Personal Preference Episode 5 Recap

Personal Preference Episode 5 Opening

Kae In and Jin Ho spend their first night together (nothing happens of course). Jin Ho agrees to make Kae In into a desirable woman that Chang Ryul will regret letting go. A lot of this episode is Jin Ho helping and devising various ways of improving Kae In. Chang Ryul and In Hee keep fighting, In Hee shows her interest in Jin Ho (even though he’s supposedly gay), Sang Joon finds out that Kae In and Young Sun think he and Jin Ho are lovers and he plays along. In Hee reveals to Jin Ho why she stole Chang Ryul.

Personal Preference Episode 5 Summary

Son Ye Jin, Lee Min Ho

Kae In and Jin Ho after their first night together

We pick up right where episode four ends with Kae In telling Jin Ho to make her into a woman. Jin Ho says that is something a woman cannot say to a man. He refuses, she begs and the next moment we have them waking up in bed together. Kae In asks why and Jin Ho says she forced her way into his room where they did even more drinking and talking about love, women, men, and relationships. Kae In recalls all this and asks Jin Ho if he remembers telling her that he would help her become an attractive woman. Jin Ho says he doesn’t, so Kae In plays the same trick on him that he did on her in an earlier episode. She then says that Jin Ho told her she didn’t need to pay back his deposit, he immediately says he never did and Kae In gets her way.

Son Ye Jin, Lee Min Ho

Jin Ho’s Water Torturing Kae In

Jin Ho then begins telling Kae In all of her faults (basically her hygiene, appearance, and date clothing choices, oh and some of her actions as well). Poor Kae In doesn’t seem to have any redeeming womanly qualities (probably due to the death of her mother at age 5 and having no other female figure around to take care of her). He then starts her off with “water torture.” Kae In has to dip her face in water and hold it for as long as possible (she only lasts 40 seconds). I’m not exactly sure as to just what this will achieve in trying to transform Kae In, but whatever.

Besides her bad hygiene, her rushing out to meet a guy on the fly is wrong. Women are supposed to make men wait and men anticipate it as well. Kae In doesn’t like this idea, but goes along with her teacher. He locks her in a storage room and tells her she needs to be in there for an hour without coming out. Jin Ho then proceeds to sketch Sanggojae while doing his best to tempt Kae In out of the closet with food, a delivery, a fire and more. (She does come running out each time and he pushes her back in every time.) When an hour has passed Jin Ho makes lunch for Kae In – lunch that she is not allowed to eat as women should eat daintily in front of men. Kae In really doesn’t like this at all. While the two are eating Young Sun and Sang Joon appear.

Jung Sung Hwa

Noh Sang Joon pretends to be gay

While they are all sitting down to eat, Young Sun makes a comment about them being gay and Kae In tells her to be quiet as Jin Ho doesn’t like people talking about his personal preference. Sang Joon is confused, but when he hears they think he and Jin Ho are lovers, he is quite shocked. Jin Ho takes Sang Joon into his room and explains the whole situation. Sang Joon decides to act as his lover in order to get the deal at the Dam Art Gallery. This angers Jin Ho as he doesn’t want to pretend to be gay or mislead anyone (he hates liars the most and he has been trying to dissuade Kae In of thinking that he is gay since day one), but Sang Joon doesn’t listen and plays the gay lover. Sigh. Friends are the best unintentional enemies in these shows.

Meanwhile In Hee is angry at Chang Ryul (what else is new?) for walking out on their conversation and not coming back home until early that morning. She wants Chang Ryul to leave her in peace and just let things end. Chang Ryul says he still isn’t ready for that and also tells her that her current problems are her fault because she is the one who wants to end it (not him) and she is also the one who made him want to leave Kae In. It takes two to tango, buddy. Chang Ryul needs to learn to man up and accept his part in this entire mess.

Ryu Seung Ryong, Kim Ji Suk

Chang Ryul talks to Director Choi

Chang Ryul later goes to the gym to meet Director Choi by “coincidence” to try to gain the upper hand in the Dam Art Gallery project. He tells Choi that he doesn’t want him to have a bad impression of him because of the screwed up wedding and whatever In Hee might have said. Director Choi iterates again that he doesn’t care about other people’s personal lives. This comforts Chang Ryul a little until Choi then states that people in relationships as complicated as Chang Ryul’s often can’t separate work from their private lives. He then tells Chang Ryul that he hopes Chang Ryul isn’t one of those people (we know he is, poor Chang Ryul, though he does have it coming).

Kae In apologizes to Jin Ho for Young Sun mentioning that he was gay. Jin Ho then tells Kae In if she remembers that she’ll have to do whatever he tells her if she keeps mentioning his personal preference. Kae In says she remembers and kneels with her hands over her head to beg for forgiveness. Jin Ho does forgive her and then goes to make her a facial pack as she has a job interview the next day. As there was extra left over, Kae In makes Jin Ho wear one as well.

Son Ye Jin, Lee Min Ho

While they are laying down with their face packs on, Jin Ho gets a call from his mother who complains about him not coming home. As he doesn’t call his mother “mom,” Kae In jumps to the conclusion that Jin Ho is leading some poor woman on and keeps scolding him. His mom asks him what all the noise is, but he replies it’s just the dog next door (poor Kae In keeps getting referred to as a dog). When he is done talking to his mom, Kae In starts yelling at him again and he tells her that it was just his mother and that he never calls her mom. Kae In is sorry and this gets her thinking about what kind of relationship she could of had with her own mother if her mother was still alive.

Lee Min Ho, Son Ye Jin

We have spots!

The next day Kae In and Jin Ho wake up with spots on their faces. Kae In isn’t happy as she has an interview and of course Jin Ho isn’t happy to see his face all covered in spots either. There isn’t anything they can do about it so they both go on their respective ways. At the office, Tae Hoon asks Jin Ho how things were going at Sanggojae, shocking Jin Ho and Sang Joon. Tae Hoon then says it’s not right to use Kae In to land the Dam Art Gallery deal and of course it’s not fair to Tae Hoon’s beloved Hye Mi. While Tae Hoon can be quite childish at times, he’s completely right as well – it’s not right to use Kae In, although we all know that Jin Ho really has no bad intentions towards her.

Kae In does not get the job (again). This time the company said she didn’t really have the experience or education they were looking for. This upsets Kae In as they made her go all the way over for an interview already knowing about her background not being as stellar as they wanted. While she is complaining to Young Sun, Director Choi (who has failed again in convincing Kae In’s father to help with the art gallery project) drops by to visit Sanggojae and Kae In hoping that Kae In can help him persuade her father.

Kae In freaks out as soon as her father is mentioned. Young Sun tells her to calm down and just see what Director Choi wants. Kae In lets him in and he admires the chair that Kae In made out of rescued furniture. Choi knew immediately that it was meant for children. He talks to Kae In about the project and her father and Kae In apologizes saying that she has no influence over her father, nor does she have the same talent or profession as him. Director Choi says that it doesn’t matter and that he will be seeing more of Kae In. As a side note, the director does recognize Kae In from the wedding fiasco as well as the restaurant fiasco where she tells everyone that Jin Ho is gay. Ah, talk about complicated relationships.

Ryu Seong Ryong, Son Ye Jin, Jo Eun Ji

We will be seeing more of each other in the future

Meanwhile, In Hee goes out to dinner with Jin Ho (who was supposed to go back early to eat with Kae In). She invites Jin Ho to an important party where investors and people involved in the gallery project will all be. Jin Ho accepts the invitation and they get to talking about Kae In. In Hee says she lost her parents in middle school/high school and Kae In took her in saying you can’t depend on anybody but yourself (hard to believe Kae In says that as she depends on the people around her – excepting her dad of course). Since Kae In was so nice to her, she couldn’t stand it and decided to take something of Kae In’s. Jin Ho says Kae In is genuinely nice and that if In Hee went to all of that trouble she should have made sure to be happy. In Hee finds comfort in these words as they seem to say she may be a bad person, but her clumsy way of being evil makes her forgivable. Um…I have a different opinion on that front.

Lee Min Ho, Son Ye Jin

“I don’t know how to end it.”

Jin Ho goes and buys a lot of food afraid that Kae In waited for him without eating (which she did, how well he knows her). She scolds him and he tells her to never skip a meal for a man again, to which she says she won’t (Chang Ryul really didn’t like it when she did that, either). On the way home, Kae In sees a punching machine and recalls a good moment from her relationship with Chang Ryul. She asks Jin Ho for 500 won and proceeds to hit the target harder and harder until Jin Ho stops her saying that her doing that wasn’t going to solve the problem. Kae In starts tearing up saying she doesn’t know how to resolve it.

Lee Min Ho, Son Ye Jin

Kae In transformed!

Jin Ho invites Kae In to the party and buys her new clothes and also gets her a makeover (from a very gay friend who is a hairdresser – betcha can guess what Kae In thinks). The party arrives and Jin Ho and Kae In arrive arm-in-arm shocking In Hee, Chang Ryul, and even Director Choi. In Hee and Chang Ryul are both impressed with how pretty Kae In looks and both aren’t happy that she showed up with Jin Ho. Sang Joon is also shocked with the transformation, but he likes it as well.

Jin Ho and Kae In approach Director Choi to send their greetings and Choi states that he has brought his friend Kae In and he greets her personally. Jin Ho is shocked to see that it looks like Choi and Kae In know each other (it also worries him). Meanwhile Tae Hoon brings Mye Hi to the party (definitely not a good idea).

Son Ye Jin

A different kind of water torture

Choi talks to Kae In about a job when Jin Ho pulls her away and soon Tae Hoon and Hye Mi converge together with Kae In, Sang Joo, and Jin Ho. Of course Jin Ho is less than pleased to see the petulant Hye Mi. Kae In is also less than pleased because she believes that Jin Ho keeping a secret of his gayness will break Hye Mi’s heart. She scolds Jin Ho who does his best to keep her from spouting off the gay nonsense again. Angry at the bickering and closeness of the two, Hye Mi takes a glass of water and throws it on Kae In. And that’s where this episode concludes.

My thoughts: We are continually learning about these characters which makes even the despicable In Hee and Chang Ryung very slightly more likable and relateable. I am starting to feel pity for both characters, but I don’t agree with their actions. I hope that by the end of this series, they can be more mature and happy.

I like the development between Jin Ho and Kae In. You also see some pangs of conscience because Kae In tells Jin Ho several times that she believes he is a gift from her dead mother who is sent to help Kae In through this difficult part of her life. Both characters are growing and maturing well and developing a great friendship that will lead to a strong love (providing the truth is finally known without Kae In hating Jin Ho for it as he never intended to hide the fact he was straight).

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