Oh! My Lady Episode 3 Recap

Chae Rim

Chio Si Won

Min Woo’s nightmare

Episode 3 of Oh! My Lady opens with Min Woo taking pictures with the high school girls who chased him around at the end of episode two. It is funny because he was thinking about abandoning Ye Eun at the store where he ran into them, but he panics when he can’t see her and does bring her back the the apartment where she starts crying non-stop. Min Woo takes a look at Gae Hwa’s proposal and agrees with a lot of what she says. He is surprised by how much she figured out in such a little amount of time.

He lays down for a moment and has a dream where the press find out about him having a kid. He confirms that he does but says that he is not the father. He is then egged by the reporters and fans. His career goes down the tube and he works hard to support a baby. Where this baby comes from, I have no idea. But besides the baby, he has Ye Eun too. In his dream both baby and Ye Eun are crying. He wakes up and realizes it was all just a dream, however, Ye Eun is still crying and he breaks down and gives Gae Hwa a call.

Oh! My Lady infidelity

Shi Joon’s cheating wife

Gae Hwa was working on putting together teddy bears when she gets Min Woo’s call. She tells him to never mind about the contract as she was wrong and she apologizes. But Min Woo is desperate. He tells her to get over there immediately and he will sign the contract. Bewildered, Gae Hwa still goes over because she does desperately need a steady job to support Min Ji. As soon as she gets to Min Woo’s apartment, she has him give his thumbprint on an agreement saying he will definitely sign the contract at a later date. He stamps it and gives Ye Eun over to her right away. He then tells her to take care of Ye Eun while he goes out.

Chae Rim, Choi Si Won, Lee Hyun Woo

Min Woo signs the contract

Min Woo visits his friend who says he can’t find any information on Ye Eun’s mother. She closed down her cafe and no one knows where she went or what happened. This doesn’t comfort Min Woo. He goes and works out before getting ready to sign the contract. Gae Hwa calls Shi Joon to tell him the news and they set up the appointment. Shi Joon is hard pressed to be too enthusiastic about getting Min Woo as he just discovered that his wife is cheating on him. Min Woo goes and signs the contract meaning Gae Hwa gets the job! But it is bound to be difficult as she will be in charge of Min Woo. No easy feat as he is demanding and his acting sucks.

Chae Rim

An angry Gae Hwa cusses out a broom in place of her ex-husband

Gae Hwa doesn’t have time to enjoy the good news, though. She calls Min Ji to tell her and finds out that Min Ji has been eating ramen for three days straight as her father and step-mother are on a couples business trip. Infuriated, Gae Hwa goes to get Min Ji to treat her to a good sized lunch which includes meat. She then sends her daughter home and immediately calls her ex-husband. He says that he needs a break from the stress of his job. She says he could have waited the month that she asked him to take care of Min Ji. He then iterated that wouldn’t be a break then. Gae Hwa is furious, especially when he asks her to talk to his father about giving him money to start his own company (again). She hangs up on him. She then goes up to the roof at work and begins beating and yelling at a broom in place of her ex. Little does she know her boss is on the roof just as angry as she is and overhears everything.

Chae Rim, Choi Si Won

Gae Hwa kicks Min Woo in the shin

When Gae Hwa goes to pick up Ye Eun, her pediatrician friend states the Ye Eun is mute. Due to some trauma, she won’t talk. She then tells Gae Hwa that her parents will need to help her extensively in order for her to overcome this problem. Gae Hwa immediately calls Min Woo who has just been berated by his manager for choosing a project without his permission. Min Woo refuses to meet with Gae Hwa who goes to the spa where he is at. She tells him what the child psychologist said and he says it isn’t his problem.

Chae Rim, Choi Si Won

Min Woo gets sprayed with wine

After he gets dressed he grabs Gae Hwa and tells her to dump the kid. Since Ye Eun can’t talk, she wouldn’t be able to tell anyone that they abandoned her. Gae Hwa gives him a well-deserved kick. He asks if she knows how much his body is worth. She replies that she doesn’t care as he lacks the qualities of being a decent human being. She then sternly lectures him about abandoning a child. Fed up, Min Woo says her nagging is why her husband left her, a low blow to Gae Hwa’s pride. She then tells Min Woo he is on his own. He then says he’ll break the contract and she said fine as she can’t work with scum like him. I honestly can’t believe he desperately thought of just abandoning a child who can’t talk or fend for herself. Shakes head.

Park Han Byul

Min Woo’s girlfriend?

Min Woo gets an update on Ye Eun’s mother. Apparently she settled things here and then left for America to get married. She did leave behind a message for Min Woo stating that she was sorry and thankful. She says she is leaving things in his hands. Min Woo’s friend doesn’t know that she left her daughter on Min Woo’s doorstep so he thinks this is good news for Min Woo. In shock, Min Woo goes back home where he sees Gae Hwa putting Ye Eun to bed. This seems to touch him a bit. After putting Ye Eun to bed, Gae Hwa goes out and is surprised to see Min Woo there with a bottle of wine. He asks her to sit and drink and apologizes for what he said earlier. He then asks her to help him out and be Ye Eun’s mother. This earns him a face-full of wine (no she didn’t throw it, she spit it at him in shock).

Meanwhile there is a girl hovering outside his door who earlier stated she was going to visit her boyfriend. Fresh from New York, who is this woman and what is she to Min Woo?

My thoughts: We get to learn more about Gae Hwa’s past and just what happened with her ex-husband. The poor woman had a difficult life because of him. Why she trusted him with their daughter is another thing. If he is so unreliable, why let Min Ji stay with him? Of course, she didn’t really have a choice either. I am really curious about Min Woo’s past, but they still haven’t delved too deeply into it as of yet. I wonder if this girlfriend who shows up is the actress he was rumored to be with earlier?

I feel bad for Min Woo for having a management company that only sees him as dollar signs, but you have to admit they are right about his talent and principles. He doesn’t read scripts or memorize lines, he just goes for easy roles. It was funny watching him trying to read the script he’d accepted as he fell asleep after only reading two sentences.

I feel bad for Shi Joon since his wife is cheating on him, but as he seems so cold to everyone, it almost isn’t surprising (I’m not condoning cheating, just saying is all). Gae Hwa saying she felt bad for his wife isn’t too far off, however, if his wife was unhappy she should divorce, not take on a lover. When Shi Joon overhears Gae Hwa’s story, I think he might commiserate with her as her spouse cheated on her, too. I still think that something may develop between these two characters a little later (maybe one-sidedly?).

I honestly hope that Min Woo truly wants to help Ye Eun and not just pawn responsibility onto Gae Hwa again. Here’s keeping fingers crossed that he’s maturing and becoming a responsible adult.

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