Oh! My Lady Episode 7 Recap

Chae Rim, Choi Si Won

The morning after awkwardness

Both Min Woo and Gae Hwa think they are crazy because of the drunken kiss and both have a difficult time getting to sleep. Gae Hwa tries her best to not let the kiss effect her (though it does). Min Woo isn’t nearly as good at covering up the awkwardness. He is awakened by a call from Yu Ra telling him to look good for the fashion show and to make sure he is in good shape as he’ll have to show off his body. Seriously? Yu Ra must be blind if she thinks his shape isn’t up to par. This leaves Min Woo on a eat-drink-nothing diet until after the fashion show.

Shi Joon apologizes to his wife. It seems a rather cold and insincere apology. His wife gets angry as Shi Joon is still not talking and is just plain avoiding the situation. She yells at him and then stalks out of the house to prepare for the next rehearsal. Shi Joon calls off the man he hired to watch his wife and goes to work meeting Gae Hwa in the elevator. She sincerely apologizes for the embarrassment she caused with her ex-husband the previous night. Shi Joon says it isn’t her fault, but rather the fault of the louse of a husband who said such rash words. Shi Joon is seemingly getting less and less cold as he interacts with Gae Hwa (at least to her if nobody else). Shi Joon also gives Gae Hwa a book on musical productions to help her adjust and understand her work better. I’m starting to warm up a bit to this cold, reticent character.

Lee Hyun Woo, Chae Rim

Today is the day to start filming the “making of” video, which also charts the progress of the musical. Gae Hwa and crew go en masse (hehe, there’s only 3 employees to begin with) to Teacher Han’s studio to tape the dance rehearsal. Min Woo isn’t there yet. Late again, but that seems to be Min Woo’s forte. When he does get there, his performance his horrible due to his lack of sleep and lack of food. Gae Hwa is concerned, but Min Woo brushes her off and makes Team Leader Lee scold Gae Hwa for disturbing Min Woo. Sick of Min Woo’s actions, Gae Hwa pulls him into the locker room (literally) and practically throws him against the lockers, shocking Min Woo to no end. She tells him to grow up and forget about the kiss, that it’s all in the past. Min Woo says he is glad she feels the same way he does. He then tells her that she is a lucky ahjumma to have gotten to kiss such a big star. Disgusted at Min Woo’s narcissism, Gae Hwa tells him that he’s not all that great of a kisser. Poor Min Woo! What a blow to his pride. I couldn’t help laughing at that.

Choi Siwon, Chae Rim

You’re not that amazing of a kisser!

Kim Yoo Bin

Ye Eun starts dancing

After rehearsal is over, Lee gives Gae Hwa the job of getting the video tape to Shi Joon as she and Chae are going to the printers to get the posters. Taking the opportunity, Gae Hwa rushes over to Ye Eun’s school to watch her performance. As soon as Gae Hwa gets there, little Ye Eun brightens right up and she even begins dancing as Gae Hwa encourages her to dance with the other kids. Noticing all the other mothers were taping their children, Gae Hwa takes out the camcorder and tapes Ye Eun (luckily she doesn’t tape over the rehearsal!). You know that since she is doing this, she’s going to get in some sort of problem for taping little Ye Eun with the work camera, that’s just how these things go. I have to gush over the actress playing Ye Eun. She’s quite talented for such a young and small girl. I wonder if her real mother is behind the scenes supporting her daughter like Chae Rim is doing as Gae Hwa in front of the camera?

Moon Jung Hee, Lee Hyun Woo

Fight over wife’s lover

Gae Hwa is the last one back to the office. She is scolded by Lee for being late. They then watch the tape of the rehearsal and Shi Joon is not impressed with Min Woo’s crappy and lackluster dancing. Before they can finish, Teacher Han comes in to yell at her husband for firing her lover. Shi Joon states that her lover (of course he doesn’t let on that he knows, but I’m sure Han has a clue, or maybe not) has been looking for work outside The Show Company, thus he got canned. Han tries to bargain with him, but Shi Joon stands firm and Han storms out saying that she is getting tired of him. If I hadn’t ad experience first hand with that type of situation, I would think he was being completely unfair, but I have had such experience. In some businesses it’s taboo to do anything outside of your regular job. Also, looking for work elsewhere is considered to mean that you are unhappy with your current job. I had one of my favorite professor’s contract not get renewed because she was searching for a job elsewhere (since the contract was for only 1 year without a guaranteed renewal).

Choi Si Won

Min Woo’s face ruined before fashion show

Meanwhile, Min Woo is at the fashion show and Yu Ra does her best to cozy up to him in front of the cameras. I seriously don’t know how he can be blind to the fact that to Yu Ra, he is just a move for her own career and popularity. Reporter Han manages to sneak back to see Min Woo, but doesn’t get a story as Yu Ra kicks him out. While looking in the mirror later, Min Woo notices blemishes all over his skin. He hides from Yu Ra who comes to check on him as the fashion show is now under way. He then makes a panicked call to Gae Hwa who wasn’t feeling the best as she had just gotten scolded for using her work’s camera to film Ye Eun and Team Leader Lee refused to give Gae Hwa work as she was mad at Gae Hwa. Our ahjumma was just starting to feel a little better as Shi Joon had given her some work to do. She tells Min Woo that he might have eaten something bad, but how could that be as he wasn’t supposed to eat all day. Min Woo then said he ate the fish cake soup she had made. Gae Hwa told him that the soup was spoiled and she was going to throw it out later. She then sneaks out of work to go help Min woo, making Lee even more angry.

Bang Joon Seo

Min Ji tells Min Woo to tell Gae Hwa Happy Birthday

Yu Ra faces a lot of heat for Min Woo not being able to make his agreed upon appearance in the fashion show. Reporter Han, as revenge, says that she doesn’t know how to manage her models at all and that is why Min Woo couldn’t appear in the show. Yu Ra also gets a scolding from her aunt. Gae Hwa sees all of this and goes to Yu Ra to apologize as it is her fault for not throwing the soup away. She tells Yu Ra this. Yu Ra is furious with Gae Hwa and tells her that needs to be careful, and then, to add insult to injury, Yu Ra tells Gae Hwa that she doesn’t think Gae Hwa will last very long at her job. Poor Gae Hwa. Min Woo hears all of this and you can see he doesn’t like seeing Gae Hwa getting belittled like that (even if he does it himself on occasion, but that is always different, isn’t it?). He was going to give Gae Hwa her cellphone as he left it in his room. Min Ji had called and wanted to wish Gae Hwa a happy birthday.

Yu Ra offers to take Min Woo home. He happily accepts and texts Gae Hwa telling her not to come home until he gives the okay. Gae Hwa goes back to work to wait until she hears from Min Woo and to finish up the work she left undone when she rushed out to see how he was doing. Meanwhile, it looks like Yu Ra is planning to make some moves on Min Woo. He brings a bottle of wine but forgot the corkscrew. Yu Ra says she’ll look for it. She goes into the kitchen and notices the pot of soup. She remembers that Gae Hwa said that she had made the bad soup that caused Min Woo’s rash. Miffed, she goes back into the living room and becomes very cold to Min Woo. Poor Min Woo has no idea what is wrong with Yu Ra. After drinking a glass of wine, Yu Ra warns Min Woo (again) about being careful who he lets near him and then leaves. Disappointed, Min Woo remembers that Min Ji had told him about today being Gae Hwa’s birthday. He says he wished he didn’t know that and then decides to do something nice for Gae Hwa for once (how sweet!).

Choi Si Won, Park Han Byul

Yu Ra plays it hot and cold.

While finishing up work, Shi Joon comes in and is surprised to see Gae Hwa still there. He goes into his office to leave her to work peacefully. Gae Hwa gets a call from Min Ji who immediately starts singing “Happy Birthday” to her mom. This causes Gae Hwa to tear up. She tells Min Ji that she is still at work, but that her coworkers took her out to lunch and bought her a cake (so not true). She says that she has to work hard so that she can live with Min Ji again and buy her a piano. Shi Joon inadvertently overhears all of this. He wishes Gae Hwa a happy birthday and asks if she is living with her daughter. Gae Hwa replies in the negative and Shi Joon bids her goodnight.

Gae Hwa then gets a call from Min Woo telling her to come home immediately. Gae Hwa says Ye Eun is asleep so she’ll be home late after picking the little girl up. Min Woo hangs up on her. Annoyed that Gae Hwa is taking so long, Min Woo goes to pick her up (he even bought her a birthday cake). Meanwhile, on the way home Shi Joon passes a cake store and impulsively goes in to buy Gae Hwa a cake. Shi Joon then goes back to the office where Gae Hwa was just leaving. He gives her the cake. Gae Hwa says she doesn’t deserve it. Shi Joon tells her to take it as a bribe to work harder. He then offers her a ride to go see her daughter so that the two of them can eat cake together (now why can’t he act this nice with his wife?). Gae Hwa, touched even more, agrees. Min Woo pulls up at that moment and notices Gae Hwa getting in the president’s car. He doesn’t look happy at all.

Choi Siwon, Chae Rim, Lee Hyun Woo

Min Woo jealous over Shi Joon’s attention to Gae Hwa?

There ends episode 7.

My thoughts: Poor Gae Hwa, always getting yelled at, but she does come back strong and fights and works harder which is inspiring. Min Woo just gets trampled by women in this episode. First Gae Hwa telling him he can’t kiss then Yu Ra lecturing him and running hot and cold. You do have to feel sorry for the poor guy. I am liking the softening of Shi Joon’s character towards Gae Hwa, but I sincerely hope that he can show some of his concern and kindness to his wife (that’s what she really wants after all). Ah, Yu Ra. Love to hate the girl. She is so obviously using Min Woo’s status, but he remains clueless. Idiot.

I am interested to see if the plot will really develop into a love triangle between Shi Joon, Gae Hwa, and Min Woo. We’ll see, won’t we?

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