Dong Yi Episode 7 Recap

Besides King Sukjong’s attitude towards Dong Yi, the highlight for this episode came in the previews for episode 8. Why? Bae Soo Bin’s character of Cha Chun Soo reemerges and finds that Dong Yi is still alive. Makes it hard to wait to watch episode 8. (After watching 3 consecutive episodes, I am taking a break for the modern dramas with new subtitles released).

Sukjong tells the men that they are in trouble for pointing their swords at the king. They just laugh and attack. Sukjong manages to stave them off until the police come. Dong Yi asks Sukjong if he is really the king. Sukjong lies and says that he was just pretending. Dong Yi tells him to stop “blowing wind” before he gets himself into big trouble. Sukjong enjoys the commoners phrasing for lying and agrees to stop pretending to be king. He and Dong Yi then part ways.

Queen Myeongseong is equal parts worried and outraged that her plan to frame Lady Jang as a bad omen have failed. Her greatest worry now is that her part in this plot will be discovered. Even though she is Sukjong’s mother, he will not let their family relationship get in the way of doing what is good for the country.

The next day the king holds a meeting and presents the evidence (although it is never clearly explained how the rock salt interfered with the chimes to set the whole discordance up). The official who was helping the queen is worried that his part will be revealed. The ministers ask how Sukjong knows the salt rock had anything to with the chimes and he replies that the chimemaker who was killed had rock salt on his body. They don’t believe Sukjong, but Officer Seo comes in and reports that the body was found in the mountains. Yes. Queen Myeongseong’s revenge has been completely thwarted.

The head officer of the triad compliments Officer Seo on managing to gain favor with his uncle Minster Oh, and now gaining the favor of King Sukjong as well. Seo replies to the triad that he was just doing his job in making sure a thorough investigation was carried out and the real culprits found (especially with what happened six years ago). Seo then tells the triad officer to do his job in getting the information out of the men Seo had captured as Seo had already done his part in catching them. This angers the triad officer who had never really liked Seo, especially when his uncle chose Seo over him.

After the meeting with the ministers, King Sukjong visits Lady Jang. He teases her saying that he is disappointed that Lady Jang did not immediately rush into his arm. She replies by asking if he would like her to rush into them now. He replies that the moment has passed and they both laugh. He then apprises Lady Jang of the situation. Her name is cleared as they had discovered that it was men behind the musical discordance and not some divine sign. Sukjong states that doing so was not easy. He was scolded and stepped on by a child. He even uses the phrase that Dong Yi taught him, shocking Lady Jang. It’s cute to see just how affectionately Sukjong thinks of Dong Yi already.


Young Dal goes to get Dong Yi and Head Hwang as the king has decided to honor Dong Yi for her help in proving that Lady Jang was not a bad omen for the court. Dong Yi and Hwang are shocked to see a royal banquet (obviously just for royals) being set out for all of the music school members (slaves included). Dong Yi also was extremely touched to receive a special gift from the king as well (given to her by his eunuch). She received money, key chains, silk scarves, and a beautiful silk dress. She thanks the ahjussi she met last night for mentioning her to the king (obviously doing this not directly to Sukjong).

Meanwhile Queen Myeongseong and the minister are trying to get rid of all evidence of their involvement. Since the men being questioned only saw the police officer who worked for the minister, they plan to get him out of the capital. Myeongseong says that sending him away might not be enough (she basically is giving the minister her permission to have the officer killed to keep them both safe). However, things don’t go as planned and Minister Oh’s men get to the officer and kill those who were trying to kill him. This way they gain a hold of Myeongseong so that she will leave Lady Jang alone.

Han Hyo Joo, Lee Gwang Soo

The music school, after the discordance debacle is set up to be put under new management. Minister Oh has set his brother Oh Tae Poong and his nephew Oh Ho Yang in charge of the music school. This makes Head Hwang nervous (he’s been stealing instruments from the music school for years – which the students and Dong Yi know about already). The students and members of the school are thrown into a tizzy trying to get ready for the new managers. The Ohs are distracted from the musicians when a music school official said the best place to start with is with the dancers and the Ohs (being leches) spend all of their time with them. The slaves and other members of the music school warn Dong Yi to be extra careful as the Ohs like women and Dong Yi is the only female slave in the school. Dong Yi laughs it off saying that she will never be noticed. Yeah, like that would happen.

Dong Yi was sent to get music scores. On her way back with them, she drops them and Ho Yang comes up to her and grabs her hand, startling Dong Yi. Ho Yang then says that the music school is heaven to have such a pretty slave. He pulls on Dong Yi’s hand and she pulls back telling him to get a grip and let her go. Ho Yang doesn’t listen. Dong Yi gets free, but Ho Yang is knocked down in the process. This angers him and he tells Hwang to bring Dong Yi for punishment. The slaves who were ordered to beat Dong Yi refuse and Ho Yang takes up a club ready to beat her, but Lady Jang’s men come to Dong Yi’s rescue as Jang is asking to see the slave who saved her.

Dong Yi is ecstatic to be able to meet Lady Jang finally. She tidies herself up and makes her way to Lady Jang’s quarters. At this time, Lady Jang remembers the prophecy she heard years ago. She wonders what caused her to remember it (we know its because  Dong Yi is the one who is going to force Lady Jang into the shadows). Lady Jang asks Dong Yi how she can reward her for all she’s done. Dong Yi replies she doesn’t need a reward nor did she help Lady Jang to receive one. Lady Jang tells Dong Yi that she is disappointed in her for not asking for something big and outrageous because that would have made Jang like Dong Yi more. As Lady Jang was preparing to leave to go to some event, Dong Yi drops to her knees to ask the questions she’s been dying to ask for six years.

Dong Yi ep 6

My thoughts: Again, loving Sukjong. Ji Jin Hee is awesome in the role. I don’t know why but he kind of reminds me of Alec Su’s emperor in My Bratty Princess equal parts serious and playful who is skilled in diplomacy and thinly veiled insults. I wonder why he doesn’t tell Dong Yi the truth because they will see each other again (scenes for the next episode have the two bantering together again).

I am not sure what to make of Lady Jang. As the corrupt Minister Oh supports her, will she be as bad as he is? But then again, she knows the secret signal of the deceased inspector general. It’s hard to gauge just what to think about her and know where she stands. I do like that she doesn’t immediately go to Sukjong to condemn Myeongseong, but you have to wonder what she will do with the evidence later.


  • Iubesc acest serial istoric coreean!
    Ce am vazut pana acum mi se pare destul de interesant!
    Dong yi este o fata desteapta si frumoasa,desi era o sclava!
    De bea astept sa o vad concubina!

    • Yes, it’s a great show and Han Hyo Joo does an excellent job portraying Dong Yi. I can’t wait to see more (I have only watched up to episode 10 so far myself, but I do love it)

  • i soooo love this historical drama.. wish you recapped the entire series…:)

    • Sorry about that. At least it was completely recapped elsewhere. Like a lot of dramas, this one just got away from me. I did enjoy it as well.

      • yes dramatomy did a good job as well, her’s was a complete and long recap..i did read her works..
        i would have love to read an entire recap of yours though.. 🙂
        it’s currently airing now here in the Philippines and still on it’s first episodes.. it’s been more then a year since it’s korean broadcast and yet i’m still fixated to it.. it’s not that it’s a so great series, it has its faults.. but then i can’t help but to love it, it must be ji jin-hee and han hyo-joo’s portrayals and the romance between the king and dong yi.. ^_^

        • or may be it’s because i simply love sageuk dramas and adore ji jin hee, and what else could i ask for, the love story of king sukjong and dong yi was comic, heartfelt and adsolutely awesome… 🙂
          and the cinematography, especially on some episodes are winner.. ^_^

          hope next time a sageuk drama airs (not the sageuk-fusion ones) you’d recap it fully.. and so ji jin-hee’s next series take care of us, captain..

          thanks! ^___^

          • I am slowly getting warmed up to the saeguk genre. I think Dong Yi was my first experience. I really do like Sejong’s and Dong Yi’s relationship. I gave up on this series, like quite a few others, because I knew it was recapped elsewhere and at the time I was working 2 jobs and just didn’t have much leftover time to recap like I wanted, too. My goal is to keep going forward in the future now that I am down to one steady job. Hopefully, I will finish all the new series I pick up. I would like to completely recap a saeguk drama and I do love Ji Jin Hee’s acting. Can’t wait to see what he does next.

            • you better do, they’re are worth your time.. 🙂
              ji jin-hee, he’s a candy for the eye and gem for the heart..keke..
              i do love history thingies, and one that is embedded with romance and with happy ending is just my thing(so corny eh?lol) MBC haven’t made one this year though, so sad..
              i like those trendy rom-com as well but love sageuk best. if you have to seat down to watch, better take those that would last for days, they’re are always worth your time, heart and mind; they’re worth remembering and mulling or going mad over for the next two months or even a year or so.. now i’m gonna sit in front the t.v once again to marathon dong-yi, it would be fun to watch it with my our own language.. 🙂
              i started as anime lover too, sailormoon, fushugi yuugi, hunterXhunter, detective conan and lots more.. it’s just lately that i’ve broken up with them.. :0
              so what’s your ‘one job’ now? it’s good to know you’ll be having more time recapping now, not that i’m happy you lost/quit the other one^_^.
              how old are you if i may ask, and you’re from japan right? 🙂

              • and oh, it’s king sukjong.. 🙂
                you must be watching tree with deep roots, there’s king sejong the great, the hangul guy 🙂

                • I meant sukjong. Actually I’ve been watching Running Man episodes & I just saw the one where they were in Sejongs library :p

              • I’m a huge fan of European period mini series. I love historical stuff, but had problems at first with Saeguks because they start off slower generally & are pretty long, but I’ve warmed up to them more & more.
                I’m the managing editor of a literary website now. I was also working as an in-class tutor for developmental math & English classes until we had a funding crisis.
                I’m 26 (born in ’85) & I actually live in the Midwest, US. I have a friend who studied in Japan & my dad was stationed in Yokohama for several years.

  • Are you already done with the episode 9 ?

  • Are you already done with the episode 9 ? Please send me a reply

  • Can i see the episode 9 ?

  • i cnt find episode 9,pls send it

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