of is Yoon’s seven-year-old. She is feisty with a biting tongue. She scolds her father who then chides her in return. She says that she misses her mother. Yoon hugs his daughter and the screen flashes to a picture of a woman that looks a lot like Hye Ri. So if any feelings develop on Yoon’s part…it would be because Hye Ri bears a physical resemblance to his late wife, but since their personalities are so different, I don’t see them ending up as a couple. Besides, he has Jin.

Hye Ri agrees to help and he teaches her how to gamble (she’s a really quick learner). She then goes to a bathhouse to observe ahjumma’s so she can mimic their behavior. Seo watches this whole process equal parts amused and amazed at how much Hye Ri can process and learn and then imitate. Hye Ri spends her days sitting around the prosecutors office doing nothing and spends her nights at various gambling dens trying to gather enough information to move in for the kill. When Hye Ri is ready she asks Inspector Cha for his help, but she is so vague that he doesn’t understand what she wants. So instead of being available to help her, he goes off to investigate a case for Yoon.

Kim So Yeon

Hye Ri meets the van at the usual place, but they don’t go to the factory as planned. This worries Hye Ri as Seo is supposed to be watching out for her and it ruins her plans to try to break the ring. Seo, finding out the place has moved, desperately searches all known warehouses to find where they moved the gambling to. Hye Ri manages to take video and pictures of the perpetrators of the gambling den and then goes outside to call Cha to get the police there. She manages to send a text to Cha before she is caught. Cha gets the message but doesn’t understand it. He then calls Yoon and tells him to check the fridge in Hye Ri’s office. Yoon does so and finds a GPS and a note. He rushes out to find Hye Ri before it’s too late.

Han Jung Soo

Hye Ri manages to escape and runs for her life. She rolls down a hill and the men chasing her grab her and begin wrestling with her to get the tape with evidence away from her. Yoon comes just as they are about to try to beat information out of Hye Ri. Yoon immediately rushes over and shows off some pretty serious fighting skills (brings back memories of his character in Chuno). Seo arrives as well, but Yoon has already saved Hye Ri who rushes into his arms crying, shocking Yoon. There ends episode 3.

My thoughts: Oi. Hye Ri hasn’t quite grown on me yet. I feel bad watching her find out all the horrible things that people say about her, but she truthfully has brought all this misfortune on herself. If she wasn’t so high and mighty and learned how to dig for the truth, then things would be better. If she also didn’t try to shift blame all of the time things would be better as well.

Seo’s storyline is confusing as all heck. It does seem that he honestly cares for Hye Ri and it does look like he knew her when she was a chubby little girl from the past, but it doesn’t change the fact that he’s getting close to her for a reason. I just wish they would explain the freaking reason already! I am hating the suspense.
Yoon’s storyline is getting complicated, but his aversion to¬† Hye Ri is understood now. She resembles his dead wife so he doesn’t want to be near her and her attitude is completely opposite, but it looks like he is starting to care for her as well by the end of the episode when she is battered and crying in his arms. Is there a love triangle, or maybe quadrangle developing between Jin, Seo, Yoon, and Ma?

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