Life is Beautiful Episode 2 Recap

People are still feeling ill at ease over the arrival and departure of Father. Mother Yang is upset and can’t sleep so Byung Joon talks and comforts her. She says that she will never accept her husband back again. Byung Joon asks why she doesn’t just divorce him. Mother states that after the first few other wives she wanted to, but he refused and then when he asked for a divorce with his fifth wife she refused because of her hurt pride and the nerve of the fifth wife that demanded Father divorce Mother.

Tae Sub comes home and Min Jae begins doting on him right away. It is weird how different she treats him from her own children related to her by blood. Tae Sub goes out to take a shower but comes back to his room right away to find his stepmother looking through his phone. She confesses she wants Chae Young’s number to invite her to dinner and Tae Sub hits the roof and tells his mother that he was dumped so don’t interfere. This upsets Min Jae who wants Tae Sub to give Chae Young another chance.

The next morning the family gathers for breakfast and they all start talking about Tae Sub’s bad luck with women. Elder sister Ji Hye hits the nail on the head when she said that this Chae Young obviously isn’t the one for her brother as he just let her go. To top it off, Ji Hye describes Tae Sub’s personality towards women to a “T”. He doesn’t want to hurt them or break up with them so he continues treating them indifferently until they break up with him. Tae Sub’s dead does not like hearing this, especially when Tae Sub agrees that Ji Hye is correct. Byung Tae scolds Tae Sub saying that he needs to be a real man and not prolong things and hurt people like that.

Everyone leaves for work. Tae Sub’s friend Kyung Soo drops by the hospital to apologize for his reaction the other day. He had been having family problems due to his sexual orientation again. His mother refuses to accept the fact that he is gay. He puts his hand on Tae Sub’s shoulder who covers it with his own. Tae Sub practically glows around Kyung Soo, it’s really kind of cute. Now if only he could grow a backbone and stand up to his own family and the women who won’t stop pestering him.

Yeon Joo comes to work with Min Jae on their next project. Ho Sub goes to help her park her car and she blatantly ignores him. She really can’t park worth a darn and ends up backing into the wall rather hard. Ho Sub can’t believe this and Yeon Joo continues to ignore him. When he asks her why she isn’t checking her car for damage she just glares at him, says a few words and leaves. Ho Sub can’t stand this attitude. People say he must like her since he is so concerned about her attitude towards him, but he says he doesn’t like an ugly woman like that (ugly? right, he so likes her).

Min Jae makes the mistake of texting Chae Young who forwarded her message to Tae Sub who got really angry. He had finally gotten rid of Chae Young and his stepmother was doing her best to bring the woman back in his life. He then forwards the message back to Min Jae who starts panicking and then refuses to take his call. She gives her phone to Yeon Joo who answers it and Tae Sub tells Yeon Joo to hand it over to his mother because he knows she’s there. Yeon Joo does, much to Min Jae’s dislike. Tae Sub then yells at his mother for interfering saying that he doesn’t like Chae Young and to basically butt out of his personal life.

Father comes to visit the house again making Mother upset again. Byung Tae tells Father that without Mother’s consent, Father can’t come to live with them like he wants. This angers Father who starts cursing as he leaves the house, upsetting Mother even more. Byung Tae then calls someone on the mainland and asks if Father’s health is declining. He gets a negative answer, so he wonders why his father wants to come live with them so badly.

Tae Sub comes home and ignores Min Jae. Ji Hye asks her mom what she did and yells at her when she learns what happened earlier. Min Jae goes to Tae Sub and asks him to forgive her as it is done and over with now. Before leaving, she asks if he told Chae Young that she was only his stepmother. Tae Sub replied that Chae Young knew. Min Jae says she doesn’t want a daughter-in-law like that who forwarded the message just because she wasn’t Tae Sub’s real mother. Min Jae is really hurt by the coldness of Tae Sub, because she does love him just like he was her own. And that’s where this episode ends.

My thoughts: I know the eldest son getting married and carrying on the family line is important, but the degree of ridicule and meddling by Tae Sub’s entire family borders on just plain ridiculous. I like his relationship with Kyung Soo and can’t wait to see more of that develop. I am also curious to know why Yeon Joo is so cold towards Ho Sub as well. The previews show her telling him that there is a reason, so we’ll find out in the next episode.

I am also curious to know what happened to Father that he desperately wants to move back in with his first wife and family when he has six other wives and over a dozen other children. What makes this family so special to him?

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