Oh! My Lady Episode 4 Recap

Chae Rim, Choi Si Won

What is ahjumma thinking?

Choi Si Won

Min Woo’s priceless shocked face

Min Woo is surprised by Gae Hwa’s reaction to his proposal until he figures out that a “proposal” is just what Gae Hwa thought he was asking. Before they can go over the official contract, they are interrupted by the arrival of Hong Yu Ra [Park Han Byul], an old college classmate of Min Woo’s. He quickly tells Gae Hwa to hide and make sure that Ye Eun doesn’t wake up. He then invites Yu Ra in. He is like a smiling idiot with this woman and she knows that she can get him to do whatever she wants. I don’t like her. It’s our first time officially meeting her and she already gives off an arrogant, stuck-up, superficial vibe.

Gae Hwa sneaks out to the bathroom and almost gets caught by Yu Ra when she flushes the toilet, but Min Woo says it was from upstairs and when Ye Eun started crying, he ushers Yu Ra out the door as fast as he can. Needless to say, she discovers Gae Hwa when she goes back to get her cellphone. Gae Hwa explains she is part of the company Min Woo is working for and was just dropping off a script. Yu Ra tells Min Woo she knows there is nothing between them, but he needs to be careful in case the press or anyone catches wind of an ahjumma at his apartment that late. She also says that since he is of a certain caliber, the person he has a scandal with should be of the same caliber. Witch.

Park Han Byul

Conniving Yu Ra

Gae Hwa accepts Min Woo’s contract, but things hit a snag when he says she has to take Ye Eun to live with her. She then tells Min Woo that she doesn’t have a house anymore and that she’ll just have to move in with him. He doesn’t like this idea, but eventually caves in and agrees to let Gae Hwa live in his place as his housekeeper and Ye Eun’s “mother.”

The next day he goes to meet Yu Ra for lunch. He tells her about his current project being a musical and she says it’s great that he’s challenging himself, but he should not stick to such roles for long as they are “beneath” him. He is of a higher standard now, so he should only associate with those who are of the same standard. She apparently thinks that she’s at the right standard, maybe even higher. Again, REALLY don’t like this character at all. Meanwhile, Gae Hwa finds out that Ye Eun’s psychological trauma is even worse than initially thought. Her friend convinces her to do a paternity test to find out if Ye Eun is really Min Woo’s as Ye Eun is in need of a stable environment with her mother and especially her father. Gae Hwa agrees and steals Min Woo’s and Ye Eun’s toothbrushes to run the test.

Show Company meeting

Failed meeting

Since Min Woo was out with Yu Ra he shows up to the meeting at the Show Company over an hour late, making everyone angry. Shi Joon doesn’t like Min Woo’s cocky attitude and insincere apology so he tells him to leave as he doesn’t even have basic manners and still doesn’t know how to act like a human. This infuriates Min Woo and he says he’ll quit the show and gets up to leave. His manager wishes the the company luck as Min Woo is hard to handle.  While Shi Joon goes to auditions, Gae Hwa tries to win back Min Woo so she doesn’t lose the job she has just found.

Choi Si Won

“You did get here for nothing.”

Gae Hwa tracks Min Woo down to the fitness center where she overhears an unpleasant conversation between Min Woo and his manager. Min Woo says he wants to try the musical despite his bad relationship with the company. His manager says that Min Woo is a terrible actor and doesn’t have the ability to stand on a stage where his bad acting can’t be edited. Gae Hwa doesn’t like what the manager said to Min Woo. Knowing he must feel pretty bad, she decides to cheer him up.

Choi Si Won, Chae Rim

Incognito grocery shopping

Min Woo thinks that Gae Hwa will do something silly like they do in dramas, like go to beaches and all that stuff, to cheer him up. Gae Hwa is too practical for that. She takes Min Woo to the supermarket, giving him a silly disguise, so they can go shopping for the foods he likes to eat. Nothing like comfort food. Min Woo is embarrassed to be wearing the sunglasses and visor that Gae Hwa gave him for a disguise. He asks how this is supposed to cheer him up. She said eating all the foods he likes will make him feel better. He gets impatient, but when she starts listing off foods, he becomes interested. Things were going well until Gae Hwa intervenes in a woman’s crab selling endeavors. The woman becomes angry with Gae Hwa and mistakes Min Woo for her husband and begins yelling and pushing. Of course, Min Woo’s disguise gets knocked off and chaos ensues. Thus, Min Woo and Gae Hwa get chased around the market by a bunch of star crazy ahjummas.

Min Woo and Gae Hwa escape the market

Running from fans

Shi Joon, after getting scolded by his wife and then meeting her lover on top of that, calls up Min Woo. They meet at a coffee shop and Shi Joon apologizes for losing his temper. He then says that Min Woo’s description of him wasn’t quite accurate. He’s had 3 failed productions and is even farther in debt that Min Woo thinks. He says that Min Woo can’t understand the mentality of a producer. Min Woo is offended and tells Shi Joon not to talk down to him because he understands show business more than Shi Joon thinks. Shi Joon tells Min Woo that he will probably get angry and scold him more, but to please bear with it. Min Woo is not happy to hear this.

Paternity Test

And the results are . . .

The ending culminates in the paternity test results. Gae Hwa is on her way back to the apartment with Ye Eun and gets a call saying the results have arrived. She tells the deliverer to wait until she gets back and she runs to the apartment as fast as she can. However, she doesn’t make it in time and she sees a shocked and angry Min Woo waiting for her.

My thoughts: This show is really good at cliff hanger endings, but then again, a lot of dramas are like that. It’s to keep you hooked waiting for more. I really don’t like Yu Ra, Shi Joon’s wife, and Min Woo’s manager. Shi Joon and Min Woo have the capabilities of changing and thus becoming better human beings. I don’t think these three will change. Of course not, they have to be the antagonists to the protagonists.

I like how you can see Min Woo and Gae Hwa slowly coming to understand and like one another. Even though Min Woo constantly throws Gae Hwa’s failed marriage into her face, you know he feels sorry for the bad things she’s gone through. And even though Gae Hwa thinks Min Woo is a terrible actor and not the best of people, she doesn’t believe he deserves to be treated like his manager treats him. I loved how she tried to cheer him up.

The best/funniest moment to date (besides Min Woo getting wine spat at him) has to be the supermarket scene. Can’t wait to watch episodes 5 and 6 next. And as a teaser, there is a kiss between Min Woo and Gae Hwa in episode 6!

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