A Man Called God Episode 6 Recap

We see Vivian working out with a fury as she remembers the discussion about Michael cutting communications (seriously didn’t really need a recap on this). Ah, this woman is entirely too jealous for her own good. It’s not like anything happened between Michael and Bo Bae. She tries to get answers, Michael refuses to give them. He does say that he will be taking care of the Jang’s and the people who hurt Bo Bae, but Bo Bae says to leave it to the police. Michael says take it as repayment for saving her life and leave him be to do what needs to be done.

Meanwhile the murderers are happy that the safe was opened successfully. They decide to give the money from the Swiss bank account to both Woo Hyun and Jang Ho for their help in this matter. This upsets Jang Ho as he feels that Woo Hyun steals his spotlight and respect (which isn’t hard given Jang Ho’s temperament and idiocy). Jang Ho tells Woo Hyun about Bo Bae getting caught in the middle. Woo Hyun is furious and threatens Jang Ho to keep Bo Bae out of this, or else. We all know what Woo Hyun’s “or else” is by now. Whenever he’s upset, he beats someone up. It works, I suppose.

Bo Bae contacts Woo Hyun the next day who is happy to see her safe and in one piece. He isn’t happy as she said she has no memory of who saved her (blatant lie, but Michael asked her too). But then again, Woo Hyun tells Bo Bae that she is wrong when she said that Chairman Jang’s men grabbed as he said he was with the Jang’s all day so there is no way the man Bo Bae saw could be Chairman Jang’s. Michael returns to an upset Vivian. She asks him what happened with Bo Bae and he asks her what’s wrong as Vivian normally doesn’t act this way. Vivian says she wants to know Michael’s heart, which earns her his usual expression (which never really seems to change, but it should, shouldn’t it?)

Bo Bae visits Bo Duk and and his granddaughter and brings him home with her to keep him safe. He returns briefly to his shoe shop to get the money for his granddaughter’s school fees and is attacked by Jang’s men. Michael swoops in to save the day and Bo Duk gives him some sort of device that he managed to snag out of the safe. It was the only thing he could get his hands on. Michael takes it and his lackey Johnny had no problems cracking the password and extracting the information.

Michael announces his plan to use Jang Ho to catch Minister Lee. Vivian is outraged by Michael’s change of plans. Originally they were supposed to bankrupt the Jang corporation. Vivian asks if its because of Jang Ho almost getting Bo Bae killed. Michael refuses to comment and begins implementing the plan right away. He finds a man who is about to commit suicide because he can’t pay back the loan Jang Ho forced on him. Michael uses this man to start legal proceedings against Jang Ho. Of course Chairman Jang goes to Minister Lee for help. Lee agrees and gets a Swiss account in the process.

While going for a routine medical exam, Minister Lee gets picked up by Vivian, the professor, and Johnny. And there ends episode 6.

My thoughts: I keep watching. It doesn’t really seem to be getting better, but I will stick with it til the end. The next episode promises to be more explosive and it looks like Woo Hyun is close to figuring out that Choi Kang Ta is indeed still alive and is Michael King.


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