Personal Preference Episode 6 Recap

Lee Min HoKae In is in shock, Jin Ho is upset as is Hye Mi. Jin Ho tells Tae Hoon to get Hye Mi out of there. Kae In asks Sang Joon what she did wrong. In Hee tells Jin Ho that apparently she isn’t the only one who thinks of Jin Ho as man. Jin Ho scolds Hye Mi who cries like a baby. Tae Hoon picks her up and throws her in the car and speeds off to take her home. Jin Ho hurries back to check on Kae In who went to the ladies room to dry off. While there, Kae In gets a visit from her monthly friend and locks herself in a bathroom stall to call a Jin Ho who is worried because she disappeared. Jin Ho is less than thrilled to find out that Kae In needs some feminine products. He rushes out to a store where a bunch of high school girls salivate over him and watch every move he makes, making poor Jin Ho even more uncomfortable. He finally grabs the pads and runs off to check out with the girls saying they wish they were the girl he was buying them for (how silly).

Jin Ho makes it back to the party and sneaks into the women’s bathroom to give the pads to Kae In. She thanks him and tells him she’ll be out soon. He (really uncomfortable by now) tells her to take her time while he waits just outside the door. When Kae In emerges, Jin Ho says she has to be one of the worst prepared women he’s ever met to not keep track of such things and to not carry what she needs with her. Kae In apologizes and then gives the pads back to Jin Ho to carry as she doesn’t want to throw them out. Jin Ho becomes outraged at having pads stuffed into his tux (what guy wouldn’t?) and takes them out to the car. While he is gone Chang Ryul approaches Kae In.

Lee Min Ho, Song Ye JinChang Ryul wants to know why Kae In is with Jin Ho as she had never really met him before. Then he remembers that Kae In saw them arguing at the expo so he jumps to the conclusion (like he did with In Hee) that Kae In is using Jin Ho to get back at him (like In Hee actually is, although she does like Jin Ho, too and isn’t just using him). Kae In tells Chang Ryul not to be delusional as she doesn’t care about him anymore (not quite true yet, but getting there). Jin Ho comes in and hears this, proud of Kae In for standing up for herself finally. When Chang Ryul refuses to believe Kae In stating that once she gives her heart, it will take her a lot longer to get over it. Jin Ho, having heard enough, comes between them and tells Chang Ryul to back off. Chang Ryul replies that it has nothing to do with Jin Ho and Jin Ho says that everything to do with Kae In has to do with him, he then grabs Kae In and leaves a shocked Chang Ryul behind. Kae In thanks Jin Ho for everything and tells him that doing that to Chang Ryul felt better than hitting him would have.

Back at the party Director Choi talks about the Dam Art Gallery project and what he hopes to find among the architects there. Homes were places to love, live, raise children, and all of that stuff. Kae In says that listening to Choi was like listening to her father who said he built Sanggojae for his wife and daughter to live and to dream. I think this touches Jin Ho and makes him understand a little of what Choi was looking for.

Son Ye Jin, Lee Min Ho

They go home and while Jin Ho thinks about what Choi and Kae In said, Kae In makes a ruckus looking for painkillers. Jin Ho wants to know what she is doing and she replies that she is in a lot of pain and thought she had some painkillers, but can’t find them. Jin Ho asks if there’s anything he can do and Kae In says she’ll just have to ride it out. Worried, Jin Ho looks online for help for menstrual cramps and makes Kae In a drink which doesn’t really help. Not being able to see her in such pain, he runs out of the house and goes home to get painkillers from his mom which he brings back to Kae In. When she hears that he went all the way home to get them for her, Kae In hugs Jin Ho and says again that he is a gift from her mom.

Jin Ho helps Kae In to bed and she asks him one more favor. So Jin Ho sits up rubbing her tummy to help relieve the pain from her cramps. She tells him that In Hee used to sit there and sing her a song and rub her stomach. Since she has such memories of In Hee, she can never hate the friend who betrayed. Kae In also tells Jin Ho that she thinks of him as a father and a friend since he has taken better care of her than her own absent and cold father (touching moment!).

Son Ye Jin, Lee Min HoThe next day Young Sun and her son come to ask Kae In and Jin Ho for a favor. Both mother and son are shocked when they open the door to Kae In’s room and see Jin Ho lying next to Kae In. The little boy asks Young Sun if Aunt Kae In got married and Young Sun replies in the affirmative. While this is going on Jin Ho wakes up and bolts from the room, embarrassed. He gets even more embarrassed when the little boy asks if he is marrying Kae In. Young Sun proceeds to scold Kae In saying that even if Jin Ho is gay, she shouldn’t be sleeping with him.

Kae In sees the problem, but doesn’t concern herself too much with it. She asks why Young Sun is there and Young Sun immediately asks both her and Jin Ho for a favor. Jin Ho refuses right away and Young Sun creates a scene crying about her hard life, finally breaking Jin Ho down. And what’s the favor? Kae In, Jin Ho, and Young Sun’s little boy have to pose as a family for pictures promoting products of Young Sun’s online shopping mall. Jin Ho is awkward and stiff at first but eventually gets into the role as does Kae In. They make a cute little family. When they have to kiss each other on the cheek things get more awkward until Kae In stops Young Sun (both of them are feeling a little attraction for the other at the moment).

Lee Min Ho, Son Ye Jin

Young Sun gives them a lot of food as thanks and when Kae In goes to dig in, Jin Ho reminds her not to eat so lustily. This makes Kae In mad, but she goes and makes Jin Ho a coat rack as thanks for all of his help when she wasn’t feeling well. Jin Ho accepts it and takes her out to eat in penance for not letting her eat like she wanted to earlier. She tells Jin Ho that she will only do all the stuff that she’s not supposed to do in front of him (cute really as I think that becomes part of the reason Jin Ho begins to fall for her more). While driving home, Kae In realizes that she has some warm and fuzzy feelings toward Jin Ho, but she is going to ignore what it really means.

Lee Min Ho, SeulongPresident Han goes to Director Choi’s father and tells him to narrow the playing field of the art gallery competition. Han doesn’t want Chang Ryul to compete against Jin Ho. Han tells Choi that letting these little, newer companies compete for the project could end up bringing the whole project crashing down. This worries Choi who takes the words to heart and makes the competition limited to only big businesses who’ve been operating successfully for at least 5 years. This means Jin Ho can’t win the project.

Song Ye Jin

“You will be in charge of the children’s room.”

While Han is talking up Choi senior, Kae In is with Director Choi who asks her to design a children’s room for the new art gallery. Kae In is in complete shock. She thought she would work with the architect and designer and just create the furniture. She tells Director Choi that she is not that talented and can’t do it and Choi asks her if she wants to challenge herself to see just how far she can go. This makes Kae In decide to give it her all and see just what she is capable of. Choi also tells her that he sees something in her and Jin Ho that is familiar and he thinks these two might be able to accomplish just what he dreams the new art gallery will be.

Ah Suk Hwa, Kim Ji Suk

“You used rocks in your fist!”

Sang Joon is looking through his email and sees a notice from the Dam Art Gallery project. He is shocked when he reads the new requirements for bidding on the project. Jin Ho is not happy to hear this. Both guess that President Han is behind this mess as the man does all he can to squash Jin Ho and his company down. Whether it’s because he views them as a real threat or if it has something to do with the past and what happened to Jin Ho’s dad, isn’t really clear. When Chang Ryul find out he storms over to his father’s office yelling at him for pulling such a dirty trick. Chang Ryul expected his dad to use bribery, not to cut the legs out completely from Jin Ho. Chang Ryul said that he promised a fair fight and why can’t his dad have more faith in him.

Wang Ji Hye, Kim Ji SukIn Hee comes in at that moment. President Han wants to know how things are working out between Chang Ryul and In Hee. Chang Ryul was going to lie, but In Hee says she honestly wants nothing to do with Chang Ryul. She thought he was a good man who she didn’t want to let go, but she realizes now that there is nothing in him that she likes (poor Chang Ryul!). This angers President Han who cusses out In Hee again. Later at the house, Chang Ryul asks In Hee why did she take him for Kae In if she didn’t like him. In Hee replies that Kae In made him out to be such a great guy so In Hee thought he must be this wonderful man that Kae In talked about. She says she realizes now that was just a fantasy and that Chang Ryul doesn’t exist. Chang Ryul, heartbroken, states he will leave finally and he walks out on In Hee. He stands outside the door listening to her cry (it’s a sad scene, but both of them brought the misery on themselves.

Lee Min HoMeanwhile a distraught Jin Ho gets totally plastered and even collapses. He hates how his plan to get back all he’s lost has gone down the drain. The Dam Art Gallery project was his last chance to keep his failing company going. Kae In is worried about Jin Ho being out so late and Director Choi goes to his father angry that he has gone over his head and changed the requirements for the project. Director Choi tells his dad that if he insists on having his way, Director Choi will leave again and having nothing to do with his father’s company (which he could care less about).

Jin Ho finally staggers back home. Kae In is glad to see him, but worried about how drunk he is. He calls Kae In his good friend who doesn’t have a worry in the world (he must be really drunk to say that because Kae In’s got a lot of problems right now as well). Kae In sits him down inside and makes him a glass of honey water. Kae In says she can’t believe he got so drunk. Jin Ho says there are days you want to drink yourself into oblivion. Kae In asks what kind of days are those and Jin Ho says he’s been running and working hard his whole life, getting called a crazy workaholic. But despite all of this, he feels like he’s still the little kid who can’t do anything, like when his father died and he thought he’d go crazy because of the injustice but who couldn’t do a thing about it except angrily punch walls. Jin Ho says he is still in that position now and cries. Kae In grabs his face and tells him not to cry, almost crying herself because of the pain he is in. Jin Ho then leans in and kisses her. And that’s where we end the episode.Lee Min Ho, Son Ye Jin

My thoughts: Again, a lot of good Jin Ho-Kae In bonding moments. You can see them both slowly falling for the other. Will Kae In finally realize Jin Ho isn’t gay because he kissed her? It doesn’t really look like if from what I’ve kind of skimmed of episodes 7 & 8. I felt really bad for Chang Ryul in this episode. Yes, it was his decision to be swayed by In Hee’s attention, but to hear that In Hee never loved him, but rather and ideal she thought he was, was really quite sad. I also felt bad because he did honestly want to win the Dam Art Gallery project on the basis of his own ability this time (probably to prove his worth not only to his father and In Hee, but to himself as well).

I hope that Choi’s father does change the rules back to keep his son. What President Han did was ridiculous and I wish the animosity he has towards Jin Ho was explained more clearly. Jin Ho wanting revenge against Han makes sense, not vice versa. Hopefully we will learn more in future episodes. I can’t wait to see what happens and how Jin Ho’s, Kae In’s, and Chang Ryul’s relationships will change.


  • Thanks for that ! I’ve been having problems watching it online so I’m really glad I could find a summary here ~ love personal preference!

    • You’re welcome. I know it can be hard to find good places to watch Asian drama. Yeah, I am loving Personal Preference so far, it’s addicting and I can’t wait til I can watch the next episode with English subtitles.

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