Oh! My Lady Episode 6 Recap

Don't Cry

Why are you crying?

Gae Hwa and Min Woo are waiting outside for Manager Jeong to leave. Gae Hwa rebukes Min Woo for hitting him, saying he should have tried to talk it out. She also apologizes constantly for getting Min Woo involved in such a big mess. Gae Hwa becomes concerned because she realizes they left Ye Eun alone with Jeong. Fearing the worst, Gae Hwa is set to go in when they get a call demanding they get back up to the apartment as Ye Eun is awake and crying (she went into Min Woo’s bedroom where the manager was stealing the paternity test papers). After they get back up there, Jeong leaves without saying another word.

Chae Rim

Gae Hwa promises to never leave Ye Eun again

The next day, Min Woo gets up really early and catches Gae Hwa tiptoeing around the kitchen. I think he is amused by how careful she is trying to be not to wake him. He frightens her when she notices him and she is worried that she made too much noise. Min Woo doesn’t yell and goes on his way to workout. Going to the spa or working out seem to be ways for him to release the pressure and stress that keeps building.


Hesitant truce between Min Woo and Jeong?

While he is working out, Manager Jeong comes. They sit down for a talk. Awkward. Min Woo doesn’t apologize and neither does Jeong. His manager does tell him that he is doing the right thing and to keep a close eye on the ahjumma as Manager Jeong doesn’t trust Gae Hwa (as she seems to be the source of most of the trouble). Min Woo asks if Jeong took the paternity test. Jeong asked why it matters. Min Woo isn’t stupid, he knows that if Jeong has it then he can hold it over his head later. Before leaving, Jeong gives Min Woo two tickets to a musical.

Min Woo returns home and Gae Hwa is glad that he is alright. He insults Ye Eun’s drawing, making the little girl mad. Like father, like daughter. She hides the picture from him (it was a bear and he called it a monster). Gae Hwa leaves for work, taking Ye Eun to school when she hears Min Woo shout. She goes to his room and his picture has been scribbled on. Min Woo asks if she did it and Gae Hwa replies she isn’t a kid. Light bulb goes off and both turn to look at Ye Eun who is the real culprit. Min Woo is unhappy, but Gae Hwa finds it funny, telling him to be careful before insulting someone’s drawing again.

Ye Eun

Ye Eun’s Revenge, how cute πŸ™‚

Shi Joon has his wife followed, which she notices when she is on a date with her lover. She storms over to The Show Company main office and yells at him for treating like a criminal. I find it ironic that she is the one doing something wrong, but she turns it around on Shi Joon for not trusting her. Omo, how ridiculous, although, she does have a point that he should try talking to her, but would she admit to her affair? I dare say not. Unfortunately, Gae Hwa comed back right after lunch to transfer funds and overhears the heated conversation. She apologizes to her boss and her coworkers come in. Apparently Shi Joon and his wife were invited to attend the same musical as Min Woo. Gae Hwa gets ridiculed for her lack of knowledge and she remembers that Min Woo received tickets from Jeong.

When Gae Hwa goes home for her afternoon cleaning session, she asks Min Woo if she could have the second ticket if he had no plans to take anyone else. Min Woo says that he is a star, so even if he didn’t have a date he wouldn’t take her. After hearing that she had never been to a musical, Min Woo caves and says he’ll take the ticket cost out of her wages and she can go. Gae Hwa was ecstatic, though unhappy that Min Woo was charging her as he got the tickets for free. Gae Hwa then hurries around like crazy to make sure that she gets everything done before the performance.

Park Han Byul

Yu Ra willingly talks to the reporter

Min Woo goes to sign the contract to model for Yu Ra’s company where he is spied by his stalkarazzi.Β  Min Woo asks Yu Ra to go with him to the performance and she agrees. Min Woo is upset when he remembers that he already promised Gae Hwa the second ticket. He calls up Manger Jeong and asks him to please get another one. He then leaves. The reporter follows Yu Ra and cuts her off so she almost hits him. When she gets out of her car, he immediately starts a barrage of questions. She says their relationship isn’t at the stage to be made public yet. The reporter says he’ll talk to her off the record and they go to a cafe nearby.

Poor Mr. Reporter doesn’t get the story he thought he would. He has to listen to Yu Ra’s description of how Min Woo behaved towards her in college (like waiting outside for over 5 hours for her to return). He asks for the dirt and she says her and Min Woo’s relationship is a pure one and specifies that they are soul mates. Good grief. She only likes Min Woo for what he is, not who he is (or so it seems). The reporter yells at her and she say that papers glam things up all the time, so why can’t he? At least he has some integrity as he didn’t like that at all.

Mother-Daughter outing

Girl’s Night Out

Gae Hwa is preparing for the performance when her ex calls telling her she has to take Min Ji for the night. Unhappy that she can’t go, but glad to spend time with her daughter, Gae Hwa picks up Min Ji for a girls’ night out. They go to the bathhouse, eat eggs, play rock-paper-scissors, and try out the massage chairs. Getting ready to leave the bathhouse, Gae Hwa’s friend tells her to give the phone to Min Ji and she bribes Min Ji with the latest anime. Min Ji agrees and Gae Hwa’s friend takes her for the rest of the night (after buying a dress for Gae Hwa to wear to the performance).

Gae Hwa barely makes it to the performance on time. Min Woo was anxiously awaiting her arrival this entire time. Yu Ra looks less than happy when she sees that Min Woo has invited Gae Hwa, too. It is amusing watching all three’s facial expressions during the musical. Yu Ra doesn’t seem too happy and seems to hate everything Gae Hwa does. Min Woo and Gae Hwa seem to enjoy themselves and I think Min Woo really enjoyed seeing Gae Hwa’s reactions to everything as well.

Park Han Byul, Choi Siwon, Chae Rim

Embarrassing Moment

Gae Hwa fights with Ex

After the performance, they run into Shi Joon and his wife and the five go to the after party together. Yu Ra does her best to embarrass Gae Hwa by showing how little she knows about musicals, but at least Gae Hwa is honest and says it’s the first one she’s ever scene and she enjoyed it all immensely. Gae Hwa goes to get more food and runs into her ex who is planning on investing his father’s money into a musical. Gae Hwa isn’t happy with this. She tells him to behave and he belittles her. Eventually they attract the attention of everyone in the room.

Min Woo looks fit to be tied. He wants to help Gae Hwa, especially when she runs into a waiter and gets drinks spilled all over her. He goes to run to her rescue, but Yu Ra holds him back. Why? People are watching, heaven forbid they see Min Woo acting like a decent person. Really, they couldn’t make too much of a scandal out of the situation. Gae Hwa runs off leaving an upset Min Woo behind.

Choi Si Won, Park Han Byul

Yu Ra keeps Min Woo from rushing to Gae Hwa’s rescue

Min Woo goes back to the apartment looking for Gae Hwa. She’s not there. As he’s about to call her, she comes in with Ye Eun (whom she had just picked up). She puts Ye Eun to bed and Min Woo (trying to be comforting?) demands she make him ramen. She makes him some but he says she overcooked it and to make him another one. She throws the ramen in the sink and ask if he wants a drink instead. Thus their drinking party begins. Min Woo is really supportive of Gae Hwa and vice versa. The more they drink, the more Min Woo seems to be attracted to Gae Hwa (letting his inner feelings show). She goes to get more wine and falls asleep at the fridge. Min Woo comes to see what is taking so long and finally gives in to his desire to kiss Gae Hwa. Yes!

Choi Si Won, Chae Rim

Definitely a must-see episode and with episode 7 previews, I can’t wait til the next episode come out!

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