Cinderella’s Sister Episode 2 Recap

Hong Ki Hoon, Hong Ki Tae

Brothers’ showdown

Episode 2 of Cinderella’s Sister starts off with Hyo Sun doing her best to get to know her new big sister, but Eun Jo has no intention of letting Hyo Sun in. They have to share a room until Eun Jo’s room is finished being remodeled, much to Eun Jo’s dislike as Hyo Sun talks incessantly. Eun Jo goes out to get some fresh air and Ki Hoon invites her to drink with him. She says that she has nothing to take, so he should stop smiling at her. He says you smile for being happy, glad, and other things, not because you plan on stealing. So Eun Jo asks if he is happy or anything else that he mentioned as he is smiling. He asks if he was smiling and after she leaves, he listens to Spanish music in a very somber mood. In school, Eun Jo stays aloof, angering Hyo Sun’s friends. Hyo Sun tries to make peace, but they just don’t like Eun Jo’s cold attitude.

Seo Woo, Moon Geun Young

Hyo Sun notices Ki Hoon looking at Eun Jo

While Ki Hoon is driving to pick the girls up from school, he almost gets into an accident thanks to a guy on a motorcycle driving like crazy. When Ki Hoon gets out to confront the man, it turns out it’s Ki Hoon’s elder brother, Hong Ki Tae who greets his Ki Hoon with a punch. Ki Tae tells Ki Hoon that the photograph scandal isn’t going to work, so he should just quit. It turns out that Ki Hoon is the illegitimate child of a prominent man. When Ki Hoon was younger, he was abused by his older brothers and father and has since parted ways with them. Ki Hoon sayd that he had nothing to do with the pictures. Ki Tae tells him to drop the formalities, he doesn’t want to be called “hyung” by Ki Hoon whom he despises. Ki Hoon stops smiling now and says what’s on his mind and then punches his brother in return because he didn’t deserve Ki Tae’s punch. He then leaves his brother lying on the road and goes to pick up the girls from school.

Goo Dae Sung

They are my family now

The next day the Goo relatives come to greet Dae Sung’s new bride. Eun Jo seems to have no interest in the festivities. While her mother is giving the formal greetings, Eun Jo has a stare down with Dae Sung’s aunt who can usually “see” or “feel” things about people. From the looks of it, Eun Jo wins. While this is taking place, Ki Hoon stares at her, smiling. Hyo Sun notices this. I don’t think she likes how much interest Ki Hoon has in Eun Jo.

Eun Jo then leaves, trying to find a place to be by herself in peace. She finally finds an empty room and takes out her homework to study when she hears Dae Sung talking to his aunt. She cracks the door to listen and hears his aunt say that she wants Dae Sung to hold off on getting the marriage license. Dae Sung adamantly refuses saying that Kang Sook and Eun Jo are now his family. His aunt tries again saying that she needs to get rid of Kang Sook’s bad luck. Dae Sung still refuses to hold off on the marriage license reiterating that those two are now his family.

Moon Geun Young, Chun Jung Myung

A place to be alone

Ki Hoon tracks down Eun Jo’s hiding place. She packs up to leave and he warns her that no matter where she goes, there will be a crowd of adults not too far behind. Not wanting to deal with the Goo family, Eun Jo takes up Ki Hoon’s offer to show her a good place to hide. He takes her to a wine storeroom where she crouches down and begins studying again. Ki Hoon makes her a makeshift table and chair, but she refuses to use it and stubbornly remains crouching to study.

The next day, Eun Jo gets sick of hearing Hyo Sun complain about not getting a text from a certain boy that she likes. Eun Jo says it’s because he is deliberately ignoring her, the texts weren’t lost. Hyo Sun cannot believe this (really the girl  is too naive). To get Hyo Sun to shut up, Eun Jo confronts the guy and tells him to either reply to the text messages or to tell Hyo Sun the truth so she’ll stop texting him incessantly. That night after dance class, Hyo Sun gets a text from her crush telling her to never text him again. She thanks Eun Jo before breaking down and crying. Kang Sook comforts her while Dae Sung looks on happy that Hyo Sun has a mother now, but he notices Eun Jo’s somewhat dark look as she watches her mother hold Hyo Sun. He then goes to Eun Jo and says he is glad to hear she is doing well in school and offers to get her dance or instrument lessons. Eun Jo declines asking for money instead.

Seo Woo, Lee Mi Sook, Kim Gab Soo, Moon Geun Young

Eun Jo is left out of the family

Moon Geun Young, Kim Gab Soo

Eun Jo asks Dae Sung for help

After refusing to do a math problem in class, Eun Jo goes back to Dae Sung and asks him if he could get her an expensive, well-qualified tutor as she doesn’t even know the basics in math. Dae Sung is surprised at this request as Eun Jo has only good marks. She then tells him that she has just memorized all the problems and answers and really has no foundation. He readily agrees to get her a tutor who is good in math and in Korean. She says she doesn’t need Korean lessons, and Dae Sung says she need to learn to talk respectively and not use slang.

Chun Jung Myung, Moon Geun Young

Ki Hoon tells Eun Jo a little about his past

Eun Jo is shocked and displeased when she finds out that Ki Hoon is supposed to be her math and Korean tutor. She tells him that she wanted somebody with real skills. Hyo Sun bursts in saying that Ki Hoon actually goes to an ivy league school and is just taking a break. Eun Jo reluctantly sits down with him. He begins explaining the assignment, but Eun Jo stops him and says she doesn’t even understand what a factor is. He tells her that he won’t answer her question (after he asks if she seriously doesn’t know what a factor is) until she speaks properly. He gets her to ask (scathingly) properly and he continues on to help, but he upsets her again when he asks why she says she doesn’t have much time left. She yells that she doesn’t know how long her mom’s relationship will last this time, so she is trying to learn as much as she can before she gets kicked out. She then runs off to her new hiding place. Ki Hoon finds her and apologizes for interrupting her precious learning time. He tells her that she is a lot like he used to be. He has changed a lot since coming here and working with Dae Sung. They go back to studying and Hyo Sun gets a little more jealous as Ki Hoon focuses all of his attention on helping Eun Jo.

Go Se Won

Hong Ki Jung

Hyo Sun gets drunk before school and demands to know which students bullied her sister for not having the same last name. (She overheard Kang Sook tell Dae Sung that Eun Jo gets bullied for not having the same last name as Hyo Sun.) This angers Eun Jo and shocks the rest of the class. While this is happening, Ki Hoon is approached by another brother, Ki Jung. This one not as hot-blooded at Ki Tae and more respectable and a thousand times more cold. He tells Ki Hoon to leave the area and go study abroad as there is a newspaper doing research into Ki Hoon and Ki Hoon’s connections to the Hong family. To top that off, Ki Hoon’s grandfather is sick and there is quabbling over the inheritance. Ki Hoon says he signed a paper a long time ago stating it had nothing to do with him. He goes to leave and Ki Jung asks him to sign a paper waiving away his rights to the inheritance.

Chun Hyung Myung

Ki Hoon buys a present for Eun Jo

Felling depressed, Ki Hoon goes on a delivery where he notices a shop that sells girls’ accessories. He stops in there to pick up a gift of Eun Jo so she has something nicer than pencils and chopsticks to put in her hair. He says he doesn’t need anybody who doesn’t need him, but he remembers he has Eun Jo who is a lot like himself and that cheers him up.

While Ki Hoon was meeting his brother and Hyo Sun was confronting the class, Dae Sung and Kang Sook were taking care of the marriage paperwork. Kang Sook is ecstatic to finally be someone’s wife at the age of 40. Dae Sung then says that he’ll try to take care of Eun Jo’s paperwork as soon as possible as well. When they arrive home, Kang Sook immediately goes to the kitchen staff and orders them around, treating them like dirt (I guess this makes her feel even happier that she can do this). Eun Jo and Hyo Sun arrive home and Hyo Sun wants Eun Jo to clear up this issue with their mother. Eun Jo says that her mom lied, period. Hyo Sun doesn’t like this answer and grabs Eun Jo’s arm to make her stay and talk. Eun Jo shakes her off causing Hyo Sun to fall. This is witnessed by Ki Hoon, Dae Sung, and Kang Sook. Eun Jo’s mother immediately goes to Hyo Sun to see if she’s okay and then slaps Eun Jo.

The end.

Seo Woo

A drunk Hyo Sun

My thoughts: I don’t know if it’s just security, or if Kang Sook feels natural warmth towards Hyo Sun, but she should be fairer in her treatment of her own daughter. Dae Sung is a good man who notices things around him, but can’t seem to really notice his new wife’s attitude. I am glad that he is trying to get through to Eun Jo and I hope he can help break down her defenses more and more.

Wow. I wasn’t expecting Ki Hoon to have such a tragic past and crappy family. In teaching Eun Jo Korean, you can see how he made use of the polite and formal talk to hide his true feelings from his own family. When he drops the nice guy facade, he drops the polite way of talking and tells it like it is. Since the older Jung Woo hasn’t appeared yet, I am really rooting for Eun Jo and Ki Hoon’s relationship.

Hyo Sun is driving me crazy. She is too naive and way too chatty, but I wonder if growing up with Eun Jo and her mom will change that and if she’ll be come one of those good girls who become one of the worst backstabbing enemies (like Seung Mi in Shining Inheritance)?

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