A Man Called God Episode 5 Recap

Vivian tells Michael that she will have no problem cracking the safe, so they immediately being implementing their plan. Jang Ho is buys looking for a safe cracker as well, but has not managed to find one yet. Jin Bo Bae was invited by detective Seo to view the tape from the explosion just in case she saw anyone related to the Hawaii incident there. Bo Bae does recognize Michael’s American lackey. Since that person was in Hawaii and now in Korea, Bo Bae deduces that the contents of that safe are the key to everything. She goes to see Woo Hyun to tell him her information and to get some from him.

Woo Hyun has already found out about Michael’s lackey and his real identity. The other CIS agent wants to know if this person could also be Peter Pan. Woo Hyun doesn’t believe so as Peter Pan is a great professional who wouldn’t let his face get caught on camera quite so easily. He goes and meets with Bo Bae and is shocked to discover she already knows about the American. Even though he knows what is in the safe, he refuses to tell Bo Bae. She then offers to put him in contact with a man who has been cracking safes for over thirty years. He declines saying he is a cop and he won’t work with a criminal.

The CIS and police bring in a German safe expert to try to crack the fake safe, however, he meets with failure and thus whatever was in the fake safe was destroyed, probably as planned. Woo Hyun then decides to ask the man Bo Bae knows, however, he is less than willing as he is now leading a good life with his precious granddaughter. Woo Hyun is unwilling to get his own hands dirty so he hands the matter over to the cruel idiot Jang Ho who decides to kidnap his granddaughter to coerce him into helping.

Vivian’s attempt to crack the safe fails and Michael barely manages to get her out before she is caught. He tells her not to worry, they will let Chairman Jang and Jang Ho open the safe for them. After it is opened, they will steal the contents. They catch wind of Jang Ho’s kidnapping plot and make their own plans. They will allow the kidnapping to go on, then rescue the granddaughter while Vivian gets the materials from the safe cracker.

Bo Bae, butting in as usual, is on her way to find the safe cracker to help Woo Hyun and to learn more about the truth. On her way to the shoe shop where he works, she runs into his granddaughter who is less than thrilled to see her. After Bo Bae had written the articles about her grandfather she had to transfer schools as she got bullied by her classmates. Bo Bae apologizes, but the granddaughter is having none of it. Then Jang’s men jump them and take them both to the junkyard, which does not thrill Jang’s lead henchman (nor Jang Ho) when he finds out. When Michael learns of Bo Bae’s capture, he tells Vivian the plans have not changed and they should still proceed. Vivian doesn’t look convinced as she worries about Michael when it comes to Bo Bae, but she still goes to fulfill her role in the plan.

Michael succeeds in rescuing the granddaughter, but can’t find Bo Bae. She had already woken up and untied herself and tried to run and get help. She was caught and the lead henchman decided to have her killed since she knew who he was already. Michael frantically searches the graveyard, getting seen by one of Jang’s men who recognized him immediately. Michael then manages to save Bo Bae before she gets crushed to death by the car compactor.

Meanwhile, Vivian goes to assist the safe cracker who wants nothing to do with her newfangled technology. He gets the safe open, but before Vivian gets what she came for, Jang Ho appears. To help Vivian, the safe cracker grabs some documents and runs, allowing her to escape, but without what she came there to get. Jang Ho catches the safe cracker and says that both he and his granddaughter’s lives are forfeit. On their way to kill the safe cracker, Jang’s men are tricked by Vivian and the professor, allowing them to safely get the safe cracker out of harms way.

While all this is going on, Bo Bae is trying to get information out of Michael who won’t tell her why he was at the junkyard and has already saved her so many times. She feels bad because she believes the granddaughter was kidnapped because Jang’s men were after her (not too far from the truth). Bo Bae decides to take matters to the police and have Jang arrested. Michael said the police won’t be of too much help because of Jang’s influence. He tells her to let it go (like a broken record, first Woo Hyun and now Michael). Wanting to keep Bo Bae safe, Michael severs communications with his people and takes Bo Bae to a villa until things blow over a bit.

Vivian is angry knowing that Michael has cut communications and disappeared after saving Bo Bae (she is really too jealous for her own good). Jang’s men report that Michael was the one who foiled the kidnapping, but Jang Ho refuses to believe them. It seems like things are both coming together and falling apart all that the same time when this episode ends.

My thoughts: Bo Bae is too stubborn for her own good. There is nothing wrong about being an investigative reporter and finding the truth and helping people, but she sometimes gets too involved to the detriment of not only herself, but everyone around her. She really needs to have some more common sense.

With Michael so intent on avenging his parents death, you’d think he’d be a little more careful and not get identified (though he doesn’t know that Jang’s men ID’d him yet. And, I don’t know why, I fell sorry for Jang Mi. Michael’s playing with Bo Bae is funny, but for some reason I really don’t like him playing with Jang Mi. It’s weird.

Something that has been bugging me since episode 4 is Vivian’s blatant and I mean BLATANT disgusted attitude towards the Jang’s. She insults them to their face without even trying to cover up what she is really saying. I know they aren’t the brightest crayons in the box, but even an idiot should be able to tell what Vivian is really doing. Geez.

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