Cinderella’s Sister Episodes 3-4 Recap

Chun Jung Myung

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Kang Sook comforts Hyo Sun, ignoring her own flesh and blood daughter. This annoys Dae Sung who believes that Eun Jo shouldn’t be left out and the only one punished. Truthfully, he is right, but Kang Sook is so afraid of getting on his bad side that she is ostracizing her own daughter.

While this is happening, Eun Jo is imaging how she would run away when Ki Hoon comes and finds her. He tries to comfort her and get her to talk, but she ignores him. She falls and hurts herself, getting glass embedded in her knee. Ki Hoon is shocked as she doesn’t cry and just keeps walking, ignoring the pain. He takes her to the hospital where he asks the doctor if there is something wrong with her pain sensitivity (cute moment).

Moon Geun Young, Chun Jung Myung

A pain sensitivity issue, perhaps?

Dae Sung is thrown a birthday party by Kang Sook and the rest of the workers and family. Hyo Sun prepared two gifts for her father, one from herself and the other from Eun Jo. Eun Jo refuses to accept the present or even sign her name to the card (she is still being cold and distant).

Seo Woo, Moon Geun Young

Preparing gifts

She then gets a call from Jung Woo who tells her that the drunken ahjussi is on his way to see her mom. Eun Jo freaks out and goes to head him off. Ki Hoon helps her keep the drunkard away from the party. He also later drives the ahjussi home.

Cinderella's Sister screenshot


Dae Sung asks Kang Sook to check on Eun Jo as she leaves the party scene after she watches her mother doing a dance with Hyo Sung. Kang Sook reluctantly goes to look after Eun Jo and scolds her for not behaving properly. Eun Jo’s retort is that her mother is spending so much time wooing the daughter of the house that she has no time for Eun Jo. Kang Sook thinks this is ridiculous and then Eun Jo says that her mom didn’t even realize that she had hurt her knee and it had been a week already. This surprises Kang Sook who immediately tries to look at the would but Eun Jo is not in the mood.

Lee Mi Sook, Moon Geun Young

You did this for yourself

Jung Woo confession

“I love noona!”

Jung Woo calls and says that Ki Hoon dropped ahjussi off safely. He also tells his beloved noona that he loves her and that she is his woman (how cute!). They don’t really show Eun Jo’s reaction to this as she is worried about Ki Hoon who still has not come back yet.

Why? He took a pit stop to meet with his father and step-mother. His father wants his help, his step-mother wants him to officially sign over his inheritance rights. He tells his father that he doesn’t believe him and leaves to visit his mom’s grave where he gets drunk and tries to decide what to do. Should he hand over his inheritance rights, should he cause a big commotion, or should he just let everything be?

Chun Jung Myung

Eun Jo sneaks out of the house to see if Ki Hoon is back. He is and she is happy to see he’s alright. He calls her “Eun Jo Yah” and this touches her deeply. She doesn’t know what to do so she stands still in one place making Ki Hoon come to her. He basically embraces her and says he’s hungry. She goes into the kitchen and prepares a nice, big meal for him. When she gets to his room, he is asleep. She tries to wake him, but then becomes afraid and runs away. The next morning when Hyo Sun comes to visit, Ki Hoon ignores her and eats the cold supper Eun Jo prepared for him.

Moon Geun Young, Chun Jung Myung

I’m hungry (for love?)

Eun Jo was in a relatively good mood that day until she saw Ki Hoon at the riverbank with some unknown girl. Feeling annoyed and not able to deal with Hyo Sun, she challenges Hyo Sun saying she knows how to make her hate her. Hyo Sun says she’ll never hate her. So Eun Jo says she wants the guy that Hyo Sun has a crush on. She goes outside and picks up the bouquet of flowers that he dropped and shows them to Hyo Sun saying that he wants to date Eun Jo. Little did Eun Jo know that was the actual truth. Hyo Sun goes into the next room and then comes back telling Eun Jo to get out.

Episode 4 Recap | ↑ Episode 3 Recap

So much for Hyo Sun saying she’ll never hate Eun Jo. If you ask me, she turns entirely too fast. Sure, she still shows concern for Eun Jo (she essentially has a good heart), but she is spoiled and used to being an only child. Eun Jo’s attitude doesn’t help, but she doesn’t deserve the complete 180 that Hyo Sun pulls. Ki Hoon walks in on this fight. Eun Jo is mad and stalks off, Hyo Sun following and Ki Hoon sees the cards and flowers and is a little upset over it as well.

When Hyo Sun catches up to Eun Jo she pulls her hair (yanking a nice size chunk out). Eun Jo goes crazy and begins fighting with Hyo Sun. For being a weak little brat, Hyo Sun can put up a fight. After fighting for awhile, Hyo Sun realizes Eun Jo is bleeding and is immediately concerned for her, but Eun Jo just pushes her down and runs off.

Seo Woo, Lee Mi Sook

Why did you give birth to Eun Jo?

Hyo Sun goes bawling into the house, causing an uproar. Kang Sook comes out and tries comforting Hyo Sun, wondering why her step-daughter is in such a battered, disheveled state. Hyo Sun asks her “mother” why she needs Eun Jo because Kang Sook has Hyo Sun and Dae Sung, she doesn’t need a daughter like Eun Jo. Dae Sung hears this and is furious. He calls out both Eun Jo and Hyo Sun. Ki Hoon brings him rods to beat the two girls.

Hyo Sun went first and Dae Sung said if she feels she is wrong and apologizes for what she said, he’ll stop and let her go. She cries and apologizes after one hit. Eun Jo goes next but refuses to apologize and admit she was wrong. Dae Sung is stunned and he continues to beat Eun Jo until he breaks all of the rods. Ki Hoon eventually stops him and drags Eun Jo off. The servants run for Kang Sook who rushes to Hyo Sun and Dae Sung. When Hyo Sun passes out, Kang Sook takes care of her instead of looking after her own daughter.


Eun Jo’s punishment

Meanwhile, Ki Hoon berates Eun Jo and said she should have listened and just admitted she was wrong. He says that she never listens and that she just needs to. He tells her to stay put and he’ll take care of her battered legs. She goes over to a pot of fermenting wine and leans on it, enraptured with the sound. Ki Hoon comes back and puts meat on her wounds. He tells her about the fermenting wine and Eun Jo starts to feel even more for Ki Hoon.

Kim Gab Soo

Dae Sung takes care of Eun Jo

Dae Sung tells Kang Sook to go help Eun Jo when she is done with Hyo Sun whose fever was going down. Kang Sook doesn’t go to her daughter, instead it is Dae Sung himself. You can see how much her hurt for beating Eun Jo as bad as he did. He gently tends her wounds. Eun Jo pretends to be asleep, but she is aware of what he is doing. You can see her soften a bit towards him as well.

Hyo Sun’s recital was a failure, she didn’t do well or win. While Eun Jo took home excellent marks and even got a prize. She was going to tell everyone in the house, but decided not to when she saw Hyo Sun giving a recital and telling people that she normally dances well and gets praised all of the time. Eun Jo only cares if one person knows. She tells Ki Hoon to meet at their secret place. He goes there and she shows him. He is thrilled for her and decides to give her a present. It is a very special (to him) fountain pen. Eun Jo is happy for the praise and gift. Hyo Sun sees this and is angered asking Ki Hoon if her forgot that he belonged to her not to Eun Jo.

Hong Brothers

Ki Tae being nice to Ki Hoon?

Ki Hoon’s brother Ki Tae picks him up and is actually nice (if not cryptic) and takes him to see Ki Hoon’s step-mother. She tells Ki Hoon to sign away his rights immediately. He says he won’t unless she gives him half the corporation. She laughs and says she’ll give him a lot of money but nothing else. He refuses to sign the contract. She calls in security, but Ki Hoon tells her that unless she’s prepared to kill him, he won’t sign and will go to the press with the whole sordid tale of his life. She does let him go. Ki Hoon then calls his father and asks what his father wants him to do.

Chun Jung Myung

Do you have what it takes to kill me?

Next thing we know Ki Hoon is gone. Eun Jo had just told Dae Sung that she thought a jar of wine had gotten bad (she has become interested in wine making now), when a disheartened Hyo Sun came home. Dae Sung asked if she had seen Ki Hoon off and she nodded. Eun Jo follows Hyo Sun to find out what had happened to Ki Hoon. Hyo Sun wasn’t going to tell her, but she saw her father was watching and she told Eun Jo that she loved her and that Ki Hoon had joined the army for his mandatory military service.

Eun Jo goes rushing out of the house to find Ki Hoon. Meanwhile,  Hyo Sun pulls out a letter that Ki Hoon had given her to give to Eun Jo. It was in Spanish, the language that Ki Hoon was learning hard to try to teach an interested Eun Jo (who was contemplating running off to Spain). Needless to say, I doubt Hyo Sun gives her the letter.

Moon Geun Young, Chun Jung Myung

Waiting for you

Eun Jo desperately searches the bus station, but couldn’t find Ki Hoon. She wanted to call out to him, but didn’t know what to call him. Meanwhile, Ki Hoon is at the train station, waiting for Eun Jo. He is waiting, hoping she’ll come. If she comes, he can let everything go. But she doesn’t come and he leaves. Eun Jo goes to the river and cries. She still didn’t know what to call Ki Hoon, so like a bird, she called out her own name while sobbing.

Fast forward 8 years.

Eun Jo is at a business meeting talking about her step-father’s wine company. After the meeting, she notices an art gallery that has a showing of Ki Hoon’s favorite artist. She stops in and looks at the paintings. Hyo Sun is there an tells her that she is not looking at Ki Hoon’s favorite. She points to painting and says that this one was his favorite as it reminded him of his mother. Eun Jo asks what Hyo Sun is doing there. Hyo Sun asks “didn’t Ki Hoon tell you?” Omo. Drum roll: Hyo Sun says she is dating Ki Hoon!

Seo Woo, Moon Geun Young

My thoughts: A horrible ending! Horrible because I want more! I want to know what happens next. Apparently Eun Jo’s and Hyo Sun’s cold war is still ongoing, although it seems that Eun Jo has mellowed out some more, which is good for her. I think Hyo Sun’s sudden turn to hating Eun Jo was way too fast, and just a tad ridiculous. Hopefully she hasn’t completely lost her good heart, but it won’t surprise me if she turns into a vicious young woman. Time will tell.

No previews for next week T_T.  Since 8 years have passed, we should be seeing Taeceyon coming in as the adult Jung Woo. I wonder how this love quadrangle will play out. Has Eun Jo kept in touch with Jung Woo all of these years?

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