Oh! My Lady Episode 5 Recap

Choi Si Won


The test results are out and the chance of Min Woo really being Ye Eun’s father is . . . 99.8%. Pretty darn high. Min Woo is furious that Gae Hwa did the test behind his back. He believes she did it for herself so she can have something to blackmail him with. Gae Hwa insists she did it all for Ye Eun who really is in need of a loving father to help heal her psychological trauma. Min Woo tries to throw them out, but Gae Hwa stays firm and puts her foot down. Min Woo’s reaction is understandable. He had this kid he never knew existed foisted on him and it turns out that he really is the father. Gae Hwa sympathizes with his situation and knows it will take time. She’ll have no problem training him and whipping him into shape.

Chae Rim

Poor Gae Hwa and Min Ji

The next day, Gae Hwa is rushing, trying to get her daughter’s snack for her picnic to her on time. She couldn’t get a taxi, but flags Min Woo down to drive her. She says that he drives too timidly for a man and he begins to weave in and out of traffic like crazy. Which is a good thing, because his personal stalkarazzi is hot on his heels trying to sniff out a scandal. They manage to lose him and get to the Kim’s house on time where they are greeted by a crying Min Ji. Her father yelled at her for not drinking soy milk (which makes her sick). He wants her to drink soy milk instead of eating breakfast. Seriously, this man is NOT father material . . . or husband material for that matter. How can he insist a child drink soy milk instead of eating breakfast? While soy milk is good for you, it doesn’t replace a good breakfast.

Choi Si Won

The man can dance!

Min Woo witnesses all of this and feels even sorrier for Gae Hwa’s situation. He even understands why she was so angry with him for his treatment of Ye Eun, especially after he found out he was her father. Ah, he is maturing, little by little. Good for Min Woo. They part ways so Min Woo can finally get some sleep and so Gae Hwa can get to work. She lets everyone know that Min Woo is back in the musical. The people at the company are happy but curious as to why Min Woo would listen to that ahjumma. Shi Joon then tells Gae Hwa to take Min Woo to studio to rehearse.

She has a hard time getting Min Woo out of bed, but eventually gets him up. He says he refuses to go on his day off since he doesn’t know when his next day off will be. Gae Hwa doesn’t give up and they start arguing again. She says she is about to cry because of him. Min Woo then challenges her: if she can cry in 10 seconds, he will go to the dance rehearsal. He times her and is happy thinking he won, but when he turns around again, Gae Hwa is really crying! So he concedes and goes to the rehearsal. Gae Hwa meets Shi Joon’s wife. She doesn’t know that she is the boss’s wife and sees her with her boyfriend. Gae Hwa is upset when she goes back to the office and learns that the choreographer is Shi Joon’s wife.

Chae Rim, Lee Hyun Woo

The Cheaters Club

The boss comes in and finds out that the theater they were supposed to be using was booked, but no one was there. So Gae Hwa is told to accompany him to help take care of matters. She is really uncomfortable because she doesn’t know what she should do. Should she tell him or not? They run into Shi Joon’s rival who treats them both like crap. This angers Gae Hwa and Shi Joon says that this happens a lot in the theater world. He takes her out to lunch where she doesn’t shut up until he gives her a book and tells her to read it. Nice. She then talks to Min Woo who requests food.

Park Han Byul

Lying Yu Ra

On her way to deliver the food, Gae Hwa runs into Yu Ra who is looking for directions to the rehearsal studio. Yu Ra says that Min Woo begged her to come when she was the one who invited herself. Sheesh. She is such a two-faced character. Gae Hwa jumps in the car to show her the way (much to Yu Ra’s disgust). Yu Ra is not happy with Gae Hwa’s handmade kimbap stinking up her car either. When they arrive at the studio, Yu Ra notices a run in her stocking and asks Gae Hwa to go buy her a new pair. Gae Hwa gives her the food and runs off to do her bidding. Honestly, silly Gae Hwa. Yu Ra isn’t happy to be saddled with the food, but she does take it in along with the cake she bought.

Backup dancers bash Min Woo

Backup dancers trash-talking Min Woo

Min Woo is ecstatic to see Yu Ra. She tells him and the dancers that she has brought cake for them to eat after working hard. Who would seriously buy cake for people undergoing dance training? That’s not something to eat after all that hard work. The dancers see the kimbap and are ecstatic. They all assume that Yu Ra made it. She is upset that her cake didn’t make the cut, but easily adapts to the situation. When Gae Hwa comes back later she said she can’t believe that all the kimbap she made was gone. Min Woo is surprised. His favorite Yu Ra lied? How is that possible? Seriously? I’m not saying Yu Ra has no culinary skills, but since she opted for buying cake, it makes me wonder if she’d be capable of making kimbap.

A chorus dancer comes up to Min Woo and claims to be his fan. Min Woo barely acknowledges him and doesn’t bother talking. Gae Hwa scolds Min Woo for his cold behavior. Min Woo says that people come up to him all the time and claim to be fans when they really aren’t. Gae Hwa says it doesn’t matter, Min Woo should still be polite. Since he had a long day, she offers to drive him home. He agrees. When he goes to get changed, he overhears the other dancers saying he gets preferential treatment because he’s a star and it’s not right for them to work so hard just to get a chorus job when he automatically gets the starring role. This upsets both Min Woo and Gae Hwa who both overheard it (not together, Gae Hwa was hoping Min Woo didn’t hear them, but knew by his actions that he had).

Deciding to cheer up Min Woo, Gae Hwa offers a challenge. That morning he gave her 10 seconds to cry, this afternoon she was going to have him laugh in 10 seconds. Can she do it? Omo, this was hilarious! I don’t know if Chae Rim can actually sing well, but she did a great job in singing awful in this scene. Her method to cheer him up was to sing a song about a girl liking a guy who likes another girl, rather badly at that. Poor Min Woo! He couldn’t stand her singing, but he did choke back a laugh. Gae  Hwa said that was better as he was much sexier when he smiled. She takes him to the spa to relax and he continues singing the song that she sang to cheer him up. Aww, isn’t that cute?

Choi Si Won, Chae Rim

Gae Hwa sins Wax’s “Oppa” rather badly to cheer Min Woo Up

They pick up Ye Eun and buy her some extra clothes. Min Woo notices Gae Hwa admiring a dress and tells her to go back in and buy it for her daughter. She says she can’t, but he insists to do it quickly before he changes his mind. Yay for Min Woo! On their way back home, Ye Eun falls asleep and Min Woo’s job is to hold her so that she doesn’t go flying in the backseat. They get back to the apartment and Gae Hwa notices they are both asleep and Ye Eun has her legs resting on Min Woo’s thighs. Kodak moment. She throws a blanket over Min Woo’s head to let him sleep. When Min Woo wakes up he appreciates the gesture, but not the smell (it was the blanket that had kimbap wrapped in it). Gae Hwa takes the sleeping Ye Eun up first so no one will see them together and get the wrong idea.

Evil Manager

Gae Hwa threatened!?

When Gae Hwa enters the apartment, she encounters Min Woo’s angry manager. She relates the story to him and he offers her money. She refuses and he tells her to be reasonable. Gae Hwa says he is being unreasonable. She gets really upset when he offers her money again saying he will drop the kid off at an orphanage. She says that Min Woo will not let him do it. He replies that Min Woo will do nothing to stop him. Min Woo comes in and hears Gae Hwa defending him and saying he is a good person who is confused, but who is doing the right thing. The manager says he is going to teach Gae Hwa a lesson. He grabs her and goes to hit her but Min Woo intervenes. The manager says she needs to be taught and doesn’t let go. Min Woo asks again for Jeong to let go, and when he doesn’t, Min Woo then punches out the manager. He grabs Gae Hwa to take her away. Awww!

Chae Rim, Choi Si Won

My thoughts: I am really loving the developments in these past few episodes. Min Woo is becoming more human. Honestly, he and Gae Hwa have a lot to learn from each other. I feel bad for Shi Joon’s wife. If their married life is always like it has been portrayed in these past two episodes, no wonder she is cheating on him. I don’t condone her actions, but at least understand them a bit.

I am totally hating Min Ji’s dad. He deserves castration. Grrr. and Yu Ra! Nothing but scheming opportunist! What does that vixen really want? I am now going to watch episode 6. Can’t wait for more!

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